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Advertising is nothing more than reminding people that your company exists and why they should buy your product or service, or use it again.

Effective advertising means getting people's attention, and causing them to remember your message. That can be done with jingles, good copy, and sound effects. 

 Do you remember the Coke commercial from the early 70's, featuring, "I'd Like To Teach The World to Sing?" It's been over 50 years since that spot ran, and I bet most of you reading this remember it! Here's a clip of it:

I produce ads that people remember. Samples below in the highlited links.

I can put your ad on any station in the U.S., and not charge you a dime more than the station itself would have.There are no  production fees, if you buy airtime from me. Only talent fees come into play when we hire outside voices to do spots, which vary with the artist.

Schedule a consult and I will gladly tailor a program to fit your needs. I work with company owners, and write the copy right at your business. 24 hour turn around on most production work, and a mobile studio's available to record at your place of business.

Click any highlighted link for a 30 - 60 second sample.

Charles Heller

520 870 2700

This is one I did for Frontier guns. Enjoy!

Radio Sample 2

This is one I did for Thunderhead Peacemakers and Longarms. Interesting use of clips and sound effects.


Radio Sample 3
Here's one for Crescent Tobacco Shop and Newsstand. People recall them years after they were run.
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