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Swap Shop

Swap Shop Radio, Sundays 10 - 11 AM on AM 1030, KVOI, Tucson, Az.

Buy, sell, or trade anything lawful & moral you want live on the radio. The unregulated (except by common courtesy & common sense) free market in action.

Liberty Watch, then America Armed & Free, Sundays 11:03 to 1 PM MST, right after Swap Shop.

Listen in live on sundays by clicking this link:
Call in line 520 790 2040

Note: Calls are recorded and may be used for promotional purposes. Calling in constitutes an agreement to those terms.

We're looking for some new slogan ideas. So far we have:

Bill Free Market Mecca

Ed Ames started with his Brothers in "The Ames Brothers," in the 50's, played "Mingo" alongside Fess Parker in "Daniel Boone," and acted on Broadway for years. His signature song, "My Cup Runneth Over," is still layed on oldies stations. 18 minute interview with him which is just wonderful.

Deana Martin is the daughter of Dean Martin, and a successful singer and actress in her own right. Fascinating 16 min with her. 

My best friend in life passed away yesterday. Listen to the tribute to him.

On air call in: 520 790 2040    Rules:

1) Treat others as you would be treated.

2) If you have a business, you can have one free plug, then call 791 7204 for
      excellent rates and creative ads that work.

3) Please only one call per Sunday. If you have tried 5 times and your item didn't sell, please
       sell it elesewhere.

4) You can offer to sell or buy ANYTHING that is lawful to own, as long as it is yours or the 
        person who owns it gives permission.

5) Have fun!


  • Make a list B/4 you call. You'll sound better and get all your items in.
  • Giving prices helps motovate people to call you. 
  • Describe your items. Color, size, condition, equipment,
  • and mileage all help people picture what you have for sale.

The last  month of the Swap Shop will be archived below.

You are welcome to send me an e-mail for posting at no charge.

Each week we will post the items for sale or for which people are looking. You are encouraged to send
in tiems for which you are looking or have for sale and we will post them here and read them on air if
there is time between calls. Send them to :  

NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: Very little of the stuff for sale here is mine. I make my living selling radio
air time, not items on the Swap Shop. 

Most of the stuff you see here is simply a paste from what others have sent me. I make no claims as the value or legality of them. I try as hard as possible to make sure I only post lawful and moral things here, but I make no promises as such.
Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.


Lk = looking for 
k after mileage number = thousands of miles
a/t = Automatic; trans   pb = power brakes
a/c = air cond;  p/w = power windows;
p/s = Power steering;  ABS = anti lock brakes

E-mail me if you would like to list things here. Service is free.


Hi Standard .22 Sheriff's Model w/bird's head grip called "Natchez Model." 

5 7 23  Swap Shop


Bunker – looking for books about ranching and Az Heritage 520 792 4104


se 520 780 8539


Ian looking for LP forklift less than 5000 lbs. 520 631 8646

3 26 23 Swap Shop


A  Vulcan, a Romulan, and a Reform Rabbi walk into a bar. The Vulcan says that he woukld like a peaceful Kosher Martini, the Romulan orders Romulan Ale, and the Rabbi orders schnapps.

The Vulcan says, I CANNOT belive you ordered Romulan Ale – it’s illegal

J.D. Colt Anaconda 6” .44 mag from 1973, asking $1600, no box, clean gun 520 334 7434


Frank Second series Chinese SKS with chrome barrel and matching numbers asking
$530; electric bike was $3000, asking  (
520) 222 2554


Mark Pickup bed tool box for Nissan 1994, (probably any similar) have ker, Delta diamond
plate pattern, good cond, asking $55 , Toyota 4 Runner 2001 owner’s manual $10

520 406 0904


Pat looking for camper shell for 2012 Ford Ranger 520 744 3450


3 12 23 Swap Shop


Sam - Brand new out of the box, Samsung - 36" Range Hood with Bluetooth - Black stainless
steel Model:NK36N7000UG. Was $1100 asking $400. 520 526-5336


Jane Mini Fridge with separate freezer. Black in color. works perfect. $75 Please call


Jason - New out of box LG ThinQ Refrigerator for sale, available immediately on the
east side for only $2K!  Manufacture date 7-22 (includes 1 year manufacturer warranty)

Model #LLMXS3006S Dims: 35'3/4(W) x 38' 1/8(D) x 70' 1/4(H)
Includes water filter for water dispenser
 also have a new beautiful Visch 5 element digital induction cooktop at a great price
and a package discount. TEXT Jason at 520-339-8771 24/7!!


Pat – Delta variable sped scroll saw $50; (table saw) with manual 520 744 3450


Eb – Looking for Quickbooks pre- 2020. 520 907 0825


Caroline Looking for covered kitty litter boxes will pay reasonable pricesLooking for .
30-30 ammo, 520 400 1982


Chuck – 2 boxes of .40 S & W trade for something interting 520 631 6037


J.D. - for sale Wacker Generator G5.6 recently serviced asking $399.96
  520 334 7434



3 5 23 Swap Shop


Frank Cordoba GK was $1900 new, asking $1700  (only the serious) with
itsown case like new 520 771 4053


Sean 13 year old Fender 5150 Eddie Van Halen style guitar as new with
Fender case,
stunning asking $1300; Benelli M4 in Marine Choolate Chip cammo (light
/dark brown)
2.75” chamber asking $1700 520 780 8539


Ron wood crates for free wood 520 971 0250


Black Arctic King 1.6 CF mini fridge with freezer compartment. Bought
it in 2020 for a remodel and never plugged it in. Finally turned it on the
other day and it works but is way too loud for what I need. Might have
something that needs repaired, but good if you don’t care about the
noise. Make me an offer, text 52o 4o9 7I43


chenille sisters blowin’ in the wind


Tony sylabus oshtangoa yoga by David Williams in black fram 40” x
51.5” asking
$40; wine cooler in box $40 good for 6 bottles  520 881 7207


Edward  walers $15 ea 520 326 8331 (msg)

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