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Now here's and interesting twist! A publicity agency using a Chinese Communist hackable
database, thinking it will get a booking on a program called "Liberty Watch":

Marcelina -

Thanks for the fast response. The fact that you use a company based in China,
allows them access to your database. It is a disqualification from doing business
with Liberty Watch. You do not have the qualities I am looking for in a publicity
agency if you do business with China. I will do my best to warn people of the
potential harm of doing business with you. Thank you for the heads up.

Charles Heller
Host, Swap Shop
Liberty Watch
America Armed & Free
America's Fabric

This is NOT a Chinese company, but a European one.

Only the media database I am using is set within a Chinese provider.



 On 4 May 2022, at 20:12, wrote:

Marcelina -

 We actively discourage ANY involvement with ANY Chinese influenced company.
 May the CCP wither and die, and free the people of China.

 Charles Heller

 Hello Charles​,

 Would you like to speak with the founders of Enlightra John Jost and Maxim Karpov
 about the Silicon Photonics Market’s steady growth and the increasing demand for
 high-speed broadband services in today’s world? Enlightra recently joined the Y
 Combinator W22, the most prestigious tech startup accelerator in the World,
 develops 100x faster and with up to 10x more energy, Multicolor Lasers to
 transmit data in a disruptive and efficient fashion for Data Centers.

 According to a report from the Business Research Company, the global silicon
 photonics market is expected to grow from $1.20 billion in 2021 to $1.49 billion
 in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.13%. The new trend in the
 silicon photonics market growth is mainly due to the companies' stabilizing
their output after caterin the demand that grew exponentially during the COVID-19
 pandemic. The market size is expected to reach $3.44 billion in 2026 at a CAGR
 of 23.23%. Mr. Jost and Mr. Karpov can comment on:

 How the change in silicon photonics is mainly due to companies stabilizing their
 output after catering to the demand from the COVID-19 pandemic.
 How pioneering laser solutions are transforming our daily life, high-speed
 broadband services are widely used.
 How Enlightra tackles the market demands with a disruptive solution: 100x faster
 and with up to 10x more energy.
 Let me know if you would like to speak with John and/or Maxime. I can arrange a
 call or a written interview!

 Marcelina Enlightra

 If you would rather not receive future communications from Shenzhen Evomotion
Co., Ltd, let us know by clicking here.
 Shenzhen Evomotion Co., Ltd, Room 1212 Wanjun trade building, Shenzhen City, China


 Latest entry: 

   This PR person wants to promote "Social Justice," (Socialism.)

Amanda - 

   "Social Justice," is based on CLASSES of people rather than individual liberty, and is 
therefore un-American and a threat to liberty. This is EXACTLY the type of societal decay
that Liberty Watch was designed to warn the audience about. Thank you, I will warn the 
audience about the dangers from outfits like Hubilo. 

Charles Heller
Host, Swap Shop
Liberty Watch
America Armed & Free
America's Fabric
AM 1030 KVOI Tucson
Celebrating 23 Years on Air
520 870 2700 m

Hi Charles,
As digital-first Gen Zers continue to encompass the future workforce, they are becoming 
increasingly eager to leverage virtual event tech’s broad reach to create communities with shared 
interests and values. Virtual and hybrid event platform, Hubilo, shares how these features help 
promote this social activism. 
This Black History Month, DEI is paramount as statistics show two thirds of Generation Z say Black 
people are treated less fairly than white people, as compared to about half of baby boomers and 
Generation X. Equality, social justice and activism drive this generation as Gen Z is more 
progressive than previous generations in their views on gay marriage, climate change and gender 
So how are they using this event tech for activism? Hubilo shares:
>> Using hybrid meetings to reach broader communities and voices
One of the pinnacle traits of Gen Z is raising the voices of many who have been silenced before or 
have not had an opportunity at the table. Utilizing platforms like Hubilo to host virtual and 
hybrid events, has allowed people in all parts of the world to contribute to conversations they may 
not have otherwise due to economic or societal factors. 
>> Reaching the masses through virtual speeches and sessions
Between live streams and TedTalks, millions of people can tune into a session from anywhere. With 
this mass sharing, invoking and inspiring change can occur quickly; rapidly joining onto movements 
or highlighting causes.
>> These online platforms cultivate strong connections just as well as in person
In a recent survey, 84% of Gen Z still prefers in-person communication over email or text. But, 
crucially, “Gen Z defines things like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams as being face-to-
face”. This shows that healthy and strong connections are made whether or not the conversations are 
happening in the same room. 
Activism is not new, but is evolving every day with the introduction of new technology. Black 
History Month is just the start, thinking and including these conversations year round is 
imperative. Hubilo is at the forefront of this generational change and is encouraging Gen Z to 
reach out through its platform. We would be happy to breakdown how the virtual workforce is 
changing through these social activism tactics or connect you with a member of the team. 
Publicist | Hubilo 
About Hubilo
Hubilo's mission is to bring the world closer together by re-imagining the possibilities of events. 
Our platform, built with the largest set of engagement features in the industry, powers virtual and 
hybrid events making them more inclusive, accessible, and memorable. Hubilo strives to empower 
event organizers with our powerful yet intuitive event technologies, offering our clients an end-
to-end event solution with differentiated customer experience support teams and proven market 


Here's a publicist with some real anger issues:

It is clear that you do not want to book disagreements due to your exact words in your previous email of: Thank you for asking, and sorry if I was not clear. No, I was trying to say that she was not a good fit. 
And based off of this line of yours - All your client would get out of an interview on Liberty Watch, is a cross examination as to why she cooperated with the the thieving hand of government at all, something she would NOT enjoy, and her publicist would not want. - you would not want to take on the challenge anyway. If it would just be an attack on my client, then your show is not about nuanced conversations, it's about spewing your rage to whoever will listen. I am fine booking clients on shows with opposing views, but not on shows with interviewers who don't actually want to listen, which is mind-boggling, as listening is what interviewing is all about. 
You said she is not a good fit. That is fine with me. I've moved on. You should too. Now, leave me alone. 
On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 9:04 PM <> wrote:
Camile -

   Thanks for fast reply.  I promote people who disagree:

   You might listen to my tone towards those who disagree with me...

   Also, if you read the bookings url, it specifically addresses your point"

      "I do not blind side or ambush. Please make points or disagree after
       answering a question,  If the guest  ducks questions, that will become
       the topic. If you can't give a concise, honest answer, I wish you success
       on someone else's program. There is no ideological test to be on the
       program, only an intellectual honesty bar.

       I'm correctable on air. It is called Liberty Watch, not the Charles
       Heller Show because Liberty is the star, not me.The motto of the
       program is "andiatur et alterna pars," - "let the other side be heard."
       Most topic interviews are a half hour, most book interviews an hour."

   Where did you get the notion that I do not book disagreement?

Charles Heller
Host, Swap Shop
Liberty Watch
America Armed & Free
America's Fabric
AM 1030 KVOI Tucson

Hi Charles,

At first glance, it seemed like there were open conversations or debates on your s
how no matter the beliefs on specific political issues. I now know you are not o
pen to that. A 'no' would have been the clearest. As to your question about the "
she/her" in my signature, it represents my gender, a female. Sometimes people h
ave names that any gender can have - like "Jordan" or "Alexis" for example - so p
utting the pronouns in the signature can help clear confusion about someone's g
ender. In France, there are actually some men who have my name. It also shows s
upport for anyone who does not want to be misgendered for personal reasons. If y
ou google "using pronouns in bios", you can read more about the different reasons i
t can be helpful to do.

Enjoy the rest of your week, Charles.

Best health,

On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 7:28 PM < wrote:
Camile -

   Thank you for asking, and sorry if I was not clear. No, I was trying to
say that she was not a good fit. By any chance, did you have time to read
the bookings page url that I sent? I do ask that publicity professionals
have at least a glancing familiarity with it before booking.

   I thought that the bookings page would make it clear via the topic list,
but maybe not. I try in my tone not to be too sharp with people, and sometimes
it results in a lack of clarity.

   All your client would get out of an interview on Liberty Watch, is a cross
examination as to why she cooperated with the the thieving hand of government
at all, something she would NOT enjoy, and her publicist would not want.

   I get that she has a passion for elder care and better use of money, and
that is commendable.

   I am confused about one other thing - who is the "She/her" you are referring
to under your name. Are you cc:ing someone? If so, who, or was that a secret?

Charles Heller

Hi Charles - just to clarify, you are saying you would consider Amy as a guest if
she leaves out ideas that are socialistic?

On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 3:39 PM wrote:
Camile -

   How about we just don't do socialism?

   I ask that media professionals who wish to book guests onto Liberty Watch,
be familiar with the topics: .

Charles Heller
Host, Swap Shop
Liberty Watch
America Armed & Free

Hi Charles​,

Thought the below might be of interest as an interview from Amy O’Rourke,
a professional care manager with 40 years of experience and author of the
forthcoming book The Fragile Years. Amy is well-versed on camera, having
been interviewed on Orlando’s WFTV, Growing Bolder and more.

The American Jobs Plan President Biden is championing includes a provision
for investing $400 billion in “caregiving infrastructure,” including creating
jobs and raising wages and benefits for workers who care for the elderly.

While this is a great initiative, Amy thinks there are more essential ways a
$400 billion investment could be used to jumpstart the sweeping change our
eldercare system so desperately needs.  With the COVID crisis bringing to
light the weaknesses in our nation’s eldercare infrastructure, now’s the
perfect time to look at the myriad untapped opportunities to save money,
improve working conditions, and boost happiness among both caregivers and
older adults.

The big vision she says is needed begins with a redesign of how Medicaid
funds are allocated for eldercare and includes:

A reinvention of the nursing home system, including the opportunity to opt
out and make alternative choices Prioritizing care during the fragile years
over deathbed care Public-sector support, and a new mission, for hospice
Rerouting nursing home funds to adult children caring for their aging parents
at home Let me know if you’d like to book Amy…

Camile S______
She / her
PR Director
BookSavvy Public Relations

Camile S______
She / her
PR Director
BookSavvy Public Relations

Camile S______

She / her

PR Director

BookSavvy Public Relations



 TALK ABOUT BAD Reporting!

I was interviewed by a reporter for the Arizona Daily Star in 11 18 20, about the topic of guns and suicide. In the article
which followed, she made up a quote from me out of whole cloth. That quote is a lie. See the letter below to the publisher.

Here's the kicker: I recorded the interview and sent it to the reporter. She had the means to get accurate quotes, but chose
instead to MAKE UP something false.

The interview is 28  minutes, available here if you wish to listen for yourself: 


Ms Jill Jordan Spitz

Arizona daily Star
4850 S. Park
Tucson, Az 96714


Dear Ms. Spitz –


   I have read the article by ms. Carol Ann  Alaimo published today and based partially on my 11 18 20
telephine interview with her.


   I recorded that interview with her and sent her a copy of it by agreement during the conversation. I did that
specifically so that she could get my quotes right, which she claimed was important. She did not do so.


   in the 14th paragraph of her   article, she quotes me as saying, “Lives lost to suicide are not as important as
the public’s right to purchase firearms promptly,” said Charles Heller, co-founder and spokesman for the
Arizona Citizens Defense League, for years the most influential gun rights voice at the state Capitol.


   Ms. Spitz, I NEVER said that, or anything close to it. What I said, verbatim, was, ”there isn’t any excuse
for infringing a right. You don’t say, well you know, a few more people might not kill themselves, so we’re
going to infringe everybody else’s rights, who don’t kill themselves.”

   What she did there is not a misquote. It is attributing to me something i never said. it is an outright fabrication,
and the evidence is attached in the form of the recording of the whole conversation. My quote begins a 5:49 in
the recording.


   Carol Ann Alaimo’s publishing ofa fabricated quote from me, violates the Society of Professional Journalists
first rule of ethics: “seek the truth and report it.” Here is their actual statement:

“take responsibility for the accuracy of their work. verify the accuracy of their work. use original sources
whenever possible.”


   Ms Spitz, I sent the recording to Ms. Alaimo. All she had to do was listen TO IT. Either she did not do that,
or worse, she projected her ideas of what shethought i meant, over what was actually said. that is an egregious
case of malfeasant journalism. It is also a stunning example of a framing bias.


   furthermore, and worse, it defames me in asserting that I, or The Arizona Citizens Defense League, care more
about the speed of purchase of a firearm than the lives of the people buying them. This is DAMAGE to the
reputation of the group and myself, as some people will be fooled into believing that I actually said that.


   The fact that a journalist fabricated a quote and attributed it falsely to her source, should be of national
concern, not just to her employer. it is even more egregious when she had the source doeument available in
her inbox.


   I demand a retraction of that quote, with an admission that I did not say it, and an opportunity to post an
op ed refuting the article. of 600 words.


Charles Heller

Co-Founder, AzCDL
Host, Liberty Watch Radio
AM 1030 KVOI Tucson


           This page is dedicated to showing you how NOT to a book guest onto my show.
       It highlights publicity agents, agencies, and radio stations who do a ROTTEN job.

             I have been a radio producer since 1999, and I have seen both good and bad publicity
        agents. Most are in between, some are exceptionally good. Judy K, Rich G, Alex R., Peggy,
        and Jim, thank you for setting the standards very high. Most are somewhere in between. The
lishing houses do a great job of making sure their author does the things right, necessary
        to being a guest on Liberty Watch. Only when people go out of the way to do a bad job,
        or completely ignore their duty to respond,  do they get on this page. If you are on it, con-
        sider it constructive criticism. I mean to help you improve through the venue of public
        embarrassment. There is no malice or joy in being critical. I mean to help you improve.

            Most people in the publicity and radio industry understand the concept of due diligence
       to get show bookings, accounts, or in the case of government press secretaries, respond
      with full answers in a timely way.  Those who truly don't, or place a higher value on being
      right than on serving clients, are featured here. Learn from their mistakes.

Now here's a guy who claims he wants to "do publicity and fund raising for people," but can't
use the English language well, understand what I say, or fulfill a simple request. Oh well...
Read from the bottom of his post, up.


Willard -


     I just figured out what you meant by "an Alaska e-mail address." I beleive you are mistaking my "Juno"
e-mail address, with "Juneau, Alaska." Not the same. I know that might be a hard concept for your to assimilate,
but keep trying and you may get it some day. 


     Also, if you are planning to embarass me "publicly," you might try to spell that right. It might help your publicity
efforts some...




Willard -
     Please feel free to do so. If you can get publicity out of what I sent you, go for it! That's the
great thing about a free market of ideas! I have already placed yours on my "Bad Publicity"
page of my site. 
     I have no idea what you mean by an "Alaskan" e-mail address." I'm in Arizona.
    What I said to you was that I was unfamiliar with the National Gun Association. I had never
heard of it until you mentioned it. That is probably because it does not exist, except for a
poorly done website. 

    You are free to keep sending to me. All I asked for was atwo sentence synopsis of what
it is you do. I still haven't gotten it, but at this point I am begining to get the idea that it may
be beyond your capacity. That's ok, we all start somewhere.
Charles Heller


---------- Original Message ----------
From: willardimamoto <>
Subject: Correspondence from Willard Max Imamoto
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2016 10:29:23 -1000

My previous inks I sent you were unintelligible?
I tell you what I'll stop sending you any more information and go public about how you called me
unintelligible and see if I can get publicity off of your unintelligible mind.
Liberty watch doesn't even know about the NRA & National Gun Associations & everyone's 2nd
Amendment rights from Arizona with a Alaskan email address.
I'll share our communications publically.

Willard -


     Please feel free to do so. If you can get publicity out of what I sent you, go for it! That's the great thing
about a free market of ideas! I have already placed yours on my "Bad Publicity" page of my site. 


     I have no idea what you mean by an "Alaskan" e-mail address." I'm in Arizona.


    What I said to you was that I was unfamiliar with the National Gun Association. I had never heard of it
until you mentioned it. That is probably because it does not exist, except for a poorly done website. 

    You are free to keep sending to me. All I asked for was atwo sentence synopsis of what it is you do.
I still haven't gotten it, but at this point I am begining to get the idea that it may be beyown your capacity.
That's ok, we all start somewhere.


Charles Heller


Willard -
    This is the same thing you sent me last time. It appears to be a series of blog sites,
which I certainly do not have time to look at individually.
    Can you please tell me what it is you want or do, in a few sentences or a paragraph?
Just a general description?
   Again, we do not spend money on litigation or hardly anything on lobbying. 
Charles Heller
Communications Coordinator
Arizona Citizens Defense LEague

---------- Original Message ----------
From: willardimamoto <>
Subject: Correspondence from Willard Max Imamoto
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2016 09:18:46 -1000

My name is Willard Max Imamoto.

I have an affirmative solution to your forever legal fees spending, and the 10’s of millions
of dollars that goes into lobbying with Congress, & what makes things worse are incidents
like California & now Florida.

Please view my fundraising campaign & contribute to this very worthy cause that will save
your organization & others countless millions of dollars & keep the second amendment strong
as ever.

When you review my references & my legitimacy you’ll find I can do things you obviously
can’t I know how to make the Government an offer they can’t refuse…Take a good
look at my blogs before responding to my fundraiser  especially those #hashtagged, and my
device/ prototype can be expedited in several months proving & purporting what it purports to do.

My Super fundraising campaigns that’s worth every dollar in stopping  terrorists everywhere.
Go to                                              Â
 Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â 
                                 My Patent’s name is
HALLELUJAH It is designed to STOP #Terrorists at #Airports, #Borders, #TransitsSystems, &
in every #Country, and their #Counties seeking out PODS #NationalSecurity and #International
NationalSecurity. Places like #Afghanistan & #Iraq when the USA occupied these Countries.
All their lives could have been saved.                           
 Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â
 Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â  
Our #Soldiers, #Troops could have rounded up all the people in these towns and tapped their
MEMORIES (with a digital tape recorder) if they have knowledge of terrorists and/or terrorists a
ctivity, and there locations, are they terrorists or do you support terrorism its just pure containment.



References in Support:

Part 1 TI & Electronic Harassment & MindControl & Mkultra untruths its Project P.E.N.I. p

### Part 2 Project P.E.N.I. Children with ADHD Autism &“Big Pharma’s New Market(s)
â€? a 700 % increase in over-misdiagnosis 

Part 3 Project P.E.N.I. creator of “like� symptom logy’s with Schizophrenics, Bipolar(s) Dual

### Part 4 Project P.E.N.I. (psycho-endo-neuro-immunology) &Chronic EMF Exposure Deceptions
the 2nd part of this Research 

Thank you very much Gentlemen.

Yours Truly,

Willard Max Imamoto

---------- Original Message ----------
From: willardimamoto <>
Subject: Correspondence from Willard Max Imamoto
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2016 10:29:23 -1000

My previous links I sent you were unintelligible?
I tell you what I'll stop sending you any more information and go public about how you called me unintelligible and see if I can get publicity off of your unintelligible mind.
Liberty watch doesn't even know about the NRA & National Gun Associations & everyone's 2nd Amendment rights from Arizona with a Alaskan email address.
I'll share our communications publically.

The below is how NOT to run your marketing. Amazon asked me for my feedback, then rejected same
because it "did not meet their guidelines." Maybe it would be a good thing to take into consideration
when reading Amazon "reviews." 


Amazon.comYour feedback on Amazon order 116-2846055-07XXXXX has been suppressed.
Dear Charles Heller,
Thank you for submitting feedback on your Amazon Marketplace order. We regret to inform you that your recent feedback has been removed. We highly value customer input, however we occasionally remove feedback that does not meet our feedback guidelines. Please take a moment to review the details of the removal below. You may then choose to revise and resubmit your feedback.
We appreciate your understanding.
Your feedback comment:
So far about half of the lights have had faulty switches. I don't fault the seller, but his supplier . The lights do work with the momentary switch, and they are very bright. I'll probably buy it somewhere else next time, but do not regret the purchase. I mostly use them as giveaways, and people are thrilled to get a light, bright flashlight.
Reason for removal:
Feedback submitted was a product review and not related to seller.
Learn more about our feedback guidelines. To add your feedback for this seller, please edit and resubmit per our guidelines.
You purchased:
Product Image 10 Pack 22000MCD Mini LED Flashlight Torch Light Lamp Keychain (New)
Seller note: Ship from China

Seller: Alice & Tom Mall

Order Date: March 30, 2015


Dear Amazon Folks, Thank you for letting me know, but you did not interpret what I said properly.
I told you exactly how the seller performed.
Please reconsider your position. Why are you so afraid of the truth? 


Charles Heller



This is a classic treatise on how to get people to distrust your organization.
Had he ONLY had an honest answer, he would not be listed here:

Charles Heller
Dear Charles Heller:

        I am writing to you about a National Advisory Referendum on the Health Care Bill. (

        We, the Coalition for National Referendum, have secured the endorsements of United
States Senate Candidates and Forty-five (45) Congressional Candidates who believe that
BEFORE the Health Care Reform Bill is voted on by Congress there should be a National
Advisory Referendum on this Legislation. A National Advisory Referendum would allow for
a full and organized debate on this issue. (The names and contact information for these United
States Senate Candidates and Congressional Candidates are at the end of this email and at

       There are those that would say that this Legislation is too complex to be voted on by the
American people. However over
25 Countries including Canada, Italy, Ireland, France and the United Kingdom have held
National Referendums. Many of these National Referendums were on issues more complex
than the Health Care Reform Bill.

       Feel free to contact me at 1-800-331-8918 or reply to this email.

       We thank you for reading this email and look forward to hearing from you.

       With best wishes always, I am,

       Myron Goretzky
       Coalition for National Referendum

      The United States Senate Candidates and the Forty-five Congressional Candidates who
supporta National Advisory Referendum on the Health Care Reform Bill are:

United States Senate Candidates

Mosheh Thezion
United States Senate Candidate
Republican, California

Steven Barton
United States Senate Candidate
Republican, Colorado

Tom Kuna
United States Senate Candidate
Republican, Illinois

Gurley L Martin
United States Senate Candidate

Republican, Kentucky

Daniel McAndrew
United States Senate Candidate
Republican, Maryland

Pavel Goberman
United States Senate Candidate
Democrat, Oregon
  <list truncated>
___________________________________Reply to first e-mail___________________
Subj:    Coalition for National Referendum
Date:   12/14/09 3:49:21 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Charles Heller)

Myron -

    No. I do not support you. We are NOT a democracy. The Constitution was written to
prevent us from becoming one. National referunda are a perversion of our form of govern-
ment. We were meant to be governed by the "consent ofthe governed," NOT"the will of
the people."
Charles Heller
Liberty Watch Radio

_________________________Myron's reply to my first e-mail_____________

         The "consent of the governed," "and "the will of the  people"are the same thing. Are
Statewide Referendums and local Referendums "a perversion of our form of government?"

        Myron Goretzky

_____________________________My reply to his second e-mail________________
Subj:    Coalition for National Referendum
Date:   12/14/09 10:14:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Charles Heller)


Myron -

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    "The consent of the governed," and the "will of the people," are polar opposites, and the
latter is exaclty why the Constitution was written to protect us against democracy.

    "The consent of the governed," refers to electing representatives who will do the business
of the people, in comportment with constitutional principles. It is the authority that is vested
in every citizen of the  republic upon reaching their majority, and is a birthright inheritance
from their creator. Said consent is that small bit of authority which sublimates from the
individual via the proxy of the ballot, and is lent to government to do the things that
individuals may not easily do independently. (See
Arizona Constitution, Article 2, Section 2. All power is inherent in the people.)

     As an example, this is why we have an electoral college, and do not vote directly for the

    "The will of the people," on the other hand, is the changing, momentary  wants and desires
of the individuals. It is completely unrelated to their "consent."

     Good question on referenda! Statewide referenda are certainly NOT a perversion of our
form of government, as our form of government, under the  principle of federalism, was
designed to allow the states to function as in  essence, 50 sovereign republics. That is why
many states do not have initiative, referendum, and recall, and some do.

    The closer the government is to the people who pay the taxes, the more  you can allow
some forms of democracy to creep in. However, when you attempt to introduce democracy
to the nation at large, disaster normally ensues, as  soon as the people begin to realize that
they can influence their legislators to vote them largesse at the public trough.

    An example of this democratic break down is the 17th amendment, an unmitigated disaster
in its interruption of the balance of power between the states and the federal government.
The Senate was meant to be "the house of  the states," and the Congress was meant to be
"the house of the people." That's why Senators' terms are 6 years while Congress' terms are
2 years. The states were to be a more stable body of the legislature, and more deliberative
of the 2 bodies. What a shame they are now directly elected.

    A national referendum is nowhere provided for in our form of government, and antithetical
to its structure. We do not get to vote on the rights of others. That is a violation of both their
substantive and procedural due process of law. It is the reason that the 14th amendment was
passed, so that whites did not "vote" to deny blacks their rights.

    We are a government of enumerated powers. That means that legitimate government is
limited to the powers granted to it in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. Please show
me in that clause where Congress has the authority to do anything else.

    Have you read The Federalists Papers?" "The Anti-Federalist Papers?" Adam Smith?
Tocqueville? Do you understand that democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding on
the lunch menu?

Charles Heller
Liberty Watch Radio
Tucson, Az.

_________________________Now HERE'S a substantive reply!____________

        Thank you for your email. Without a National Advisory Referendum you will live under the Heath
Care Bill. Good Luck!!

        If I had the time I would go into answering the rest of your email which many parts of are legally wrong.

        Myron Goretzky

________________________My final retort___________________________________
Myron -
    Thank you for your rapid response. Let me address your point that, "many parts of are legally
   I have been studying the Constitution since 8th grade, 38 years ago. I have read over 200 books
on the subject, and many others which touch on it. I read about a book a week on subjects related
to it in some way or other for the in depth radio interviews that I conduct, which are probative and
dispositive of constitutional topics. The program, Liberty Watch, is dedicated to the notion that
government forever remain servant, not master. I have been doing this for 11 years.
   I mix it up with constitutional attorneys on a weekly basis, discussing these concepts. I routinely
have brilliant legal minds on the programs to discuss constitutional topics. (See, for an exhaustive listing.) I consult regularly with attorneys who
are admitted to practice and have won in the Supreme Court, such as David Hardy, Michael Kent
Collins, David Kopel, Stephen Halbrook, and Alan Gura.
   I am the scribe of record for and a member of The Goldwater Institute, , and consult regularly with them on topics of legal activism to sue
government into compliance with its own laws. Clint Bolick and Tim Keller, co-founders of the
Institute for justice, are recurring guests on the program.
   None of them seem to think that I am ignorant of laws.
    Below is a picture which you may find interesting. It is the 5 volume constitutional
concordance set I use in cross checking references about the Constitution. Above it is the
Third Edition of Black's Law Dictionary, unabridged, that I use to look up any word or concept
that I cannot define out loud on the spur of the moment.

     In my last e-mail to you, I asked you a direct question, "Have you read The Federalists Papers?"
"The Anti-Federalist Papers?" Adam Smith? Tocqueville? I would like the favor of an honest
answer to that, please.
    Your reluctance to defend the conscience of your convictions lends great credence to my
decision not to support you. If you do not have the courage of your convictions to speak in defense
of your own ideas, how is anyone else to support them????
   I would LOVE to know where you see the flaw in my arguments below. If you do not have the
"time" to point that out, then your point is defeated by sheer weight of evidence! SHOW ME
WHERE I AM WRONG IN EVEN ONE POINT! Please tell me what your credential is for saying
In Liberty,
Charles Heller

         Thank you for your email. I wish you and your
family a Merry Christmas.

         Myron Goretzky

Subj:    Coalition for National Referendum
Date:   12/14/09 11:50:50 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Charles Heller)

Myron -

    Thank you for your civil tone, I accept your gracious surrender to my
points. You still did not even give me an honest anser as to whether of not
you have read the Federalist Papers.

Charles Heller

Now's here's something you don't see every day: A marketing consultant who is a guest on
talk radio about a book, who does not answer direct questions, gets indignant and hangs up
on the interview, and then writes a nastygram to the host. Is that what you are looking for a
marketing consultant? Here's the program description copied from my "listen" page, and his
Letter after air and my response. Enjoy!

8 31 08 Liberty Watch
Marco Marsan is a business consultant, allegedly for large corporations. When
quizzed about his ideas, he could not give cogent, intellectually honetst answers.
He did not have the courage of his convictions to keep his word to stay for the
agreed upon time. 50 min. Here's What Marco sent me, after air, you decide:

9 8 08 From Marco Marsan:


You are a frustrated "little" guy aren't you?

When you are ready for the Big Leagues, call me. I've worked with more corporations
than you've complained to. Reading your bio, it seems you've dropped out of more t
hings than I've entered in life.

I regret that I spent 50 minutes on your myopic show (guns and glory?oh yea and
God), you read my whole book, I own your time forever!!

I found you to be a poor little guy who's trying to figure things out (with the whole
"guns as compensation thing") when you are ready to grow up, I'll be there for you!


Marco Marsan
Marco Polo Explorers International
7 xxxx ccccLn.
Cincinnati, OH 45xxx
513-xxx-xxxx w
513-xxxx-xxxx f
9 9 08 response:

Marco -
     Thanks for your thoughts, and the time to "pen" them. The opposite of love is not hate, but
indifference, so thanks for taking the time to share them. By all my teachers am I made wiser.
      I'm glad I read your book, as I love to read. Reading makes me happy. Granting you my
time to read it was a gift I am glad to have bequeathed. You do seem awfully enthused about
ownership of others' time. Puzzling... Could have been more revealing, had you not been
loathe to answer my questions...
     You are correct in your estimation that I have lacked follow through. It is something that
I'm working on. You probably have worked with more corporations than I have complained
to. Seeing as how I rarely complain to them, you may be completely accurate!
    You are correct that I refuse to "grow up." I'm having too much fun to be bothered with it!
    You are also accurate in your assessment about God and guns making America a great
place. You left out guts and freedom, but that is not surprising.
    I'm also glad for the time I spent with you on the air, as it really revealed character. So far,
it has been a well rated show with audience response. While I trust their judgment as to
how "big" I am, your disapprobation is a wonderful compass!
   Thanks for the great web content, both audio and in written!
Charles Heller
Liberty Watch Radio

Here's one that recurs from time to time, the publicity agent is too busy to bother to
look at the website of the show he trying to book a guest onto.  If you are a producer
or a talk show host, would you book with this agency? First, the pitch:
Media Friend:
Below is a story that ran in last Thursday's Columbus Dispatch about an interesting
and unique new weight loss book by Bxxxxxy Sxxxt Cxxxor entitled,  "The Beer
Dxxxxxrs Diet" (Bookxxxge, 2006). 
The book couldn't have come at a better time with many Americans indulging
over the next few weeks with holiday treats, holiday spirits and thinking, some, 
about how their 2007 "New Year's Resolution."
Cxxxor's plan clearly works. "he's lost 114 pounds of fat, and he responsibly
enjoys beer and wine in real-life quantities," too.  His plan obviously works!  
Please let me know if you want a copy of this inspiring, unique and highly informative
book, and provide your mailing address if you do.  
More information can be found at

Please let me know if you would like to review Brad's excellent book and/or
interview him about his success with this diet. He has done other TV interviews
from affiliates in the Columbus TV market.  

Mark Cxxle
for Mr. Caxxxor
(email gets quickest result)
Columbus Dispatch
November 30, 2006
Author spreads joy of indulging, losing

   Counting calories isnt his idea of a good time.
   Neither is counting Budweisers.
   "Lets just say I drink in spirited moderation," said Brxxxxy Sxxxt Cxxxor,
42, of Dublin. "Nobody I know stops at one or two."
   For his overweight brethren, and just in time for the holiday party season,
Cailor has published The Bxxr Drixxxxs "Dxxt" (Booksurge, $14.95). 
My original response to Mr. Cxxle:
Mark -
    Information on how to book guests onto my shows is located at .
Reading it is a prerequisite for booking. The show books  6 - 8 weeks out.
Charles Heller
Liberty Watch Radio Network
Mr. Cxxle's response to me:
"Too bueracratic."
My final answer:
Mark -
How would you know if they are too bureaucratic if you did not bother to read them???? Is it too
bureaucratic to expect the guest to be on time, know the name of my show and my name, and
read the page on which both are written, and has the emergency number to call if they can't make
it at the appointed time? Please tell me specifically which item is unreasonable. Is it "too bureaucratic"
to know the topics my show covers?
I produce great shows. If you had bothered to perform due diligence and listen to 5 minutes of one of
them you would know that. I help your clients to reach more people with my 4 stations than most
other hosts. I also have an audience that buys books. Major publicity houses such as Regnery,
Simon and Schuster, and Penguin, have no trouble complying with my simple rules.
If you lack the time to be familiar with the rules, then you lack the quality and character necessary
 do bookings with Liberty Watch. Professional publicity agents around the country have no problem
complying. If you some day become a professional, you might look at the pattern I set as a good
template for success. If not, my filtering system is working perfectly. In any case, thank you for
the wonderful material for my bad publicity page, . It's probably
too bureaucratic for you as well. By the way, it is also probably too bureaucratic for you to spell
bureaucratic correctly.
Charles Heller
Liberty Watch radio network
AM   690  KVOI Tucson
AM  1100 KFNX Phoenix
AM  1240 KJAA Globe
AM  930  KAPR Douglas
         __________________New chaper in an old saga___________________
You know how I know a publicist isn't doing his job? Because if the bonehead did just a little
due dilligence, he'dread this page and quit sending me stupid responses that I then publish
on this page!!! Say hello to his latest"walk on the stupid side"

OK let me ask.
Ask who about what? What are you talking about?  Who is this?
 If this is in response to something I sent you, please copy back what you are answering. You
can set your e-mail to do that automatically, so you don't have to think about it. It is a common
standard on the internet, and you could be more effective adopting it. I get a couple hundred
e-mails a day, and I'm not going to search my sent files for a topic.
Charles Heller
Liberty Watch Radio

-- wrote:
You just emailed me about Michael Cutler. That is who.

Charles wrote:
Who is this and who is Michael Cutler?

For goodness sake, copy back what you are answering!

Charles Heller
Liberty Watch Radio

-- wrote: Check your old emails. The answer lies there

Whoever this is, the point is that I will not waste time checking my old e-mails. If you haven't the
courtesy to practice civil communication skills via copying back what you are answering, or the
computer literacy to set your e-mail to "reply with copy," why would I waste my time communi-
cating with you?

If you cannot take responsibility for clear communications, as I do, by copying back what you
are answering, what inducement does that offer to a person to communicate with you?

Civility is the basis of society. Those not practicing it are worthy of being shunned. The cool
thing is, it's up to you!

Charles Heller
Liberty Watch Radio

This document is up here because the nosy FCC was poking around KVOI asking to
  see my "broadcast agreement" Here it is:


Plain Language Brokerage Agreement:


Between KVOI, a Tucson radio station, and


Charles Heller, a sui juris individual


Whereas KVOI warrants that it has a license from the FCC to broadcast on AM
690 in Tucson and certain other stations in Arizona, and that it is legally able to
execute a contract, and


Whereas Charles Heller warrants that has services to offer the public that are lawful
and helpful to the community, and that he is an experienced broadcaster,


Both Charles Heller and KVOI enter into this agreement effective 8/15/04, and to
continue until mutually agreed by both parties, that:


In return for money from Charles Heller and other intangible benefits, that:


KVOI Provide Charles Heller and any assistants of good character the use of the
broadcast facilities for either live or recorded programming from the hours of 10
AM to 2 PM every Sunday, to use for the production of programming designed to
make sure that government remains servant, NOT master, and a program about
items with a muzzle, nozzle, or blade.  Charles Heller reserves the right to alter the
timing and content of the programming at his sole discretion, providing that it is
decent by objective standard and does not violate any FCC rule;


KVOI agrees to make a good faith effort to maintain the station equipment in a
manner designed to keep it at optimal operation during the broadcast period;


Charles Heller agrees to limit any anatomical references to the FCC to those
areas above the pelvis;
And limit colonic references to same to not more than
one instance a week;


Charles Heller agrees to abide by any reasonable schedule for NAS tests and
required station maintenance, and to maintain the station equipment and facilities
in the best condition possible during broadcasts;


Charles Heller reserves the complete editorial control of the programming during
his allotted time slot;
Including the scheduling of news or not, while agreeing not to
use words prohibited by the FCC or to profane God;


KVOI warrants that in the event that it becomes aware of any impending criminal,
kleptocratic, or lewd impending act by the thieving hand of government, it will warn
Charles Heller


Charles Heller warrants that in the event that he becomes aware of any impending
criminal, kleptocratic, or lewd impending act by the thieving hand of government,
he will warn KVOI



Electronic signatuire:
Charles Heller                                                        Doug Martin




Mrs. Aldona Sprei                                                                             7/30/06
KJLL Radio
4433 E. Broadway

Suite 210
Tucson, Az. 85711


Mrs. Sprei,


       It has come to my attention that one of your employees has continued to attempt
to interfere in the relationship with one of my clients. I have asked you as recently as 
June 23, 2006 to cause him to cease and desist from doing so, but you have either
failed to do so or lack the capacity to do so. The offending communication is copied
below, as is my 6/23/06 request to get him to quit interferring in a professional
relationship. This is strike three.


      It seems that your Mr. Caton has "pinged" AM 1290 KCUB for the spots I was
planning to run there. I NEVER authorized KJLL to communicate with AM 1290 about
spots my clients may or may not run on other stations, and it is completely outside the
scope of your production directors' responsibilities to do so. I only discovered it when
Ms. Cabezas spoke to me of the request. This has damaged my relationship with
KCUB, and exposed them to needless complication. His unprofessional conduct has
now cost you a client, a business relationship, and a good deal of money. How proud
he must be that he has gotten rid of me.


      I have been exceedingly tolerant of the poor treatment I have received from your
employees over the past three and a half years. I've been way more tolerant than 
objective reality would dictate. I tried hard to rebuild a relationship after some truely
horrendous experiences at 1330 at the hands of your former general manager,
fostered by your benign neglect.  Even after such horrendous treatment I have
brought you thousands of dollars in good faith. I have been repaid with bad faith
in the form of your failure to control your employee, thereby establshing a hostile
business environment. This will now cease, as I hereby sever all ties to KJLL,
KMRR, Hudson Communications, and whatever else you call yourself.


     I insist you immediately cease and desist from playing any ads on your station
that have come from Liberty Watch I will gladly pay for whatever spots
have run to this point, as of 7 AM 7/31/06. After that time and date, I will not pay
for anything that runs.


     Alia Sweiss has tried valiantly to work with me. She is a credit to your organization.
She was professional and prompt, and did not let her ego get in the way of excellent
service. She could some day be a great asset to some worthy organization if one
could be found.


     Please do me the last courtesy of removing me from you address book, your
client records, and deleting all spots that I have ever sent you. In return I shall delete
your address from my book, as well as every person at KJLL, and wipe 1330 off
the presets of all my radios. I do not wish to ever hear from you or any of your
employees ever again.


     There is an old saying that the opposite of love is not hatred but indifference.
As such, I will ignore your existence henceforth and forever more.


     I wish you no ill, and hold no malice. I will do nothing to damage you. You and
your organization have done enough damage that karmic return should suffice. I
probably have more than enough good cause for legal action, between this most
recent insult and those of the past, but that just makes lawyers rich, and frankly,
I have more important things to do. I don't waste time with speed bumps.


     In the event that anyone asks me about doing business with you, I will simply
show them Mr. Caton's attempt to damage my client relationships. May posterity
forget that we were once brethren, and may my memory for numbers not include
yours. It is already fast fading from my mind.


In Abject Disgust,
Charles F. Heller


cc:Alia Sweiss





7/25/06 Wrongful Communication To AM 1290 KCUB Employee Jody Cabezas:

-----Original Message-----
From: Joel []
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 12:44 PM
Subject: Perfection Auto spots

Hey Jody!

I was wondering if you could send me the 3 Perfection Auto spots that Charles
sent over to ya, thanks. Charles wants to possibly run them on our station also.
Perfection hockey, and the other 2, not sure of the titles. Thanks!

Have a great day!

Joel Caton
Production Director
AM1330 KJLL "The Jolt"



6/23 06 Request To Restrain The Wrongful Actions Of Your Employee:



Dear Aldona -  

         Well, for only the second time in about 7 years, I am getting in touch with you.
Last time, I waited way to long and let something simmer, which turned out rather
badly, as you know. This time, I vow to be more communicative and nip a problem
in the bud, or at least on the branch. It has been simmering for some time, as well.


        In the last year I have placed several ads on KJLL which Joel Caton has
attempted to edit for content due to reference to me, or the "Swap Shop." In no
case have those ads made reference to another radio staion (nor will they ever,
as that is in poor taste.)This exceeds Joel's position as production director, when
it deals with editorial content of an ad.


        Alia has done an excellent job of re-recruiting my business, considering the
manner in which I left. You are now once again getting quite a few thousand dollars
a year out of me, thanks to Alia's efforts. She has also acted quickly to correct an
incorrect ad I sent you for McMann's Roadrunner Gunshow.


        My request is that you put to bed once and for all whatever it is that is bothering
Joel Caton so that he no longer interferes or attempts to do so with the editorial
content of my ads. I have no problem at all if he notices something in the production
value of one of my spots, but not the editorial content. Joel may resent me or my
success due to, shall we say an "unhealed" relationship in the past, but that is no
reason to unprofessionally drag that into a business relationship. Can you please,
in whatever diplomatic or other way, get him to stop his meddling with my content?


          I have not spoken to him or addressed him in anything other than a polite
manner, as you can see by the communication copied below. As you can also see,
it contains a veiled threat the the issuse "will" be "resolved" in the near future. (His
underlining, not mine.) The only "resolution" I will accept is that you keep him out
of my affairs. What he is doing is the same way things started with Pat, which I'm
sure is exactly where he learned it. Not acceptable.


          I want for both of us to go forward and earn money. That which slows us down,
as this does, is a detraction from serving the customer. Please fix it.


Charles Heller
870 2700

cc:Alia Sweiss


Joel -

     It already has been resolved.

    Please direct future comments to Alia, and only mention something to me if it has to
do with production quality, at which you are excellent. Again, thans for your dilligence.


cc: Alia Sweiss

-- "Joel"  wrote:

Sounds good! Im sure this will be resolved in the near future.



----- Original Message -----



Sent: Friday, June 23, 2006 4:20 PM

Subject: Re: New spot to play this weekend for Perfection Autoworks

Joel -

    Thanks for being on the ball, but the spot was already cleared as is by Alia.
Please play it exaclty as is, without any alterations, and again, thanks for your


___________________________Subject Seperator____________________

Here we have an all too common species of malfeasant press agent: "Governmentus Malfeasus
Silentius." Actually a very galling breed, they are unaware that they're job is to inform the
public via clear and unambiguous answers to simple questions. Harumphf!

Korenna -
    Thank you for keeping the public informed as to Congressman Kolbe's lifetime acheivement
award, but you still have not answered my original questions, pasted again, below. There are
two questions there, sincere, honest, and polite. If you do not answer them, could you please
direct me to the communications director or press secretary in his office so he or she will?
Charles Heller
Liberty Watch RAdio
AM 690 KVOI Tucson
AM 930 KAPR Douglas
AM 1100 KFNMX Phoenix
Note: all communications with
Liberty Watch Radio are in
the public domain.
Korenna -
     Thank you for taking the time to reply to this request, although it is completely unresponsive
to the questions.
 Maybe the fault is mine in not stating the question in a clear manner.  I did
not ask if the Congressman has changed his position. I asked:
1) On what basis does he believe Mr. Goldwater's position is abhorrent and offensive to fair
minded Americans?" Does he have poll
      numbers to support that position? Empirical data?  On what basis?
2) Does he believe that the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits the state of Arizona
from enacting such legislation?
     I also offered airtime in a polite environment to say these things to the public. You did not
respond to that at all. I respectfully request that you do.
     I am not giving you a hard time. I'm media, and you're the press secretary. I'm simply asking
you in clear language, with no rancor, disprepect, or sarcasm, for answers to questions. Why
do I have to make repeated requests to get easy questions answered? I don't bite. I don't dislike
Congressman Kolbe. I want his side of the story to be public. That's what I do. You're supposed
to facilitate that when responsible, credible media asks questions.
    I've had shows on regular AM radio for 8 years. Who I am is verifyable and public. I am not
some kook or nut case, I am the regular media. I live in Congressman Kolbe's district. Can
I just have some honest, direct answers, please?
Charles Heller
Liberty Watch Radio
Tucson, Douglas, Phoenix


I apologize for the delay in responding.  It appears as though Congressman Kolbe's position
on the Don Goldwater remarks has not changed and the press release that was sent to you
should be relevant and up to date and includes his entire position on the topic.


Korenna Cline
Press Secretary
Congressman Jim Kolbe (AZ-8)
202.225.2542 main
202.225.xxxx direct
202.957.xxxx cell

To sign up for Congressman Kolbe's e-newsletter


-----Original Message-----
From: Charles Heller [mailto:
Sent: Saturday, June 24, 2006 4:10 PM
Cline, Korenna

Subject: Re: Friday, Jun 23 press release



Korenna -

     As a member of the media, I request a clarification of Congressman Kolbe's
position, as it is not clear from your press release. On what basis does Mr. Kolbe
believe that Mr. Goldwater's idea is "abhorrent and offensive to fair minded Americans?"

     Does the Congressman believe that the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution
prohibits the state of Arizona from enacting such legislation?

     I would be willing to schedule time for him to answer these questions on the
air, and it would be a civil and informative interview. Details about how I do my
interviews are at . Understand please,
 that I do not do political interviews, only those about topics.

Charles Heller
Liberty Watch Radio
520 870 2700
AM 690 KVOI Tucson
AM 930 KAPR Douglas
AM 1100 KFNX Phoenix

Congressman Jim Kolbe

For Immediate Release            Contact:  Korenna Cline   202-225-xxxx (direct)

Friday, June 23, 2006                  202-957-xxxx (cell)                                          


WASHINGTON, DC - According to the EFE News Service, Don Goldwater, who is
a candidate for Governor of Arizona, proposed the establishment of concentration camps
for undocumented immigrants near the borders.  Goldwater went on to say that "the
proposal would also require these immigrants to build the wall along the border."  Rep.
Jim Kolbe (R-AZ), a leader on border security and immigration reform and author of
a comprehensive immigration reform plan in Congress, released the following
statement in response:

"The very suggestion of establishing a system of  'concentration camps'
to hold undocumented persons crossing the border is utterly abhorrent
and offensive to all fair minded Americans."

"If the statement is not true, Mr. Goldwater needs to clarify exactly what
he did say and what he intends for holding undocumented persons.  If
true, he has demonstrated his complete unworthiness for public office
and I am confident will be soundly rejected by Republicans from the
party of Barry Goldwater who consistently demonstrated his compassion
and respect for all people of whatever race, ethnicity, or economic

"This is a sad day in the national debate on immigration policy.  It is
time for all people to renounce such abhorrent ideas and return the
debate to a discussion of workable, reasonable and compassionate



Congressman Jim Kolbe



For Immediate Release                                          Contact:  Korenna Cline              

Friday, July 14, 2006                                                      202-225-xxxx (direct)                                               202-957-xxxx (cell)


Washington, DC - Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) was honored last evening at the
WashingtonInternational Trade Association (WITA) with the Lifetime
Achievement Award.
Chairman Kolbe's remarks focused on the need to pursue an aggressive bilateral
trade agenda with or without the prodding of the
round of multilateral
trade negotiations. Kolbe also emphasized the need to
continue the fight to curb wasteful agricultural subsidies. 
The following is a transcript from the event.

(as delivered)

Clayton, thank you for that warm introduction. It really is such a great honor
to be receiving WITA's Lifetime Achievement Award. And receiving the award from
a distinguishedstatesman and free trade stalwart like Clayton Yeutter is really icing on
the cake. There's nothing like a lifetime achievement award to make you feel old. But
as Mark Twain once said, "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." I'm
learning that once you announce your retirement, people only have nice things to say
about you. I keep tellingmy colleagues that they ought to try out this retirement thing.

I also want to acknowledge my friend and colleague Charlie Rangel with whom
I am honored to share this evening. While we have not been on the same side on every
trade issue, Charlie has been a long-time advocate for free trade and a real leader on
initiatives like the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) which has had a real,
tangible effect in combating poverty.

I cannot think of any issue I feel more passionately about than free trade and as
I look around the room tonight, I see so many of you with whom I have worked hand in
hand - from NAFTA in 1993 to Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China in 2000
to our most recent battle to pass CAFTA last summer. 

I wish that I could stand before you tonight with renewed optimism about our
global trade agenda. But instead I come to you as a dark and ugly cloud hangs over the
trade issue. The
round is on life support and countries are all but ready to pull the plug. And our
bilateral trade agenda - hijacked by bitter partisanship - does not inspire much greater confidence.

In 1776 in The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith - an author I'm sure a few of you
here have heard of - wrote that "
each nation has been made to look with an invidious eye upon the
prosperity of all the nations with which it trades, and to consider their gain as its own loss. Commerce, which
ought naturally to be, among nations, as among individuals, a bond of union and friendship, has become
the most fertile source of discord and animosity." Those worries sound as though they were spoken last week.
Two hundred years later, we still see the animosity caused by trade. We need look no further than the failed
meeting in Geneva two weeks ago to know that envy and blame, suspicion and fear, continue to distort our
world trade vision.

I am not going to stand here tonight and recite the benefits that countries rich
and poor stand to gain from a successful Doha round. You know this as well as I do.
But we do need to face up to the reality that the Doha round is on the brink of collapse.
In this context, we must ask ourselves: what should the U.S. trade agenda be in a
post-Doha world?

Well, for one thing, we must aggressively pursue our bilateral trade agenda.
Make no mistake: bilateral agreements are no substitute for multilateral trade agreements
that truly propel the world along a path toward greater liberalization. But it is the best
remaining option. Should we aim to resume multilateral negotiations when the time
is right? Of course. But in the meantime, we cannot remain idle. We must keep on
competing without the prodding of the Doha round. Thomas Friedman put it best
when he said, "
If globalization were a sport, it would be a 100-meter dash, over and over and over.
And no matter how many times you win, you have to race again the next day."

While some would like to deny the reality of the global economy and withdraw
into a cocoon, we cannot allow this to happen. The recent initiation of trade negotiations
South Korea and Malaysia
is certainly a good start to give impetus to our bilateral trade agenda. Only
the NAFTA countries -
Canada and Mexico - surpass South Korea
among other potential free trade partners
in two-way trade. But we cannot stop there. We must pursue similar bilateral trade agreements with other large
would be a good start. As is almost always the case with free trade pacts, a Japan-U.S. agreement
would be about far more than commercial flows and GDP growth. With
North Korea
's recent provocative
behavior, we need more than ever to strengthen strategic partnerships in
East Asia.

Let's turn now to our own neighborhood. If you were to go down a map of the
Americas along the Pacific coast from Alaska through Mexico and Central America
- all the way down to the
southern tip of
Chile, with the exception of Ecuador
- you would remarkably see countries that either have
free trade agreements with the
United States
or have negotiations underway. A notable omission on the
Atlantic coast of the
Americas is Brazil, South America's largest economy. Linking up with Brazil
would be
a major achievement for USTR and an opportunity to further engage the
in an increasingly challenged
region of the world.  Not to mention that it could serve as a powerful antidote to the ideological poison
of Hugo Chávez.

Other battles need to be waged regardless of whether we are pursuing bilateral
or multilateral trade agreements.  No realistic trade agenda can deny or shy away from
the issue of wasteful agricultural subsidies. It is imperative that we put an end to the
U.S. farm program once and for all. We simply cannot afford to let the failure of the Doha
become an excuse for the reauthorization of the farm bill. The Washington Post on Monday argued that
"federal farm subsidies are wildly misdirected and shamefully unfair to anyone who pays taxes and doesn't
get a piece of the billions." They have it exactly right. Subsidies and quotas are unfair to consumers, and put
us at a comparative disadvantage in negotiating future trade deals.

So I ask you tonight to join me in challenging the special interests of narrow
sectors in the marketplace. Let us frankly acknowledge the negative effect they have
on both
jobs and consumer prices. As a good example, look at the sugar industry which fought hard
against the Central American Free Trade Agreement last summer. A recent Commerce Department report
says that more than 10,000 jobs were lost at sugar-consuming companies - largely candy producers and
bakeries - in the five years preceding 2002 because of high sugar costs. The study concludes that for every
sugar growing and harvesting job saved by maintaining artificially high sugar prices, three other jobs in
sugar consuming businesses are lost. Of course some health experts might say it is good to drive up the
costs of sweets. But I can tell you I don't like paying more for my favorite chocolate bar! It is important
for all of us in Congress - and those of you in the business community - to make these costs of
protectionism known to constituents and consumers who are - after all - one and the same. This issue -
the dichotomy between narrow interests with a protectionist agenda, and the broader, consumer interest
has not changed in the 22 years I have been in Congress. But just because it hasn't changed, and just because
I sound like a broken record, doesn't diminish its truth or the need to continue its repetition.

Let me share one final thought. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the importance
of giving adequate resources to our trade negotiators and the institutions that support trade.
USTR is stretched thin, and quite simply cannot undertake a robust agenda of trade
negotiations without additional resources. We must zealously advocate for more funding
not only to USTR, but also the institutions that provide over $1.3 billion in annual trade
capacity assistance. Helping countries reform their regulatory procedures makes trade
more efficient and effective.

With this objective in mind, in this year's House version of the foreign operations
appropriations bill, we created a Trade Capacity Enhancement Fund - a $522 million
initiative. Based at USAID, this Fund will bring together several existing trade capacity
initiatives under a single umbrella. The fund will help developing countries carry out free
trade agreements, and work with others to qualify for agreements in the future. 

I believe this could be a significant change in the way we use our appropriations
accounts to promote trade. Government institutions should be organized to truly reflect
their mission. That is what this Fund will let us do. It gives trade the prominence it
deserves at our largest development agency. It allows trade to take its rightful place
among our foreign assistance programs. With over half a billion dollars, the Trade
Capacity Enhancement Fund will command a budget almost four times larger than
that of the World Trade Organization. Creation of this account marks the acceptance
of trade as an indispensable tool for development.

The agenda I have suggested tonight is not, at least on paper, particularly ambitious
or far-reaching. But in the salons of
Geneva, and Paris, and of Tokyo, and Washington
, where inaction
on trade is the norm, it might appear very ambitious, even aggressive. But I know that I am talking to an
ambitious crowd.

I spoke at the beginning of my remarks about the dark and ugly cloud that hangs
over all of us who care deeply about free trade. With the
round on the brink of collapse,
we stand at an important crossroads in our trade agenda. We can choose to run away from globalization. Or
we can choose to firmly embrace it and to shape it in a way that improves the lives of all people in our world.
I ask you to join me in choosing the latter.

Thank you again for this enormous honor.


Ah, another fine offering of agents who, when confronted with their own failure, run away. Why do they
think that it is OK to be in the communication business and be incommunicative? The background
on this is that a client who was booked to appear cancelled on short notice. OK, that happens, but
they did not give the guest the right number or e-mail address to contact me. Result: no show!
When I attempted to re-book, they did not answer me. Today they sent me a new guest pitch;
here is the result:


Warning to political pundits: Don't count Hillary out .


Bestselling Biographer Edward Klein, who knows first hand what happens when you take on Hillary,
shows how she
will be the most formidable presidential candidate this country has ever seen!

Klein: "The Truth About Hillary exposes 'the new Hillary' as inauthentic. And it is precisely for that
reason that Hillary and her surrogates have gone to war with this book."


In the paperback edition of The Truth About Hillary (to be published by Sentinel on May 30),
Edward Klein writes for the first time about the smear campaign and media blackout he faced
when his New York Times bestseller debuted last year.  Klein offers a first-hand account of
just how brutal Hillary Clinton's war room can be, and how far they will go to protect her
presidential ambitions.


Writes Klein: "Because of the unprecedented viciousness of the attacks on me and my book,
I have been asked many times if I regretted writing The Truth About Hillary. Not only am
I proud to have written this book; I am confident it will serve as a template for future books
about Hillary."


To arrange an interview please contact MNS Publicity

Press contacts:  Gwen Xxxxx, (703) 329-xxxx,
Sandy Xxxxxx,
(202) 244-xxxx,


Gwen & Sandy -
     Will be happy to consider new guest pitches as soon as you answer my last communication of
about 5 weeks ago on Mona Charen.
Charles Heller
520 870 2700
All communications with me are public domain.
Nothing is private anymore on the internet.
We will remove you from our mailing lists.
To: Gwen Xxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 4:35 PM
Subject: Still waiting for your response to last communication before we start something new
Gwen & Sandy -
    Why, because you don't want to take responsibility for answering a simple e-mail?
    Thanks for the exciting addition to my site:
All communications with me are public domain.
Nothing is private anymore on the internet.



Now here is a publicist who thinks he can get bookings without following the rules,
and without performing due dilligence:
The pitch:
Wed, May 10, 2006 07:43 AM:

This Monday, May 15th, is the deadline for Arizona senior citizens to sign up for a Prescription
Drug Plan
(under Medicare).  It's very urgent they do so because it can help them save alot of
of money.
President Bush hit the road this week talking up the need for seniors to sign
up quickly.
Unfortunately, there's been alot of misinformation put out by opponents.   Peter Pitts, a former
FDA Associate Commissione
r, would like to explain to your listeners that most seniors - 85
percent - have experienced no problems using their new benefits, and 59 percent already are
saving money (source:  America's Health Insurance Plans
In fact, the average $25 a month premium for enrollment is less than the original
$37 a month premium forecast by the federal government.  That's because competition
among the various companies is working!
Mr. Pitts is president of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.  Please
let me know if we can schedule him before the May 15th deadline

Mark Cxxxxx
Related Information:


To which I replied:

Mark -
     Information on how to book guests onto my show, and the topics I cover, is located at .
Charles Heller
Liberty Watch Radio

Bone headed reply, Wed, May 10, 2006 08:03 AM:

I dont much like bueracracy and rules. Can you simply offer a date and time and I can see
if that works?



The natural consequence:

Mark -

      The only way to get on my show is to perform due dilligence. Publicists not willing to do that
are never rewarded. That's something you can see at , but
then again, you don't like rules.

     I don't like unnecessay rules either, but I have found that a professional decorum requires
certain boundaries. Those unwilling to perform within those parameters, are invited to perform
in less professional venues than mine. Your decision.

Charles Heller
Liberty Watch Radio Network


This jerkette thinks the way to get a show booking is to engage in political disagreements with people
with whom she wants to do business. Watch her try to confront reality with emotion. Guess who's
show she didn't book on?

If you are a talk show host, would you do business with people like this?


To and from a publicist, 2-8-06 or "How to book a talk show without tearing your hair out"  (This is
a discussion string which gets more interesting as it goes back and forth beneath the original pitch.
Some of you have asked how I book guests. This is one way, but it sure is the hard way this time.
Listen to this publicist try to squirm out of an honest answer. Objective reality really stings
non-objectivists. {: - )

2-8-06  12:15 PM, "Ilene XXXXXXX" proctor@XXXXXXXX wrote:



Press Contact: Ilene XXXXXXX or Angus XXXX

Direct Line: (310) XXX-XXXX

Cell: (310) XXX-XXXX

E-mail: proctor@XXXXXXXX

DowningStreetMemo Founder, David Swanson is available for interviews



Inequality and War

By David Swanson


Ending the extreme inequality of wealth and well-being in the United States
would end the war in Iraq


Ending the war in Iraq and others like it would go a long way toward reducing
the inequality.


Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery honored Coretta Scott King at her funeral, speaking
in front of four presidents, when he challenged injustice, saying: "We know now
there were no weapons of mass destruction over there [standing ovation]... but
etta knew and we know that there are weapons of misdirection right down
here. Millions without health insurance. Poverty abounds.  For
war billions more
but no mor
e for the poor."


This wasn't just a challenge to the powerful.  This should be taken as a challenge
to peace activists to start fighting poverty and to the poor
to become peace activists. 


Were there not a population of Americans so much less well off than another, or
did we simply have a fair and honest and universal military draft, we would not be
fighting a war in Iraq
.  America's growing inequality is a growing danger to the world.


This war has already cost thousands of dollars per American family.  If it ends up
costing as much as Joseph Stiglitz and others predict, it will cost every single
American family mor
e than a full year's salary at the federal minimum wage.


But it won't cost the wealthiest among us that much, and it will cost the rest of us

much more.  Just look at the current budget proposals.  Increases at the Pentagon,
which already swallows half of all discretionary spending.  Cuts everywhere else,

including education. 


On Monday, Congressman Dennis Kucinich said, "This budget is not just fiscally
bankrupt, it is mor
ally bankrupt.  This budget chooses war over health care, tax
cuts over education, special interests over need of the nation and rich over poor
This budget cuts vital domestic funding because of spending for
the war in Iraq
and the tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, placing the burden squarely on the
backs of poor
and working class Americans. The President's budget will increase
defense spending by almost 7%, to $439 billion, while vital finding for
Medicaid, education, veterans health care, children's health care, Welfare, trans-
tation, NASA programs and the Department of Agriculture are slashed.  All this,
while requesting an additional $70 billion-or
$120 billion for the year-to fund the
misguided and ill-advised war and occupation of Iraq


It has become harder and harder for many families to send their kids to college,
but military recruiting stations are receiving mor
e and more money.  We're cutting
federal student aid by $12 billion while doubling cash enlistment bonuses and
raising the enlistment age to 40.


Meanwhile, war spending is still, dishonestly, left out of the budget and handled
as a "supplemental." 


Not only do the wealthiest among us - that 1 percent of us who actually fund federal
election campaigns - tend to pay lower taxes.  Not only do they depend less on the
government for
education, health care, recreation, or housing.  But many of them
are getting MORE stinking rich than they were befor
e by profiting off this war. 
(Note: this is less the case among the 20 percent of Americans who THINK they
are in the richest 1 percent.)


While an Army private is paid $24,000, a private military contractor $100,000,
and a General with over 20 years experience $168,000, the average military
CEO is bringing in $11.5 million.


Military contractors are leading the way in inequality and unaccountability.  Their
average CEO to wor
ker pay ratio is over 400 to 1, and their top earners have
made their bucks by selling the US
military defective equipment.


Military contractors are also leading funders of Congress Members and Senators. 
The spying industry is not, which may be part of the explanation for
the higher level
of noise in Congress about spying, as compared to the near silence over an illegal
war based on lies. 


There is total silence in Congress on the subject of inequality, and that is why a poor
person in this country working three jobs and struggling with immediate crises needs
to care about bogus repor
ts on WMDs and lies told to the United Nations. 


Peace activists need to care about inequality because the refusal of the Senate to
oppose this war is closely tied to the fact that half of the people in the Senate are


We peace activists need to care about the damage done to our society and our
democracy, and therefor
e to the world, by inequality of the extreme sort described
in this book:


(A book which, however, says not one word about opposing war.)


If we are going to ask poor people to oppose war, the least we can do is find the
time to oppose poverty.


Twenty percent of Americans own 84 percent of the wealth in this country.  Our
country is far mor
e unequal than any other developed nation.  And it has become
far less frequent for
anyone born poor in America to die rich.  This is not a democracy. 
Look at the length of the lines at polling places in poor
neighborhoods where people
do not have time to vote anyway.  This is not a democracy.


And without a democracy, you have war.  Every time.


You also have domestic violence.  Violence increases with inequality.  Reducing
inequality reduces crime, and for
far less expense than that of housing prisoners. 
This is widely known and virtually undisputed, but not acted upon.


And it is by housing prisoners that we train guards to torture Iraqis.


Inequality and war are twin plagues, and we need to rid ourselves of both, or we
will continue to be afflicted with both.


There are organizations, like Progressive Democrats of America and United for
Peace and Justice, that wor
k for both peace and equality.  The march in March
from Mobile
to New Orleans will unite anti-war activists with victims of


But, on the whole, anti-poverty activists and anti-war activists live in two separate
lds.  That needs to end.


From: Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2006 1:18 PM
To: proctor@XXXXXXXX Subject: Re: Inequality and War: Ending the extreme inequality of wealth
and well-being in the United States would end the war in Iraq. by David Swanson

Ilene -

      Does this guest you offer understand decorum, unlike Rev Lowery?

Charles Heller

-- "Ilene XXXXXXX" proctor@XXXXXXX wrote:

I hope not Charles, but he stands for everything the Kings stood for their entire lives, Ilene



: Wednesday, February 08, 2006 4:03 PM   To: proctor@XXXXXXXX
Subject: RE: Inequality and War: Ending the extreme inequality of wealth and well-being in the
United States would end the war in Iraq. by David Swanson


Well God bless his passion then!

When you have a client that can sustain decorum, send them my way. They sure
don't have to agree with me to get on Liberty Watch. To see who does,
consult .



-- "Ilene XXXXXXX" proctor@XXXXXXX wrote:

If you mean upholding decorum like Martin Luther King and his wife Coretta did, than I am with
you all the way, Ilene


Ilene -

     You have just made 2 statements in conflict with each other. Let me explain.

     At events where he preached, and at events where his widow later spoke, they were
never out of character with the event which they addressed. They did not use a social
occasion for the promotion of a political point of view. They certainly (and I believe
appropriately and effectively) used venues of protest to call attention to their point of
view, but never, in my opinion, inappropriately so.  In fact their success was largely
based on their decorum.

    The way this relates to a radio show is important. I ask tough questions, even and
sometimes especially of people with whom I agree. The bar of qualification to get on
my show is to agree to an intellectually honest answer to the questions. A guest is
then free to ask anything in return, or even state his objection to the basis of the
question, AFTER he answers it. People who cannot sustain decorum often are not
capable of intellectual honesty. Much as undisciplined and petulant children, when
they do not have reason on their side, they "pound the table." If that describes the
guests you want to send me, they do not qualify to get on my show. If however, you
offer me guests who can sustain decorum, they are welcome, especially if they do
not agree with me.

     Now we come to your two conflicting statements, below. If you truly offer me guests
who have the type of civility that the Kings had, the answer is yes. But if you offer me
the quality of guests who make of themselves fools as did Reverend Lowery and former
President Carter at the King funeral, then no, they do not qualify for Liberty Watch, as
they ball beneath the bar of intellectual honesty. First I asked, "
Does this guest you offer
understand decorum, unlike Rev Lowery
?" And you responded, " I hope not Charles,
but he stands for everything the Kings stood for their entire lives, Ilene

     I need a clear answer from you, Is it the decorum of Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
and Coretta Scott King that you offer, or the bumbling oafs that Reverend Lowery and
former President Carter made of themselves? Which is it please?

In Liberty,
Charles Heller
520 870 XXXX
Be advised that nothing on the internet is considered private.
Everything sent to and from me is public domain.

Dear Charles:

My clients do not rant or rave, and certainly and neither do they pound tables.  My point
of disagreement with you is your use of the word decorum in referencing the King funeral
. The Bush administration is (despite the presence of Ms. Rice and Mr. Powell whom they
so blatantly misuse, as he testified on television )  in total disagreement with the King Family
 as Bush has  never before made himself available the NAACP or the Rev. Lowry and his
vast congregation. And as for Bush, Reverend Lowry's response was perfectly appropriate
given the  questions of surveillance that  was so pertinent to the lives of the Kings, and
Katrina which  made Bush's credibility delve to a single digit (2%) in the African American
community, and as for the fact that Bush choose to make a speech against affirmative
action on Martin Luther King's this year, and so on and so forth,In light of all the above,  
I think it perfectly proper and with no loss of decorum that these subjects were broached,
and as was obvious to any objective viewer, save four people, who last names  are Bush,
the audience totally  agreed. All in all, the King funeral was exactly that, FIT FOR A KING.
Peace, Ilene

Dear Ilene -

     It seems what you have here is a dispute with the dictionary, not with me. To wit:

de·co·rum   )(d -kôr m, -k r -)

  1. Appropriateness of behavior or conduct; propriety: "In the Ireland of the 1940's...
    the stolidity of a long, empty, grave face was thought to be the height of decorum
    and profundity" (John McGahern).
  2. decorums The conventions or requirements of polite behavior: the formalities
    and decorums of a military funeral.

    Now, based on the dictionary definition above, that using a funeral to make a political
point is the classical definition of breaking decorum, not keeping it. Possibly you might
contact the folks at and get them to alter their slant on reality so that it
is more in alignment with your picture of it. If so, you have my permission to say it was
my idea.

     My question to you still remains unanswered, by the way displaying exactly the behavior
that prohibits guests from being qualified to be booked onto my show. One last time, can
you guarantee that your guests possess the intellectual honesty to answer the question
that is asked of them, as opposed to changing the subject, talking in circles, and making
stump speeches?

     Have you read the bookings page at , specifically
designed for your industry? Yes or no please to both questions, simple as that?

In Liberty,
Charles Heller
Be advised that nothing on the internet is considered private.
Everything sent to and from me is public domain.



Wed, Feb 08, 2006 09:35 PM, -- "Ilene XXXXXXX" proctor@XXXXXXX wrote:


Given the audience and the situation, I profoundly agree with everything the Rev, Did. Bush is in total
contradiction to everything this country stands for - and since he always screens his audience for
dissenters, it was so nice, so heartwarmingly gratifying for myself, and I know, for millions of others
to see his comeuppance on national TV. The good Reverend had on  a "long, grave face" when he
made those statements, and when the camera panned to the family, they were in obvious  total
agreement with his remarks. My clients will either agree with me, or not, and since this is country
has always had a tradition of free speech, let the world decide. The Kings were our King. Love, Ilene


Ilene -

     What you agree with, or what I believe, are both completely irrelevant, as they are
not germane to the topic at hand; to wit the 2 questions on the table:

     1) Can you guarantee that your guests possess the intellectual honesty to answer
the question that is asked of them, as opposed to changing the subject, talking in
circles, and making stump speeches?

      2) Have you read the bookings page at ,
specifically designed for your industry? Yes or no please to both questions, simple as that.


     This is not a debating society. Your job, if you are in the publicity business, is to get
bookings for your clients. I am now syndicated on the number 5 market in the United States,
Phoenix, as well as Tucson and Douglas, Arizona.  You have so far cost me a lot of time
by not being direct with me.  Either employ the intellecutal honesty (or grasp of reality,
whichever comes first) to answer the 2 questions above in your next post, or may posterity
forget that we were in related professions.


In Liberty,
Charles Heller
Be advised that nothing on the internet is considered private.
Everything sent to and from me is public domain.


Fri, Feb 10, 2006 08:20 AM wrote:


"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." 
-Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Fri, Feb 10 2006 9:48 AM:
Why can't you answer two simple questions?

In Liberty,
Charles Heller
Be advised that nothing on the internet is considered private.
Everything sent to and from me is public domain.


Fri, Feb 10, 2006 11:36 AM


In liberty - civil and otherwise- FREE SPEECH is the basis of democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is
your answer


Fri, Feb 10, 2006 03:50 PM

No Ilene, it is YOUR answer. I asked you 2 specific things:

1) Do the clients you offer me have the intellectual honesty to answer the question asked.

2) Have you read

     That is all I want to know from you. If so, I will book them. If not, I will not. Why you
have made this into some political rant rather than a professional communication, I do
not know, but I want a straight answer to those two questions, and nothing more.

     This is not a debate. It is a professional communication about booking guests. I'd be
happy to help you understand that we do not live in a democracy at some other date. All
I want is the answer to the two simple questions above.


In Liberty,
Charles Heller

Be advised that nothing on the internet is considered private.
Everything sent to and from me is public domain


Fri, Feb 10, 2006 04:53 PM

-- "Ilene Xxxxxxx" 

The answer is yes to both of them


Fri. Feb 10 6:25 PM

Thank you. I am open 2/26/06 at 12 PM MST


If you want to have Mr Swanson on, please have him read the bookings page before
he gets on the show. Also, please make sure I have a back up number to reach him on
a Sunday, and that he has the VIP number to call for interview.

In Liberty,
Charles Heller

Be advised that nothing on the internet is considered private.
Everything sent to and from me is public domain

This one happened in '05, and it provided the inspiration for this page. At first, a guest named
"Penny Nance" got the silly notion that she was in control of the interview, which caused her to
hang up on me at 3:05 into the interview.. The next week's guest was a no-show, both from
"Creative Response Concepts," in Virginia. When I wrote to the publicist, and he didn't bother
to reply. When I wrote to the president of his company, he didn't bother to reply either. Not very
"creative" or "responsive," either, huh?

Tim finally did respond, after rejecting every pitch sent to me by their company with a copy of the
original letter below. Although he did answer back once, and apologize for his guest hanging up,
he never did respond to the requirement for booking that the guests at least know who I was, the
name of my show, and have read my "bookings" page. ( . )Simple,
huh? Not to these guys. Is that how you want to be treated, fellow hosts and producers?

I agreed, in writing,to state that he did eventually return my e-mail, but I left this string up to warn
other  publicity agencies how not to do it. It took about 7 letters to them, one by certified mail, to
get a "response." It was nt until I told them this string would be on the internet that they eventually



Melissa -

        I would consider pitches if people at your company would display the

 integrity to answer my communications. (Copy attached.) Specifically, I'm

 talking about Tim SchXXXXXX and the president of your company, neither

 of whom have displayed the professionalism of answering polite and

 ordinary communications by e-mail and phone.

        When Tim didn't answer me I left a voice mail in the president's box.

 Evidently, neither of them thinks it's important that I tell other hosts of my

 experience with your company.

        Melissa, your company sent me one guest that hung up 3 minutes

 into the interview, and the guest the following week was a no show. Is

 refusing to communicate about these failures professional conduct?

 This is not a rhetorical question. If I don't hear from your company,

 I'll understand they don't care that I'm posting the whole string on
 the internet.
                __________previous letter_________________________

Tim -

        This afternoon Penny Nance hung up 3 minutes into the interview. Evidently she

 does not understand that a host asks the questions and controls the show, and has a

 point of view.

        If I am going to accept bookings from you in the future, that can not take place again.
 The guest needs to know how for long they are on the air. If you suspect one is a little flighty,
 or not good at keeping thier committments, I expect you or one of your staff to tell me. Then
 I will not hold you accountable, as you warned me, and I still took the booking. It would

 also help if you gave them my website and an idea to look at it for 5 minutes before air.

 They'd then know to expect a thorough and despositive interview, not just a gloss over

 of their point of view.

        The clip of the show is attached. Except for removing a couple of "ums," and slowing
 down the bit rate, the recording is not altered from how it went across the air live. It was a
 good chance to employ the new show policy for guests who are late - proceed without them
 using the guest questions and ask them instead of the audience. Good radio, got calls.

        My show is going national this year. I don't have time for things like this. You are welcome
 to keep sending me guests, and I will not nit pick you about them, but this stuff stops or I erase
 you from my address book. I'm not asking for ass kissing, either. If you simply agree to make
 sure a guest knows that a half hour means 30 minutes, I'll take you at your word. I know you
 can't always tell when someone is going to lose their marbles, but I expect you to tell me if
 their string is untied.

        Hope this is the worst thing that happens to you today and everything else is better. If you
 take a day or two to answer to cool off, that won't hurt either. But a response is important.

 Let's figure some way to make it the same positive I did yesterday on air. I'll give you one

 thing - she sure called right on time and knew what time it was in Arizona!

cc: Dana XXXXXX, Producer

     Mike XXXXXXXX, Associate Producer


Charles Heller

520 870 2700 m
Live stream Sunday 12 - 2 PM MST at: 
520 419 2500

   ____________________previous guest pitch ________________________________

ALEXANDRIA, Va. --- Kids First Coalition President Penny Nance today urged the U.S.
Supreme Court to rule against the sale of alcohol on the Internet, a case for which the high
court heard today.

"We are hopeful the Court will see the wisdom in keeping the Internet from becoming an
all-access cyberbar free of ID checks," Nance said.  "This issue is about protecting families
and embracing time-tested moral values.  It's about law enforcement.  It's about keeping
kids safe. It's about a state's constitutional right to tell the powerful wine industry we won't
allow you sell your product in our communities unless you comply with our laws.

Nance noted the push to deregulate alcohol sales and open them up to the Internet is coming from the
$45 billion California wine industry and Internet retailers who have no idea - or don't care - about what
the consequences of such sales will be.

"It defies common sense to suggest that, as a society, we should loosen alcohol controls and
allow anyone with a credit card to buy beer, wine or liquor online with no questions asked. 
This is a recipe for disaster. Law enforcement sting operations have proven time and again
that internet sales of alcohol contributes to underage drinking and therefore threatens
," Nance said.

Here is an agency that started out pretty well about a year and a half ago with a booking on
Liberty Watch, and then dropped the ball. If you're in the publicity business, isn't it a good
idea to communicateclearly? Wouldn't that be best for your clients? 


Special Guest wrote:
RE: Michael Payne
Special Guests
Thu, Apr 20, 2006 01:05 PM

Mr. Payne said he will not be available this Sunday, but next Sunday he said he will be able to
do the interview at the same time.
                      _________________Reply Seperator___________________
Dear  Whomever sent this without the professional courtesy of signing it -
    Who is "Mr. Payne.?" Obviously, it is in response to something I sent you. But the question is,
what? "he will be able to do the interview at the same time." WHAT TIME IS THAT??? What is his
contact info? Where is his bio? How could any professional do his job with this amount of information?
    The job of a publicity agent is to get bookings for their clients. This is best done by making dealings
with producers and hosts easy. Producers frequently deal with many dozens of communications per
day. Wouldn't it make sense to copy back the message you are answering? Why should a producer
or a host have to dig through stacks of e-mails to find out what you are talking about?
     When we first started communicating, I directed Jerry to a web page, copied below, which was
made with a lot of thought and vital information for publicists. That page is . Made with the idea of making your job easier, it is copied
below to save you the bother of even having to click on it.
     Please do one of two things in the future: either communicate with me in a professioanal manner,
by signing all communications with a tag that allows me to contact you immediately if I want to make
a booking, (just as I have done below) and copy back all communication strings, or as an alternative,
erase me from your address book and obviate the need for another letter like this.
     I am civil and professional, and do not raise my voice or use foul language to publicity people. I
also put 4 - 7 hours of prep into every hour of radio I produce. You are welcome to listen to some of
my interviews at , and see the professional quality of the interviews
I do. I demand the same in return of any agency that wishes to book guests onto my show. This is not
about fulfilling my ego or paying lip service to my backside. It is about producing an entertaining and
informative program that holds an audience through the breaks. Clear, concise communications
facilitates that process - how 'bout engaging in some?
      I also provide a great service to other hosts by publishing the acts of unprofessional publicity
agencies on the web. I certainly hope you will stay out of that catagory.
Charles Heller
AM 690 KVOI Tucson
AM 930 KAPR Douglas
520 870 XXXX
[Hint: The above is a professional tag. It tells you who I am, where I broadcast, and how to reach me.
This is what I expect on communications from you if you want to do business. Also nee note about
same, below.]

Bookings with Liberty Watch / America Armed & Free:

Dear Publicist, Author, and Potential Guests -

     I welcome the most innovative, creative, and freedom minded guests to Liberty Watch and America
Armed & Free. The show airs from noon to two PM Mountain Standard time on AM 690, KVOI, Tucson,
and AM 930 KAPR Douglas, and 6 - 8 PM MST AM 1100 KFNX Phoenix. There is no ideological litmus
test to get on my shows, but there is an intellectual honesty bar. If your guest cannot answer a question
honestly, don't offer them to me! Here are my requirements for booking:

1) Dates offered are not confirmed until I reply to your response to an offered date. They are out on a
"first come, first  served" basis. I do this to keep the show booked 6 - 8 weeks out, which it usually is.
That means if you want to pitch a guest to me, we had usually better be talking that far in advance. I
will listen to a reasoned pitch on shorter notice, but I rarely move a scheduled interview. I do my booking
via e-mail, so save the phone call and send it electronically. I am glad to hear from you if you call, but I
rarely have the booking calendar in front of me unless in the office at the computer.

2) If the guest has a book, I need 2 copies at least 7 days before the interview, to:
xxxxx E. Xxxxxx Dr.
Tucson, Az. 85730

     This is because I read them cover to cover  before air, and the producer looks it over as well, too. This
leads to very probative and dispostive interviews. I prefer the bio in the same time frame. If the author has
a bio that is more than a job resume, I will accept that, or a url where I can get it. If not, I need one that
tells me who the person is, not just what they have done. Something with a hobby or interest that colors
them in to the audience a little. What is their favorite carry pistol or flavor of milkshake? I do not want their
whole CV - that is useless when trying to read something on the air. I want a sketch bio that tells me in
a nutshell who they are. Skip the high school stuff unless they won the olympics that year.

3) In most cases, the guest calls the show. This is especially true if an author is promoting a book. The
VIP line number for this is 520 790 2836. I offer you the oxygen of publicity  and a growing audience that
thinks and buys books. If that is not worth the price of the phone call then my filtration system is working
perfectly. There are some rare exceptions.

4) The guest must show up on the phone on time. If not, the rocket leaves the pad without them. I have back
up shows  prepared and that is what will air in place of  your guest. Absent some emergency on their part,
they will not be invited back if late, and if that occurs on a repeat basis I will no longer book with your agency.
Just ask CRC Publicity in Virginia if I mean that. The guest must stay on with me for the agreed time period,
or the rule above applies.

5)  I must have, concomitant with the book and bio, a number at which to reach the guest off the air. As mine
is a Sunday show, that means either a cell or a home line. I usually call them a few days out to confirm, and
then 1 - 3 hours ahead to remind them. I greatly prefer an e-mail address as well if they have it, as from time
to time I may send an article that will be covered in the interview. Although I make it a policy never to tell the
guests in advance what the questions will be, I  frequently give them a heads up as to topic. 

6) The guest must have some idea of what the show is about when they call. This is best facilitated by having
them look at  the guest page of this site, . If they take 5 minutes to look at
that, and maybe if they are diligent, to go to , and tune in to 5 minutes of
any of the shows, they will know exactly what to expect, and how to get the most publicity from the interview.

7) The guest agrees, as a condition of booking, to an intellectually honest answer of the question asked. They
are then free, after their answer, to challenge the premise of the question or give other information. Guests and
the host are held to the same factual standard of evidence for any claims made or facts given. Guests are
expected to be able to quote a source for any fact stated.

IMPORTANT: If for some emergency there is a late or last minute cancellation, you cannot reach
me at the radio station. I DO NOT WORK THERE OR GO THERE, except to do the show. You must call
the mobile number below in that circumstnace. DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE AT THE STATION, AS I

          The first hour is called Liberty Watch, and is dedicated to the notion that government forever remain the
servant, not the master. The second hour is called America Armed & Free and is the only firearms related 
show in Southern Arizona. Half of the topics are on the right to keep and bear arms and the other half about
some technical aspect of something that shoots or cuts. It could be about military topics, submarines, or
spacecraft, but something that has a muzzle, nozzle, or a blade.

          I make it a point to say the book title or company name at least twice a segment, and encourage
the giving of web sites during the interview. Callers are welcomed, but not over encouraged. The main
conversation will be between myself as host and the guest. This is not for ego reasons but because I have
done the due diligence of much show prep and reading. 6- 7 hours of prep goes into every hour of air. You
will not find a more prepared host on the radio.

            The caller and guests pots are separate, allowing me to pot down callers who don't know when to
quit without affecting the guest. This leads to a probative show with a sense of decorum and respect, without
getting stodgy. I try to keep it light and utter a wisecrack once a segment to keep it lively.

          Guests are rarely interrupted on the show, except by the clock. They get to finish their sentences.
Only if they are morbidly verbose will they be edited. They have to understand though, that is is a dialog,
not a diatribe. There will be give and take. If they attempt to gloss over a point on their way to making
another point, they will be asked to justify the underlying premise of their statement. This is not
interruption, but clarification. We do not seek to bolster feelings on Liberty Watch; rather we value
both reason, and clarity. Let me be clear: we don't care about your feelings, but we do value your

           I do not blind side or ambush anybody, but I sure do run them to ground if they are not intellectually
honest with me. If they want to make a point or disagree after they answer my questions, fine by me - it
makes for good radio if they disagree, and I am correctable if I make a mistake. It is called Liberty Watch 
and not the Charles Heller show for a reason - Liberty is the star, not me, but duck my questions and your
fealty for ducking will become the topic. 

          Most interviews will be a half hour, unless the guest has a book. Then we can extend it to 45 minutes 
or an hour. I post some picture (either of the book, the guest, or both) on the guests pages of my site. The
show is also streamed live on the web at the link below, so you can give that info to the guest so as to
encourage their fans to tune in and call. The regular listener call in line for that is 520 790 2040. Please
do not have the guest use that line to call in, except as an emergency back up, or in the rare case we
have 2 guests at the same time, and the second calls the regular call in line.  The VIP line is listed above.

          If the guest does have a last minute emergency, my cell number is 520 870 2700. I am on the air
starting at 10 AM MST with the previous show, Swap Shop. By the way, speaking of times, we do not
change our clocks in Arizona for daylight savings. That means that twice a year, our time relationship
to most of the country changes. Few people know the right time in Arizona, another reason for the
confirmation call.

          I strongly encourage each of you in the publicity industry to listen to 5 minutes of the show. You
will understand exactly how I operate if you do, and it will make for a better informed guest you send me.
Discs of the interview are available by request if you do so in advance and provide me with a snail mail
address. The interview will also be posted on the internet, at: , for a
couple weeks after the interview. If you have any suggestions on how to improve any my show, publicity
communications, or guest interviews, as Ross Perrot said, "I'm all ears."

          The show syndicated nationally in 2005. If you have done the due dilligence of reading this,
congratulations on being what we call H.U.E.O. - "heads up and eyes open."

VIP  Line:       520 790 xxxx
Listener Line:  520 790 2040
Host Direct:    520 870 xxxx m
Voice Mail      520 419 2500

Topic Areas Covered By Show:

Freedom                           Firearms
Free Speech                     Right To Keep And Bear Arms
Technology                       Historical Events in War
Intelligence                       Military Service
Constitution, Law              Naval History
Bill Of Rights                    Courage, Duty, Honor
Government Abuse           Atomic Power 
History                            Space & Flight
Economics                      Topics Tied To All Above
The Future

              _____________________________-Reply Seperator____________________
Lynne -
     Two more things:
    1) Did you give Mr. Payne the web page of my show to read, ,
       and tell him that his appearance on the show is conditional on his reading it?
    2) Where are his articles or web page so I can know what to ask him for a whole hour?
     I think that coming up with a form like you did below is a very good idea, and makes things
        more organized and less chaotic.
-----Original Message-----
From: Charles Heller []
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 10:25 AM
To: Lynne Xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Michael Payne

Lynne -
     Don't know why you are getting bounce notices. Maybe it's time to switch to decaf.
     I corrected your sheet below. As per the bookings page of my site which I have e-mailed you
previously, we are on MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME, so 1 PM my time is 4 PM Eastern Time. This
confirms my theory that few people outside Arizona know what time it is here, especially in the
summer. (We do not change our clocks.) Please make sure that gets passed along. If he calls
an hour early, all he will get is a busy signal, which may very well convince him to give up. That
would be his and your loss.
     Also, the program is syndicated, and heard in Tucson, Douglas, and Phoenix, the 5th market
in the U.S. I put that in your sheet too. Maybe that helps you in your clients eyes. I also removed
my e-dress from his side of the form and placed in on my side of the form. The call in number has
changed as well, as we are having line construction done on the VIP #.
     Without telling you how to do publicity, it seems that if you took some more time to check things
over before you did them, you could have less errors. I sure make pleny of errors, but I usually find it
happens most when I work late and get in a hurry. If I thought you did not care or were not sharp
enough to get it, I wouldn't bother to comment. I do so because you really seem to want to do a
good job, but missed the mark a couple times. You had the common sense to call when there
was a problem (bounce messages), so good on you for thinking. I are not perfekt eether. Will let
U no if thart improovz.

I am resending this confirmation. I received a delivery failure notice.

Lynne M. Xxxxxxxxx

Administrative Assistant

Special Guests


From: Lynne XXXXXXXX[mailto:lynne@specialXXXXXX.XXX]
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 7:25 AM
To: ''; ''
Subject: Interview Confirmation for Michael Payne

Naperville, IL 60564
Telephone: 630-848-XXXX
Fax: 630-548-XXXX

Calendar Coordinator: Lynne XXXXXXXX 630-848-XXXX

Client Relations: Jerry XXXXXXXXXX
Hours of Operation: 7:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M. Central Time
Emergency after hours cell phone: 630-362-XXXX

Interview Confirmation for:

Michael Payne

Interview Information:

Guest Name:

Michael Payne


US Troops suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Interview Start (Station time):

May 28, 2006 1:00 PM Mountain Time

Interview End (Station time):

May 28, 2006 2:00 PM Mountain Time

Interview Start (Guest time):

May 28, 2006 4:00 PM Eastern Time

Interview End (Guest time):

May 28, 2006 5:00 PM Eastern Time

Program Name:

America Armed & Free 

Station or Network:

Liberty Watch Radio

Broadcast City:

Tucson, Phoenix, Douglas

Broadcast State:


Broadcast Country:


Radio station Web site:

Guest to call host at studio number of:

520 790 2040

Host to call guest at:


Other phones:

Michael's contact: 540-723-XXXX or cell: 703-819-XXXX

Radio station main switchboard phone:


Producer name:

Charles Heller

Producer phone:





Special instruction:


Reminders given:

5-3-06: Lynne rec'd email request from Charles Heller. Confirmations resent 5-23-06 to Michael Payne & Charles Heller

Interview status


Verification details:


If no, rescheduling instructions:


Host's opinion of guest interview:


Guest's opinion of host's handling of interview:


Special guest booker:


SG code:


    ___________________reply seperator ______________________________

Lynne -
    The fact that when you perceived a problem (bottom of this string) you moved to fix it, even at the cost
of some criticism, shows me you do care to do a job well. I stumbled pretty embarrasingly a few times
in the begining as a producer before a publicist helped me out. I am willing to work with people who
listen. You seem to.
     If I created an incorrect impression on the phone today, I take responsibility for poor communication.
What I said was that the bio was sufficient. What I'd like is a url for some articles he has written, or a
position paper, or something on which to base the questions I am going to ask him on air. Do you know
how long an hour can be on talk radio when you are "fishing" for questions with a guest? I don't do what
lawyers call "discovery" on the "witness stand."
     I do not do "whatever" radio. I do not do "off the cuff." I research a person's point of view, and the
background of why they got that point of view. I then ask questions that get them to reveal themselves,
in a way that is designed to make people hold through a 4 minute break. This formula has earned me
the highest ratings of any talk show in my time slot. My number are 50% better than the local Clear
Channel Station, and we are the little independent!  I already cover the state, and plan to cover the
whole country with the show.

     Please help me out here - give me something more than a publicity pitch on which to base questions.
By the time you get this and answer it it will be Wednesday. By this time in the week I am usually 200
pages into a guest's book. What I have here is a one sheeter from you. Please make my job easy, rather
than to have to "extract" material from you. Why not send a host more than he needs rather than less?
Why should I have to ask? Look at the "guests" page of my site. .
Look how much info I publish on each guest. What you see is a small corner of what I have on each
person. So far, I don't even have a personal website on Payne, just one on PTSD. Is there any evidence
of substance to the man? I have looked at and all there is there ia
an impassioned pitch not to sell a local station to NPR. That ain't to promisin,' missy...
      I take my profession seriously. An interview is not just a "conversation," but a performance. It is
"infotainment." If I do not make a subject interesting, people will vote with their radio pushbuttons against
my economic interest. That translates into much preparation for a show, usually from 1 to 7 hours per
hour on the air. So far I have about enough material from you for 15 minutes. If I run out of material with
a guest I end the interview, rather than let it drag and start to hear those fingers reaching for the push
buttons..... As a professional host, I always have three shows ready to go in my on air case. Please
don't give me cause to reach for them. The audience won't know the difference if I end one early, but
I will. We are veering back towards that "hall of shme" page of mine....
     Look, I'm not doing this to hold something over you. I don't get off by controlling people. In 20 years
of marriage, I have never so much as told my wife what to do. I'm just telling you I want a show that
makes people bang on their dash boards and say "wow!" Please either give me what I need for a "bang,
wow," show, or tell me now and I'll book something else. Your move.
Always on the lookout for more show material

Charles Heller
520 870 xxxx m

P.S. Thank you for adding a tag on your e-mail so your addres and site are at least at the bottom of
this string. CH

        __________________________Reply Seperator_____________________


I sent the link for your web page to Michael with a request to review the site prior to your

During our conversation this morning you said what I had provided you on Michael would be
ok. I haven't received a response from Michael as of this evening. I submitted a request to him
this morning for additional background information.

I'm glad you feel the grid with interview details is helpful.  


     ______________________reply seperator _______________________________

Lynne -                                                                                                                         5 30 06
The interview of Michael Payne is located at , and will be there for
about two weeks. Would have been much better if you had sent the materials requested for background
a lot earlier. As it was I shortened the interview by 15 minutes, as we just ran out of subject matter. I'll
be generous and give you a "D" on that one.
Charles Heller
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