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First half Liberty Justice Center Attorney Dean McGee on the case of Christian McGhee (no relation,) a North Carolina high school sophmore who was suspended for 3 days for using the phrase "illegal alien" in class, suing to get the suspension for "racism" off his record. Second half with Liberty Justice Center President Jacob Huebert on their lawsuit against government for forcing the sale of Tiktok. We sparred a bit on that one. Very good radio. 47.43. 

Fascinating discussion with Randy Sutton of "The Wounded Blue," a non-profit dedicated to serving law enforcement officers hurt or
hurting from the line of duty. Dedicated to police integrity. Towards the end we disagree about accountability. He will beback to finish
that discussion. 47.12.

Paul Driessen on  'Eco Imperialism Greem Power, Blcack Death ' VERY good. 63.06.mp3 

Judge Phil Ginn of  Southern Evangelical Seminary, on supporting Israel, and why a biblical Christian World View is important to America. Inspiring, fun hour, with several members of the audience in studio asking questions as well  53.34

The Great John Harmon McElroy on an Article 5 Convention, Part 1. 46.55.

CH on a very well done piece of model legislation called the "Freedom From Indoctrination" Act, which bars states from requiring diversity, equity, and inclusion requirements or training to get a degree or job certification. 48.44, some good calls at end.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee
For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of
books and articles on energy, environment, climate and human
rights issues.
We discuss the impact of China's monopoly
on the purest strains of graphite as it relates to building EV
batteries. 62.18

Attorney Reilly Stevens of  Liberty Justice Center with an update on about No on E vs. David Chiu, a San Francisco Case where the county is trying to force non-profits to reveal their donor list to the third generation on ballot issues. 44.37.

CH on Digital Enslavement, Journalist Protection, NY Reaction to Trump Prosecution 47.04

Jacob Hubert of Liberty Justice Center on amocus brief in recentSupreme Court victory on free speech, 2nd half CH on stated purpose of government and peacable activism. 50.34

First half Craig Rucker, co-founder and president of CFACT, on green energy vs. wales off shore of East Coast of U.S.Informative and funny. Second Half, Bonner Cohen returns on federal government control of all local building industry in the U.S. 46.41.

First half Emily Rae. litigator from Liberty Justice Center on the progress of parental control of the education process in California (good news,) second half Joel Noble on government use of "correcting misinformation" as a control mechanism. 47.43.

CFH from an article on presidential immunity with commentary. 44.28, very timely.

Tiffany Meier on Chinese control of Hollywood, Ursula Conway of Children's Defense Network on movie "Annecdotals," about untild stories of vaccine injury. 

DawnMarie Boursiquot of Project 21, and  Non-Victimhood, wht Blacks in America are NOT victims, and teaching Black History..47.40

David T. Beito on his fascinating book, "The New Deal’s War on the Bill of Rights The Untold Story of FDR’s Concentration Camps, Censorship, and Mass Surveillance   67.49. Available from:

Entrepeneur and former Wake Up Tucson Co-Host Joe Higgins, on his work in Charter Schools and home school curriculum. Excellent interview. 48.31.

First Half Dean McGee Charter Schools OK Lawsuit, 2nd half, Bonner Cohn, ESA attack in Az. 45.40

David Ragsdale is the CEO of RePlatform and Director of Operations at Defeat the Mandates, on "Preventing Cancellation: In today's digital and corporate landscape. 47.04.

Tim Ward returns about his book "Pro Truth," and continues to defend his concepts about defending truth. It is an intense disagreement with a defense in depth. Good radio.48 min.

An Arizona Daily Star Reporter fabricated a quote from me in an
11 18 20  interview. The recording of the interview with
the reporter is archived at
(Watch the line Wrap) 47 min on the experience. The reporter shreds her own credibility.

Interview of Charles Heller by Carol Ann Alaimo on 11 18 20 on the topic of suicide and guns. 

Randy Sutton returns to finish the discussion on criminal liability in negligent deaths caused by law enforcement. Very civil discussion on the topic with good calls. 51.53. 

Bill Palmer, whose dad served in the Navy on Rocket Boats, and participated
in several landings of troops in WWII. Update on his book, "We Called Ourselves Rocket
boatmen:The Untold Stories of the Top-Secret LSC(S) Rocket Boat Missions of World War II..."
availabie from
 Good half hour. 2nd Half, discussion with audienc
e about police accountability in use of deadly force in cases of negligence. 51.47

Eb Wilkinson with an update from the NRA Anual Meeting,
and an inspiring version of taps. 44.10.

Listeners Bunker, Chris, and Mark in studio on movie guns, training, and more. 39.02.

Pima County is at it again, passing Ordinance 2024-02, in violation of state  preemptionon firearms, and AzCDL is suing them. I detail the complaint.  52.15

Dr. McElroy on Article 5 Convention Part 2. 55.20.

Teacher Andrew Desautels, on the USS Arizona Survivors lives. We just lost the last one 2 weeks ago. 52.38, really good.

CH on the so-called "gun show loop hole" lie. 32.28.

First half CH on upcoming EV mandates. Second half, Tim Lee, Senior Vice President of Legal and Public Affairs at the Center for Individual Freedom, an Alexandria, Virginia-based nonprofit organization, on the current administration's return to net neutrality. 49.14.

CH on Gun Control Resource Center, Baltimore Bridge Collapse 52.45

Discussion of the intersection of AI and right to keep and bear arms from an article by John Lott, and a discussion of the possible excessive use of force in an Arkansas ATF reaid tht left a man dead. 48.55. Vintage Charles.

CH on Pina County Malfeasance.Pima County has written a gun ordinance in violation of ARS 13-3108 Part 4. I explain why and give the background. 47.07

CH on government snooping on U.S. Citizens exercise of the 2A, and an update on AzCDL's action against Pima County on an illegal gun ordinance. 48.26.

The great Rob Morse on the future of the RKBA. 49.17 pretty entertaining. 

Pointing out the deeply anti-freedom "The Trace" and their take on gun laws. Good info. 51.47.

Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA, celebrating 120 years of scouting, and forming a Godly scouting organization after the original one fell away from its putpose. Last segment CH on learning and preparedness. 49.57.

CH on activism. 25.44.

1at half Shaka Mitchell on Charter schools, 2nd half Austin Vanderhvn of Goldwater Institute on Gilbert Free Speech Case 51.41

Jacob Huebert about  RKBA  Lawsuits in Nebraska Su, Eric Buer on Aviation Saftey Vis alaska Airlines 43.57

Sam Rosenberg on his wonderful book, "Live Ready." available here: 51 Min.

First half Dean Weingarten on a rewiew of our victories in 2023. Second half Larry Bell on his article from Newsmax on why our defense posture in The Red Sea, shows our weakness now. 49.19

Rebecca Edwards, reporter with on defeating porch piracy. 51.o6.

An essay I put together on how to build a bug out bag, with some good calls. 51.41.

First half, Scott Shepard of The Center For Policy Studies about the evils of investing for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Second half, CH with updates on court cases on RKBA. 50.49.

Retired CW4 Michael Carmichael about Check A Vet, a new org dedicated ro reducing veteran suicide. 50.40.

Dominic of Max Lvl EDC returns about multitools and flashlights for Christmas. 50.32

First half Jimm Robbins on a new article about Hamas, second half Beth Brelje, on an election integrity lawsuit in Minnesota. 51.13.

Short one today, on how to practice with a gun at home. 30.09.

CH update on news of the Right To Keep And Bear Arms from Gun Rights Policy Conference. 48.36 min. 

Some great music with a little bit of background on some of the songs. The last one is "The Guardian," lyrics by Charles Heller.

CH on 2A Myths. Passionate hour. 50.00

Twice in the last two weeks I have been interviewed by the same media outlet, with VERY different results... Learn through the experiences of others before you do so at your own expense... 24.5 minutes.

6 9 24 Liberty Watch - First half Liberty Justice Center Attorney Dean McGee on the case of Christian McGhee
(no relation,) a North Carolina high school sophmore who was suspended for 3 days for using the phrase "illegal
alien" in class, suing to get the suspension for "racism" off his record. Second half with Liberty Justice Center
President Jacob Huebert on their lawsuit against government for forcing the sale of Tiktok. We sparred a bit
on that one. Very good radio. 47.43. 

6 9 24 America Armed & Free - Randy Sutton returns to finish the discussion on criminal liability in
negligent deaths caused by law enforcement. Very civil discussion on the topic with good calls. 51.53. 

6 2 24 Fascinating discussion with Randy Sutton of "The Wounded Blue," a non-profit dedicated to serving law
enforcement officers hurt or hurting from the line of duty. Dedicated to police integrity. Towards the end we
disagree about accountability. He will beback to finish that discussion. 47.12.

6 2 24 America Armed & Free - Bill Palmer, whose dad served in the Navy on Rocket Boats, and participated
in several landings of troops in WWII. Update on his book, "We Called Ourselves Rocket
boatmen:The Untold Stories of the Top-Secret LSC(S) Rocket Boat Missions of World War II..."
availabie from
 Good half hour. 2nd Half, discussion with audienc
e about police accountability in use of deadly force in cases of negligence. 51.47

2 11 24 Liberty Watch - DawnMarie Boursiquot of Project 21, and  Non-Victimhood, wht Blacks in America are NOT victims, and teaching Black History..47.40

12 31 23 Liberty Watch - Kara Rollins of The New Ciivil Liberties Alliance, http://www/ , on the Cargill Case now before the Supreme Court, on bump stocks It's more a case on Chevron Defference vs. The Rule of Lenity, than guns. 46.06. Good, and a bit funny. 

12 31 23 America Armed & Free - First half Dean Weingarten on a rewiew of our victories in 2023. Second half Larry Bell on his article from Newsmax on why our defense posture in The Red Sea, shows our weakness now. 49.19

12 24 23 Liberty Watch - CH on Co. Supreme Ct. Decis on Trump off ballot, based on legal opinion of Jeffrey Tucker. 45.37.

12 24 23 America Armed & Free - Rebecca Edwards, reporter with on defeating porch piracy. 51.o6.

12 17 23 Liberty Watch - First half Goldwater Institute's John Thorpe Yuma Hospital District Tax Abuse and lawsuit on same, second half Peggy Little of New Civil Libertis Aliance about lawsuit on  Daily Wire Vs. State Dept 46.57 Last half funny and VERY on point about government abuse.

12 17 America Armed & Free - Brian Newbrey of Ajo Bikes joins in for part of an interesting and different  show on how to build a "bug out" bike. 45.41.

12 3 23 Liberty Watch - The American Enterprise Institute has a new report out called "10,000 Commandments," about the cost of the regulatory state, portions of which I present with commentary. 47.10.

12 3 23 America Armed & Free - An essay I put together on how to build a bug out bag, with some good calls. 51.41.

11 26 23 Liberty Watch - John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute wrote a very provocative essay, "What If The Constitution Didn't Apply?" It speaks to citizen activism and public civics education. Wth commentary, 46.33.

11 26 23 America Armed & Free - Dean Weingarten returns, on an article in Ammoland on Gov Newsome's twisting of statistics to make a point, and more on the use of handguns in defense against bears. Factual and funny. 51.39.

11 19 23 Liberty Watch - First half with Amber Todoroff of, on why major universities are getting billions in subsidy from Uncle Same while they get tremendous tax breaks on their endowments. Second Half with Shery Few of US Parents Involved In Education, on the propaganda being taucht to Arizona Students about Hamas.46.17

11 19 23 America Armed & Free - First half, Scott Shepard of The Center For Policy Studies about the evils of investing for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Second half, CH with updates on court cases on RKBA. 50.49.

9 17 23 America Armed & Free Dean Bell owns Gerson's Used Building Materials, and is a master at repurposing things for survival. 51.0

9 17 23 Liberty Watch - On this Constitution Day, 2023, Ithought that we could benefit from a reading of it with explanition. 50.63

9 3 23 Liberty Watch - First half Tobias Elvhage from Sweeden on his documentary on transgenderism. Stunning. Second Half with Casey Newman of NCLA on civil lrights litigation related to Big Nrother telling Big Tech who to squelch. 49.14.

9 10 23 Liberty Watch - Review and discussion of Larry Bell's excellent, "Reinventing Ourselves." 48.15.

9 10 23 America Armed & Free - The City of Flagstaff has decided that a gun range just north of town can no longer advertise on screens in the airport terminal because it "depicts violence." Have they ever heard of the First Amendment? Shop owner and Navy Veteran Rob Wilson joins in on that and much more. 52.55.

8 13 23 Liberty Watch - First half Buck Dougherty of Liberty Justice Center about an appeal to the 9th Circuit on a case for violation of the 1A on the Federal Government telling Twitter and Facebook to censor their client. Second half Kathleen Marquardt of American Policy Center on an article she wrote on combatting Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum. 49.08

8 13 23 America Armed & Free  - The great Mike Glover, Green Beret Veteran and former CIA Contractor now of on survival in a Maui fire type situation. 49.08

8 6 23 Liberty Watch - Jeffery J. Clayton of The American Bail Association, on preserving the right to bail in the U.S. VERY informative. 48.29.

8 6 23 America Armed & Free - The great Rob Morse of Slow Facts Blog and the Gun Defense Stories Podcast, on school security. 52.08, some humor, and moves well. 

7 30 23 Liberty Watch -  First half with Tonya VanBeber od Save The Grid,org about hardening the electric grid, and second half with Theresa Sidebotham of Telios Law about fighting AI generated  Child Porn. 

7 30 23 America Armed & Free - Commander Claude Berube, USN (Ret.) on his third in the Connor Stark Series of novels called "The Philippine Pact. VERY good 51.31 Book available from

7 23 23 Liberty Watch - Dr. Peter Norquest on Sustainable Development. VERY clear explanation of UN Agenda 2030, NOT a "conspiracy theory," but an explanation of what they themselves profess on their website. 47.26.

7 2 23 Liberty Watch - First half Mark Spencer of Judicial Watch, a retired Phoenix Police Officer  andformer hear of their police union, on the recent Supreme Court decision to end affirmative action in college admissions. Second Half, Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, on how to keep state government in line with founding principles.  Informative radio. 48.28.

7 2 23 America Armed & Free - Bunker DeFrance, retired Hollywood stuntman, on greatest American war movies. Some good movie themed bumper music. 51.31.

6 18 23 Liberty Watch - First half Alex McFarland on transgenderism and its anti-biblical roots, second half Alex Burrell Mark Burrell is an expert on the ultimate Fathers…the Founding Fathers of the United States of America! His book Rediscovering The American Covenant provides fresh light on the principles that informed the actions of our Founding Fathers in 1776 while establishing our national American Covenant-The Declaration of Independence. What lessons do our Founding Fathers like Washington and Jefferson have to give to Fathers today, and what might surprise us about them? 48.19, excellent radio. 

6 18 23 America Armed & Free - Robyn Sandoval of "A Girl And A Gun," on worem's firearm training from a woman's perspective. More than gun training, they teach defensive use of vehicles and escape methods. Thought provoking. 52.20

6 11 23 Liberty Watch - Chris Ventura of the Consumer Energy Alliance, on an independent, CEA-authored report, titled “Freedom to Fuel: Embracing Consumer Choice in the Automotive Marketplace,” examines key constraints that must be addressed before widespread EV adoption can successfully occur, such as critical mineral scarcity, inadequate EV charging networks, risky transmission and electric generation deficits and consumer acceptance. 48.12.

6 11 23 America Armed & Free - Retired Marine  Cobra Gunship Pilot Col Eric Buer on his new book, "The Ghosts of Baghdad," available from Fantastic description of a 27 year aviation career. 52 Min.

6 4 23  Liberty Watch - Part 1 of 2 with the national treasure John H. McElroy on his new publishing company, Gallopin Giraffe Press and his latest book, "Benjamin Franklin And The Innocent Duakist." FASCInatING whole 2 hours with him on his historical fiction, available from

6 4 23  America Armed & Free - Part 2 of the brilliant Dr. McElroy on his book, "Benjamin Franklin and The Innocent Dualist, great historical fiction, based on very good research, including the ballistics of the Kentucky Long Rifle, available from

5 28 23 Liberty Watch - Ronald Stein is an engineer, senior policy advisor on energy literacy for CFACT, and co-author of the Pulitzer Prize nominated book “Clean Energy Exploitations.” We go over why "clean" energy does NOTHING to MANUFACTUE anything with petroleum based products. 47.21 

5 28 23 America Armed & Free - From designing Mars exploration systems to being part of the original Space X with Elon Musk, to working with The Russians, The French, and secret work for government, Jim Cantrell has a VERY interesting boom, "Breaking All The Rules," available from: 52.13. Very good radio.

5 21 23  Liberty Watch - CH on Durham Report and also on the FISA Court.  Some good calls. 47.39.

5 21 23 America Armed & Free - General Joe Arbuckle on DEI in the military. Second half CH on gun ownership level rise in U.S. over last 2 years. 51.44.

5 14 23 Liberty Watch - Stephen Moore of Heritage on Arizona leading the way on school choice, and second half listeners interviewing CH on 25th anniversary.

5 14 23 America Armed & Free - Rob Morse of Slow Facts Blog returns about gun control failures. 59 min.

5 7 23 Liberty Watch  - First half Ethan Peck on corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and shareholder activism. Second half Kathleen Wells, L.A. talk show host on electric cars and also the ruination of the Black Community via governmental bad policy. 49.49.

4 2 23 Liberty Watch - Josh Jacobson of Tucsonc Cime Free Coalition, on getting the city and county to enforce drug, assault, and littering laws. Sign up for their excellent newsletter, 49.45

4 2 23 America Armed & Free - One of the most inspiring interviews I've ever had with the remarkable Col Eileen Collins, USAF (Ret.) who was the first female pilot of the space shuttle, and its first female command pilot. She is a graduate of the USAF test pilot school at Edwards AFB, and a former Air Force jet instructor and former professor at The Air Force Academy. Her Book is "Through The Glass Ceiling To The Stars, and is VERY good. Get it from:

3 26 23 Liberty Watch - Jenin Younes, an attorney with NCLA, about State of Missouri, et al. v. Joseph R. Biden, Jr., et al. The New Civil Liberties Alliance, a nonpartisan,nonprofit civil rights group, represents renowned epidemiologists Drs. Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff, as well as Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and Ms. Jill Hines, in a lawsuit that has exposed an elaborate, multi-agency federal government censorship regime. Second half CH on property Rights. 42.51

3 26 23 America Armed & Free - CH with commentary on clips played from Congressional hearings into abuse of law by ATF. Stunning audio of Jim Jordan andother Congressmen exposing disingenuous testimony by several witnesses. 53.50. Very informational.

3 19 23 Liberty Watch - Amber Todoroff of, about the SVB Bank failure, and the verry interesting ties between it and the wife of Governor Newsome. 43.59

3 19 23 America Armed & Free - First half withRetired Lt. Col Allen West on the weaponization of Law Enforcement against ordinary citizens who protest at school boards and city councils. Second half with Erich Pratt of GOA on how ATF is using IRS data for warrantless snooping on gun purchases. 51.26

3 12 23 Liberty Watch - Finance and Geography Professor Murray Sabrin, author of 6 books and former candidate for NJ Governor, on his new book. "From Immigrant to Public Intellectual," available from: 49.32. Good Freedom stuff!

3 12 23 America Armed & Free - The wonderful Jim Supica on collecting guns, valuing them, and selling off collections. Some good geeky gun stuff! 50.50.

2 26 23 Liberty Watch - One of the better monologues I've ever done on diversity, equity, and inclusion. 45.05

2 26 23 America Armed & Free - The wonderful Rob Morse returns about the shoot, no shoot decision. 51.57. Excellent radio.

2  19 23 Liberty Watch - Brig Gen (Ret.) Blaine Holt joins for the hour with a very inspiring interview on leadership and addressing threats, vis the Chinese Balloon Affair.46.07 More info on his org at

2 19 23 America Armed & Free - Attorney Michael Stark on a case of self-defense that hasbeen wrongfully charged as murder. 50.55

3 5 23 Liberty Watch Radio - VERY powerful interview about human trafficking with Gina J of Plese listen to this with pen and paper, and take notes about what you can do individually to end this tragedy. 71.16, compressed from a 90 Min. interview. Impactfull.

3 5 23 America Armed & Free - Twice in the last two weeks I have been interviewed by the same media outlet, with VERY different results... Learn through the experiences of others before you do so at your own expense... 24.5 minutes.

1 29 23 Liberty Watch - First Half Wilson Freeman with the Pacific Legal Foundation, on fighting "certificate of need" laws that allow existing industries to structure laws that make it very difficult for new businesses to compete with existing businesses. Second Half with Reilly Stevens of , the Liberty Justice Center, with a case of an ASU student cited for tresspassing on campus for distributing copies of the Constitution. 49 min, 2 good interviews.

1 29 23 America Armed & Free - First half, former state senator Steve Smith, now with , about the governor's initiative to end school choice. Second half CH on self-defense laws and people's knowledge of them. A couple of suggestions on good books on topic. 50.22.

1 23 23 Liberty Watch - John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer business owner to whom Hunter Biden dropped off his laptop for data recovery, tells the story of how the FBI dropped the ball and how many false narratives started about him in his book, American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth. Available from:   49.22.

1 22 23 America Armed & Free - First half, former state senator Steve Smith, now with , about the governor's initiative to end school choice. Second half CH on self-defense laws and people's knowledge of them. A couple of suggestions on good books on topic. 50.22.

1 15 23 Liberty Watch - Dr.  Bommer Cohen explains why the California rains are a naturally occurring phenomenon, and how it is being used to push "panic porn" of climate change. Second half with film maker Jeff Hayes on his movie "The Real Anthony Fauci." Very good radio. 48.53 The film's Rumble link can be found via the web site

1 15 23 America Armed & Free - Today I talk about the Houston restaurant DGU, answer questions, and explain the new ATF Pistol Brace Rule. 49.19.

1 8 23 Liberty Watch - Former U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland on his excellent book, "The Envoy." Available from:

1 1 23 Liberty Watch - Today I cover "the fight for the future" of our rights. An original piece by yours truly.47.25.

1 1 23 America Armed & Free - Rob Morese of Slow Facts Blog and Self-Defense Podcast returns with a discussion of what to look forward to in 2023. Good chat.50.24.

12 11 22 Liberty Watch - Ralph Batrer is an engineer with a book called "Eternal Vigilance," about the free extended order of human cooperation. Good conversation.

12 11 22 America Armed & Free - CH on self-defense is a personal responsibility 49.04

12 4 22 Liberty Watch - The Great Tom Deweese Returns about "winning back the Republic in the face of no red wave." 49.24

12 4 22 America Armed & Free - A replay of an earlier interview with Dominic of Max Lvl EDC about multi-tools and knife steels. Very informitave 45.18.

11 27 22 Liberty Watch - The wonderful Tamara Colbert returns about media distortion in promoting causes. 48.41

12 27 22 America Armed & Free - CH on "if you think guns are the problem, then YOU are the problem." 50.44

11 20 22 Liberty Watch - CH on government interferrence with social media content. 46.21

11 20 22 America Armed & Free - Brian Andrews about his new book in the Andrews and Wilson Series "Dark Intercept." Very good  48.37

11 13 22 Liberty Watch - First half Ron Arenas of Picture Rocks Cooling, on upcoming changes in Dept of Energy regs that will drive up heating andA/C unit prices 30%. Second half, CH on the problems of world supply on raw materials for EV's. 50.51

11 13 22 America Armed & Free - Jon Hauptman PHLSTR, on how to fit, make comfortable, and conceal a firearm. Wonderful information on how to make a holster work. 51.57

11 6 22 America Armed & Free - Epoch Times's Nan Su, prolific reporter for almost 20 years, on the current posture of Communist China vis a vis US weakness. Wery good 51 min.

11 6 33 America Armed & Free - The EXTREMELY knowledgable and informative Dominic of You Tube's Max Lvl EDC on Flashlights. Thouroughly informative 50.08.

10 30 22 Liberty Watch - NCLA's VP of litigation John Veccione returns about Musk and Twitter 47.45

10 30 22 America Armed & Free - Mike Glover, 18 year Special Forces Veteran and founder of, talks about raising 7 million for Folds of Honor, and about his company products and training. Last quarter about a DGU I had and what I learned from it. 50.24.

10 23 22 Liberty Watch - First half with Ethan Peck of The Free Enterprize Project, on several states which have divested themselves of investments managed by Blackrock, which specialize in investing in "ESG Compliant" companies. Secon half, some REALLY bad aspects of Az Prop 211.47 min.

10 23 22 America Armed & Free - Fantastic 50.42 with retired 2 star Admiral Kyle Kozad on his book, "Relentless Positivity," about his 35 year career in the Navy, ending up running the Navy's largest command from his wheelchair. Inspiring.

10 16 22 Liberty Watch - The great Jeff Utsch, Constitutional Counselor joins in about the 2022 Arizona Ballot Props. Good radio .55 min.

10 16 22 America Armed & Free - CH on the story of a defensive use of force in which the victim was prosecuted as if he were the perpetrator. 51.10.

10 9 22 Liberty Watch - Ursula Conway, president of the Arizona Chapter of Children’s Heath Defense, on the facts surrounding vaccine policy in the United States and the unreported and misreported levels of vaccine injury. .Very good 48.18.

10 9 22 - America Armed & Free - 10 9 22 America Armed & Free - Carl Szabo, Vice President & General Counsel of NetChoice, an organization that works on discuss government overreach under this administration when it comes to controlling speech online.2nd half, CH on CDC Data Shows Constitutional Carry States Have Fewer Total and Gun-Related Homicides.52 min.

10 2 22 Luiberty Watch - Ward Connerly, California equality rights activist and outspoken opponent of affirmative action, on the difference between equality and equity. Very good 48 min.

10 9 22 America Armed & Free - Wonderful 52.50 with John Campbell, political refugee for the right to keep and bear arms from Ireland, on his journey to th U.S. from Ireland through Canada to Tucson.  A fun and thoughtful listen.

9 25 22 Liberty Watch - Fascinating hour with senior attorney John Veccione of NCLA (New Civil Liberties Alliance) vs. the Admin State 50.20

9 25 22 America Armed & Free - Dean Weingarten returns about Courts Strike Down No Guns For Indicted, and other recent cases in the news in the wake of the Bruen Decision. Good disagreeing caller 50.35

9 18 22 Liberty Watch - The wonderful Tamara Colbert of Iron Horse on messaging and publicity. Also a very good primer on talk radio. Some good callers. 49.14

9 18 22 America Armed & Free - Don Kilmer, 2A Attorney and freedom fighter for 25 years on Bruen and beyond, the coming battles to restore the Right To Keep Annd Bear Arms. Wonderful 52 minures. 

9 11 22 Liberty Watch - Dr. Mary Grabar on her book "Debunking The 1619 Project." Excellent 49 min based on the work of documented historians, refuting the 1619 project and pointing out its prevarications and mendacities. Good hour! Book available from: 

9 11 22 America Armed & Free - CH on the history of thefounding and the passing of its founding president, Dave Kopp.50.5 min.

9 4 22 Liberty Watch - The great Tom DeWeese of returns about the "Heartland Greenway," an insane idea to "capture carbon" and pipe it through 5 states for underground capture, as if CO@ were a pollutant and not plant food. He BBQ's a lot of sacred cows here, 48.20.

9 4 22 America Armed & Free - Jenin Younes of the public interest law firm New Civil Liberties Alliance on their lawsuit against 11 government agencies on conspiracy to violate the first amendment rights of several doctors and journalists by colluding with social media companies to deplatform them. Fascinating. 50.48

8 28 22 Liberty Watch - Retired Professor Larry Schweirkart, author of more than 15 great history books on hsi latest "Dragonslayers: Six Presidents and Their War with the Swamp," abuut how 6 presidents over their own respective "swamps." Available from:  48.34 min of entertainment and info. 

8 28 22 America Armed & Free - The irrepressible Dominic of Max Lvl EDC on You Tube, returns for an upliftin talk about knife steel, multi-tools, and the human motivation to use them. Excellent 49.38

8 7 22 Liberty Watch - Shari Few with the US Parents Involved In Education Organization on their new Movie. "Truth And Lies In American Education." Very spirited & Passionate hour. 52.17.

7 31 22 Liberty Watch - Pretty fiery 48.57 with Wilma Pisut of Convention of The States, on the necessity of a convention of the states to amend the constitution for a balanced budget, term limits, and tax linitation. Some good callers. 

7 31 22 America Armed & Free - Good  50.37 CH explaining what Pima County is trying to do to violate the rights of  its citizens in violation of Article 2, Section 26 Right To Keep And Berar Arms.  Last 3 segments on HR 1808, Assault Weapons Ban that just passed the House. 

7 24 22 Liberty Watch - Larry Bell with his autobiography, "My Life By Design." He is an archetect who design structures for space, an artist, a scultptor, and much more. Excellent 43 min.

7 24 22 America Armed & Free - Update on effects of recent gun law signed by former Vice-President Biden, and some tips on how NOT to get in trouble while asserting your rights. 48.39.

7 17 22 Liberty Watch - VERY good 47.05 with Mike Benz of the Foundation for Freedom Online to help protect Americans' digital civil liberties, on "who censors social media. Fascinating. 

7 17 22 America Armed & Free - VERY good 49.22 with Bill Forstchen, author of the "One Second After" Series of books, on school safety and preventing shootings in schools, based on 40 years of teaching, a study of military history, and his book on the Beslan Massacre, the worst school shooting in history. 

7 10 22 - Liberty Watch - Wonderful 46.07 segment with Guy Mitchell. a mechanical engineer and thermodynamic specialist, on the mechanics of global warming. about his book, Global Warming: The Great Deception, available from: 

7 10 22 America Armed & Free - Part 2 of interveiw with Guy Mitchell about, Global Warming: The Great Deception, 49.15, available from:

7 3 22 Liberty Watch - First half CH on legislating freedom. Second half, the fantastic Rhonda Ezell of Chicago Guns Matter, an org that helps people in Chicago secure their right to keep and bear arms. We discuss why Chicago doesn't have a range, and her 2 successful suits against them 49.49.

7 3 22 America Armed & Free - Chris Mijic, entrepeneur and American patriotic imigrant from Zagreb on his wonderful work, Very good 49.50!

6 26 22 Liberty Watch - Retired federal prosecutor Hank Kopel about his well documented book, "War on Hate: How to Stop Genocide, Fight Terrorism, and Defend Freedom," available from Excellent 47.06 discussion.

6 26 22 America Armed & Free - A cogent explanation of the recent NYSRPA vs. Bruen Supreme Court Case laying out first the context, then the implications. 49.45.

5 22 22 Liberty Watch - Very good 49 min. with Jonathan Williams, V.P. of ALEC on ESG and how it is being used to install socialism in the workplace.

5 22 22 America Armed & Free - Dr. John Lott, PhD, on misinformation in the media on the use of guns in crime. Did you know it was only 8%?  52.11

5 15 22  Liberty Watch - CH on a Goldwater Institute article about abuse of Justice Dept. investigations of parents who object to school curriculum. Good discussion from caller Pat. 49.29. 

5 15 22 America Armed & Free - Return of the great Prof Larry Bell on his new book with Buzz Aldren, " Beyond Flagpoles & Footsteps." A history of space flight with pictures, and a good discussion of the philosophy of his friend Buzz Aldrin. 52.10

5 8 22 Liberty Watch - CH on how to do activism - what works and what does not. 49.25

5 8 22 - America Armed & Free - Retired Major General (2 Star) and Adjutant General of the Arizona National Guard Mick Maguire, on running the Guard, the 2A, and standing on principle.  Outstanding 52.55.

Tom Amenta and Dan Blakeley, both 75th Ranger Vets of the War on Terrorism, about their book "20 Year War," about the service experiences of 71 veterans, in their own words, available from: Very good radio, 52.06 min., some humor.

4 17 22 Liberty Watch - First quarter LD 11 Senator Vince Leach on ALEC and Az Taxes. Next 3 segments with privacy attorney Mike Benz on tech oligarchs and social media freedom. 49.38, some good wisecracks.

4 10 22 Liberty Watch - Katie McFarland of Moms For Liberty of Michigan on parental control of school curriculum and protecting kidsfrom critical race theory. 48.11.

4 10 22 America Armed & Free = Stu Klearman on his book, "Infringed."  52.58 He is a Navy surface warfare vet and a 21 year retired law encorcement officer with a VERY clear understanding of the 2nd Amendment. Book available from:

4 3 22 Liberty Watch - CH on school transparency, 46.18.

4 3 22 America Armed & Free - Aaron Brudenell returns about ghost guns." 54.50. Excellent radio.

3 27 22 America Armed & Free - Carole Avriet on her book, "Marine Raiders: The True Story of the Legendary WWII." Spellbinding 52.41 on the original special forces of The Marines. Available from: .

3 27 22 Liberty Watch - The irrepressable Donna Jackson of Project 21, on Critical Race Theory from a Black Conservative perspective. Very entertaining and thought provokling. 49.30

3 20 22 America Armed & Free - Major General (Ret.) Clay Hutmacher on Medal of Honor Day Second half, CH with an important DGU case. 51.48.

3 13 22 Liberty Watch - CH on academicc  transparency, and ACRU President Lori Roman Returns about election integrity. 48.10

3 13 22 America Armed & Free - Libertarian Party 2nd V.P. Lauren Snyder about her testimony in front of Senate Judiciary Committee, and very bad behavior by a Senator towards her. 51.56

3 6 22 Liberty Watch - Wonderful hour, first half with Bear Essential News Reporter Lizzie Barret (14) interviewing me on my program. Delightful. Second half Lizzie and I interview Lucretia Free, founder and publisher of the Vail Voice newspaper about her 21 years of success. 49.52

3 6 22 America Armed & Free - Ben Anderson, new owner of Diamondback Shooting Sports on owning a gun store, training, and modern challenges to the RKBA. 51.56

2 27 22 LibertyWatch - CH on the "new Declaration of Independence," from of http://of 48.43, good radio.

2 27 22 America Armed & Free - Retired Army Lt. Col Darin Gaub on the Ukraine situation, Army Blackhawk piloting and command, and 52.33.

2 13 22 Liberty Watch - First half: Cliff May, independent trucker on protest blockade. Second half CH on effect of Gov'mt policy on  institutional trust. 48.57.

2 13 22 America Armed & Free - Tom Young with his 9th book, "Red Burning Sky," historical fiction based on the real life rescue of more than 500 American Airmen downed in Romania in WWII. 52.29, very good radio. Available from:

2 6 22 Liberty Watch - First half CH on race discrimination in college admissions (reverse racism,) second half Tom Amerta, former Army Ranger, on Ukraine. 50.09.

2 6 22 America Armed & Free - Pete Philippe Returns to talk about the 2022 SHOT Show. 49.47.

1 30 22 Liberty Watch - First half CH on college race preference case in Supreme Court and Maryland AR-15 ban case in 6th Circuit with 25 state attorneys general filing amicus briefs, secomd half with Tom Amerta , retired Army Ranger on Ukraine.  50.09

1 30 22 America Armed & Free - Activist and internet ingluencer Pete Philippe joins live in studio to talk aboutt SHOT Show, and the recognition of the Second Amendment and inclusion of media more into the show this year. 49.47

1 23 22 Liberty Watch - CH on several artcles covering both science and credibility, and government accountability and credibility. Pretty good 47.20.

1 23 22 America Armed & Free - First half with Dave Kopp of AzCDL about upcoming Az bills in legislature. Second half with Lana Bryant of U.S. Law Shield on selfdefense insurance. 52.36

1 16 22 Liberty Watch - Phenomina; 48.51 on election integrity and some new bills in the legislature on how to do that with LD 11 Legislator and bill sponsor Mark Finchem.

1 16 22 America Armed & Free - First half with retired Tucson Fire Assistant Chief Mike McKendrick on the pioneer Hotel Fire, malfunctioning space heaters, and the Tucson Fire Foundation, which serves Tucson Fire Fighters needs as a non-profit with a 95% efficiency rating. Second half CH on electric cars, and on U.S guns getting to Mexico and how that happens.Good hour. 49.27. 

1 9 22 Liberty Watch - Fascinating and personal 51.25 with wills and estate planning attorney and RN Ron Zack, on advanced directives and covid care.

1 9 22 America Armed & Free - CH on changing attitutes on both left and center towards the RKBA, personal preparedness in the wake of the I-95 stranding of motorists in their cars. 44.38.

12 19 21 Liberty Watch - Talk show host of “MoneyTalk with Melanie,” distributed by SHR Media, and college professor Melanie Collette, with "Project 21," a Black Conservative organization, file an amicus petition with the Supreme Court to overturn previous decisions to eliminate the use of race preferences in college admissions.Melanie is currently working on a doctorate in philosophy, business administration and management, and is something of a polymath. What a delightful 48.58. Great radio!  (Other hosts, she would be a great guest.)

12 19 21 America Armed & Free - First half with The Arizona Rangers, a 501c3 that both does security for public events, and also raises funds for various charities. Second half, CH on an article by John Lott on gun storage laws, with commentary. 50.51

12 12 21 Liberty Watch - First half LD 11 Leg Mark Finchem on the Election Integrity Project. Second Half Jon Schweppe, Director of Policy at The American Principles Project, on a proposed FCC Board nominee. 48.10

12 12 21 America Armed & Free - Tom Argiro of the brand new Arizona Firearm Industry Trade Association, on developing the advocacy of the BUSINESS side of what the industry brings to Arizona. Not a fast moving interview, but listen to activism roll out in front of you. 52.18

12 5 21  Liberty Watch - First half CH on Second half, Kerry McDonald on microschools. 47.26, good show. 

12 5 21 America Armed & Free - Barry Alexander, CEO of Aquiline Drones, offering a cours in professional drone flying. Fascinating guy, completely into aviation with over 22,000 hours in everything from 747's to rotary wing aircraft, as well as a certified A & P on both! 44.06, pretty funny, as well.

11 28 21 Liberty Watch - Patrick Wood rejoins us about recognizing propaganda, from Citizens For Free Speech.orrg 48.22, good info.

11 28 21 America Armed & Free - Rob Morse returns to discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse Case with CH. Great discussion. 51.42.

11 21 21 Liberty Watch - First half with Denisha Merriweather of of the American Federation for Children about the new power parents hold in schools. Second half CH on the verdict on the Kyle Rittenhouse Case. 46.25.

11 21 21 America Armed ^ Free - Army Veteran Don Smith joins with his new book "Steinstuecken: A Little Pocket of Freedom," about a cold war German town controlled by West Berlin, surrounded by East Berlin. Great Story of American pluck. 52.18. Available from:

11 14 21 Liberty Watch - First half of a 2 Hr. Show with Bill Forstchen, author of the ! Second After Series, talking about EMP and a variety of other things 46.46. Entertaining, informative radio.

11 14 21 America Armed & Free - Second half with Bill Forstchen, talking about planes, virus passports, and a labradoodle puppy. 48.37.

11 7 21 Liberty Watch - Tucson Attorney Barb Catrillo on equine law. Don't horse around without a contract! 47.26.

11 7 21 America Armed & Free - CH on Rittenhouse and NY State Pistol and Rifle vs. Bruen on NY CCW Permits 50.56.

10 31 21 Liberty Watch - Professor Larry Bell, author of 9 books, the last 2 about climate and why from a scientific point of view, climate change is NOT a "crisis." 47.28, and excellent.

10 31 21 - America Armed & Free - Firearms instructor Bill Frady on movie gun safety. 52.08

10 24 21 Liberty Watch - CH on tamping down emotionalism in response to political upheaval and a sitrep on modern common sense activism. 45.27.

10 24 21 America Armed & Free - Wonderful 52.17 with Melanie Guthrie of Guthrie International, who breeds and trains protection dogs, operates a boarding kennel, and has annimal nutrition products. She has been a trainer since 1972, has trained some Hollywood annimals, and has great background knowledge.

10 17 21 Liberty Watch Part 1 - First half: Tamara Colbert on how the media bookings industry works. Fun look at the inside of radio and TV booking. 26.36.

10 17 21 Liberty Watch Part 2 - Second half. Cliff May, trucker and independent business owner, explains why California is having the supply chain problems it is 25.38.

10 17 21 America Armed & Free - Homer Hickam returns about his memoir, "Don't Blow Yourself Up." Author of 20 books including "Rocket Boys," which became the movie "October Skies," and several fiction series this is a fantastic 52.31 min of radio.

10 10 21 Liberty Watch -  Tim Ward returns about his book "Pro Truth," and continues to defend his concepts about defending truth. It is an intens disagreement with a defense in depth. Good radio.48 min.

10 10 21 America Armed & Free -  First half with Kiran Hill with Concerned Veterans of America on American committments abroad. Second half CH report on the AzCDL annual meeting.51.30

10 3 21 Liberty Watch - First half, Tom DeWeese of, returns on ways to fight the administrative state. Good companion piece to the second half hour. Second half, Adam Andrzejewski pf returns witha map of new federal proposed spending of 3.5 TRILLION Dolars will use vaccine mandates to grow the administrative state. 50.39, great hour of radio. 

10 3 21 America Armed & Free - Fantastic hour with writer Dean Weingarten, on recent studies that have come out on defensive gun uses in the U.S., known as "DGU's." 47.15, information packed.  

9 26 21 Liberty Watch - Tom Bowman, successful entrepeneur and climate activist. Has a book, "What if Solving The Climate Crisis Was Simple." Sincerely believes that that there is some crisis goin on, and thinks it is a reason to upend society over it, but makes it sound much nicer than that. Nice guy, well spoken. 49.42. Will have him back if he will do it. 

9 26 21 America Armed & Free - Ben Valenzuela of the You Tube Channel Texas Tool Crib, returns to talk about Leatherman, multitools, and craftsmanship. Wonderful 49.22.

9 19 21 Liberty Watch - First half CH with commentary on Constitution day. Second half with the brilliant Marc Morano of Climate Depot, on Mastercard's wrongful collaboration with the UN on social scoring on carbon credits. 48.57.

9 19 21 America Armed & Free - First half Michael Letts on vaxxing cops, 2nd half CH on Preparedness. 48.11

9 12 21 Liberty Watch - Dominic from Maxlvledc rejoins us for the full hour on multi-tools, modifying them, and the joy of function. 47.24, very informational, moves well. 

8 12 21 America Armed & Free -  Charles Lichtman, attorney and author of "The Sword of David," a novel of historical fiction which is very well done. He is also a middle East expert and an optimist. Some humor.  52.26 available from:

9 5 21 Liberty Watch - First half Adam Andrzejewski pf Open The, on the 40,000 FOIA's his org filed last year on keeping track of goverrnment, and the utter waste of resources in Afghanistan. Second half with Rrandy Landreneau about Chinese Theft of intellectual property and recent changes to patent law which have accelerated them. 47.54 Good radio. 47.54

9 5 21 America Armed & Free = Return visit of Brian Andrews and Jeff Wilson about their new book, "Dark Intercept," a tale of both physical and spiritual combat, and a departure from their "Tier 1" series. Very engaging 49 minutes. Available fron

8 29 21 Liberty Watch = First half of a 2 Hr. Show with Bill Forstchen, author of the ! Second After Series, talking about EMP and a variety of other things 46.46. Entertaining, informative radio.

8 29 21 America Armed & Free - Second half with Bill Forstchen, talking about planes, virus passports, and a labradoodle puppy. 48.37.

8 22 21 Liberty Watch - Eb Wilkinson of Imus Wilkinson Financial Management on the economy, inflation, and also as a Marine Veteran, the sensetivity of the equipment we left behind in Afganistan. 47.57

8 22 21 America Armed & Free - Former Green Beret and state senator Frank Antenori, on the current situation in Afganistan. Fantastic radio, good calls. 50.42. 

8 15 21 Liberty Watch - Former Director of the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Scott Angelle on US Energy Independence 47.59

8 15 21 America Armed & Free - First Half Colorado Christian University Professor and security expert Dr. Tom Copeland on the Agfanistan withdrawal. Second half Dominic of mxlvledc on You Tube about Every Day Carry and modifying Leatherman Tools. 51.29

8 8 21 America Armed & Free - Return of law enforcement tool mark examiner Aaron Brudenell on Identifying Bad Guy Firearms 51.16 Funny and informative.

8 8 21 Liberty Watch - CH on preserving stability in government 46.38.

8 1 21 Liberty Watch - Allie Bloyd on her new book, "Unsnesored America," and how to fix the country. 48.59

8 1 21 America Armed & Free - CH with a very deep dive into an amicus brief in the 6th Circuit on the bump stock case bt The Arizona Citizens Defense Leagur, and why it is important to the way all courts rule on gun cases. 51.42, deep in the weeds, but worth it if the gun issue is important to you. 

7 25 21 Liberty Watch - Attorney and former Law Revuee Radio KVOI Talk Host Ron Zack joined in about wills and trusts, and this was a funny hour, with some good calls. 48.09

7 18 21 Liberty Watch - Epoch Times Reporter Nan Su, on the huge intertwinement of The Chinese Communist Party in US Universities. Last of 4 segments on election integrity. 46.06 

7 18 21 America Armed & Free - I go into why the "assault weapons" ban was struck down in california, and "Ghost Guns."   50.64

7 11 21 Liberty Watch Robust discussion with Roger Ream of The Fund For American Studies, teachin the proper principles of journalisn to young people in high school and college.  46.15

7 11 21 America Armed & Free - VERY good discussion with Clayton Cramer , historian and author of 9 scholarly and well researched books on historical applications of the Roght To Keep And Bear Arms., focusing first on the right to have cannon both then and now. 44.01

7 4 21 Liberty Watch - Great July 4 topic, patriotic movies, with Mike Mayo, host of The Movie Show on Radio, and author of 4 great crime novels in the Jack Stick Series. 45.57

74 21 America Armed & Free - Retired Major General Joe Arbuckle on how teaching Critical Race Theory to soldiers, violates the oath of service. Fascinating 52.55.

6 27 21 Liberty Watch - Adam Brandon, President of Freedomworks on his new book, "A Republic, Not A Democracy -  How to Restore Sanity in America" Very good  53.56 on many aspects of restoring freedom and combating Marxist ideas. Book available from

6 27 21 America Armed & Free - CH on Biden's lack of understanding of Owning Cannon.   46.24, some spirited discussion with callers. 

6 20 21 - Content today from an article by Patrick Hedgerthe Vice President of Policy for Taxpayers Protection Alliance, on 5 very bad bills going through Congress about regulatiing tech companies. 43.04.

6 20 21 America  Armed & Free - Retired Army Col and attorney Dennis Chapman on his new book, "The AR-15 Controversy," written with scholarly research and from the point of view of a former infantry platoon comander, a serious study of the civilian use of AR-15 Pattern weapons. Very good 51.49. Book Available from:

6 13 21 Liberty Watch - Return visit from Richard Battle, author of "Navigating Life's Journey, Common Sense In Uncommon Times," about building success through adversity. Some very good persectives along with good examples backing them up. 47.53, available from:

6 13 21 America Armed & Free - 51 min 58 seconds with Alan Rice of GOA about ATF's proposed new ruling on pistol braces and other nonsense in gun regulation. Good info. 

6 6 21 Liberty Watch - Gabriel Nadales, author of "Behind The Black Mask," about his journey from being an Antifa Activist to becoming a conservative activist. Among the best interview of the year so far. 47.18 Available from:

6 6 21 America Armed & Free - CH on a recent report from the Crime Research Center on incorrect FBI stats on public shootings, and an interesting DGU case in th last segment. 51.18

5 30 21 Liberty Watch - Kevin McGary, co-founder of "Every Black Life MAtters," an anti-marxist organization with some absolutely brilliant example of black people AGAINST Black Lives Matter. Good fun as well as intformative.   44.28

5 30 21 America Armed & Free - Dale Brown returns with his 30th novel, "Arctic Storm Rising." Well done, 46.19. Available from:

5 23 21 Liberty Watch - Today I unloaded but good on "Critical Race Theory," delving into a definition of it, explanation of its parameters, and the history of its origins back to the Frankfurt School in 1923. 47.46, good radio.

5 23 21 America Armed & Free - Departure from normal girearm topic to deal with threats from ransomware with computer doctor Aaron Maus. 52.45

5 16 21 Liberty Watch - David Legates, Climatologist, and editor of  Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warming’s Unfinished Debate (Revised and Expanded Third Edition). Fantastic 49.05 on climate change and the cancel culture. 

5 16 21 America Armed & Free - Richard Stevens, attorney, author, and former law professor at George Mason University, about why there is no duty in the U.S. for the police to protect the individual citizen, and on the Columbia Journalism Review's decison to slant news coverage on criminal violence and get other journalists to do same. 52.41 of what the media is SUPPOSED to do, (and doesn't.)

5 9 21 Liberty Watch - First half CH on article full of lies from Columbia Journalism Review. Second half, Ken Blackwell, former Cincinatti Mayor and Ohio Sec of State, on voting integrity laws. Fantastic radio.   43.32

5 9 21 America Armed & Free - Tristan Manos turns the program around by interviewing me about ammunition shortages, airguns for self-defense, rail guns, and particle beam weapons. Fun radio, informative. 48.56

5 2 21 Liberty Watch - Rob Backues, a graphic artist and climate "enthusiast," and I engage by having read the same research materials on "Global Warming," and discussing it live on air, with some good callers. This is what talk radio was MEANT to be. 49.00

5 2 21 America Armed & Free - Michael Hammond, chief counsel for GOA, in The NY Rifle and Pistol lawsuit against Corfelt, about arbitrary issuance of CCW Permits. Second half CH on preemption. 51.34

4 25 21 Liberty Watch - First half Jason Davis about the vaccine passport and stopping it in Az. Second Part Mark Tapscott of the Epoch Times about the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act, a method of redistributing the poor to more affluent neighborhoods. 47.50.

4 25 21 America Armed & Free -  CH and audience on how violent incidents are reported, and qualified immunity. Good debate with audience.  50.22

4 18 21 Liberty Watch - First half, CH on the courts and packing them. Second half, Dr. Dana Cheng, co-founder of Epoch Times, and VERY powerful advocate against communism. 45.36, compelling radio.

4 18 21 America Armed & Free - The always entertaining musician and music teacher turned self-defense civil rights activist Rachael Malone, Texas Director of GOA on Texas Constitutional Carry. 50.00

4 11 21 Liberty Watch - Boy howdy, if you only listen to one file in this archive, make it this one with Phil Boyce, VP of Salem Network for Talk Formats. 46.58 of geekdom about talk radio, Bob Grant, starting at  radio at age 14, and a host of other interesting stories, plus the main topic of how Talk Radio saves the country. Boyce hired Sean Hanity, among many others, and runs Salem's News Dept. and podcasts. If you like radio...

4 4 21 Liberty Watch - First half with Neanderthal descendent Um, about cultural appropriation against Neanderthals. Second half, Dr. David Ranson on whether government stimulus packages work. 49.41.

4 4 21 America Armed & Free - First half with Neanderthal descendent Um, about cuoltural appropriation against Neanderthals. Second half, Dr. David Ranson on whether government stimulus packages work. 49.41.

3 21 21 Liberty Watch - First half attorney and pastor  Marc Little with on the For the People Act,second half, Dr. Richard G. Howe, in the danger to relifious liberty posed by the proposed "Equity Act"  46.59

3 21 21 America Armed & Free - CH on the difference between the SKS, AK, and AR pattern rifles, from a listener question.46.45

3 14 21 Liberty Watch - Fascinating discussion with Allie Bloyd, a social media entrepeneur and poet about her new book on cancel culture, "Uncensored America: Thought-Provoking Poetry on Faith, Family, and Freedom." 48.08

3 14 21 America Armed & Free - The always information packed MArc Morano of , on his new book, "Green Fraud: Why The Green New Deal Is Even Worsr Than You Think," available from:  . LAst seg on HR 8 proposed new "background check" bill. excellent radio, 54.08.

3 7 21 Liberty Watch - First half CH on HR  1, second half, Richard Battle in Texas power and Mr. Biden's Visit to Texas.  49.51

3 7 21 America Armed & Free - James Curry, a Marine combat veteran of Felujah, author, and award winning TV producer with 1 emmy and 3 Peabody awards. Interesting book, "Stayin' Alive," about a very hard upbringing, combat, and surviving cancer. A lot for his first 25 years of life! Book available from

2 28 21 Liberty Watch - Tim Ward is and author and publisher,. and discusses his book "Pro-Truth," Co-authored with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky. He manages to engage in the same logical fallicies he decris in the book, and I pin him on it. Fun radio with him trying to wiggle offf the hook. 46.33

2 28 21 America Armed &  Free = Dick Goodman of with the ultimate EMP proof truck and survival trailer. 51.31.

2 21 21 Liberty Watch  - Jon Schweppe, Director of Policy and Government Affairs · ‎American Principles Project, on tech censorship. Last segment on water preparedness. 47.29

2 21 21 America Armed & Free  - Historian and retired Army Captain and helicopter pilot Dr. Samuel Mitcham on his dook "The Death of Hitler's War Machine," his 40th book, about the war from the battle of the bulgo, on. Very good, especially the part where he got to see and smell Hitler's will, recovered from the bunker. 50.29.

2 14 21 Liberty Watch - Tom DeWeese of American Policy Center returns about teaching conservativr activism. 50.03

2 14 21 America Armed & Free - Lori Roman, president of drops in for an hour about some of the proposed gun control in an essay by her and Col Alan West. 51.08

2 7 21 Liberty Watch - First half CH on philosophy of Barry Goldwater. 2nd half Patrick Wood on Technocracy. Boy was he dead on 46.37.

2 7 21 America Armed & Free - Dr. Matt Brazil on his new book on Chinese espionage. Very interesting 46.39. Available from:

1 31 21 Liberty Watch - Professor Grant McCracken on his book, "A New Code of Honor," about reinstalling honor back into the culture. 46.37. Very good, somewhat funny.

1 31 21 America Armed & Free - Rob Morse of Slow Facts Blog and writer for Ammoland on self-defense scenarios. Fast moving and entertaining. 53.12

1 24 21 Liberty Watch - I discuss free speech and the media's involvement with it. 47.06

1 24 21 America Armed & Free - Guy Smith of returns to talk about the possibilites for Infringements of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms on the coming Obidenunist Administration.. 50.41

1 17 21 Liberty Watch - Dan Zimmerman, managing editor of The Truth About joins about digital media censorship and restraint of trade. 44.33.

1 17 21 America Armed & Free - First half on SAF Lawsuit against ATF on postol braces. Second half - tribute to my best friend Chuck Mishoulam 51.52.

1 10 21 Liberty Watch - First half May Habib on 'Writer' Software, which edits for political correctness.Second Half Prof. Paul Kengor on his book, The Devil & Marx, available from 45.55

1 10 21 America Armed & Free Doug Ritter of knife rights on new knives and new knife laws. 51.50

1 3 21 Liberty Watch - Reprise if a 12 / 14 interview with Dawn Wells (Maryann from Gilligan's Island) upon the event of her passing last week at age 82.  44.32, very good.

1 3 21 America Armed & Free - CH on what to do evey January 1st. A goo preparedness "to do" list including smoke detector batteries, checking fire extinguishers, and how to clean guns. 51.44.

12 27 20 Liberty Watch - CH on "What Do You Believe In," encourage to develop the metaphorical "flame thrower of liberty" in you attitude towards the country and the current political situation. What you can do and say to get the country lawfully and morally to the presumption of liberty. Pretty fiery 48.33.

12 27 20 America Armed & Free - Very good 41 min of CH on the topic of "stand your ground" (no requirement to retreat) laws and why they are essential to good defense. 

12 20 20 Liberty Watch - First half Dr. Neil Deswani in text message scams, 2nd half on programs to correct polically incorrect language. 49.50

12 20 20 America  Armed & Free -
 Brigham Young Professor Dr. Ryan Davis Pro Vs Anti Gun Culture Last segment CH on ATF regulation of pistol brace AR's. 52.22

12 13 20 Liberty Watch - First half Jonathan Hoffman on Prop 208 lawsuit to invalidate the ballot prop, 2nd half John Eastman on the lawsuit against the election by the President from one of his lawyers. 42.21.

12 13 20 America Armed & Free - First half Taylor Phillips of Gear Fire on merchant solutions for the gun business, second half some preparedness solutions. 51 min.

11 29 20 Liberty Watch - Georgetwon Professor Josh Mitchell on his book American Awakening: Identity Politics and Other Afflictions of Our Time. Wonderful 47.19 about how identity politics is working to tear dwon American Culture and how to rebuild it. Book available from:

11 29 20 America Armed * Free - Ben Valenzuela of the You Tube Channel "Texas Tool Crib" with a DEEP dive into the various aspects of multi-tool features and construction, based on years of tinkering with them and customizing them. 52 minutes of total geekness multi-tool nervana.

11 22 20 Liberty Watch - Discussion of Joshua Mitchell's book "American Awakening." 45.52 Good discussion with audience. Mitchell will be on next week.

11 22 20 America Armed & Free - Wonderful 52.16 with Rob Morse of Slow Facts Blog about real life self-defense scenarios and the proper legal solutions to them. 

11 15 20 Liberty Watch - Lori Roman of the ACRU returns to talk about a project they have to combat elder abuse in voter fraud. 47.50.

11 15 20 America Armed & Free Andrew Pollack father of Meadow Pollack  and author of, "Why Meadow, Died, about her and also about 2020 Vote Fraud 52.59

11 8 20 Liberty Watch - Dr. Michael Lewis created and developed the ESSENCE program, the nation’s first and largest Syndrome-based Disease Outbreak Recognition System that supports the Military Health System. We discussed the inefficacy of lockdowns. 50 min.

11 8 20 America Armed & Free - Gus Biggio was a Marine, twice, with 10 years separation between. He took that time to become an attorney, but felt the call and went back as a captain in the civil affairs division - a lawyer with a rifle! 53.13.

11 1 20 Liberty Watch - Fantastic 48 min with Dr. Simone Gold who is both an MD and a lawyer, on her recent fight with the CDC and her hospital on the science on the use of hydrochloriquine in treating Covid 19. Get it, and HCQ,  at

11 1 20 America Armed & Free - Wonderful 52 min with Law Professor David Bernstein about his new 42 page article, "The Right To Armed Self-Defense In The Light Of Law EnforcementAbdication,"

10 25 20 Liberty Watch - CH on successful activism, how to promote liberty without making it worse for others, a Goldwater Institute success on liberty. 43.58 

10 25 20 America Armed & Free - Patrick A Lewis, former Green Beret with service in Afganistan and Iraq, talks about  his "1 A Praetorian" efforts to guard against Marxist agitators in BLM and Antifa. Very interesting group of former military and former law enforcement. 52.32.

10 18 20 Liberty Watch - Mike O'Neil Landmark Legal, on election integrity, CH on Ballot Props 46.53

10 18 20 America Armed & Free - Former British Navy Commander and now Amnerican on his book, "Between 5 Eyes." About intelligence cooperation between The U.S, U.K., Austrailia, New Zealand, and Canada. Fascinating. 51.48

10 11 20 Liberty Watch - First half Cam Edwards of "Cam & Co.," on the current election, and 2nd half with audience on limiting government emergency powers on the shutdown. 45.15.

10 11 20 Ameroca Armed & Free - Retired Col Rich Graham on flying and then commanding a squadron of SR71's 52.06. Very Good.

9 27 20 Liverty Watch - Dr. Bonner Cohen of CFACT in the new movie, Climate Hustle 2, just released. 22 min.

9 13 20 Liberty Watch - CH read of a fascinating article on the rise of anarchist movements by a South Florida university professor and a Eugene Oregon police captain. 46.01.

9 13 20 America Armed & Free - How to drive out of a riot. 49.53

9 5 20 Liberty Watch - Kerri Toloczko of The American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) on Vote Integrity 46.02

9 6 20 America Armed & Free - Brian Andrews the Submarine Driver and Jeff Wilson the trauma surgeon return about the 6th book in their Tier One Series, "Collateral." VERY good, funny. 52.04

8 30 20 Liberty Watch - Alan Chwick about his article in Ammo Land about Jury Nullification. Entertaining and informatice. 46.08

8 30 20 America Armed & Free - Marjorie Wildcraft on her Grow Network and how to groe food even if you have no yard, and how to find a place to shelter. Very good, funny. 52.32

8 23 20 Liberty Watch - CH on Americans are NOT a minority.  44.54

8 23 20 America Armed & Free - Attorney Gary Wells on the restoration of rights. Excellent 50.10.

8 16 20 Liberty Watch - The Great Tom DeWeese of American Policy Center, in some recent executive orders by President Trump correcting some of the abuses of authority by HUD created in the Clinton and Obama Administrations. 43.44

8 16 20 America Armed & Free - Professor John Lott about his new book, "Gun Control Myths. " Great info. 52.04.

8 2 20 Liberty Watch - Professor Larry Ceplair, PhD., on his book "Revolutionary Paris," juxtaposing the partnerships of Lenin and Trotsky, to Che and Fidel, Mao and Zhou, Ghandi and Neru. Ceplair manages to misquote scripture to try to justify Marxism, attributing "from each according to his needs," to The Gospel of James. Oopsie...He also CLAIMED not to know that Black Lives Matter is a Marxist influenced organaization. There is a 12 minute piece on the end of this interview with research on its founders. I dsclaim this guest. 59.58 min.

7 26 20 Liberty Watch - CFH on the efficacy of masks to prevent disease transfer. 46.21

7 26 20 America Armed & Free - CH on slef-defense scenarios from armed self-defense podcast. Thanks to Rob Morse for sound clips permission. 54.00.

7 19 20 Liberty Watch = Krystina Skurk about her wonderful articles on th 1619 Project, Delightful 47.21, funny. 

7 19 20 America Armed & Free - Dr. Tom Lewis, Austrailian Navy Vet and author of several books, this on, "Atomic Salvation: How the A-Bomb attacks saved the lives of 32 million people 48.56. Available from:

7 12 20 Liberty Watch - Amity Shlaes on her magnificent new work, "The Great Society." Wonderful 54 minutes. Book available here:

7 12 20 America Armed & Free - CH on St Louis Use of Force, pointing guns in self-defense, tresspassing, and burglary. 34.24

7 5 20 Liberty Watch - Local Tucson teacher and victim rights advocate Felicia Chew on gun control, charter cities, and state authority vs. the county. Felicia and I come from very different places in this interesting interchange. 46.20

7 5 20 America Armed & Free - Lori Roman, President of ACRU, American Constitutional Rights Union, on protecting monuments. . 50.43 Very good, fantastic story about her great-great grandfather in the Civil War. 

6 28 20 Liberty Watch - First part with Prof James Robbins on Liberal Vs. Progressive and cities falling apart in his recent USA Today editorial. Sencond half Steven Moore on how to rebuild economy. 49.01.

6 28 20 America Armed & Free - CH on what to do when facing a riot while armed, protecting your business, and the use of physical force.  49.05.

6 21 20 Liberty Watch - Joseph Tachivsky on his bood, "40 Theives on Saipan." Excellent WWII history on his father's leadership of a scout sniper platoon in 30 days of combat largely behind enemy lines in the taking of the island. Available here:  46.35

6 21 20 America Armed & Free - Retired Navy Captain, Author,  and former Arizona Senator Al Melvin on Chinese control of ports. We disagree a little. 50.44

5 17 20 Liberty Watch - Good 46.15 with J.D. Strang and audience on ideas to fix the economy.

5 17 20 America Armed & Free- First half with Professor John Lott of The Crime Prevention Research Center on truth in advertising on Corona death statistics. Second half iwth J.D. Strang on economy 46.53

5 10 20 Liberty Watch - Professor John Harmon McElroy on his new and definitive book, "Agitprop In America," which should be a textbook for all American students.48.13. Available from  .Part 1 of 2. Very good.

5 10 20 America Armed & Free - First half part 2 of interview of Dr. John Harmon McElroy on his book "Agitprop In America," second half with Cliff Maloney, President of Young Americans for Liberty  (YAL), has filed a lawsuit against Florida Commissioner of Agriculture for failing to uphold the law and issue CCW Permits during the Covid 19 shutdown. 51.41.

5 3 20 Liberty Watch - Former State Senator Al Melvin on his new Studendent Handbook For Success, available through . This is the first part of a 2 part show. Good talk about books and charachter. 46.21

5 3 20 America Armed &  Free - Part 2 with former State Senator Al Melvin on his book "Student Handbook For Success," and last segment CH clarifying difference between tresspassing and burglary, and how to drop a gun. 51.20

4 5 20 Liberty Watch - Blake Percival, a former Army Sargeant, police officer, balif, magistrate, and director of USIS, the company that did most of the security clearance backhround checksfor the government, reports on his whistleblowing story when they committed fraud. Good radio. 48.49.

4 5 20 America Armed & Free - CH on long range planning for emergencies. 49.48, some good callers.

3 29 20 Liberty Watch - Steve Mays is a member of the commissioning crew of the USS Los Angeles, a nuclear consultant, and entrepeneur, with a book called "The Power of Threes," on leadership and honesty. 49.49, and very good.

3 29 20 America Armed & Free - Tom Kubiniec, CEO of, on securing guns. Very informative.  49.49

3 22 20 Liberty Watch -  Dr. David Hanscom is an orthepedic surgeon who gave up his practice in 2019 to help his patients fight pain in non-surgical ways. His insights on the damage of self-esteem, are interesting. 42.30

3 22 20 America Armed & Free - CH on preparedness, 1st time gun ownership, and proficiency through alternative practice 47.09

3 15 20 Liberty Watch - Bill Forstchen returns about prepping in light of the current "crisis" of the Corona Virus. Co-hosted with Eb Wilkinson, good radio.45.55

3 15 20 America Armed & Free - Techno-fiction writer extraordinaire Dale Brown on his new book, "Eagle Station," to come ot late April. Good 52.29  on charachter development, ity, and keeping your spirit  up for 30 years.

3 8 20 Liberty Watch - Pretty darn interesting 46.36 on an exchange I had in writing with Arizona LD 20 Senator Paul Boyer, over his vote against a pro-rights bill on strict liabil9ity for injury in a government disarmed victim zone. 

3 8 20 America Armed & Free -  Interesting recent research into the origins of hte meaning of the Second Amendment based on new search tools which cover the entire databases of both American and English writings on the topic, juxtaposing the opinions of Justice John Paul Stevens with that of Justice Antonin Scalia. 49.12.

3 1 20 Liberty Watch - Dr. Bob Marks with a wonderfully intelligent take on why we need to maintain the technological edge. 46.05

3 1 2- America Armed &  Free - Richard Battle on the leadership of Sam Huston, and applying those principles to life. 51.30

2 23 20 Liberty Watch - The patriotic art of Owen York, 45.41

2 23 20 America Armed & Free - Gary Wells on his excellent book, "Gun Laws, Federal Infringements Vol 1"

2 16 20 Liberty Watch - Attorney and Townhall coumnistl Marina Medvin about her article "How Socialism Got It's Groove Back." Fantastic 2 segments with a woman born in the USSR, and has actually stood in a bread line. Second half a report on the rally at the capitol. 46.48.

2 16 20 America Armed & Free - Phil Jurney, a sitting judge in Kansas and former state senator, on teaching guns to kids, and running for a seat on the NRA Board. Very good 52.56.

2 9 20 Liberty Watch - First half CH on what speech is protected by 1A. Second half Jon Riches of Goldwater on Phoenix and Uber an Lyft at the Phoenix Airport. Hint: it ain't goin' well for the City! 42.43

2 9 20 America Armed & Free - Return of the brilliant Aaron Brudenell, tool mark examiner extraordinaire and afficianado on all tings ballistic about the ATF's screwed up deffinition of a firearm. 51.18.

2 2 20 Liberty Watch - CH on my essay , "50 points of Freedom," with some commentary. 46.41

2 2 20 America Armed & Free -  CH commentary on a VERY anti-freedom organization, "The Trace." 51.11

1 26 20 Liberty  Watch - Wonderful 26.25 with Frank Buckley, a law professor at George Mason, on his new book, "American Secession: The Looming Threat of A National Breakup." Excellent interview. Book available from: 

1 26 20 - America Armed & Free - Follow uo interview with Phil Van Cleave of Virginia Citizens Defense League on their rally for lobby day in Richmind. Second half CH and callers on red flag bills and legislative process. 51.43

1 19 20 Liberty Watch - Matt Ladner of The Arizona Charter Schools in the Gov's budget and some great info. 46.14

1 19 20 America Armed & Free - Phil Van Cleave of Virginia Citizens Defense League on the rally in Va. tomorrow. 52.49

1 12 20 Liberty Watch - Steve Goreham returns about the hoax of man-caused  globsl warming. Good program, 45.20.

1 12 20 America Armed & Free - Author Dean Weingarten from Ammoland returns to talk about Virginia Infringements. 48.43

1 5 20 Liberty Watch - David Hardy has a wonderful new book on "the rest of the story" with "Dred Scott - The Inside Story." Fascinating first half of 2 part interview 35 min. Book available here: 

1 5 20 America Armed & Free - Second half of David Hardy interview on "Dred Scott, The Inside Story." 51 min.
Available from:

12 29 19 America Armed & Free - 12 22 19 Liberty Watch - Political analist and lobbying firm owner Gianno Caldwell, who grew up on Chicago's South Side and ivercame major adversity to become successful. His book is: "Taken For Granted: How Conservatism Can Win Back the Americans That Liberalism Failed. Fascinating guy. 48.51

12 22 19 America Armed & Free - CH on the selection of proper carry knives   48.57

12 15 19 Liberty Watch - Good hour (46.42 min) on making sure local government does not usurp your liberties via containment at the state level.12 8 19 Liberty Watch - I report on an eminent domain seizure by the City of Tucson, and how pressure has helped. 46.28 Good calls.

12 15 19 - America Armed & Free - John Farnam onthe NJ terrorist shooting, aand whythe left fears the sheepdog more than the wolf. 50.49 good radio,

12 8 19 America Armed & Free - Tom Copeland, drafted into the Army in 1966, and most of 1967 with a tour in Viet Nam with his book about it and his return in 2014, "My War And Welcome To It."  Available from 48.50 good radio.

12 1 19 Liberty Watch -  Bob Taft of Conservative Insight Dot Net, about how the progressive theft movement has invaded education and perverted it. 46.41. Excellent radio.

12 1 19 America Armed & Free - Chris Bird returns about his Concealed Handgun Manual 7th edition. 51.19

12 29 19 America Armed & Free   Criminologist Dr. John Lott 48.21

1 17 19 Liberty Watch - Charles Ota Heller on his book, "Return to Prague." Fascinating story of a Checkoslovak refugee who made good in America, worked at NASA, served in the Army, and is still working in his 80's. 47.18

11 17 19 America Armed & Free - Jay  Keith of 34 North Drones on fighting drones that should not be in restricted areas with a custom radar system.  51.05

11 10 19 Liberty Watch - First half of Veterans Day Tribute, done remotely from Miller's Surplus. I had on 2 WW 2 Veterans, one, Mr. Daniel Sloane, the owner  of Miller's Surplus. 46.40.

11 10 19 America Armed & Free - Second half of Veterans Day Show from Miller's Surplus.   51.22

11 3 19 Liberty Watch - Furst half with LAura Carno of FASTER Colorado about the evil of "red flag" orders, 2nd half with former Navy SEAL St CDR Jack Carr about the  removal of Badir Al Bagdadi from the gene pool. 47.47

11 3 19 America Armed & Free - The brilliant Bryan Andrews and Jeff Wilson on thre latrest Tier 1 Series, Red Specter. Very good writing.  52 min

10 27 19 Liberty Watch - The brilliant and well spoken Michael Barone on his book, "How Political parties Change," available here:, really interesting.

10 27 19 America Armed & Free - Forensic scientist Aaron Brudenell returns about the ballistic identification system, "NIBENS," and does it really help solve crimes done with guns? 51.27

10 20 19 Liberty Watch - CH on the misapplication of a Massachussetts red flag law and spirited conversation with callers 46.24

10 20 19 America Armed & Free - Attorney Marc Victor on "reasonable" restrictions on gun rights. Very spirited interview. Hear a Libertarian get out-libertarianed. 53.49

10 13 19 Liberty Watch - First half with Hilarie Gamm of American WorkersCoalition about HR 3564 on protecting American jobs. Second half CH with callers. 46.45

10 13 19 America Armed & Free - CH on the state of the gun rights battle in 2019, and why thinking that the NRA is finished, is foolish. 51.30

10 6 19 Liberty Watch - Gun Websites Pete Philippe, activist and digital media specialist on things we can do to maintain Second Amendment freedom on an individual basis. Very spirited. 47.04.

10 6 19 America Armed & Free - Joseph Morgan on Tucson City Prop 205 on Sanctuary City. Wh this typr of thing will do to any cith that adopts it. 51.55, very lively.

9 15 19 Liberty Watch - CH on cases of freedom of association nder te First Amendment vs. so-called "dark money." 47.13

9 15 19 America Armed & Free - CH on Secret Service report on mass caualty shooting in the U.S. Pretty good informational stuff. 49.57

9 8 19  Liberty Watch - The freedom that bicycles afford with Brian Newbrey, oqner of Ajo Bikes. Very good 48.33. 

9 8 19 America Armed & Free - Riveting 50.30 with a replay of a 911 call in Seattle where a homeowner was forced to shoot and kill an intruder, with commentary on what to do and what NOT to do in the event this happens to you.

9 1 19 - Liberty Watch - James Stuber, recovering Attorney and founder of the Made In America Again Foundation ( about China, tariffs, trade, and making things in America again! 47.48

9 1 19 America Armed & Free - Once again, I delve into the "bug out bag," or the "72 hour kit." I take everything out of the survival kit and explain where and why, as well as the tools strapped to the outside of the bag. 49.58, on my game!

8 18 19 Liberty Watch - Pat Cnanne about socialism and his "Physics to Economics Model" book and philosophy. Pat about single handedly solves the American issue of electric power in a concept he has patented. 45.25

8 18 19 America Armed & Free - Guy Smith returns with a fantastic 50.03 on mass casualty shooting, mental health, and how to stop attacks.

8 11 19 Liberty Watch - First 2 segments CH on modern red flag fight. 3rd segment Col Dave Grossman on why mass shootings occur.  45.56

8 11 19 America Armed & Free - First half with Col. Dave Grossman on upcoming school safety event. Second half with Christian Heine, V.P. of Brady Center. 78.43. Pretty hopping hour.

8 4 19 Liberty Watch - Part 1 of a 2 hr show today on mass casualty shootings and preparedness. 47.55

8 4 19 - America Armed & Free - Part 2 of 2 on mass casualty shootings. 50.22

 7 28 19 Liberty Watch - Dean Weingarten on media contagion encouraging people to rampage killings. 46.29 Very spitited. 

7 28 19 America Armede & Free - I point out some of the dangers of large internet companies, plating a clip of a hearing from June in front of Senator Cruz's Committee. 50.15.

7 21 19 Liberty Watch - CH with some pretty powerful stuff in illegal aliens in rebuttal to Jeff Rogers of the Democratice Party. Lots of reason. 46.48.

7 21 19 America Armed & Free - Wonderful 46.55 with Brad Kuhn, co-author of "Dirty Work" with the late Richard Vaux, who recovered the hijacked 727 from Beiruit that was TWA Flight 847. Great true story, fighter pilot curage and tactics with a commercial airliner, and an interesting back story on Col Vauss. Get the book here:

7 14 19 Liberty Watch - The always amazing Professor Larry Schweikert with his new bio of Reagan, revealing many previously inknown facts, told in an engrossing and readable way. PArt 1 of 2, 47.18. Book available here:

7 14 19 America Armed & Free - Part 2 of the Larry Schweitert interview. 50.54.  Book available here:

7 7 19 Liberty Watch - First half with Patrice Onwuka of Independent Women's Forum, on whether Amazon  is cheating and should Congress have the authority to make corporate tax returns, public. Second hald discussion with audience on whether government or Google is a bigger threat to freedom. 46.11

7 7 19 Greg Shaffer, former Coast Guardsman and 20 year FBI Agent with 6 years on the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team. He Wrote a book called "Stay Safe," and it is excellent. 50.13. He now runs his own security consulting firm.Book available here:

6 30 19 Liberty Watch - CH on the recent Supreme Court Decision called "Iancus vs. Burnetti," about whether an obscene word of image can be registerred as a trademark. Fascinating case on the side of liberty. 47.22. Good callers. 

6 30 19 America Armed & Free  - Tony Bathey spent 9 years as a San Diego Lifeguard and has a fiction book built on those experiences, "Tower 18." Good read, lots of insight into personality development, diversity and how it's dealt with, and the Lifeguard Service itself. It ain't "Baywatch!" Get the book from the author directly at .  50.29.

6 23 19 Liberty Watch - First half CH on Bladensberg Cross Supreme Court Decision, second half Dr. Merrill Matthews on Iran and Straights of Hourmousz. 46.55

6 23 19 America Armed & Free - Carl Haupt is a WWII Navy Veteran, and author of a new thriller, "Gary Gatlin, Reluctant Hero," about a 19 year old American man caught on Taiwan at the start of WWII and his adventures against the Japanese. Great story, excellent interview. 53.53

6 16 19 Liberty Watch - Amanda Mineer, managing partner of Veteran's Law Groug, on dealing with the VA, PTSD, and how we have viewed combat stress over the years. Very good 47.49. Reach her at

6 15 19 America Armed & Free - Jack Murphy of "Murphy's Law," about his time in the US Army Rangers, and then the Green Berets, and now a journalist.  51.09, excellent. Book available here:

6 9 19 Liberty Watch - The irrepressable Vincent Cefau, 27 year veteran of BATFE and wistleblower on Fast and Frios, author of the revealing "Ratsnakes" about his time as an undr cover operative and instructor for BATFE. 48 min of rock and roll. Available from:

6 9 19 America  Armed & Free - Jack Woodville London about his book, "Children of a Good War," and the honored service of WWI and WWII Veterans. Jack did an entertaining job of trning the interview around back at me. This is fascinating radio, 51 min. Book available here:

6 2 19 Liberty Watch - First half with Stephen Moore, economist and founder of The Club For Growth, on deficits. Second half with Heritage Foundation Economist David Ditch on Heritage's "Blueprint for Balance," about balancing the federal budget. 46.43.

6 2 19 America Armed & Free - In studio with James Clayton of Miller's Surplus about building a bug out bag. Fun. 47.08.

5 26 19 Liberty Watch - Dr Vivkie Alger of The Independent Women's Forum, discusses whether Millenials still appreciate the free market, or prefer "Soy Milk Latte Socialism." She also has a book, "Failure: The Federal Miseducation of America's Children" here:  46 Min.

5 26 19 America Armed & Free - Sean Pfund, speaking for the Missing In America Project of The Arizona Dept of Veterans, to honor the service of those veterans who have passed away, and get current Vets to help. More info here: . Good Memorial Day Show.  50.00 Mon,

5 19 19 Liberty Watch - James Robbins returns about his book, "Erasing America: Losing our Future by Destroying our Past." It is excellent, and full of intersesting historical details about  American sculptures and music. Available here:  47.11

5 19 19 America Armed & Free - First half with Robert Bertrand of, who is arming and training women for self defense. Second half with Jonathan Hoffman about school safety. 49.11

5 12 19 Liberty Watch - Dr. Pat Michaels, PhD, on his new and brilliant book, "Lukewarming, The New Climate Science That Changes Everything." Available here: 47.92

5 12 19 America Armed & Free - Jack Hersch on his book about his father's 2 escapes from Nazi death camps, "Death March." Available here:  49.12

5 5 19 Liberty Watch - CH on activism, some good callers.  47.06

5 5 19  America Armed & Free - First half with Rod Pyle, author of books and articles and TV programs on space. Very good dialogue and calls. Second half very good with jim Robbins, Author of books and articles, this on on Iran and the straights of Hormouz.  50.11

4 28 19 Liberty Watch - Jennifer Braceras of the Independent Women's Forum, a Harvard Attorney, on the Electoral College and the effort to abolish it. Good radio.  47.20

4 28 19 America Armed & Free - R. C. George on her book, "Lightning Sky," the story of Dave Vaughn and his experience as a WW II P-38 pilot, prisoner of war, Korean War Fighter, and Viet Nam pilot. Excellent radio  50.38 Book available: .

4 21 19 Liberty Watch - Michael Cutler, former senior special agent of INS returns on sanctuary city policies. 47.41 Very good. 

4 21 19 America Armed & Free - First segment with Kristen Maurer of K9 Rescue with an interesting project to save dogs who have served the country. Last 3 segments with Guy Smith of Gun Facts . Info on determining truth about Right To Keep And Bear Arms issues.   50.59

4 14 17 Liberty Watch - CH on the cecessity of a college education. Some Good Callers. 47.48.

4 14 19 America Armed & Free - CH on a 1992 incident where i was the victim of a hit and run and the bad guys shot at me.

4 7 19 Liberty Watch - CH on "Voter Suppression," which does not exist, but voter fraud, which does. Some very good callers.44.55.

4 7 19 America Armed & Free - Mark Walters of Armed American Radio on his latest article, and some good callers 50.35.

3 31 19 Liberty Watch - Inez Felcher Stepman is with the independent Women's Forum, a conservative group She has her law degree from UVA. 47.40.

3 31 19 America Armed & Free - James Carl Nelson returns about his book of "The polar Bear Expedition," America's forgotten war in Russia 1918-1919.  Fascinating 50.43.

3 24 19 Liberty Watch - Robert Vanderstock's republishing of his dad's book on being one of only 3 to return to country after "The Great Escape." GREAT Radio, 47.54

3 24 19 America Armed & Free - Aaron Brudenell, tool mark examiner, scientist, and crime lab worker, returns to talk about interesting things about guns - from the crime lab. 50.39.

3 17 19 America Armed & Free - Wonderful 55.30 with Bill Forstchen about his book 48 Hours, his writing career, his future projects, and some great calls.

3 10 19 Liberty Watch - Kathleen Marquardt on the question, "are single family homes, racist?" 48.12

3 10 19 America Armed & Free - Fantastic 51.32 with Dan Pedersen, founder of the Navy's Topgun School, about his book on same.

3 2 19 Liberty Watch - 57.51 with Stacey Miller on a book about bullying. Spitited discussion.

3 2 19 America Armed & Free - Katie Stephey of Gun Storage, who has run into a wall with her Facebook advertising being rejected. Why? She has PICTURES of guns! Fascinating 47 min and good calls.

2 24 19 Liberty Watch - CH on political Persuasion. 45.66 On my game.

2 24 19 America Armed & Free - CH on maintaining situational awareness. Again, on my game 49.41.

2 17 19 Liberty Watch - Excellent 47.05 on his new book, "The politically Incorrect Book of Climate Change." available from

2 17 19 America Armed & Free - Katie Stephey of Gun Storage, who has run into a wall with her Facebook advertising being rejected. Why? She has PICTURES of guns! Fascinating 47 min and good calls.

2 10 19 Liberty Watch - A very interesting 46.47 of Jeff Ferry and his article about the China tariffs working well. 

2 10 19 America Armed & Free - Very good 49.05 with Ben Anderson of Diamondback Shooting Sports on training and advanced training for self-defense.

2 3 19 Liberty Watch - Interesting foray into the audience's experience with model rocketry. 47.02

2 3 19 America Armed & Free - Interesting look with author David Burnette ,a U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran of Afghanistan about his book, "The Making of A Night Stalker," his time with the Army's 160th SOAR unit. Available here:  48.07.

1 27 19 Liberty Watch - Dr. Richard Kradin on a brilliant new book called: Out of Control: Apocalyptic Psychology in The Age if Trump ," a wonderful explanation of why things are as they are. Available from:  61.25

1 20 19 Liberty Watch - CH on William Barr. Also  private licensing instead of government licensing. 47.59

1 13 19 Liberty Watch - 24.45 of CH on local control of issues vs. State control. 

1 13 19 America Armed & Free - Fairly rare 90 min (coompressed to 76 Min.) on his new book "Surviving Mass Victim Attacks: What To Do When The Unthinkable Happens." Very compelling interview. 

1 6 19 Liverty Watch - First half CH on recent bump stock reclassification by BATFE, 2nd half, Mark Hancock of Trail Life USA, a Christian alternative to The Boy Scouts. 50.27

12 30 18 Liberty Watch - First 3 segments with Dave Workman, editor of, about Second Amendment Foundation's lawsuit against the California "Unsafe Handgun Act," then last segment a review on the increases in freedom in 2018. 47.42

12 30 18 America Armed & Free - Larry Loftis on his new book, "Lise WWII's Most Decorated Spy." 52.31 Very good, available Here:

12 23 18 Liberty Watch - The fantastic Professor Bradley Birzer about his book, "In Defense of Andrew Jackson," available here: 48.47

12 23 18 America Armed & Free - 5.43 Tanner Roberts on "Dumb Politics." Available from:

12 16 18 Liberty Watch - CH on Local control is still control. Goldwater essay with commentary. 48.29.

12 16 18 America Armed & Free - Jim irvine of Buckeye Firearms on getting The FASTER Program into Arizona Schools. 52.15

12 9 18 Liberty Watch - CH on campaign finance reform, the evil of the McCain-Feingold law, and media bias on the issue 47.28.

12 8 18 America Armed & Free - First half with Rhonda Ezell, President of "Chicago Guns Matter," a civil rights group trying to bring self-defense to Chicago's ethnic communities, and doing a good job of it. Second half with Jim Irvine, President of Buckeye Firearms Association on FASTER, and bringing it to Colorado and Arizona. 51.19.

12 2 18 Liberty Watch - Gordon Groves on building guitars. Out of general topic areas of Liberty Watch, and fascinating. 50.40.

12 2 18 America Armed & Free - Retired General Anthony Tata on his new book, "Dark Winter." Very informative. 53.19.available from

11 25 18 Liberty Watch - CH On Robert Spencer's Article on climate change. 49.00

11 25 18  America Armed & Free - Dean Weingarten on DGU's. 51.48.

11 18 18  CH on "Hate Speech." 47.29 

11 18 18 America Armed & Free - Brian Andrews and Jeff Wilson return about their 5th book in the series, "American Operator. " Good radio. 50.36. Book available from 

11 11 18 Liberty Watch CH on elections. 49.01

11 11 18 America Armed & Free Frank Desomona of Patriot Ordinance Factory. 51.08

11 4 18 Liberty Watch - CH on the current controversey on birthright citizenship. 45.31

11 4 18 America Armed & Free - Sean Parnell on hus new book, "Man of War," fact based fiction from a retired Army Captain. Good radio. Book available here:  52.25 min.

10 28 18 Liberty Watch - Stephen Moore in Prop 127, CH on rest of ballot props. 51.20

10 28 18 America Armed & Free - Jeff Prather of Warrior School on his experiences in the Army, DEA, DIA, and as a martial arts, firearm, and equestrian instructor. 51.24

10 21 18 Liberty Watch -  Today I discuss the Az and Tucson ballot props. The written statements on these is on the front page of this site. 50.48

10 21 18 America Armed & Free - Mike Mihalski of Sons of Liberty Gun Works on AR Pistols 52.53

10 14 18 Liberty Watch Matt Miller with Goldwater on so-called "dark money," the left's way of describing donor privacy. Marty Rodriguiz on the efficacy of electric cars. 51.20

10 14 18 America Armed & Free - Doug Ritter of Knife Rights on hte new knife he designed. 50.52

10 7 18 The brilliant author Brad Miner, author of 7 books, on the conduct of America towards Brett Kavanagh and civil strife in hte U.S. today. 50.30 

10 7 18 America Armed & Free - David Thomas Roberts return visit on his new (realistic) novel, "Purge on The Potomac." 52.29. Available from:

9 30 18 Liberty Watch - Julie Gunlock of the Independent Women's Forum, on alarmism, the Senate Judiciary Committee Jearing Fiasco, and alarmisn. Whar a live wire! 49.52

9 30 18 America Armed & Free  First half with Kathleen Marquardt of American Policy Center on Political correctness (great call from Sean) second half report on the Gun Rights Policy Conference. 51.05

9 16 18 Liberty Watch - First segment 24 min CH on McCain Feingold and Citizens United, next 52 min with Jonathan Butcher of Heritage on education spending and efficiency, Good radio.

9 16 18 America Armed & Free - CH on mass shooting data and the STOP orders fraud in Arizona. 28.24.

9 9 18 Liberty Watch - Excellent 49.21 with Brigitte Gabriel about her new book "Rise," available here: 

More info on the book at:

9 9 18 America Armed & Free - The insurance industry is going after the fun industry in some bad ways for the RKBA. Sean Maloney of 2nd Call Defense talks about it. 51.09

9 2 18 Liberty Watch - Byron Schlomac, PhD. of the 1889 Institute in Oklahoma, and formerly of the Goldwater Institute, on economics, Tax Incriment Finance Districts, Keynes, Hayek, and some other choice topics. Interesting 46.36.

9 2 18 America Armed & Free - Fantastic 47.44 with Col David Hunt, 29 years with Special Forces, then in the private sector on security and also author of 7 books, the latest a fact based fiction called "Without Fear," available here:

8 26 18 Liberty Watch - 8 26 16 Dr. Randall Bell Me, We, Do, Be. Fascinating study of success and failure 62.42. Book available here:

8 26 18 America Armed & Free - Former Secretary of State Ken Bennett on STOP Orders 36.37.

8 19 18 Liberty Watch - First half with Charlotte Hayes of the Independent Women's Forum, about an Atlanta School which has ditched the Pledge of Allegiance for the "Wolf Pack Chant." Second half on City pf Phoenix violation of gift clause of Arizona Constitution with Jon Riches and Jack Wolenchik who is assisting Goldwater's Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation. Listen to them nail the jack boot of statism to the floorboards of liberty! 49.44.

8 19 18 America Armed & Free - Anita Untersee about her and her husband Chuck's New movie, "Revelation, The Movie." 51.12

8 12 18 Liberty Watch - Return of Michael Cutler  on an interesting illegal alien who was just arrested. 50.24

8 12 18 America Armed & Free - 
Rob Morse of the Slow Facts Blog and firearms instructor, joins in about attending a FASTER Class, teaching teachers and school administrators how to neutralize the threar, treat the wounded, and get everyone out of danger. Fascinating.  50.52

8 5 18 Liberty Watch - Rutgers Criminology Professor Constance Hasett-Walker on her new book, "Guns On The Internet." Connie takes an interesting look at a world she discovered when she watched a gun video on You Tube that interested her husband. Very good 49.5 min.

8 5 18 America Armed & Free - Return visit of famous attorney Stephen Halbrook  on his new book, "Gun Control in Nazi-Occupied France
Tyranny and Resistance," available here:  Wonderful 50.24.

7 29 18 Liberty Watch - University of Missouri at Columbia Professor Justin Dyer on slavery and natural law. Some good callers. 50.06

7 29 18 America Armed & Free - Jamie Dodson, author of "Hunting The Wind," about the development of Flying Boats from 1929 to 1946, and the people who crewed them. 49.43  Available here:

7 22 18 Liberty Watch - CH on using rational activism - tools to make government obey the law 48.55 

7 22 18 America Armed & Free - Fascinating  48.54 with Ted Bell, for senior ad exec and fiction author of 14 books, including the now 10 book series of which the latest is "Overkill," abot a plot by Putin to regain power after being deposed, which includes attacking Switzerland.  Available here:

7 15 18 -Liberty Watch - Raheel Raza of the Clarion Project, on how to cause Islam to be more moderate, More info here:  47.39

7 15 18 America Armed & Free -Very interesting  52.28 with Tommy Anderson, retired Air Force, retired deputy and retired fire fighter, about "Haboob Wind," a fictional story about an attack against the US using EMP and military forces, and using vintage WWII aircraft to fight back. Available here:

7 8 18 Liberty Watch -Delightful interview with columnist Mona Charen about her new book, "Sex Matters: How Modern Feminism Lost Touch with Science, Love, and Common Sense," available here:  It is a history of feminism and its failures, and an understanding of how we got where we are, plus some of her personal experiences thrown in. Enchanting. 57.08

7 8 18 America Armed & Free - Author, journalist, and Texas CHL Instructor Chris Bird, on less gun control as an antidote to violent encounters. 52.11, interesting. 

7 1 18 Liberty Watch - Keith Williams is in Pennsylvania with “Americans for Fair Treatment,” an org which advocates for the rights of public employees not to support unions to which they do not belong in the guise of "agency fees." He comments on the recent Supreme Court case, "Janus vs. AFSCME." Very good 47.32

7 1 18 America Armed & Free - Bill Reeder with a fantastic 48 min on his 2016 book "Through The Valley - My Captivity In Viet Nam. This is an amazing true story of an attack helicopter pilot who was shot doen, badly injured, and marched from South Viet Nam all the way to Hanoi on a broken back and bare feet. WOW. Available here: .

6 24 18 Liberty Watch - CH on "Conversation With An Activist." This week I engaged with an activist who practices a "scorched earth" style of negotiation. It was a teachable moment. 50.05, good radio, if I do say so myself.

6 24 18 America Armed & Free - Marjorie Wildcraft of the grow network, , about do it yourself home medicine. Very interesting and funny. 51.25 

6 17 18 Liberty Watch - Mike Suski has led a VERY interesting life growing up in Flint Nichicgan, and rising to the #10 ranked heavyweight boxer in the world. Along the way he was a body guard for Donald Trump. Retired from boxing at 26, he is now an entrepeneur and an inventor in Arizona. His book, "Small Town Boxer," is available here:

6 17 18 America Armed & Free - Intriguing 51.24 with Retired Air Force Intelligence Officer Eric C. Anderson of the stqual to his book "Osirus," called "Anibus," available here: .

6 10 18 Liberty Watch - Fantastic 2 hrs compressed to 100 minures with Robert Gleason, author of "The Evil That Men Do." Gleason is also the Executive Editor of Tor Forge Books, having published many of the authors of those who have been guests on this program. Show starts with a shout out from George Noory to Liberty Watch and Gleason. Book available here:

6 3 18 Liberty Watch -49.23. I make some good points on activism, and have some good callers. 

6 3 18 America Armed & Free - First half with Rob Morse on ending school violence. Second half Maj Ed Pulido, with Folds of Honor, a charity helping families of the fallen with scholarships. 52.07

5 27 18 Liberty Watch - First half with Jon Riches of Goldwater Institute about a new law that will put people suing stage agencies on the same legal footing as the agency, and second half With Susan Carleson of American Civil Rights Union about welfare reform. 48.23

5 27 18 America Armed & Free - Author Casey Sherman of "Above and Beyond: John F. Kennedy and America's Most Dangerous Cold War Spy Mission." Fascinating 51.55 about the US mission over Cuba during the missile crisis, and the background of the  players in the events from JFK to the pilots and wives. Very well done book, available here: 

5 20 18 Liberty Watch - First two segments with USA Today's James Robbins on U.S. recognition of Jersulam as Israeli capitol, last segment CH cutting loose on how to make change.  50.02. Good radio.

5 13 18 Liberty Watch and America Armed & Free - Combined Liberty Watch and America Armed & Free 92 min mostly with Daniel Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement about turning Texas back into a republic, WITHOUT a revolution or any ethnic seperatism. His book is "Texit, Why And How Texas Will Leave The Union," and is available here:  VERY Interesting discussion with some good callers. 

5 6 18 Liberty Watch - Tom DeWeese discusses his FANTASTIC new book, "Sustainable, The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property," and Individuals. He outlines, chapter and verse the mechanism of so-called "sustainable development" and how it is being used to transform society and steal your freedom. Availabler from  45.15.

5 6 19 America Armed & Free - Inspiring story of James Hawes, former Navy SEAL and CIA Officer who built a Congolese raiding force on Lake Tanganyka in the mid 60's to fight comunist insurgents and ended up in a pitched fight with Che Guavara. 44.00.

4 29 18 Liberty Watch - Dr, Paul Brakke is a research scientist, and a self-made expert on prisonsm with his 5th book on how to reduce prison population and costs, Excellent 51.28

4 29 18 America Armed & Free - David Boulton joins in for the first three segments about being an early victim of John Wayne Gacy. Riveting. 51.47

4 22 18 Liberty Watch - Goldwater Institute VP of litigation Tim Sandefur about his new book, "Fredrick Douglas, Self-Made Man." Excellent 51.29

4 22 18 America Arned & Free = Inez Flestcher Stepman is an attorneywith ALEC, and explains that  unbeknownst to most parents, U.S. Department of Education investigations push schools to turn a blind eye to behavior that rises to criminality, in order to lower suspensions, expulsions, and juvenile arrests. The program is called reconciliatory justice. 51.48

4 15 18 Liberty Watch - First half with Eric Peters on a new proposal to put your driver's license on your smart phone with unlimited law enforcemnt access with no warrant. Second half with Caleb Trotter of Pacific Legal on government over reach of licensing laws. 50.40.

4 15 18 America Armed & Free - CH With a pretty good explanation of what is going on in Az right now with the legislature, and a good George Washington analogy on "assault weapons." 52.04

4 8 18 Liberty Watch - 49.45 on  Government Licensing Overreach, Jonathan Hausenschild  on Sales Tax on the internet amicus brief in the Supreme Court.

4 8 18 America Armed & Free - Mary Nida Smith, author and widow of WWII Submarine Vet with her book "Heroes Beneath The Waves," honoring and describing the servie of submarine service, with CDR Joel Greenberg USNR, in studio. 51.56

4 1 18 Liberty Watch - A delightful 46.39 with Hovie Smith, a gun writer, serial entrepeneur, and innovative businessman, on how to start a business in midlife.

4 1 18 America Armed & Free - Comand Master Chief of The Navy, James Herdt, on Medal of Honor Day. Excellent 41.50

3 25 18 Liberty Watch - Chris Macke with a model for taxation based on return on investment based tax cuts. He cannot assimilate that this means government picking winners and losers, no matter how many members of the audience and yours truly tell him so. Fascinating interchange. 50.35

3 25 18 America Armed & Free - The ever effervescent Guy Smith of on recent studies done on mass casualty shootings and what can be done to prevent them, and lessen injury if they happen. Fantastic 52.28!

3 18 18 Liberty Watch - First half with Sean Worthington about a new cryprocurrency he has designed, second half with James Stuber aboput bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. 52.02

3 18 18 America Armed & Free - Retired Major General Allen Youngman on monitoring the U.N. from the point of view of the  U.S. small arms industry and the Right To Keep And Bear Arms. Very interesting 52.18.

3 11 18 Liberty Watch - First half with Grover Norquist of Americans For Tax Reform, on tariffs. Second half on health savings accounts with Dr MArilyn Singleton who is both an MD and an attorney. Very lively  50.18,

3 11 18 America Armed & Free - Retired Major General Allen Youngman on monitoring the U.N. from the point of view of the  U.S. small arms industry and the Right To Keep And Bear Arms. Very interesting 52.18. 

3 4 18 Liberty Watch - First half Charles Commentary on school shootings. Second half John Horvatt on his concepts from his book, "Return To Order," on the "other" gun culture - that of movies and video games 50.14. 

3 4 18 First hald with recently retired Florida principal Sue Colton on reducing school violence. Second half with author Chris Bird on violence and gun free zones. 52.51

2 25 18 Liberty Watch - Discussion of "Shall Not Be Infringed by david A. Keene, former NRA President. Available from

2 25 18 America Armed & Free 
Continuation of discussion of "Shall Not Be Infringed" with author David A. Keene, former NRA President. 52.29.

2 18 18 Liberty Watch - Fascinating show with Bill Martin on his book, "America's Wrong Turns." 47.55, rare 2 hr episode, this is Part 1

2 18 18 America Armed & Free 2nd half of Bill Martin Interview. 54.55.

2 11 18 Liberty Watch - First three segments with Stewart Stevens on working in the whitehouse under 7 presidents, last segment on things you can do for freedom. 51.02

2 11 18 America Armed & Free - First half with legenday Navy Seal Lt. Jason Redman on leadership and teaching combat wounded military members how to mentor others, and also self-leadership. Second half CH on activism and RKBA.52.02

2 4 18 Liberty Watch - 48.18 with Elliot Pretcher on Bitcoin, block chain, and trends. 

2 4 18 America Armed & Free - 48.18 with Elliot Pretcher on Bitcoin, block chain, and trends. 

1 28 18 Liberty Watch - Absolutely fascinating hour with Georgetown Professor of Law Randy E. Barnett, about stare decisis, the concept of following legal precedent.His books are available here: Why precedent is so important, and why original meaning must sometimes trump it. 44 min.

1 28 18 America Armed & Free - Fun 50.30 with Dana Davis of Tucson's premier outdoor outfitter, Summit Hut, on hiking and outdoor gear, and places to go in Tucson, plus her success story first as an employee, then manager, and now owner of the store with her husband.  

1 21 18 Liberty Watch - CH engages with audience on bills before the legislature and activism, good calls, fairly lively. 48.49

1 21 18 America Armed & Free - Third novel in a series of Tier 1 Operators and spooks by Jeff Wilson and Brain Anderson. Very lively and informative. 51.07

1 14 18 Liberty Watch - Attorney, CPA, and whistleblolwer activist Michael McCray on whistleblower protection, and what he calls attacks against the media by the President., and why the 1A is so vital. Fascinating 51.15.

1 14 18 America Armed & Free - Paul Kix on his book "The Saboteur," about a famous French Commando named Rovert De La Rouchfocauld, whose bravado has to be read to be comprehended. He escaped from Nazi custody 3 times while working for the British SOE with the French Resistance. Spellbinding 53.31. Book available 

1 7 18 Liberty Watch - Joe Bastardi is a meteorologist and talks very specifically about the causes of warming with good stuff about the oceans. Very specific info, 47.34

1 7 18 America Armed & Free - Norm Novitsky of the new film "On Search Of Liberty," which is a teaching device about the Constitution, and good entertainment. 51.11

12 31 17 Liberty Watch - Very good 44.56 with Dr. Brett  Trusko, President and CEO  The International Association of Innovation Professionals, about the effects of technology on the future, and the certification of innovation professionals in cooperation with major universities. 

12 31 17 America Armed & Free - I take apart a recent article from the "Giffords Law Center" (to promote gun violence) on the observable tactics of those who wish to impose victim disarmament. 51.22

12 24 17 Liberty Watch - Dr. Kristen Held is an opthalmic surgeon and warns of further government take over of medicine, including the sweeping up of almost all patient records, as well as a national rating system for doctors which penalizes them for spending more time with patients. VERY informative. 50.22

12 24 17 America Armed & Free -  Dr. John Pendergrass, a retired opthalmic doc, about his year flying back seat in an F4 over Viet Nam and Laos, along with his medical duties, then his return to Viet Nam 45 years later to participate in an Iron Man Triathalon in his 70's. Fascinating story. 49.25 minutes. Book is "Racing Back To Viet Nam" available here: 

12 17 17 Liberty Watch - Chris Guillebeau is a serial entrepeneur, an author, and has great ideas about how to develop a "Side Hustle" in 27 days. Very uplifting and practical guy. His book is here: . Lively, uplifting discussion, and great advice. 49 min.

12 17 17 America Armed & Free - Lively discussion on The Supreme Court enforcing (or not) the Heller and Macdonald Decisions. 48 min.

12 10 17 Liberty Watch - Inspired 50.36 with Marianne Clyde of "Zentivity," a book for healing relationships in business and promoting a working, working culture. Available from , Really uplfting interview.

12 10 17 America Armed & Free - Pretty darned good 50.37 on explaining CCW reciprocity, NICS, and the issues surrounding it. Good caller argument. 

12 3 17 Liberty Watch - Wonderful 46.02 with Christopher Scalia, Former UVA English Professor and son of Justice Antonin Scalia on his book, "Scalia Speaks," a book of the edited speeches of the late Justice Scalia. Delightful, some good calls. Originalism, textualism, homosexual marriange - it's all here! Available from: 

12 3 17 America Armed & FreeGood 50.38, first half monologue by CH on national reciprocity, with an excellent caller from NY. Second half with Jon Riches of Goldwater Institute about the City of Phoenix committing an outrageous violation of the First Amendment by telling a homeowner he van't put up his 30 year traditional christmas lights and serve hot chocolate to passers by. 50.38,really chaps the hyde of freedom...

11 26 17 Liberty Watch - First half is with Law Professor Kimberle Wehle on why Hollywood may be better at getting rid of those guilty of sexual harassment better than government. She also spoke on government transparency. Good back and forth exchange. Second half with Dr. John Huber on a recent study from Cato on why many Americans are afraid to express their political opinions. 51.18.

11 26 17  America Armed & Free - Robert Spencer about his new book, "Confessions of An Islamaphobe." He points out the willful blindness of the left on what Sharia law could do  to the world. Good 52.06 book available at

11 19 17 Liberty Watch - Excellent 61.37 with Eric C. Anderson about his book Osiris, about the ISIS threat. Fact based fiction. This is a series and he will be back. Available from 

11 19 17 America Armed & Free - Interesting 35.53 on a meeting of a Humanist group, addressed by Arizonans for "gun safety."

11 12 17 Liberty Watch - Wonderful 50 min with Phylis Fender (widow of Leo) and son of one of the Fender employees Dr. Randall Bell about Lie Fender. Full of insights into charachter and a suprise reveal as to what drove Leo to make guitars. Available here: .

11 12 17 America Armed & Free - Inspired 51.01 with Army helicopter Capt. Bob Ford for Veterans Day on people who flew and crewed helicopters in Viet Nam. He is author of "Black Cat 2-1," available here: .

11 5 17 Liberty Watch - First half with Jon Riches, litigation chief at Goldwater Institute, about the "Right To Earn A Living Act," and its consequences on state regulation generally, and also the reverberations of it nationally. Other states are looking at same. Second half with Michael Cutler about the recent push to end the "Diversity Visa" Program. Good radio. 51.05

11 5 17  America Armed & Free - Brandon Tatum, former U of A Football player and former Tucson Police officer for 6 years, recently left the department for work with the Conservative Tribune. His vids on You Tube have been seen by millions about Trump from the viewpoint of a former liberal, now conservative Black Man. Also talks about morale of the Tucson Police Department. Excellent radio. 50.45.

10 29 17 Liberty Watch - Christine Sandefur, V.P. at Goldwater Institute on her recent testimony in front of the Az Supreme Court about the violation of the state constitution by the legislature and governor on Obama Care funding. Second half, commentary on bad ideas for government funding.  51.26, first half really good.

10 29 17 America Armed & Free - First half with David Codrea of the "War On Guns" site, about an article he wrote about a "law professor." Second half with MArianne Clide, a psychologist with some good ideas on the opioiod crisis. Good radio, second half some good humor. 49.01.

10 22 17 Liberty Watch - Wonderful 49.54 with Michael Medved about his book "The American Miracle - Divine Providence In The Rise of The American Republic," available from . Warm and personal interview with some humor.

10 22 17 America Armed & Free - Return visit of author Steven Goreham on what marijuana growers know about CO2 that climate scientists don't seem to know: CO 2 is plant food! 49.58

10 15 17 Liberty Watch - Spooky 49.09 With Tammi Loehrs and Michelle Busch of Loehrs and Associates, who do computer forensics in defending innocent people from wrongful prosecutions.

10 15 17 America Armed & Free - Dr  Gary Jackson, PhD, a clinical psychologist who has been both an officer with the CIA and in The Secret Service, now in business with an analytic system he has developed for predicting malicious behavior 51.22. Fascinating.

10 8 17 Liberty Watch - First half of fantastic interwiew with Dr. David T. Hardy, an attorney with a long history of pro-2A litigation including being on both Heller and MacDonald, and many other important cases of record, about his new book, "I'm From The Government, and I'm Here To Kill You," available here: . 51 min, Part 1.

10 8 17 America Armed & Free - 2nd Half of 2 Hr. interview (51 min) with David Hardy, on "I'm From The Government, and I'm Here To Kill You."

9 24 17 Liberty Watch - A local Tucson city councilman says some outrageous things on a talk radio interview, and I take it apart piece by piece, quoting state law, the city charter, and the Arizona Constitution. The man's statements are a train wreck, and I provide a front row seat to the collision. 50.35.

9 24 17 America Armed & Free - Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus engaged in some prevarication in an article he wrote in the Arizona Daily Star on Sept 21, and I respond to them pretty forcefully by demonstrating in studio with a firearm that shots through a suppressorr are NOT indistinguishable as gun shots. 51.32, pretty compelling. 

9 17 17 - Liberty Watch CH on Constitution Day. 48.12

9 17 17 America Armed & Free Professor John Harmon McElroy on his 7th book, his first Fiction, "Benjamin Franklin And The Quaker Murders." Excellent historical fiction interview 50.55

9 10 17 Liberty Watch - Driverless Cars and Drones, CH commentary. 47.24

9 10 17 America Armed & Free - Retired Navy Captain Al Melvin on military/maritime collisions at sea and training remedies. Good radio 48.28

9 3 17 Liberty Watch - Martha Boneta, a very interesting farmer at Mt. Vernon, Virginia with a George Mason law degree, who is VP of Citizens for The Republic, which was formed by Ronald Reagan in 1977, and points out that government does not sufficiently monitor energy subsidies.  24.51. Contact them at 

9 3 17 America Armed * Free - Very interesting discussion of a debate I had with Professor John H. McElroy about whether or not Lincoln was a tyrant, and the legal basis of secession. 68.10.

8 27 17 Liberty Watch - Author and engineer Steve Goreham returns with his new book "Outside The Green Box, Rethinking Sustainable Development." about sensible energy and pollition answers to problems. Very Good info. 47.38 Book Available here:

8 27 17 America Armed & Free - Today with Anthony Kohler about his new book, "Repeat: A Love Story For The Ages." 48.25 of good dialogue on a unique book concept, available here: warm conversation. 

8 20 17 Liberty Watch - Terry Beck joinsCharles about his book, "A Train of Thought," on his 40 years with the railroad. Warm , touching and funny. 44.07, available at:  

8 20 17 America Armed & Free - Today I report a verbatim conversation with a journalist/columnist with the Arizona Daily Star, who insists that one should forfeit his rights to keep and bear arms, in order to express his rights under the First Amendment. Said columnist then calls in to the radio station, and proceeds to duck the question. A 48.01 lesson in exactly why the media has lost its credibility. 

8 13 17 Liberty Watch Jonathan Butcher of Goldwater Institute on Education Empowerment accounts for mor Arizona studernt, 21.45.

8 13 17 America Armed & Free 90 munutes conpressed to 68 with the fascinating author of "Blackgawk Down, Mark Bowden on his new book, Hue 1968, A Turning Poiny if The War In Viet Nam" available here: 

6 17 Liberty Watch - CH on a combination of the President's privacy in his communications, and also civil asset forfeiture in Arizona and elsewhere. 45.54

8 6 17 America Armed & Free - Sean McFate is a former 82nd Airborn Ranger, and a PhD and professor at the American Defense University, and also a former "military provate contractor." his book is "Deep Black"   46.57 

7 23 17 Liberty Watch - First half with Dr Robin Burk, PhD, former professor at West Point, on the collapse of organized systems. Second half with Roger Stone, advisor to 4 presidents and on his new book, "The Making of The President, 2016."     50.43                                                                   http://

7 23 17 America Armed & Free - CH on a home defense use of force - was a 17 year old who fired a gun, justified? 39.47

7 16 16 Liberty Watch - Entrepeneur Peter Cove, a person who has been putting poor, homeless, and veterans back to work since 1984 in his company "America Works," using a for profit motive instead of non-profit, has a wonderful, practical book, "Poor No More: r\Rethinking The War On Poverty." Available here: http://​ . 74 minutes., one of the better interviews I'ver ever done.

7 16 17 America Armed & Free - A history of the Right To Keep And Bear Arms in Arizona and the formation of The Arizona Citizens Defense League.36.33

7 9 17 Liberty Watch - Very good 49.43 min with Mike Collier, a CPA with a creative side, former Peat Marwick partner and oil company CEO, with a view towards rooting out corruption in government, on his run for Comptroller of Texas, in his book, "Out of Comptrol." We spar a little bit. Good radio.

7 9 17 America Armed & Free - Excellent 52.08 with former sheriff's deputy Darron Spencer on his book, "Humane Policing." He takes an approach based on cooperation with the citizens rather than, "ask them, then tell them, then force them." Very uplifting.

7 2 17 Liberty Watch - Return of retired former senior special agent of INS Michael Cutler about the Enlist Act, which he views as a danger to the country by allowing injnow aliens into the military. 48.59.

7 2 17 America Armed & Free - Frank Desoma of PAtriot Ordinance Factory about his new "Revolution" AR-15 in .308 caliber. excellent 50 min. 

6 25 17 Liberty Watch - First half with Dr. Alieta Eck, M.D., who is a member and past president of Association pf American Physicians and Surgeons, a copunterpart to the AMA. She explains why health care is NOT a right. Second half with Dr. John Eastman of Claremont Institute on very important recent Supreme Court cases. 47.13

6 25 17 America Armed & Free - Archery expert caller Laurence and CH on archery, the air bow, [ellet guns, and last segment on citizen's arrest 50.46

6 18 17 Liberty Watch - Federalist columnist and feral libertarian Eric Peters joins in about an article he wrote called "Violence is Fungible," about current trends in political violence, and we go off on some interesting rabbit trails. Thoroughly enjoyable 50.26.

6 18 17 America Armed & Free - An hour  (52.39) On current shootings in hte news and how that has affected the fight for our rights.

6 11 17 Liberty Watch - Jim Fitis of The National Center for Police Defense, Inc.  Discussion of recent terrorism in the U.K. and arming British Cops. Ends with tribute to KVOI Host Emil Franzi, who passed away last week. 49.58 Good radio.

6 11 17 America Armed & Free - 
Good 52.03 with Robert Gleason about his new book, "And Into The Sun," about the possibility of nuclear terrorism. 

6 4 17 Liberty Watch = CH on things you can do for positive activism 25.52. 

6 4 17 America Armed & Free - Stephen Hunter on his new book, "G-Men," a work of historical fiction that is excellently done. Last half hour is CH on legal things you can own and some pitfalls on Class III Firearms. 76.59. Excellent radio.

5 28 17 Liberty Watch - Terry Schilling the executive director at American Principles Project on getting rid of hte fillibuster in The Senate, and  Mary Considine of Fisher House, helping families of injured veterans. 49.35

5 28 17 America Armed & Free - Bob Dvorchak about his reporting live from the front of Desert Shield and Desert Storm with the 82nd Airborne, from his book,  "Drive On: The Uncensored War of Bedouin Bob and the All-Americans"  52.17. Very good radio.

5 21 17 Liberty Watch - Marc Elliot, author of "Hollywood's Last Icon, Charlton Heston," a very deep, detailed, and fascinating look at the life of Heston from his early days as a child in Michigan until his death. Book was made very full and real by the author's extensive knowledge of the movie industry and the cooperation of his family. Many excellent pictures, taken professionally by Mrs. Lydia Heston. 82.52, great radio.

5 21 17 America Armed & Free - CH on fake gun news. 19.28. Revealing. 

5 14 17 Liberty Watch - Many cities and states have handheld device ordnances governing driving and texting. Thankfully, Arizona does not. Fascinating hour with systems engineer and former C-141 and HH3 piolot Marl Spear.  50.05 - learn how to more SAFELY text and drive!

5 14 17 America Armed & Free - Dr. John Edeen of Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership on the medical aspects of hearing loss and silencers.  52.40

5 7 17 Liberty Watch - Excellent 49.40 with Dr. Shirley Svorny, PhD, on Pima County Economics - what we could dp to make the economy great for everyone, not just a few companies. 

5 7 17 America Armed & Free - Return of Captain Michael Guardia with his 10th book on military history, "Fires of Babylon: Eagle Troop and the Battle of 73 Easting.." 52.40, informative. 

4 30 17 Liberty Watch - Former INS senior special agent Michael Cutler returns about sanctuary cities. As usual, dead on accurate. 50.22, good radio. 

4 23 17 Liberty Watch and most of America Armed & Free - 91.55 extended interview with former Graham County Richard Mack on The Freedom Coalition .com and getting wrongfully burcratically convicted people pardoned. Excellent radio.

4 30 17 America Armed & Free - CH  on Arizina progress on RKBA, and more on activism done right. 50.54

4 23 17 America Armed & Free - 11.55 CH on doing activism the right way.

4 16 17Liberty Watch - CH on Civil Asset Forfeiture. 47.43 .

4 16 17 America Armed  & Free - CH one hour (53 min) on use of lawful force in self-defense.

4 9 17 Liberty Watch - Interesting 50.45 with Christian Britschgi of about Arizona's innovative "Right To Earn A Living" law just signed by Governor Ducey.

4 9 17 America Armed & Free - Ryan Mauro, PhD Candidate and security analyst with, about Iran, Syris, Trumpm and the new paradigm. Fascinating 53.53

4 2 17 Liberty Watch - Professor David A. Nichols on his new book "Ike And McCarthy, Dwight Eisenhower's Secret Campaign Against Joseph McCarthy " Very good 65.11 on a newly revealed set of facts = how Ike's behind the scenes team too out McCarthy politically. 

4 2 17 America Armed & Free - Excellent 35 min on warning shots with Massad Ayoob.

3 26 17 Liberty WatchProf David Schoenbrod on his new book "DC Confidential," about how to return accountability to government. 79.15

3 26 17 America Armed & Free - Charles on Freedom Expo and Sheriff Richard Mack's efforts to get innocent people out of jail  24.35

3 19 17 Liberty Watch John Anthony of Sustainable Freedom on how to back down regulations that are using HUD to rewrite flood plain regulations in to "climate change" zones that keep people from developing their property. Lots of calls, 48.23. 

3 19 17 America Armed & Free - First half with Dan Dozier, former Marine Captain, who now writes on defense topics, and believes we should spend less, not more, on military. Good discussion. Second half with Chris Bird on his  recent Washington Times article on how to fight back against a terrorist or spree killer. 51.03.

3 12 17 Liberty Watch - Stuart Taylor Jr. Is the author of 5 books and is a former jopurnalist and an attorney. His book is about the violations of due process and other constitutional violations in cases of accused sexual misconduct. excellent 50.28.

3 12 17 America Armed & Free - Sgt. Mike Dietsch has been with Tucsom Police since 1992 in many roles, currently the supervisor of the fatal accident investigation squad. He explains why investigations take the effor they do, and discusses some recent fatal accidents. Very good 52.03.

3 5 17 Liberty Watch - Fascinating 81 minutes with University of Windsor Law Professor Will Bogart about legalizin drugs. 

3 5 17 America Armed & Free - CH on explaining the ten crimes which may justify the use of deadly force. 22 min.

2 25 17 Liberty Watch - Greg Kozera, engineer, coach, and author on fracking with a new book called, "Just The Fracks, Ma'm" Very good, 50.35

2 25 17 America Armed & Free - Jeff Wilson and Brian Andrews about their latest edition in the Tier 1 Series, "War Shadows." Brian is a nuclear submarine vet and Jeff is a combat surgeon, ans they weave an interesting tale. 52.05

2 19 17 Liberty Watch - The always interesting Attorney for Freedom Marc Victor, with his 5 points on self-defense, and a new retainer program he has for people who carry a gun in self-defense. 49.43. 

2 19 17 America Armed & Free - Continuation of first hour topic of self-defense with audience and some very good questions on when you can and can't use deadly force in self-defense. 51.44

2 12 17 Liberty Watch - Ed Conard of Bain Capitol and American Enterprise Fellow and economist, cack on the book end interview from 10 16 16 on, "The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class." Fascinating. 78 minutes

2 5 17 Liberty Watch Today I finished what I started on the use of force in self defense and dealing with the aftermath and the cops. Very good advice.  48.42

2 5 17 America Aremed & Free - Jim Cantrell of Vector Space joined in about lauching 100 small payload (up to 220 lbs) times a year. FASCINATING
discussion! 51.12.

1 29 17 Liberty Watch - Wonderful 57.25 with Frank Sesno of CNN, NPR, and head of the Communications Department at George Washington University about his new books, "Ask More." It is a primer on how to ask questions to achieve goals, motovate people, and do interviews. Vey lit up conversation. 58.27

1 29 17 America Armed & Free - How to make sure the police know that you are the victim in a defensive use of force, and answering questions from callers. 42.11

1 22 17 Liberty Watch - Third visit with Steve Goreham, author of "The Mad, Mad World of Climatism," available at , about likely coming changes with the Trump Administration on environmental policy. Up to date and on point. 47.24. Excellent, some humor. 

1 22 17 America Armed & Free - Christopher Bartocci is a vereran, former tool mark examiner, former Colt Employee, forensic scientist, historian, and consultant to many companies about the AR-15 pattern rifle. Fascinating technical interview about the AR-15. 52.20. Find his excellent videos on You Tube by searching his name, or  

1 15 17 Liberty Watch - John Anthony is the head of Sustainable Freedom Lab, an org dedicated to returning liberty to the USA with some very credible methods. They have a DVD on it. Fascinating 50.25. 

1 15 17 America Armed & Free - Interesting dissertation by CH on HR 38 now before Congress, the "Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017," to force states to accept other states CCW permits. Good explanation of the bill, and a good knock down drag out bout with an attorney who was listening from Utah. 53.05.

1 8 17 Liberty Watch - First half with Tom Jenny of Americans for Prosperity, on 2017 agenda - schools, Govm't Transparency, and freedom of employment. Second half with Gary Byrne, former Secret Service Officer on upcoming innaguration. 50.27

1 8 17 America Armed & Free - Christopher Kelly, author of "America Invades," about the 54 countries that the U.S. has invaded, and the 190 with whom we have military interaction. On point and some what humerous interview. 48.06

1 1 17 Liberty Watch - First half with Jan Edwards about human trafficing, and how How Sex Trafficking Is Preventable, . 2nd half with legendary commedian and impressionist Rich Little about his new book, "Little by Little." Excellent and funny interview. 50.15.

1 1 17 America Armed & Free - Excellent 52.48 with Captain Mike Guardia, US Army, a tank commander and historian, now on his 11th book. This one is called "Shadow Commander," about the exploits of Donald Blackburn in the Phillipines in WWII after avoiding capture in Corregedor, and forming a guerilla army which defeated the Japanes on Luzon, thenm on to Special Forces in Viet Nam. 

12 25 16 Liberty Watch - Stephen L. Moore about his book, "As Good As Dead," about the escape of only 11 of 143 Sailors and Marines from the Palawan massacre in 1944. 51.51, compelling. 

12 25 16 - America Armed & Free - Retired Air Force Major Mark Spear, systems engineer and pilot, on proposed city ordnance on handheld devices and driving. Tucson is really about to step in it. 55.40

Stephen L. Moore about his book, "As Good As Dead," about the escape of only 11 of 143 Sailors and Marines from the Palawan massacre in 1944. 51.51, compelling. 

12 18 16 Liberty Watch - Mike Schober has a book on "The Accidental Free Society," tracing the rootsw of freedom and some choice words on preserving it. 48.48, good radio.

12 18 16 America Armed & Free - Wayne Semenko owns and operates SNG Tactical, and this is a 50.50 min guide on how to build an AR patern rifle or buy the right accessories for one and the pistol to go with it. 

12 11 16 Liberty Watch - Sean Hofhine co-hosts with me on a discussion of proper behavior at a traffic stop.   47.43

12 11 16 America Armed & Free - Fascinating conversation with Ray Kirk of Raker on 27 years of custom knife making. Ray was on "Forged In A Fire." Co-hosted with Sean Hofhine. 39.52

12 4 16 Liberty Watch Rolling argument with Patrick Rosensteil of "Popular Vote" on why we should give the electoral vote to the popular result. The national popular vote people want to create a resuolt that goes against the intent ofthe electoral collage, empowering individuals, rather thatn states. He does not grasp why that would ruin federalism, but it's an interesting discussion. 46.59. Lively.

12 4 16 America Armed & Free - Fascinating discussion with Bill Forstchen about the military's willingness to disobey illegal orders. 46.44.

11 27 16 Liberty Watch - CH with audience on the "Popular Vote" movement to elinate the Electoral College via state compact rather than constitutional amendment. Fascinating discussion and frank interaction.  50.28

11 27 16 America Armed & Free - Michael Doran served in the Bush administration as a senior advisor in the State Department and a deputy assistant secretary of defense in the Pentagon. He is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC, specializing in Middle East security issues.  His well researched book, "Ike's Gamble," shows how the U.S. rose to be the dominant foreign power in the Middle East. 47.38

11 20 16 Liberty Watch - Randy Miller and Dr. Phil Romero on a new concept for financing called, "Health Insurance Revenue Bond," a concept like whole life health insurance. Very good discussion.  43.51

11 20 16 America Armed & Free = Army Col Jim Callahan (Ret.) on survival proceedures. Jim is a former hellicopter aviator and former batallion CO at the MArana National Guard Station, as well as a former FBI Agent. Fascinating guy, good listneing 49.46.

11 13 16 Liberty Watch - Kati Marton has written 9 books. This one, "True Believer: Stalin's American Spy; " is about Noel Field and his betrayal of his country.  Excellent 50.27

11 13 16 America Armed & Free - First half with Ken Speer and Cara Lee of Veterans Chamber of Commerce. Second half CH on dealing with the politics of emotion. 53.29

11 6 16 Liberty Watch - Return of senior Special Agent of INS Michael Cutler, on his recent article on Hillary's misdeeds. Excellent 50.16

11 6 16 America Armed & Free - First half CH on local elections, 2nd half with Dave Rafus, of 1 Veteran Foundation, uniting service
dogs with vets in need.  52.25

10 30 16 Liberty Watch Ed Conard is the former business partner of Mitt Romney at Bain Capital, and a scholar at The American Enterprise Institute. His book is "The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class " Fantastic 70.05 with a brilliant economist. He will be back to  further talk about this book. It's that good. Order it at:  

10 30 16 America Armed & Free - Today I related an experience of speaking to a class at the U of A this week about the history of the formation of AzCDL, and the suprise early exit I got from same. 

10 23 16 Combined Liberty Watch and America Armed & Free - 2 wonderful hours with the esteemed wisdom and humor of Bill Forstchen about his soon to be released "The Final Day," third in a series of three starting with "One Second After." Conpressed down to 90 min. What radio should be. 

10 16 16 Liberty Watch - Wonderful 75.33 with Will Brownell, of the book "First Nazi" about General Ludendorf, who really was the "S[iritual" foundr of the movement and oneof the losing generals of WWI. Fascinating.

10 16 16 America Armed ^ Free - Excellent 2 segments with Dean Weingarten, retired military officer, law enforcement officer, and author, on a possible Second Amendment for Mexico. 25.25

10 9 16 Liberty Watch - John Horvatt returns about the current "war on police," and the use of force by cops. 50.33, pretty lively. 

10 9 16 - America Armed & Free - I waxed philosophic on activism, and dealing with police. 53.07

10 2 16 Liberty Watch - Return of Kathleen Hartnett-White on American energy independence, and a discussion of climate change with a good caller.  46.35

10 2 16 America Armed & Free - CFH on activism and a report on GRPC. 53.22

9 4 16 Liberty Watch - Today I talked a little bit about a piece by Star Parker on black poverty, and then widene the topic to Prosperity, and gave an example oabout what kind of people Americans are. 51.10

9 4 16 America Armed & Free - Jeff Wilson and Brian Andrews have written a book together called "Tier One," abot elite SEAL and other special ops teams in a hell of a good yarn. Andrews is a Submarine officer and Wilson is a Doctor with medical experience attached to Naval Special Forces. Very Good 52.46

8 28 16 Liberty Watch -  Jonathan Hoffman is a columnist for the Tucson Weekly, and a well known libertarian essayist. H covered the hearing in Tucson of The Goldwater Institute suing Pima County for violations of the Gift Clause of The Arizona Constitution. Relavence? Most states have just such a provision. 51.13

8 28 16 America Armed & Free - Doug Hawk Wrote an excellent, well researched book,  “A Treatise on 2nd Amendment Rights in the 21st Century”? Very informative hour, 53.05.

8 21 16 Liberty Watch - Today Engineer Harry and I engage about "climate change" on his last day before retirement. 50.16

8 21 16 America Armed & Free - Whole program with former INS Senior Sspecial Agent Michael Cutler about issues of integrity in public service, and what would happen to a federal agent if he was not responsible with secret materials. 51.44, excellent radio.

8 14 16 Liberty Watch - Today I read from a piece by Heritage on voter I.D. with commentary and joined by Harry Alexander on his last day in broadcasting before retirement. 50.00, good radio.

8 14 16 America Armed & Free - Excellent segments with Bill Perkins on Scouting, olympices, shootuing programs, education, and the combination of the above. Catch the music coming back from the breaks. 53.50.

8 7 16 Liberty Watch - First half with Bill Wellman Jr. on his career in Hollywood, Star Trek, and in the Billy Jack Series of movies. 2nd half yours truly on reacting out of reason not emotion to political situations. 50.26

8 7 16 America Armed & Free - Georgetown Law Professor Rosa Brooks on her new book, "How Everything Became War, and The Military Became Everything." Fascinating discussion 51.51.

7 31 16 Liberty Watch - Very interesting discussion with Mike Swanson of the Computer Guru Show on KVOI about Net Neutralty. 49.52

7 31 16 America Armed & Free - First half with Fred Lucas of Heritage's Daily Signal about President Obma's statements that it is easier to get a gun than a book. Second half with PAul Taylor of The US Navy's Heritage Command on the USS Indianapolis. 49.16

7 24 16 Liberty Watch - Gary J. Byrne, retired Secret Service Officer and Federal Air Marshall, about his new book, "Crisis of Character," about his time in the White House near the door of the Oval Office in the Clinton Administration. Excellent radio  58.32

7 24 16 America Armed & Free - Fascinating 36.35 with retired Tucson Police Captan Mark Napier on police relations with minorities.

7 17 16 Liberty Watch - Reynold Conger has an interesting idea for a work of fiction: what if medical costs are being reduced by Obama Care, by killing patients?   Reducing Health Costs (at the Cost of Health) 50.14

7 17 16 America Armed & Free - Interesting hour on building an AR-15, and some good calls. 50.10

7 10 16 Liberty Watch - First half of a 2 hour interview with co-authors of "Fueling Freedom," with Kathleen White. Good scientific explanations of why there is a war against energy in the U.S. 44.09

7 10 16 America Armed & Free -2nd half of 2 Hr interview with co-author of "Fueling Freedom"Stephen Moore. Fantastic  52.54

7 3 16 Liberty Watch - First half with Michael Hunter of Goldwater on Governor Ducey's executive order banning state agencies from using taxpayer money to hire outside lobbyists to lobby the legislature for more tax money. Part 2, CH explains why City of Tucson is breaking the law by trying to regulate guns. 51.03 min.

7 3 16 America Armed & Free - Return of Jack Cashill on his new book, "TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover Up, The Conspiracy." New evidence has come to light in the form of FOIA requests, people who have come forward, and some new video evidence. Jack has a PhD from Purdue, and has researched this topic so thoroughly over the last 20 years. Excellent,  52.06 Get it here:

6 26 16 Liberty Watch Phenominal interview with a preeminent constitutional expert on restoring lost rights Georgetown Prof Randy Barnett, about his new book, "Our Republican Constitution." 90 min, compressed to  75.15

6 26 16 America Armed & Free - Return of USA Today columnist Jim Robbins about the Orlando terrorist incident, and his article about it  23.11, good radio.

6 19 16 Liberty Watch - Attorney and author Christopher Leibig on his new book, "Almost Mortal," about an attorney who can look into people;'s minds. 50.19

6 19 16 America Armed & Free - CH on current proposed gun legislation, and second half on armed self-defense. 52.46

6 12 16 Liberty Watch -First half a rebuttal of erroneous info on another program on the station, second half with Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner.49.51

6 12 16 America Armed & Free - Very good interview with attorney and author Jeffrey Stephens of "Rogue Mission," his 4th in a series with his main charachter Jordan Sandor, a CIA operator. 53.21

6 5 16 Libwerty Watch - Dr. Randall Bell of the boom, "Rich Habits, Rich Life." Excellent 76.46 with an expert at disaster recovery analysis. Commentart in the book Rich Habits, Rich Life. Everyon should read his bood! 76.25!

5 29 16 Liberty Watch - First half with audience on President Jackson and some on Civil War. Second half with Kelley Vlahos on Conservatism. 49.36

5 29 16 America Armed & Free - World War II Merchant MArine Sailor Sandy Sandiford tells about his service on the Murmansk run. 50.52 Great Radio

5 22 16 Liberty Watch - CH on bill signed by Az Gov to lighten regulation, and good arguments with 2 callers. 49.52

5 22 16 America Armed & Free - Dr. Jim Nicholson, author of "George 3/7," a history of Marine combat in Korea. Fascinating interview with someone who was there.  53.41 

5 8 16 Liberty Watch - Graduating UA Journalism Senior Kasey Shores on the stat of J School at hte U of A. Stories of political correctness and editing without consent. Excellent radio!.  52.57

5 8 16 - America Armed & Free CH on a dog, naval power, and Arizona Gun bills. 51.26

5 1 16 Liberty Watch - CH on some gun bills going through Arizona's Legislature, and some principled steps on activism. One good caller. 48.44.

5 1 16  America Armed & Free - Roland White has a fantastic book, "Into The Black," which is a history of the first Space Shuttle MIssion and the program, including the personalities. He is an aviation writer, an aviation enthusiast, and loves the American "Can Do" spirit. As a Brit, that's saying a lot. The man is completely at home in his topic, and fascinating to listen to. Don't miss this interview.  51.37

4 24 16 Liberty Watch - Absolutely wonderful 79.21 with Tim and Christina Sandefur, authors of "The Cornerstone of Liberty," about restoring property rights. 

4 24 16 America Armed & Free - CH on new laws going through the legislature in Arizona. 21.43

4 17 16 Liberty Watch - Jim Manley If Goldwater Institute on Gift Clause Lawsuit agains Pima County  49.04

4 17 16 America Armed & Free - First half David Horsanyi on John Kerry's visit to Hiroshima and apology tour. Second half Phillip Wegmann on proposed silencer regulation. 50.45

4 10 16 Liberty Watch - Interview with 2 phenomenal guests, Laura Kamoie and Stephanie Dray on their book, "First Daughter," about Martha "Patsy" Jefferson Randolph. 90 min, compacted to 70. Read this book if you like history!

4 10 16 America Armed & Free - My take on some pending Az bills, and banks discriminating against lending to firearm related businesses.  22.43

4 3 16 Liberty Watch - First half of 2 hrs with Senator Al Melvin on return to state control of federal lands, water rights, desalinization, interesting stuff. 52.24

4 3 16 America Armed & Free - Second half of 2 hrs with Senator Al Melvin about a deep water port near Gymas, Mexico and its implications to Arizona. Partial co-hosting with Sean Hofhine, KVOI's newest host on "Brushfires of Freedom." 52.39

3 27 16 Liberty Watch - Dr. Peter Langdon Ward is an American Earth scientist and geophysicist who has studied microearthquakes associated with active fault systems and volcanic eruptions throughout the western United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Iceland, Central America, and the East African Rift System. He developed a Prototype global volcano surveillance system[1] that relayed data through the ERTS satellite.  He has a brilliant new book on the cause of global warming, and it isn't CO2! His book is "What Really Causres Global Warming?" 77.54 (90 min condensed.)

3 27 16 America Armed & Free - Jenna Moll is Deputy Director of the US Justice Action Network. They are in favor, along with a coalition of both liberal and conservative groups, refpr,ing civil asset forfeiture laws so as to require a criminal conviction before the seizure of any assets.  Good radio 22.17.

3 20 16 Liberty Watch _ Nick Dranias is a brilliant attorney, formerly of The Goldwater Institute, and now President of Compact For America. This is  about a rational way to have an Article 5 Convention for a balanced budget without havinga "runaway convention." FASCINATING 48.32 minutes. Don't miss this one!

3 20 16  America Armed & Free - CH on travel across the country with guns and transport on airlines. 52.50.

3 13 16 Liberty Watch - Fascinating interview with Justice Antonin Scalia from 2014 by The Federalist Society. 57 min.

3 13 16 America Armed & Free - The music of freedom and guns. 60 min. Enjoy!

3 6 16 Liberty Watch - First half is an explanation of the Apple vs. FBI case, and the secong half is with former FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley, about details ffrom a former insider and anti-terrorism expert.  50.21

3 6 16 Aerica Armed & Free - Dr. Robb Young of Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO.US) on a variety of topics from allowing hospital workers to be armed, to boundary violations by unqualified doctors talking to patients about guns. 52.02

2 28 16 Liberty Watch - Matt Mayer is with the American Enterprise Institute, and we went into great detail about the Apple vs. FBI controversy. Excellent conversation, 46.10

2 28 16 America Armed & Free - Excellent hour with Samuel Katz about his book,THE GHOST WARRIORS: Inside Israel’s Undercover War Against Suicide Terrorism.  53.34

2 21 16 Liberty Watch - Today two brilliant attorneys on various aspects of the affect of the loss of Justice Scalia on the Court. John Malcolm & Dean Reuter. Very good radio.49.04

2 21 16 America Armed & Free - First half CH with commentary on th "Living Constitution" and the 2nd Amendment, and second half with Captain Cully Stimpson, a senior member of the Navy JAG Corps, about the IPhone/FBI controversey. 49.53. Great radio!

2 14 16 Liberty Watch - Hans van Spakovsky of Heritage, an expert on elections, on why an initiative in 11 states to nullify the Electoral College, is a horrible idea. 51.01 Great radio. 

2 14 16 America Armed & Free - Another fascinating visit to the world of airguns with Tom Gaylord, this time about air powered cross bows and .30 cal break barrel air guns! 53.28

2 7 15 Liberty Watch - Today I talked about G. Edward Griffen's "Creed of Freedom," with commentary. 51.20

2 7 16 America Armed & Free - Today I commented on several gun bills going through the Arizona Legislature. 51.20, quite relevant to all states fight for the RKBA.

1 31 16 Combined Liberty Watch and America Armed & Free - Excellent combined Liberty Watch and America Armed & Free interview of Chris Bird on his new book, "Stopwatch of Death," dealing with mass casualty attacks, due out soon. 2 Hrs . compressed to 81 minutes.

1 24 16 Liberty Watch - Jeff Clayton, Policy Director of the American Bail Coalition, a non-profit organization that is committed to developing the most efficient means for the pretrial release of criminal defendants by reducing the financial impact on state government and taxpayers, while maximizing public safety. Interesting discussion of a possible landmark bad case in San Francisco, called "Buffin vs. San Francisco." 52.51

1 24 16 America Armed & Free - First segment is Aaron Brudenell with a report on new stuff from SHOT Show. Second half CH on defensive uses of force.  54.21

1 17 16  Liberty Watch - Today I rebutted Victoria Steele's op ed in the paper about background checks, the mythical "gun show loophole," and the no-fly list. I hope she pays attention. 51.27

1 17 16 America Armed & Free - Retired Army Col. and Nobel Laureate Robert Sholley on designing security and proper threat assessment. 54.33

1 10 16 Liberty Watch - Logan Albright of Freedomworks on Obamacare. 51.24

1 10 16 America Armed & Free - Attorney David T. Hardy of Arms And The Law Blog about the president's recent executive actions. 54.12

1 3 16 Liberty Watch - Rudy Takala of Freedomworks on the national debt. 50.44

1 3 16 America Armed & Free - CH on how to hold a gun. 52.18

12 27 15 Liberty Watch Ed Berry, PhD in physics and a certified meteorologist on why CO2 is  not the cause of global warming, and some proof of fraud in the published statistics. Fascinating!  56.59

12 20 15 Liberty Watch - First half CH reading an article on lack of DHS transparency, with commentary. Second Half with Jill Gonzales of Wallet hub about identity theft. 46.14

12 13 15 Liberty Watch - Virginia Hughes on getting civincs back into the classroom in the elementary and secondary schools for Bill of Rights Day. 50 min, very good radio.

12 13 15 America Armed & Free - Today I read the story of a 2007 defensive use of force in Grand Rapids Michigan by Jeff Dykehouse, with commentary. Very good radio. 49.06

12 6 15 Liberty Watch - Retired Air Force Major and systems engineer Mark Spear on the future of the "traffic justice Movement," now that the red light cameras have been struck down by ballot measure. 45.20

12 6 15 America Armed & Free - A review of things you can do to make your office environment more safe from a mass casualty attack such as happened in San Bernadino California last week.  Pretty good radio.53.25

11 29 15 Liberty Watch & America Armed & Free Combined- Possibly best interview to date with Dr. John Harmon McElroy about his new book, "America's Culture,It's Exceptional Character And Enemies," a treatise on how to defeat political correctness. Some fire in the interview as we disagree about several issues, and listen to Charles come off the hinges twice. Compacted to 103 mon. Hot Radio. 

11 22 15 Liberty Watch - Greg Shannon-Leavitt on his ongoing battle with the courts over his non-profit's help to people without a law license. His non-profit prepares documents for people and the court hates it when he does that. 48.17

11 22 15 America Armed & Free - Excellent interview with Patrick Robinson, Author of "Lone Survivor," and most recently "Lion of Sabray," about the Afgan side of the story of the rescue of Marcus Latrelle. Mohamed Gulab was a child Mujahadin against the Russians, and a respected elder of his toen. Tribal code of honor required that he protect the wounded SEAL. Hear his side of the story.54.45

11 15 15 Liberty Watch - Discussion of Heritage article on  Civil Asset Forfeiture with Jonathan Hoffman. Good radio. 50.33

11 15 15 America Armed & Free - Excellent hour with Claude Berube, on his new novel in the continuation of the Connor Stark Series, "Syren's Song." Co-hosted with Jonathan Hoffman.We cover EMP, history, ship types, capabilities, and Claude who is a history professor ath The U.S. Naval Academy, goes off on some wonderful history rants. Great Radio!  53.23

11 8 15 Liberty Watch - Return visit and fairly hot discussion with Retired INS senior special agent Michael Cutler, on how to use local governments to make the immigration choices that the federal government just won't do.  29.55

11 8 15 America Armed & Free - Return of Aaron Brudenell of the Tucson crime lab, and Ian McCollum of forgotten weapons .com about Old Guns. Good radio! 72.12

11 1 15 Liberty Watch - Wayne Hammer has an interesting book, called "Shifts." 46.22

11 1 15 America Armed & Free - First half with Masad Ayoob on training, and second half CH on background check and self-defense.  54.41

10 25 15 - Liberty Watch - Mark Spear is a retired Air Force Major, C-141 pilot, H3 pilot, and systems engineer. He is helping lead the fight agains traffic cameraas. 49.45

12 20 15 - Another wonderful appearance of Tom Gaylord about a new Colt Replica 6 gun BB Gun, A big bore "Texan," PCP Rifle, and a $100 PCP powered airgun. Fun! 47.13

10 25 15 America Armed & Free -  First half Charles on Bloomberg and "background check." Second hald with Dr. Peter Steinmetz on getting rid of TSA 53.22

10 18 15 Liberty Watch - CH on Civil asset forfeiture 51.14. Pretty good hour.

10 18 15 America Armed & Free - Former F-16 Wild Weasel pilot and author Dan Hampton on his Book, "The Hunter Killers, about the first Wid Weasel SAM killers in Viet Nam. 53.40, great radio.

10 11 15 Liberty Watch - William Forstchen returns about his sequal, "One Year After." Fantastic 75 minutes on the book, old planes, and military history. 

10 11 15 America Armed & Free - Anthony Hennen of Red Alert Politics dot Com on the real statistics of CCW carriers committing crime. 24.26

10 4 15 Liberty Watch - Engineer Robert Brandt about clean air from power plants and government not doing what is in the best interest of people. Good Radio 54.51

10 4 15 America Armed & Free - Antonia Okafor  with Students For Concealed Carry about the recent Oregon shootings and campus carry.52.04

9 27 15 Liberty Watch - First half a political debate in the election for Emperor of the Galaxy between reigning Emperor Sith Lord Badnarek and young upstart challenger Jedi Knight Obi Wan Ross. Second half, music of freedom. 49.20 min

9 27 15 America Armed & Free - Anthony Hennen of Red Alert Politics dot Com on the real statistics of CCW carriers committing crime. 24.26

9 13 15 Liberty Watch - Author of 10 books Jack Cashill returned with his new work, "Scarlett Letters," about how the left demonizes those who believe in freedom and the rule of law. Excellent 6 segment interview, compressed to 74 min.

9 20 15 America Armed & Free - CH on the use of force in self-defense. 24.31.

9 13 15 America Armed & Free - Short segment with CH answering questions about self-defense with attorney Ron Zack. 22.16

9 6 15 Liberty Watch - Betty Sue Prollock, on her book, "The Abominations of the Obama-Nation," which details the progressive campaign to separate the United States from its moral ideologies. 51.52

9 6 15 America Armed & Free - First half with B.J. Finell of Special Forces Charitible Trust, on a fund raiser they are doing. Second half CH and Ron Zack answering questions about the use of force in self-defense. 51.23.

9 20 15 Liberty Watch - Wonderful 90 min condensed to 78.13 on his book "The End of Doom," about how the envirenmental doomsayers are not correct, and why. We will conduct a second interview on this book, as we couldn't cover it in one sitting.

8 30 15 Liberty Watch - First half with Jon Riches of Goldwater about the left's attempt to regulate free soeech by labelling it "Dark Money. Second half CH on The purpose of government and your duty as a radio caller to ask the hired help at the legislature, "what is the stated purpose of government, according to the state constitution?" 50.51

8 30 15 America Armed & Free - 54.13. CH on responding to the anti-freedom screed of people who want to steal your rights

8 23 15 Liberty Watch - First half of fantastic interview with Prof. Larry Schweikart of Univ of Dayton, author of over 20 books, and this one about his latest, "A Patriot's History of The Modern World Vol II, From The Cold War To The Age of Entitlement: 1945 - 2012.  44.27

8 23 15 America Armed & Free - Second half of excellent interview with Professor Larry Schweikart of "A Patriot's History Of The Modern World." 46.59

8 16 15 Liberty Watch - Evan Cutler is the founder of, a  watchdog group that monitors theft and abuse by TSA. Interesting 50.57.

8 16 15 America Armed & Free - Amazing  53.50 with Chris Sajnog (pronounced Sigh Nog) the Navy SEAL Chief who wrote their sniper course curriculum. Now retired and teaching civilian and law enforcement courses, he has written his second book, "Navy SEAL Shooting." The book is a tour de force on all topics related, including relaxation techniques, goal setting, and range planning. Chris Sajnog is a blessing to the shooting community. Don't miss this interview. 

8 9 15 Liberty Watch - Professor Josh Blackman on whether or not the Obergenfel decision will lead to nationwide regognition of CCW permits. Excellent discussion, 52 min.

8 9 15 America Armed & Free - CH And audience on the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, based on book by Susan Southard.  52.56

8 2 15 Liberty Watch - Return of retired Senior Special Agent Michael Cutler on recent release of thousands of violent illegal immigrant felons from custody. Good radio.50.20

8 2 15 America Armed & Free - First half with Dr. Robert B. Young, a professor of psychiatry in upstate NY and author of an excellent article on "Who Are The Mass Killers." Second half Charles on a pending possible charge against LCDR Timothy White, who shot back at terrorist in the Tennessee attacik. I got pretty passionate with this one. 52.26

7 19 15 Liberty Watch = Dan Kish of The American Energy Alliance, on the now 27 states suing the EPA for overreach, based on a recent Supreme Court ruling. Great radio.  42.17

7 26 15 America Armed & Free -Carrie Lightfoot about "The Well Armed Woman," her holster and accessories company, as well as her nationwide non-profit women's shooting club and instruction program with over 150 affiliates. Great radio. 52.53

7 19 15 America Armed & Free - Return of Bob Shell, writer and expert on obselete cartriges and more. Wonderful hour.  49.10

7 12 15 Liberty Watch - Dr. Richard Amerling, President of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, about the "fix" being in at Supreme Court for Obama Care. Good radio. 49.54

7 12 15 America Armed & Free - Former Army Captain Bob Ford, Huey pilot in 67-68, survivor of attack on Hue and Tet Offensive, with book "Black Cat 2-1," about his experience. Well written and goodradio. 53.35

7 5 15 Liberty watch - First half with Jared Blanchard of Goldwater about rubbing the City of Scottsdale's nose in the Constitution for prohibiting "sign walkers," in violation of both Az. Constitution and letter of state law on banning business "sign walkers." Second half with Maria James, Gold Star daughter of the late Lt. Col Leon James, on behalf of the organization 50.12. 

7 5 15 America Armed & Free - Chip Hunnicut of Crosman Airguns on the SR 357, a wonderfull little BB Gun with 3/4" accuracy and CO2 power. Also big bore airguns, too! Some good callers. 51.22 Good Air Gun Radio!

7 26 15 Liberty Watc h - First half with Dan Gainor of Media Research about the media ignoring the Planned Parenthood scandal. Second Half with James Robbins of NRO, USA Today and the Washington Times about the Iran deal. 50.23, goood radio.

6 28 15 Liberty Watch - First half with Maria Santos of Red Alert Politics, about a recent 8 - 1 Suoreme Court Decision about the "Rasin Adjustment Board, a federal holdover from the New Deal, stealing farmers' rasins. Fairly positive decision for freedom, informative. Second half with Naiomi Lopez Bauman, healthcare policy director with Goldwater Institute, on the King vs. Burwell Decision from The Supremes. Informative and entertaining. 43.02

6 25 15 America Armed & Free - Return of Barrett Tillman, about "Forgotten 15th - The Daring Airmen Who Crippled Hitler's War Machine." Fascinating interview with a preeminent aviation historian of our time. Great stories about the men who shut of Hitler's oil spigot. Good technical AND human interview. 45.48

6 21 15 Liberty Watch Jan Arnow is a peace activist with some ideas in her book, "In The Line of Fire, Raising Kids In A Violent World." Her ideas on violent video games are excellent, although she does not yet "get it" about disarmed victim zones. She is a rare, open minded liberal, and this is a FASCINATING 75.52 min of radio. She will be invited back!

6 21 15 America Armed & Free -  Short 22 minute segment with Phil Amadon, a retired Aif Force Lt. Col and A-7 and A-10 piolt, on why the A-10 makes sense for close air support. Excellent.

6 14 15 Liberty Watch - First segment is CH on The Muslem Brotherhood. Second segment excellent with Dr. Keli Ward, Arizona State  Senator District 5, on the current lawsuit against the funding for Obama Care. Very informative!   50.04

6 14 15 America Armed & Free - Excellent technical show on sighting in your rifle with former 82nd Airborn Drill Sergeant Gordon Groves. 51.12. 

6 7 15 Liberty Watch - First half with Jeff Knox of The Firearms Cialition on a recent Supreme Court Case which mandated that a person convicted of a felony, could direct the disposal of his guns as long as he did not take posession of them. Second half with Ryan Girdusky of Red Alert Politics dot com about the recent actions in the Senate about The USA Freedom Act. 50.28

6 7 15 America Armed & Free - Wonderful hour with creative genius Frank De Somma of Patriot Ordnance Factory. Great technical descriptions of how the inside of an AR works, along with a new product announcement of an AR in .300 Win Mag! 51.51

5 31 15 Liberty Watch - Patrick Fournari's first book, "Commoner Sense." Remarkably good. Construction worker who knows a lot more than construction and is articulate. We will hear more from this man.  50.11

5 31 15 America Armed & Free - First half with Dr.Ivan Eland as he embarasses himself on the nuclear agreement with the Iranians and telling the gulf oil states to go pound sand. Second half, CH & audience on Carry Guns  54.44 

5 24 15 Liberty Watch - Frank Antenori served 21 years in the Army, most of it as a Green Beret. He pays tribute to three of his fallen comrades on this Memorial Day Weekend. 50.00 Perfect radio, inspiring and touching.

5 24 15 America Armed & Free - Michael McCarthy is an author with an excellent second in a series of three book, "The Rainbo Option." about a future scenario wherethe U.S. has become totalitarian, and how the citizens get it back. Excellent radio.  52.09

5 17 15 Liberty Watch - Jared  Blanchard is a n attorney with The Goldwater Institute, defending a Jerome homeowner who wants to use his house for rentals. He has the permits and licenses. Now they say he can't. 24.49

3 17 15  America Armed & Free - William C. Davis, author of "Crucible of Command." Deeply researched book from original source documents by a man with 30 years of topic research. Well spoken, very informative, just what radio should be 75 min.

5 10 15 Liberty Watch - Ryan Girdusky on the 2nd Circuit Decision on the illegality of the NSA metadata collection  49.55

5 10 15 America Armed & Free - Return of retired senior INS Special Agent Michael Cutler on the theft of the American Dream via job shifting off shore and tolow wage imigrants. 51.22

5 3 15 Liberty Watch - First half is with Baltimore investigative reporter Stephen Janis of, on the Baltimore riots. Second half with Washington Examiner reporter Sarah Westwood about the Clinton Foundation ethics gaps. 48.08

5 3 15 America Armed ^ Free - Guy Smith of on the "Brady Scorecard," an in depth look at the accuracy of the figures of the anti-freedom bigots.45.51

4 26 15 Liberty Watch - Marc Victor of returns with a spirited presentation of a police abuse of authority case out of Mesa.  48.49

4 26 15 America Armed & Free - Gunwriter and Army Veteran Norman Gray on AR-15 sights and modifications  Good gun-geekery! 42.00.

4 19 15 -Liberty Watch - Michael Maharrey of The 10th Amendment Center on a new bill in Arizona which will block the state from cooperating in or administering Obamacare. VERY informative. 50.15

4 19 15 America Armed & Free - Return of Jaimie Malinowski on his book, "And The War Came." about the 6 months before the Civil War, and many facts and perspectives that are usually lost to the modern world, by going into newspaper articles of the time. Fascinating radio for history buffs.   52.01

4 12 15 Liberty Watch - Roger Beckett, executive director of the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University, Ashland, OH, argues that teachers are being mistakenly blamed for U.S. high school students' pitiful understanding of our American history and unique form of constitutional government. 50.02

4 12 15 America Armed & Free - Greg Shannon-Leavitt on police over reach and excessive government especially in the court system. He is a legal aid worker (non-lawyer) who helps people navigate the system. 51.09

4 5 15 Liberty Watch - Investigative reporter Sarah Westwood of The Washington Examiner about the recent Indiana Law that matches federal RFRA law on religious freedom. Very good discussion. 51.38

4 5 15 America Armed & Free - Arizona LD 11 Representative Mark Finchum, a retired LEO and Fire Fighter, gives his perspective on the most recent Az Leg session. Very informative 52.58

3 29 15 - Liberty Watch - First half with President Dave Kopp of Arizona Citizens Defense League on 2 billls we have in legislature. Second half with Dr David Schnare of Energy And Environment Legal Foundation about FDA compliance with Freedom of Information Act. Good calls, 50.46.

3 29 15 America Armed & Free - Marjory Wildcraft returns with news about a web conference she is having with the top home grown food experts in the world. It's free on the web, or you can buy the DVD set. Fun hour, lots of sound effects, good info. 53.19

3 22 15 Liberty Watch - Part 1 of Professor Larry Schweikart's "Patriot's History of The United States, 1898-1945." 51.56 of excellent interview on American History & Cuolture.

3 22 15 America Armed & Free - Part 2 of Dr. Larry Schweikart's interview. 53.50

3 15 15  Liberty Watch - First half is with Mike Wendy of on the FCC's recent 400 page tumor on freedom with internet regulation. Second half with Jim Babka of Downsize on NSA Surveilence and Snowden. What radio should be. 48.59

3 15 15 America Armed & Free - Tom Gaylord returns about the one airgun he wouldn't give up, and "invisible airgunners." Good, hot, "sustainable" radio.  52.17

3 8 15 Liberty Watch Return visit of Dr. David Hogberg, PhD, on the King vs. Burwell case and its implications for destroying Obama Care. Last segment on Tucson "pod people." 46.49

3 8 15 - America Armed & Free - Rick Campbell is a retired Navy Commander, stationed on 4 nuclear submarines in his career. His latest work of naval technothriller fiction is "Empire Rising," a work that combines submarine, carrier, aviation, and special warfare into a good 405 page read. This interview goes into some detail about the capability of other nations versus us. Very good guest.  51.46

3 1 15 Liberty Watch - Rep Raul Grijalva is going after an academic, demanding his financial records because he dares to disagree on Global warming. Weekly Standard writer Mark Hemmingway joins in about this. Good give and take.  49.07

3 1 15 America Armed & Free - Excellent hour with return guest, criminalist Aaron Brudenell, on 5 myths of crime scene evidence and forensic science.  51.45

2 22 15 Liberty Watch - First half with David Codrea of "The War On Guns," about proposed ATF banning of M855 ball .223 ammo. Second half with retired INS senior special agent Mike Cutler about recent Obama Admin actions on immigration. Good Radio. 49.35

2 22 15 America Armed & Free - First half with Alan Gottlieb  of Second Amendment Foundation about proposed Senate bill to establish national CCW reciprocity. Second half with Guy Smith of on murder statistics in U.S. versus the world. Very revealing. 54.43

2 15 15 Liberty Watch - Maria Santos, on net neutrality, first half, then very spirited discussion with audience and good call from Georgia. 49.17

2 15 15 America Armed & Free - Attorney Matt Higbe about restoration of rights after felony conviction. Good info and  callers.  52.31

2 8 15 Liberty Watch - Charles on 'climate Change,' as I read from an comment on "Fire And Ice."   49.32

2 8 15 - America Armed & Free - Charles on why the "Background Check" initiative headed towards the 2016 Arizona Ballot is a horrible idea. 50.12

2 1 15 Liberty Watch - James Robbins is a writer for USA Today, and an author of 5 books. He had a good piece on Iran, and we discussed it. He also has a new biography of George Armstrong Custer. 51 min.

2 1 15 America Armed & Free - Rich Rosenthal with a return visit on his book on firearms training. Very good  45.50. Some great calls, how to travel with your guns. 

1 25 15 Liberty Watch - Tony Ryan, Retired Denver Police Lt., on why the drug war is bad, and how it allows government, through the police, to steal your property. 51.25

1 25 15 America Armed & Free - Nedda Thomas, Daughter of Hump Pilot Ned Thomas, recounts his story. Great radio!  52.40

1 18 15 Liberty Watch - Charles Butler is a formal Naval Aviator, financial advisor, and Chicago talk show host. He is a member of Project 21, a group of Black Conservatives. He belives that many Black "Leaders," misreport King's legacy. 50.34

1 18 15 America Armed & Free - Excellent hour with Sean Maloney of Second Call Defense. Must listen for anyone who carries a gun!  51.58

1 11 15 Liberty Watch - Today I read and pointed out the flaws in a local newspaper editorial about the flaws in "background check," - which is code for gun registration. Good call from someone who completely does not get it and show the folly of the anti-freedom side. 53.53.

1 11 15 America Armed & Free - Sgt Rory Miller on his EXCELLENT, "Meditations on Violence." 54.17. This guest will be back!

1 4 15 Liberty Watch - First half of wonderful interview with Aaron Brudenell, Ian McCollum, and Karl Kassarda of Forgotten Weapons and In Range TV, about security, and great calls about old guns. 50 Min.

1 4 15 - America Armed & Free - Part 2 with Aaron Brudenell, Ian McCollum, and Karl Kassarda. 51 min.

12 28 14 Liberty Watch - Dr. Tim Ball, PhD., is a climate scientist, with an EXCELLENT book, "The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science." Charts, graphs, plain English explanations. He's the real deal, and the U.N.'s nightmare. GREAT 46.40. He'll be back on the program!

12 28 14 - America Armed & Free - 
Today I did an explanation about how to deal with law enforcement, from the perspective of the lawfully armed citizen. 49.22 of good tips.

12 21 14 Liberty Watch - Dr. John and Dr. Onyira Mcelroy, PhD's, on Cube. Mrs Mcelroy is a native of Cuba, having left in 1957 at age 23, after marrying John. Great hour. 52.25.

12 21 14  America Armedd & Free - David Roberts is an  entrepeneur, author, and publisher. His book is, "State oof Treason," about illegal acts by the fedeal government against Texas, and a revolt because of it. Fiction, but just barely. Good 49.49.

12 14 14 Liberty Watch - Jerome Corsi has been a repeat guest for 10 years. He hit another one out of the park today about his new book, "No Greater Valor," on the faith component of the Battle of The Bulge. Well done, good callers, 53 min of excellence.

12 14 14 America Armed & Free - 
Shotgun News Airgun Editor Tom Gaylord returns for another wonderful performance as the Godfather of Airguns. How to set up an in home range without commiting "sofacide," and a little on new big bore airguns. 52.17 of fun.

12 7 14 - Liberty Watch - A playing of the full 8 minue speech of FDR about Pearl Harbor, then a discussion about the events in Ferguson, Mo., and NYC. 

12 7 14 - America Armed & Free - Jose Sprig is a former University of Arizona Detective, and now owns his own construction business, with a specialty in crime scene clean up. Fascinating hour (50 min) on what it takes to clean up after crime. 

11 30 14 Liberty Watch - Former NYC news anchor Mark Howard has a book, "What Have We Don," about addressing societal moral decay. Fascinating conversation, 50.57.

11 30 14 - America Armed & Free - Bernard Otterman is a holocaust survivor from Poland, and a retired college professor. His book is "Prisoner 1818 And Other Stories." It is phenomenal, and so is he.51.34.

11 23 14 Liberty Watch - Mike Petrelli is the President of The Fordam Institute, a conservative education think tank. They favor "Common Core." Interesting 49.02 on the topic, some good calls.
11 23 14 America Armed & Free - Jamie Malinowski has written a wonderful book, "Commander Will Cushing, Hero of The Civil War,"  about Cushing's career and destruction of the Confederate Ironclad "Albermarle," from an open boat with a "torpedo" (mine.) Exciting 43.20.If you like naval history, don't miss this one!

11 16 14 Liberty Watch  -  Robert "Gus" Gusentine is a recently retire Navy Captain, and a specialist in global water issues. Fascinating discussion with good audience calls on topic. 51 min

11 16 14 America Armed & Free - Brian Willetts is a Texas attorney with a book called "Ignorace of The Law Is No Excuse," citing concrete examples as well as law on what to avoid. 52 min.

11 9 14 Liberty Watch - First half is with LTC Denny Gillem, of Front Lines of Freedom Radio Program, on what you can do for vets and those serving. Second half is me on my Dad's military experience, and the song "I Made It To Arlington."  48.53

11 9 14 America Armed & Free - Firearms patent attorney and engineer Ben Langlotz, on how to patent your invention. Great calls, get his excellent book, free. 51.49

11 2 14 Liberty Watch - Paul Avelar from The Arizona Division of The Institute for Justice, on a case where Arizona Elections Commission violated the First Amendment Rights of a Fountain Valley Activist, and their lawsuit to crush the violation.  This hour is what Liberty Watch was DESIGNED to accommplish! 50.42

11 2 14 America Armed & Free - An explanation of the way ballot props work as a brake on government, and what's on the Arizona Ballot, plus some fire with callers towards end. Good investment of 53.36

10 26 14 Liberty Watch - Excellent hour with Dr. Larry Schweikart of "What Would The Founders Say." How the founders would handle today's crises.   49.31

10 26 14 America Armed & Free - Dr. Meryl Nass returns for a fascinating look at ebola. 49.23

10 19 14 Liberty Watch - Casey Mulligan is a professor of economics at University of Chicago, and a topic expert on the effects of Obamacare, otherwise known as the "Affordable Care Act." An in depth economicanalysis of the effects of it. Brilliant. 50.29.

10 19 14 America Armed & Free - Another informative discussion with Marc Victor ( )  about use of force in self-defense. 52.25

10 12 14 Liberty Watch - Dr. Meryl Nass from Maine , an anthrax expert, talks about Ebola transmission. Dr. Mardia Stone continues the fascinating 2nd half of discussion with details from a recent trip to Liberia, where she advises the government there. 52.02, educational.

10 12 14 America Armed & Free - Return of Rupert Darwall from England about global warming. very good 52 min.

10 5 14 Liberty Watch - Mike Wendy on the overreach of the FCC on internet regulation. 50.38

10 5 14 America Armed ^ Free. Return of Rich Scheben on why economic self-sufficiency is vital to a vital America. 51.51.

9 21 14 - Liberty Watch -  discussion of so-called "Stingray" devices used to track mobile phones by law enforcement, and City of Tucson response (fight) against public information requests by ACLU. Good commentary. 50.23

9 21 14 - America Armed & Free - Discussion with former INS Senior Special Agent Michael Cutler about new NYC I.D. Card and how it will enable terrorism.  51.25

9 14 14 Liberty Watch - Fascinating talk with K.T. Penn of The Victims of Terrorism Foundation about people who profit from 9/11 "Truth" hoaxes. Debunks many of the "conspiracy" theories about 0/11. 49.59

9 14 14 America Armed & Free - Stu Chisolm on his book, "Knowing Guns." Destroying myths about RKBA Issues from a non-ideological standpoint. Entertaining radio. 52.10

9 7 14 Liberty Watch - With the upcoming anniversary of 9/11, I give some tips on security. 24.14

9 7 14 - America Armed & Free - Fascinating return visit from law professor F.H. Buckley of George Mason University, about his new book "American Illness," about the legal system's effect on our economy. FASCINATING radio. 90 min, compacted to  72.59

8 31 14 Liberty Watch - First 15 min, James O'Keefe returns about border security, by filming himself crossing the Rio Grande dressed as Osama Bin Laden. Brilliant illustration. My commentary on what to do in the event of an "incident" in terms of defense and preparedness. 44.57.

8 31 14 America Armed & Free - Rich Scheben is a former NYC pharmacutical rep whose dream was to live off grid in Montana. He dud 27 years aho and his book is a how to and a why to. Good philosphy and good techniques. 45 min 54 sec.

8 24 14 Liberty Watch - Return visit from Dr. William Forschten abut his new book "Day of Wrath," about the possibility of a Beslan-like attack on 5 U.S. Scools. Great radio, 69..40 min.

8 24 14 America Armed & Free - John Cardillo, former NYPD officer, with 10 years on the job, started out in favor of gun control, and the job convinced him otehrwise. Help learn to speak, "Brooklyneese."   26.19

8 17 14 Liberty Watch - Joseph Toomey's excellent book, "Unworthy Future,  The Grim Reality of Obama's Green Energy Delusions," is VERY well researched, documented, and written. If you care about freedom, read this book. 22 Chapters of logical, readable information, Good  radio, 51.44

8 17 14 America Armed & Free - John and Nancy Lane run "Airpower Unlimited" in Idaho, restoring classic WWII warbirds to flyable condition. FASCINATING, heartfelt interview with these people who preserve American living history and culture. Listen to what happens when I ask if he talks to the planes.... 43.22

8 10 14 Combined Liberty Watch / America Armed & Free with Jeff Clements, and attorney who authored a book "Corporations Are Not People," points out some very important things on making sure corporations do not dominate the political systems. He is very disgruntled at the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision, and wants to run a constitutional amendment to "fix" it. This would give Congress the power to regulate political contributions, and entwine government ever more firmly in the people's business. I strongly disagreed with him, politely. What radio should be, 76.5 min.

8 3 14 Liberty Watch - Mike Wendy - the evils of net neutrality & othe govm't over regulation. 51.07. Great radio.

8 3 14 America Armed & Free - Homer Hickam, at his very best, on hus new book "Crater Trueblood And The Lunar Rescue Company," future projects, Space Camp, rocketry, music, and philosophy of life. WOW! 52 min.

7 27 14 Liberty Watch Good hour on recent DC Circuit decision Palmer Vs. D.C., court declares that DC MUST install a permit system for carry and not ban non-DC residents from carry. Last segment on illegal immigration on military bases.  51.27

7 27 14 America Armed & Free Excellent historical interviw with Capt. Mike Guardia on his book, "Hal Moore, A Soldier Once And Always." Guardia has an MA in history and makes good use of it. Some good calls too.   53.37

7 20 14 Liberty Watch - Exceptional interview with Zack Taylor, 26+ years with Border Patrol, 14 years in intelligence for them. A true "sheepdog." Has SOLID evidence that what is happening now at border with "soft invasion" is a "controlled event, and that the media is missing all important facts. Also good call from Shelly Kais, who revealed through investigation the financial underpinnings of the present circumstance. Also info on govm't charters of many flights from Tucson to Detroit of OTM's. Riveting radio, 76 min.

7 20 14 America Armed & Free - Regis Giles is a 23 year old breath of fresh air. She operates , advocates that women get trained in armed & hand to hand combat, and get a carry permit. Shw also comments on men being men. Great 23.41.

7 13 14 Liberty Watch - Steve Peterson is a 29 year retired DEA Agent who now is vice-president of a consulting firm which teaches investigation and litigation avoidance to drug warriors. We b\politely trade blunt instruments. 51.24 Good radio.

7 13 14 America Armed & Free part 1 - Alan Korwin has posted ads in the USA Today in the D.C. Area about defensive gun uses. It is something never reported on in that area. Huge break through  28.21

7 13 14 America Armed & Free part 2  Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet responds to an Arizona Daily Star Opinion piece which says that  the danger of tuberculosis contagion from new illegal immigrants is overblown. Good fireworks about poor journalism.   22.55

7 6 14 Liberty Watch - Georgetown Lwa Professor Randy Barnett has a brilliant article on The Declaration of Independence, and I read it with his permission and commented on it some, plus some good calls, and ending with some suggestions on how to deal with the current wave of illegal alien children. 46.15. On my game today!

7 6 14 America Armed & Free - Robert Spencer is the author of many books, including "Arab Winter Comes To America," which is very well written and documented. Spirited 50.15,    50.15, with some good ideas on solving problems.

6 29 14 Liberty Watch 1 - Jennifer Pinnell from the Crime Prevention Research Center, working with Dr. John Lott on research of crime and effective means of stopping violence. 22.52

6 29 14 - Liberty Watch - Diana Rickertfrom The Illinois Policy Institute, which has an amicus vrief on Harris vs. Quinn in SCOTUS, a case about whether a mom taking care of a child in her home can be forced to be a union member 26.39.

6 29 14 America Armed & Free - Chris Lowell does the best job  in the world of portraying Dr. Benjamin Franklin. 51.05 Fantastic radio.

6 22 14 Liberty Watch Carl Jarvis is a former US Navy Lieutenant. nuclear sailor, surface. He left the Navy after 5 years for the private sector. His book, "The United States of Dysfunction," traces the origins of excess governmental power and proposes some good solutions. VERY good radio.  50.18

6 22 14 America Armed & Free - First half is with former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack about the dastardly way he is being treated by Southern Poverty "Law" Center. Secon half my commentary on the history of gun rights in Arizona.  55.51

6 15 14 - Liberty Watch - Carl Lewis wrote a memoir of his WW I fighter days in 1936. It is VERY poetic. Though Lewis died in 1997 at age 98, this discussion of the reprint of his book is with WW II Marine dive bomber pilot Princeton professor Samuel Hynes. What a FASCINATING chat. Hynes has written several books also, one of them "Flights of Passage," which I also read for thisinterview for comparison. Wow. 51 min, not to be missed.

6 15 14 America Armed & Free - Scott Benjamin does a credible job of represeting Project Appleseed, a non-partisan history and rifle instruction program  Good info 46.54

6 8 14 Liberty Watch - Rupert Darwall is educated at Cambridge (the original one) and was a special assistant to the Secretary of the Exchecker. He has a brilliant book called, "The Age of Global Warming: A History." Learn the origins of the current theories of "global warming," the background of the stories, and an expose of the current crisis of the exclusion of science via politics. Wonderful 51 min.

6 8 13 America Armed & Free - Discussion of Robert Spencer's book, "Arab Winter"  with the audience on the  topic of "security or liberty?" 47 min.

6 1 14 Liberty Watch Fascinating discussion with Sean Higgins of The Washington Examiner about the viability of modern unions, based on his well done 5 part serices.50.21

6 1 14 America Armed & Free - Stunningly good interview with John C. McManus about his book, "the Dead And Those About To Die," about the First Division's assault on Omaha Beach on D Day. Dr. McManus has devoted his life to the study of military history, and it shows. 52 min.

5 25 14 Liberty Watch - First half with frequent guest retired INS Senior Agent Michael Cutler, on the Obamunist Admin's recent release of 36.000 convicted ileagal alien felons. Second half with Retired Col Dr. Mary Gillam, on Memorial Day and leadership. 50 min.

5 25 14 America Armed & Free - Doug Ritter and Todd Rathner, both of Knife Rights, the "NRA for knives." Fascinating update on the state of your right to keep and bear knives.Everyon in this audience should belong to this organization, as I do. .  54.06

5 18 14 Liberty Watch - Charles Crehore has been a pen pal for a long time. He is a recent graduate of the Fed Pen in Tucson/ Convicted of "marijuana conspiracy" in 1994, he was NEVER found to be in possession of any marijuana. He got 20 years of which he served 17, mostly for standing up to the government. Today, instead of being bitter, he is trying to make positive change. Uplifting interview. 50.40

5 18 14 - America Armed & Free = First half is with Lee Boyland, clearing up some misconceptions created by an interview of last wek's guest. Second half with George Landrith, about improving immigration without violating our principles. Good radio. 53.28

5 11 14 Liberty Watch - Jeff Clements is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Cornell Law, and a former long tem member of the attorney generals office of Massachussetts in consumer protection. He is co-founder and board chairman of Free Speech For, an organization looking to amend the Constitution to overcome the Citizens United Decision. Very spirited debate.  50.16

5 11 14 America Armed & Free - Good discussion on net neutrality with computer Gure Mike Swanson. Good substantive material.   52.59

5 4 14 Liberty Watch - Mr. Marion Smith is the executive director of the Victims Of Communism Foundation. Excellent half hour with him, and then a half hour on the audience's most vivid memories of the cold war, some very enlightening.49.5 min

5 4 14 America Armed & Free - Robert Gleason has a fascinating book, "The Nuclear Terrorist." While I disagree with him on some important issues, he has good and valid points about the weak spots in world nuclear security, most of which are real and serious. 54 min. excellent radio.

4 27 14 Liberty Watch - First half with Nick Dranias of Goldwater Institute about the fight against the abue of power by the Forest Service keeping Tombstone from effetively repairing their water system with mechanical equipment, and about amending the Constitution to install a balanced budget amendment. Second half a response to some callers about last week's commetary on Cliven Bundy ranch situation. 51.48

4 27 14 America Armed & Free - Interview with Dan DeSiato and Brent Avert about "blowout kits," svere medical trauma first aid kits with tourniquets and clotting powder, and how to arrange a medical kit and back pack. Very good info. Buy their stuff. 55 min.

4 20 14 Liberty Watch - My rant about the idea of placing women and children inthe front line of the stand against the BLM at the Bundy Ranch. This lit something of a fire. 24.45 min.

4 20 14 America Armed & Free - Special 90 minute episode of review of work by Mike Garand  and Jack Lawson "A Failure of Civility," about how to set up urban survival coalitions and defense zones, and tactics.

4 13 14 Liberty Watch - Grover Norquist of  American for Prosperity, on the free market. 24 min.

4 13 14 America Armed & Free - Bert Roberts has 4 interesting books, and the one here discussed is "Operatio Sea Lion." Bert is an interesting mean, which is why I gave him 90 min, which reduces to about 70.

4 6 14 Liberty Watch - Coleen Rowley is a 24-year veteran of the FBI. She is a spokesman for whistle blowers such as Edward Snowden, to whom she has given an award by traveling to meet him in Russia. Mrs. Rowley does not seem to comprehend certain threats to the U.S. such as a nuclear-armed Iran, but gave a decent interview and stated her case well. 49.45

4 6 14 America Armed & Free - First half is comentary from a book by Dr. Andrew Bostom about the threat of a nuclear Iran. Second half is dscussion of carry knives. Some of the local commercials left in for "color." 52 min.

2 23 14 Liberty Watch -  Dr. David Hogberg, on the plight of those employed by companies with less than 50 employees, who get insurance through their employers. Sobering. 45.07

2 23 14 America Armed & Free - Dr. William Forschten returned for a chat about his new book, "Pillar To The Sky," a phenominal book of fiction about building what some have called the "space elevator," which becomes more and more doable as technology advances. So many good points in this one, especially the last couple of minutes, one of the few times I have been brought to tears on air. One of the 5 best interviews in 16 years 50.07.

2 16 14 America Armed & Free - Return visit from Chris Bird, author of "Thank God I Had A Gun," now in its 2nd edition, with some major additions. Frank and informative chat about self-defense. 51.18

2 16 14 Liberty Watch - Return visit from Joel Joseph about his book "Black Mondays, The Worst Decisions of The Supreme Court." Now in it's 4th edition. Mr. Joseph is an honest man, and states his points fairly. I disagree strongly with him on Citizens United and Heller. Good radio, 49 min.

2 9 14 Liberty Watch - Nick Dranias returns from The Goldwater Institute to explain how he is leading a charge to gain compacts between the states to limit an article 5 convention to limit states to a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The movement is gaining momentum. Fascinating 40.07

2 9 14 America Armed & Free - Fordam Law Professor Nicholas Johnson about his new book, "Negroes And The Gun, The Black Tradition of Arms." Professor Johnson is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and has written extensively on Right To Keep And Bear Arms issues. Fascinating discussion from the Civil War to modern times about the Black tradition of arming for self-defense. 48 min.

2 2 14 - Liberty Watch - Michael J. Dougerty is a self-styled entrepeneur who developed a company called LabMD, which screened fr cancer in lab samples. His company was a victim of a data theft, by a company that then attempted to extorrt money from his company for "data security." When LAbMD wouldn't pay the ransom, the "security company" turned the data over to the FTC, which dida masterful job of ignoring the Constitution in the way it went after LabMD. Fascinating 47.43, what radio was meant to be. The book is "The Devil Inside The Beltway," and you should buy it.

2 2 14 - America Armed & Fee - The indefatigable Mike Cutler reruns, this time about a plan to "level" all income to the middle class, by diluting the American work force with foreign workers. Very hot, 51.13. This s what radio should do - inform wile entertaining.

1 26 14  Liberty Watch - Today I read from essays by Liz Peek and Thomas Sowell, with commentary/ 49.08.

1 26 14 America Armed & Free - Today I read a number of proposed Arizona Bills, some good, some bad. 50.19

1 19 14 Liberty Watch - Today I read and coment from a Reuters article about SCOTUS agreeing to review 2 cases about warrantless searches of cell phones, subject to 19 min 29 sec. Pretty interesting radio if you can put up with my raspy voice. Good call from Green Party Dave.

1 19 14 America Armed & Free - Stephen Halbrook has written a history of gun control from the end of WWI to the end of hte Third Reich. The research took him 15 years, plus many trips to Germany and Switzerland, and a lot of translating German. The book includes actual copies of documents written by the legal advisors to the Gestapo. It is stunning and compelling, and a little sickening, as you look at the history of several peoples, almost destroyed. If you care about history or the RKBA, you need to read this book.90 minutes, compressed here to 67. Must listen radio.

1 12 14 America Armed & Free - Zach Fortier has written 4 books about his experiences as a Utah police officer for 30 years. Fascinating look into the psyche of those who serve. 49 min

1 12 14 Liberty Watch - The irrepressable former Senior Special Agent from INS, Michael Cutler returns about the destruction by Cutoms of 13 hand mades flutes, owned by a virtuoso who carved them by hand. Customs said they were "banned agricultural products."

1 5 14 Liberty Watch - An in-depth look at the most recent IRS scandal about the harassment of conservative groups by the Obamunists to slow TEA Party activities, with historian, author, and journalist Charles C. Johnson. Excellent, 49.48 min.

1 5 14 America Armed & Free - Today a look at mass casualty shootings and what you can do to combat them, with a couple of good callers. No guest, me reading and FBI training report with commenntary. 52.14, some decent radio.

12 29 13 Liberty Watch - Marita Noon about energy producton, fracking, a her book. Spitited radio, 48.19 min.

12 29 13 America Armed & Free - Robert Conroy is an alternative fiction author, with a lot of experience and study in the field of security. Which is a bigger threat, government surveilence, or Al-Queda? 49.55, good radio.

12 15 13 Liberty Watch - Today being Bill of Rights Day, (the day in 1791 the Billof Rights wa adopted,) I read the preamble and Bill of Rights, ad explaned it and the usrpations of it over the years. 50 min.

12 15 13 America Armed & Free - Guy Smith is the developer of, a marketing and technoogy expert, and lives in the belly of the beast in San Francisco. He monitors threats toour rights and publishes fcts for us to use to use in the fight, now available on your smart phone. The next anti-gun propaganda war is from the "Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence." 47 min, must hear radio for the activist.

12 8 13 Liberty Watch - Today I unleashed a tirade on the lack of security on website, and a strategy on how to defeat the whole program. 47.57

12 8 13 America Armed & Free - Fascinating dscussion With Douglas E. Richards about his book, "Th Cure"which posits a cure for all psycopathy in the world. (fiction, but science based.) Richards is a genetic engineer, and has an interesting perspective on this. What radio should be. 50.45

12 1 13 Liberty Watch - Dr. Keith Smith is the medical director of The Oklahoma Surgery Center, a clinic which is using Austrian Economics applied to medicine, by posting prices slearly on the internet. They're standing theObamacare Model on its ear. Dr. Smith speaks on his article, "if you put a gun to your doctor's head, will he still care," about coercing doctors to accept Obamacare patients. The last 2 minutes are stunning. 49.37, must radio listening.

12 1 3 America Amed & Free - Today, I read from several articles about the NICS heck, and expose the hidden secret of "universal background checks," and offer some "private solutions" to the problems thereof.

11 24 13 Liberty Watch - First half, Joel Joseph from the "Made In Americca Foundation, about making things in the USA. Secind Half, Charles on things you can do to provide resistance to tyranny.

11 24 13 America Armed & Free - Michael James Barton is the former Deputy Director of the Pentagon's Middle East Policy office. He speaks authoritatively on matters of Iran and North Korean nuclear security. 50.13.

11 17 13 Liberty Watch - Horace Cooper is with Project 21, a Black Conservative group stressing the principls of prosperity for everyone. Here he outlines the dcovery of Project Veritas,which uncovered corruption in the "navigators" teacing people  to lie to get Obama Care supliments. Second half an extemporaneous essay by yours truely on liberalism. Pretty good radio. 47.09

11 17 13 America Armed ^ Free -  Patrick Robinson is the author of "Honor & Betrayal, The untold story of the Navy SEALs whocaptured The "Butcher of Fallujah," - and the shameful ordeal they later endured." The title speaks fr itself. Wonderful Engish accent... Robinson was also co-author with Marcus Lutrell on his biography. Very good radio, 52.04 

11 10 13 Liberty Watch - I read through an interesting article on things you can do to protect privacy elctroniclly, and gave some commenry on how the pivate citizens can defeat Obama Care. 47.09. Good radio.

11 10 13 Mike McNulty is a documetary producer withthree films out about thegovernment seige and murder of the Branch Divicians at Waco in 1993. 50.38 of good info onthe 20th anniversary of the event an the ew set of DVD's availabe on it.

11 3 13 - Victor Shane is an enrepeneur, with a book called "Millennial Exonomics." He believes that we need to use the onternet to create a cashless barter economy, and eliminate may financial instruments of Wall Street speculation. Good discussion. 49.20.

11 3 3 America Armed & Free - Todd Rathner is the principal of Rathner And Associates, a lobbying firm,adhe is aboard member of the NRA. There is a brewing issue on Yavapai County which may affect the nation on zoning for a shooting range on one's own land. We also discuss a poker tournament prize of a 9mm handgun to raise money for high school football. 49.49, with some in studio gunfire into the sand bucket, for emphasis.

10 27 13 Liberty Watch  - Professor Dennis Kimbro, PhD., is an author, and wrote the sequal to Napoleon Hill's "Think And Grow Rich,"at the
behest of his foundation. The book topic today, was "The Wealth Choice - Success Secrets of Black Millionaires." Kimbro was elloquent and
sharp. Greatmotovation for those who want more out of life, no matter their color. 50.29.

10 27 13 America Armed & Free - First half with Marty Hayes, creator of the Armed Citizens Legal Defese Network, an alliance of armed citizens allied for legal defese in the event of any use of force, be it with firearm or not. Interesting concept. Includes valuable training. Second half with Senator Al Melvin, about a deep water port North of Gymas, Mexico,and how it could be the economic salvation of Arizona. 52.13, some good wisecracks.

10 20 13 Liberty Watch - Tony Kohler is a retired attorney and a financial guy. He has turned into quite an author, as well, with his creation "No Third Way." It is an interesting story about a female privae detective who ends up the head of a large family enterprise. First half of rare 2 hour interview, 50 min.

10 20 13 America Armed & Free - Second half of Tony Kohler interview. 50.14, Good radio.

9 1 13 Liberty Watch - Sally Pipes left Canada to become a U.S. Citzen for one reason: health care - their system is awful. She became the head of the Pacific Research Institute, dedicated to eliminating Obamacare. Fascinating 73 min 55 sec, some good calls.

9 1 13 America Armed & Free - Derryck Green is with the National Leadership Network of Conservative African Americans. He is a doctoral fellow in seminary, and speaks eloquently from the heart about abut why Blacks today are not embracing Dr. King's dream.  Excellent 28 min segment.

9 8 13 Liberty Watch - William Arkin has a book, "American Coup, How A Terrified Governmet Is Destroying The Constitution," in which he asserts that as opposed to "martial law," we are living a "martial life," brought about by various government agencies which are not easily visible by th public. Fascinating 48 min, rather fiesty guest!

9 8  13 America Armed & Free - State Senator Steve Farley appeared on another prgram on our station, and said some truly incorrect things. I corrected him by playing a recording and rebutting it. Rather firey, good calls. 51.30.

9 15 13 Liberty Watc - Christina Sandefur is a Magna Cum Laude Graduate of Hillsdale,and a Suma Cum Laude Grad of Michigan Law. She is the lead attorney at the Goldwater Institute's Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation, a title which strikes terror into the heart of statists. they are suing Gov. Brewer for violating several provisions of the Arizona Constitution on Obama Care. 47.48 of Constitutional Tsunami. Poor Gov. Brewer...{: - )

9 15 12 America Armed & Free - Christina Sandefur is a Magna Cum Laude Graduate of Hillsdale,and a Suma Cum Laude Grad of Michigan Law. She is the lead attorney at the Goldwater Institute's Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation, a title which strikes terror into the heart of statists. they are suing Gov. Brewer for violating several provisions of the Arizona Constitution on Obama Care. 47.48 of Constitutional Tsunami. Poor Gov. Brewer... {: - )

9 22 13 Liberty Watch -Marita Noon on her latest column about the latest issue to confront the Arizona Corporation Commission: whether to cut some credits to Arizona residents who have installed solar panels on their rooftops and to create a sustainable model for consumers who generate power.

9 22 13 Amrica Armed & Free - , Mike Grassinger, Chairman of the DM 50, on the multiple missins of Davis-MonthanAi Force Bse inTuson.





8 25 13 Liberty Watch - An essay I composed on 10 things you can do to be a better American. 43.39.
8 18 13 Liberty Watch - Interesting perspective on privacy from an article by Peggy Noonan on privacy, and commets on the NSA story. 49.49, decent radio.
8 18 13 America Armed & Free - Today I replied to some people who have written to me in response to a interview in the Arizona Republic about guns on public busses and trains. Hint: the people writing to me dd not do well... 51 min, good calls. 

8 25 13 America Armed & Free - Brandon Web is a former Navy SEAL, and former project manager for all SEAL Sniper training. His website,, has a lot of good info for people wanting to know about special warfare. His latest book (an e-book) is "Benghazi, The Definitive Report." It is a very detailed analysis and sitrep of 9/11/12. 48.48, very good radio.
8 11 13 Liberty Watch - William Meisel is a PhD in electrical engineering from USC. His book, "The Software Society," is about the cultural and economic impact of technology, and is fascinating and deep. Because this was a deep and comlex topic, I chose to liven it with some humor and sound effects. Funny and entertaining.  47.37
8 11 13 America Armed & Free - First half is Paul Huljich about his book "Stress Pandemic." Good advice about how to balance out stress in your life. The audio is a little rough because of his phone. Second half is Peter Ford, son of actor Glenn Ford, about firearm aspects of his career. Good story about shooting off their back porch in Beverly Hills. Harry Alexander sits in and asks most of the good questions.50.17
8 4 13 Liberty Watch  - James Robbins, PhD, is the author of "Native Americans," a book about the American Culture and the American Dream. Fascinating 53 minutes.
8 4 13 America Armed & Free - A publicity agency did a study, which resulted on the "Gun  Violence Message Guide." It is a DEEPLY disingenuous guide on how to lie to people to get them to go against your right to keep and bear arms. I did a 49.02 rant against it which is pretty good.
7 28 13 -  C.Dionysious Dionou has written an interesting memoir of his life. At age 5 months, he was sold as a Greek orphan to a couple in New Your, and raised as there own. He was badly mistreated through verbal abuse and mistreatment, and many other horrors. Fascinating story of overcoming and child slave trade. 46.56
Dr. James Hubbard is know as "The Survival Doctor, and has written 2 field manual type "what to do when no doctor is close," books. Interesting guy, and fascinating guy.
7 21 13 Liberty Watch - Monologue with a description of events in the case of a Florida woman who fired a "warning shot" in the presence of her estranged husband. She got sentenced to 20 years for it. I explain why it is not legal to fire "warning shots," and how much time you could get for it in Arizona. 23.47.
7 21 13 - America Armed & Free - Interview with Shotgun News Arigun Editor Tom Gaylord, about "airguns under $130, and how to set up a range in your house."  This is 1.5 hours condensed to 74.08. Some good calls. Some funny gags. Good airgunning.
7 14 13 Liberty Watch - Interesting discussion with Jim Babka of about government intrusion and surveilence. 23.29 min.
7 14 13 America Armed & Free - Fascinating discussion with former Deputy Undersecretary of The Navy Seth Cropsey about his book, "Mayday, The Decline of American Seapower." Seth is masterfully well informed on the topic of how no great power has ever regained its stature after allowing its seapower to be diminished. Lots fo great historical comparisons, and some great calls. 69 min. (90 min condensed interview through both Liberty Watch and America Armed & Free.)
7 7 13 Liberty Watch - Steve Coreham has done a wonderful book, "The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism." This is an excellent interview by an intelligent guy, (engineer and business owner) who has done his homework on "climate change." Funny, entertaining, and informational, all at once. 47.37. What radio should be.
7 7 13 America Armed & Free - Sean Maloney is an attorney with Second Call Defense, an organization which has legal defense help available for those who are forced to use force in self-defense. This guy has beenpracticin defense law for 30 years, and is involved in the fight for the RKBA in Ohio. 51.33, and what radio should be.
6 30 13 Liberty Watch - Cory Dunham is a Harvard Law School graduate. His “Government Control of News” study was expanded into a book. As an NBC executive from 1965 to 1990, Dunham oversaw legal and government matters and Broadcast Standards. Spritely discussion of the "Fairness Doctrine" and what it did to screw up news broadcasting for years. Discussion of how FCC is currently trying to screw up the internet. Excellent radio 48.34. 
6 30 13 America Armed & Free - John Horvat II is a scholar, researcher, educator, international speaker and author “Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society – Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here and Where We Need to Go.” Very lively discussion and some good callers on "Is there anything left to celebrate on the 4th of July? 49.58.
6 23 13 Liberty Watch - Charles C. Johnson is an investigative reporter with many by-lines to his credit, including in The Wall St. Journal and Reason Magazine. His book is the result of 6 years of research, and a long standing argument with his grandfather! "Why Coolidge Matters," is well written, well researched, and brilliantly conducted. Excellent 47.28. This is what radio is supposed to be!

6 23 13 America Armed & Free - Today the audience and I discussed what to do about piracy on the high seas, and was joined by Frank Antenori and Harry Alexander. Some good calls, a little singing. 51.11

6 16 13 Liberty Watch -  Dr. Bruce Eimer is a psychologist with a long list of credentials, as well as a firearm instructor and a gun writer. We discuss the phenomenon of "Hoplophobia." Fascinating 43.15

6 9 13 Liberty Watch - Ronald Reagan was the most influential figure of the 2nd half of the 20th Century. Listen to the opening speech of his political career for Barry Goldwater in 1964,m and the closing speech of his political career in 1989 as President. 54.25

6 2 13 Liberty Watch - Julie Ziglar Norman is the youngest daughter of renown motovational trainer Zig Ziglar. She is a delight, and offers the very hard learned lessons of her life to others. She overcame alcoholism, low self eseteem, and years of grief over an abourtion. Here how she redeemed herself through her spiritual walk. Touching. This is how radio should be. 47.40

6 2 13 - Frank Antenori is a combat veteran of Afganistan (the first time in 1980) and Iraq, hero of the Battle of DeBekka Pass (book: Roughneck 91) and a former state senator. He gives a sitrep of active special forces people who have told him they were ordered to stand down and not rescue the ambassador in Benghazi, when they were less than 2 hours out.Also a report on the effort to refer Gov Brewer's health care monstrosity to the ballot. Crackling radio, 51.18.
6 16 13 America Armed & Free - The always fascinating Homer Hickam, author of 16 books, among them "Rocket Boys," which became the movie, "October Skies." We discuss his new book "Crater," his work at NASA, his friendship with Ellison Onazuka and Christa NcAuliffe, the human condition, and the use of swords. Utterly delightful  44.14.

5 26 13 Liberty Watch  Today I read the Gettysburg Address and then asked the audience if indeed, government of, by, and for the people, had perished from the earth. Interesting discussion! 48.07 min.

Michael Connely is the executive irector of The United States Justice Foundation, a public interest law firm which is suing the Vetrans Affairs Dept over arbitrary denials of vetran's right to keep and bear arms. 49.37, good radio.

5 19 13 Liberty Watch  Return visit of retired Senior Special Agent iof INS Michael Cutler, on his opinions of "comprehensive immigration reform," and ideas from the Department of Homeland Surrender. Michael and I disagree olitely about individual response by citizens to suspicious activity. Very spirited 51.17.

5 19 13 America Armed & Free  Military historian James Scott joins Charles about "The War Below," a history of 3 WWII Submariens, Tang, Silversides, and Drum. Very spirited hour, as this author really did his research, and your host used to work as a volunteer on Silversides. Very good radio, 47.21.

5 12 13 Liberty Watch  Nick Dranias, of the Goldwater Institute, in a presentation to the Language of Liberty Institute, explains how certain Constitutional provisions can be employed with the robust elements of the Constitution which are still operative. VERY well done presentation ,and some good questions from the audience.57.00 min.

5 5 13 Liberty Watch  First half is with retired FBI Secial Agent Dr. Kathleen Pucket, PhD., on profiling the Boston Marathon Bombers. Very revealing. Dr. Pucket helped catch the Unabomber. Second half with defense attorney Marc Victor, with a very different perspective on civil liberties violationsin Boston. VERY good radio, 49.16

5 12 13 America Armed & Free  Music of the gun. A number of songs, some of which you have heard parts of as bumper music, played out to their full extent. This one includes the parody song, "Cows With Guns," and ends with "The Guardian." 60 min, and at a higher resolution than most files here for better music play.
5 5 13 America Armed & Free  Very good hour, starting with David Codrea for the first 8 minutes, then reading some of the negatives of the proposed S 649 (background check bill) and started fielding phone calls. Ended up discussing some interesting topics with the audience the whole hour. 49.14, I got rather annimated.




4 28 13 Liberty Watch  Alan Korwin has been the most frequent return guest on Liberty Watch/America Armed & Free. This time, the City of Phoenix is in his sights, as they ordered taken down his paid advertising signs for gun training at . The Goldwater Institute, PLUS the AcLU (which finally learned how to count to 2, on the Bill of Rights) is suing them for free speech and equal protection violations. Also his new book "Your First Gun" is discussed. 49 min, EXCELLENT.

4 28 13 America Armed & Free  Program opens with Mable Goodman, a Westside Chicago resident and single Mom, who experienced a home invasion with no police response. She had no weapons, but is looking into it now!  Last 3/4 of interview is with GWU Law Prof  Robert Cottrol , a liberal pro RKBA gentleman. Prof Cottrol discusses gun control (victim disarmament) from a Black perspective, and is he inciteful! Wonderful radio! 49.31

4 21 13 Liberty Watch   Greg Utsch is a board member of the "Compact For America," a group which wants to force an Article 5 Convention to establish a balanced budget amendment. They have good legal backing from Goldwater, and a solid structure for the long haul. Fascinating radio, 50.44 min, good calls.

4 14 13 Liberty Watch  Ian McCullom runs , and this is the first of 2 hours with him about unusual guns, that history has mostly forgotten. Ian is an engineer, and looks at historical guns from that perspective.    49.35

4 14 13 America Armed & Free 
Susanna Gratia Hupp is a survivor of the Luby's massacre in 1991 in Texas. She lost her parents in that terrible event, largely due to gun control. She is also a former legislator there. Reprise of a 2009 interview.   50.54

4 7 13 Liberty Watch  Stanley Kurtz wrote a fantastic book, "Spreadding The Wealth." This is a reprise of an interview from earlier this year.  51.31

4 7 13 America Armed & FreeSusanna Gratia Hupp is a survivor of the Luby's massacre in 1991 in Texas. She lost her parents in that terrible event, largely due to gun control. She is also a former legislator there. Reprise of a 2009 interview.   50.54
4 21 13 America Armed & Free Spirited discussion by yours truely of what is wrong with the provisions of the proposed S. 649 in the Senate, which is still not dead yet. It would make felons out of many people fior simly letting a friend shoot one of their guns, or leaving them home for more than 7 days where someone in the home who is not a relative, resides. 51.12, some lively calls.
3 31 13 Liberty Watch  Read a piece with commentary on the true source of violence in the U.S. with guns: gangs.   46.51

3 31 13 America Armed & Free  Jamie Weiner is the CEO of , a portal for everything "how to" in the prepper realm. Very knowledgeable computer guy, entrepreneur, and dedicated prepper. Good informational 50 min.

3 17 13 Liberty Watch  Horace Cooper is a former professor of Constitutional Law at George Mason University, and a fellow of the National Center for Public Policy Research. Great sense of humor, as he talks about the realistic aspects of voter fraud, and recording devices in cars, mandated for 2015. 48.24. Excellent and funny.
3 17 13 America Armed & Free  Dan Thorpe is a former probation officer and Marine vetran, who operates "Thor's Hammer Custom LEather." (Full disclosure - he is a sponsor.) He makes BEAUTIFUL, custom leather holsters in one day. Works of art. He's also pretty droll and funny, and this is a fun hour (50 min.)
3 10 13 Liberty Watch  C Howard Diaz is an entrepeneur, businessman, pilot, and Air Force Vetran. His book is about the "negative liberties in the Bill of Rights, inspired by an interview of the Obamunist in Chief. Good radio, 50 min, 50 sec.
3 10 13 America Armed & Free  Ray Braly is the owner of Prickly Pear Reloading Company in Tucson, a Marine Vetran, and an 18 year career law enforcement officer, in Texas and Alaska. Interesting hour about the ammo business, reloading, and service to country. 48 min.
3 3 13 Liberty Watch   Prof. Don Critchlow has a PhD from UC Berkeley, and his book is, "Takeover." It documents how the radical left has taken over liberalism, and pushed a Marxist agenda onto the United States. Some good cllers. 49.5 min.
3 3 13 America Armed & Free  Marjorie Wildcraft is a self-sufficiency expert, and has a new pamphlet out about how to select the perfect retreat for same. She has a great sense of humor and this is a light hearted piece about a serious topic. 50 min.
2 24 13 Liberty Watch  Former NYPD Homicide detective, firearms training branch supervisor, Lt., and helicopter pilot Rich Rosenthal, on his career there and as Chief in Wellfleet, Mass. Very good. First half of 2 hr. Interview   49.36
2 24 13 America Armed & Free   Second half of wonderful interview of 41 year law enforcement vetran Rich Rosenthal, about his book, "School Administrator's Guide to Practical Handgun Training." Clear, concise answers, good stories, and entertaining radio.  51.16
2 17 13 Liberty Watch  Sheriff Thomas Lorey is a retired police officer from Fulton County, New York, who was elected sheriff there in 1995. Recently, the NY State Legislature has passed the "SAFE Act," outlawig military look alike rifles, and banning magazine capacity down to SEVEN. Sheriff Lorey has vowed not to enforce it in his county as unconstitutional, and prohibit other agencies from doing same. His is the first 40 minutes of this 48 min file.
2 17 13 America Armed & Free  Mark Serbu is the owner and engineer of Serbu Firearms, maker of the 50 BFG, a .50 that shoots 1/2 MOA at 400 yards. He also makes the "Super Shorty" 12 Gua on Mossberg and Rem frames, available as AOW guns with a $5 Class 3 transfer fee. Fun 52 min with a creative guy, who shift for himself. Flies airplanes and does other fun things too.
2 10 13 Liberty Watch  I invested the entire hour in explaining the engineered collapse that is being attempted by the Obamunist in Chief, based on the "Cloward-Piven" strategy. Some good calls.  51.16
2 10 13 America Armed & Free  I make parallels to the begining of the Revolutionary War and the situation in New York and other key states, based on David Kopels excelent work on the topic.  53.03
2 3 13 America Armed & Free "All Standing," is the story about a "lucky ship," The Jeannie Johnston, which sailed the waters of the North Atlantic, for summers and falls between 1847 and 1856 ferrying passengers from Ireland, and backhauling timber. Many great stories of perseverence, the success stories of John Munn, the builder, and Nicholas Reilley, who was born on board the ship.Very spirited interview with a woman who has sailed on the replica built of her, in Ireland.  51.25
2 3 13 Liberty Watch  Today I broke down the bills that are stuck in the Arizona Legislature, and why they are so. Some good callers, and an explanation as to why "universal background checks," are a horrible idea.  50.28
1 27 13 Liberty Watch  Retired Senior Special Agent of INS Michael Cutler back again, explaining why agents of ICE who have sued DHS for giving them illegal orders, have gained standing with the court. Fascinating 47.47, good calls from audience.
1 27 13 America Armed & Free  Good discussion of the bills currently going through the Az Legislature and the federal "assault weapon" bill. Good calls. 48 min.
1 20 13 Liberty Watch Today I expained the most recent presidential executive orders. 51 min.
1 20 13 America Armed & Free   Second half on upcoming gun legislation.  48.53
1 13 13 Liberty Watch  State Representative Victoria Steele, on the coming session of the legislature. 46 min.
1 13 13 America Armed& Free Phil Van Cleave, President of The Virginia Citizens Defense Leage, discusses upcoming challenges to freedom in the RKBA. 46 min, informed debate, good radio.

1 6 13 Liberty Watch Lee Boyland, author and former nuclear EOD Tech Lee Boyland, joins about his essay on "should we dump the Constitution.  Great guest, many wonderful insights.  47.10


12 30 12 Liberty Watch  Bill and Zia Arnoldi, soon to be the newest hosts on KVOI with a computer program, discuss computer security in the cloud, the new federal data collection center in Utah, and field some good technical questions. 47.34, some humor, good callers.
12 30 12 America Armed & Free  Mike Campbell is about as committed to his work as any man I have interviewed. First for 10 years in the Navy, then for 30 as a journalist for the Department of Defense, Campbell was a didicated public servant. He also has written 2 book on the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. "Amelia Earhart: The Truth At Last," documents all the evidence and witnesses who saw her on Saipan in the custody of the Japanese. Mike talks about the massive multi-governmental cover up of the details. Fascinating 48.43.
12 23 12 Liberty Watch  Christopher Hove is a manager at the Tucson 911 center for the Tucson Fire Deartment. Fascinating insight into how the center operates and how you can best interact with the people there. Government that works well and does something right. How often do you hear that on Liberty watch? Great 50.41.
Another fine excursion into the world of air guns with Shotgun News Air Gun Editor Tom Gaylord.I reviewed 4 airguns, a Brwoning 800, an RWS Diana LP 8, a Crosman 2300T, and a Crosman 2240. Good in studio sound effects with the pellets hitting the trap. 52 min.
12 16 12 Liberty Watch  Tom Devine is head of the Government Accountability Project, and this hour (49.16) is devoted to the new bill signed into law, offering true whistle blower protection, this time including members of the Homeland Security Department. Good radio, some good questions from callers.
12 9 12 America Armed & Free  Juli Warner is the Communications Director for Leatherman Tools, a company making a pocket tool that every American should own. Employing 700 people and making a tool understood in 86 languages this is a fun 49.min 13 sec, with good calls, stories, and a fun T-Rex gag. Good radio.
12 2 12 Liberty Watch  Reprise of an earlier (aprox 2/12) interview of Dr. Michael Coffman, about his book, "Plundered," on how progressives are progressively stealing the country. Very well done, generated a lot of interest on buying the book. 54 min, jam packed with good info
11 25 12 Liberty Watch  Bill Fawell is a patriot and an astute observer of history and politics. His book is "A New American revolution." Excellent 49 min on coming trends, and how to get America back to the country it was meant to be. God callers, spirited exchanges.
11 25 12 Amnerica Armed & Free  Today I let loose on things you can do in response to the last election. Some great calls, as well. Good suggestions as to preparedness, resources, and personal responsibility. The written version of this audio essay is posted at . 49 min, good radio.
11 18 12 Liberty Watch  Mary Ellen Hannibal has written, "The Spine of The Continent," an extremely well researched book of one side of the argument. In it she describes why "nature is in dire straights." She is an intellectually honest member of the environmental left, who is not opposed to hunting and fishing. It's a history of some of the environmental movement in the last 30 years. Very interesting exchanges, good callers, some humor,  49.53. This is what radio can be without the shouting.
11 18 12 America Armed & Free  Ord Elliot is a former Marine Captain, Viet Nam combat vet, and a Princeton Graduate with a PhD. He has been an entrepeneur since leaving the Corps, and has an interesting self-published book, "The Warrior's Silence," available at . Some soul-searching radio, one very off-point caller, and few good ones.  49.07
11 11 12 America Armed & Free  General Patrick Henry Brady is a retired Army Major General, and holder of the Medal of Honor, for 6 missions in Viet Nam in 1967, where he flew his Huey sideways, his side toward the enemy, into a valley in zero visibility to rescue 70 wounded soldiers. In doing so he developed a new technique for flying with as little as 30' visibility. He also figured a new technique for doing same AT NIGHT, earning him a Distinguished Flying Cross, before his MOH. One of the best ever interviews on this program! 49.53.
11 11 12 Liberty Watch  Senior Special Agent Michael Cutler of INS (retired,) returns with a perspective ion his latest article for Fox News, on the results of the executive order which installed the DREAM Act, bypassing Congress. Funny and on point. Good calls. 49.20
11 4 12 Liberty Watch  Adam Freedman has degrees from University of Chicago, Yale, and Oxford. His book, "The Naked Constitution," refutes the "living document theories with solid evidence and research, plus he is steeped in the subject himself. Very informative 48.06. Good audience questions. 
11 4 12 America Armed & Free  51 minutes of good advice from host and callers on how to store things for storm prep, generators, food dehydration, and last segment on firearms. Lots of great calls. Very informative.
10 28 12 Liberty Watch   Discussion of all ballot props in Pima County. 1:14.36.
10 28 12 America Armed & Free  Dennis Bella has a web portal for finding the best deals on guns and equipment . 22.02
10 21 12 America Armed & Free  In this hour, I give some vital instruction on calling 911 (how not to get killed while you're distracted by the phone) and some advice on how to grip a handgun. Next segments on home defense, and what will happen if you use deadly force inside your own home. Good radio, some good callers, 49.55.
10 21 12 Liberty Watch  Dr. Dean Gualco has an MBA from USC, and a PhD. from University of The Pacific in Education. His latest book is, "Choices and Consequences in an Age of Instability and Insecurity." Interesting hour on the consequences of moving away from a culture of self-sufficiency. Some humor and good calls. 49.23
10 21 12 America Armed & Free  In this hour, I give some vital instruction on calling 911 (how not to get killed while you're distracted by the phone) and some advice on how to gri a handgun. Next segments on home defense, and what will happen if you use deadly force inside your own home. Good radio, some good callers, 49.55.
10 14 12 Liberty Watch  Attorney and American Committment President Phil Kerpen discusses not Obama Care, but Obama Car, and why the new regulation of the auto industry is both unconstitutional and unwise. Second half is with mechanic Mike Emery, who is also well read on the topic. 49.47, good radio.
10 14 12 America Armed & Free  LCDR Claude Berube, on his book."The Aden Effect" is the first in a series of 5 novels to come from the pen of Claude Berube, a serving Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy, and a history teacher at the U.S. Naval Academy. Though fiction, the book is based on LCDR Berube's experiences in Naval Intelligence, and his work as a liaison to the U.S. Senate. Quick witted and with a sense of humor, Berube aquits himself well, and manages not to engage me about the fine points of guns. {: - ) This is classic, "CH engaging someone on a topic of mutual interest." Good flow, good radio, 52.32 min.
10 7 12 Liberty Watch  First half is Dr. John Eastman, Dean Emeritus of Chapman University Law School, on the most recent Obama/Romney Debate. Secon half is with Bobby Livingston of R & R Auctions in New Hampshire about the auction of Bonnie & Clyde's guns. 49 min, good radio.
10 7 12 America Armed & Free  First half with /Arizona State Senatior Frank Antenori about freedom and what legislatures can do to preserve it, and second half with Az State Senator Nancy Barto, on trying to infuse a spine into Governor Brewer on resisting the health care exchanges in Obamacare. Good radio,  49.47
9 23 12 Liberty Watch  Peter Ferarra is a a Harvad Graduate attorney, and an author. He explains, chapter and verse, why The Obamunist In Chief is the largest spending budgeteer in the history of the planet. Good 44 min, some humor.
9 23 12 America Armed & Free  Great discussion of the Islamic Fundamentalist word with Lee Boyland, author of a 5 book series of fiction begining with "Behold An Ashen Horse." Lee is a former Nuclear EOD Team member and NEST Team leader (although they  weren't called that at the time.) Good calls, some humor, fairly fast moving, 50 min.
9 16 12 Liberty Watch  Dr. Yaron Brook has a PhD in finance from the University of Texas, and with Don Watkins has written "The Free Market Solution," about using the ideas of Ayn Rand to cure our economic woes, and why a free market is the only moral way to run an economy. Some pretty convincing arguments, except that he steps on himself pretty hard on the government's authority to control immigration. Seems he hasn't read Article 1, Section 8, clause 3, lately... 48.26, scintilating radio.
9 16 12 America Armed & Free  First half with Dr. Lamont Colucci, PhD, and former State Dept officer,professor at Ripon College, and author of a new 2 volume set about how presidents have run international security policy. 2nd half with Ted Dobrowski about the Chicago Teacher's Strike. Very revealing facts about charter vs. regular public schools. Good caller smack down at the end. 48.44.
9 9 12 Liberty Watch  Stanley Kurtz is a writer for National Review, and is a Harvard PhD. He is a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, as well as a contributing editor for National Review Online. His book, "Spreading The Wealth, How Obama Is Robbing The Suburbs To Pay For The Cities," is published by Sentinel, a division of Penguin books. It details how the people who originally taught BHO how to use the tactics of Saul Alinsky, are still his advisors today, and they have a plan to force people out of the suburbs and into the cities, and redistribute the poor to the suburbs. Well documented and foot noted. 52.38. Excellent.
9 9 12 America Armed & Free  I read an article about armed self-defense from NY State, of all places, where a man actually had a carry permit, with commentary. Some good questions from the audience during the commentary. Some facts about the concealed weapons permit program, and some mentions of the work of the Arizona Citizens Defense League. I pointed out that most signs which say "no guns," have no effect in law in Arizona, unless they are at a bar of a government building or an incarceration facility. Fairly fiery.   44.39
9 2 12 Liberty Watch  William Fawell believes that there is a way to elect all new congressmen who do not sign a pledge to obey the Constitution, at one point suggesting a conference between Tea Party and Occupy movements. Hughwhat? 25.22.
9 2 12 America Armed & Free  Bob Shell is the owner of Bob Shell Reloading in Apache Junction. He loads obselete cartridges, and works with antique guns and loads for them. Delightful hour of technical stuff about old ammo and antique guns. Also joined by Aaron Brudenell, tool mark examiner and firearms expert.1:16.02. This is 3 segments, rather than the usual 2.
8 26 12 Liberty Watch  First half is with Frank Hartman, of NASA's JPL Lab inPasadena California, one of 16 peole who drive the "Curiosity" Mars Rover. Some good interplay, humor, and an interesting subject, to say the least! To see pictures of the ongoing operations: .

2nd half with Montana State Senator Ryan Zinke, for US Navy SEAL, who at one time was the force commander of all spec ops people in Iraq. 23 years SEAL, retired a Commander. Has an org called "Special Forces For America," dedicated to getting a C in C who does not bow to other nations. 52.5 min, great radio.
8 26 12 America Armed & Free  Rob Olive, with a first time novel "Essential Liberty," about a possible scenario in the U.S. if the country wre to go full gun control, and ATF started kicking in doors. Very good interchange of ideas and some humor. 52.31
8 19 12 Libeerty Watch  Marita Noon is a columnist fot, and the founder of A spritely 48.16 min discussion of why hydraulic fracturing is not a danger to our water supply, and the Obamunist In Chief's hit list of "dirty energy." Some good calls and humor.
8 19 12 America Armed & Free  Marc Victor is a Desert Storm Vetran of the Marine Corps, and a successful attorney in Chandler. Marc does a lot of criminal defense work, and describes the story of a woman who was just found not guilty of transporting drugs, when someone onknown to her placed them in her vehicle. Wonderful 51.46
8 12 12 Liberty Watch   First half with Rod Pyle, with a new book "Destination Mars," with a little humor and sound effects thrown in. Second half with a former Obamunist In Chief supporter, who worked with Al Sharpton until he "came to see the light. Virgil Brannon's book is "Democratic Coma," available from . Virgil is a private investigator who started doing some real investigating.  48.49, good radio.
8 12 12 America Armed & Free  Steven Ujifusa has a masters in history, and he has put it to good use in his Simon and Schuster book, "A Man And His Ship," about the life of William Francis Gibbs, and his ship of dreams, The SS United States. It is also a history of the transatlantic steamer of the 20th century. Very well foot noted, thouroughly researched, and very well presented. 49 minutes of great radio. Some clips of songs from 1915 about shovelling coal into the boilers.
8 5 12 Liberty Watch  Army Special Forces Vet and actor Jim Grimshaw (We Were Soldiers, Magmun, P.I.)and Retired Navy SEAL Team 2 Plank Owner and former CO of West Coast training Capt. Larry Bailey, on leaks from the White House endangering missions and people. Fascinating 47.49 min.
8 5 12 America Armed & Free  Pete Buffington is a former commercial pilot and flight instructor. His book, "Squawk 7700," is a wild ride through getting his pilot's license at 16, throgh flying for commuter airlines, with a detour through freight flying. Moving and informative, 52 min.
7 29 12 Liberty Watch Marc Rainer is a former DC federal prosecutor, Air Force JAG Corps Major, and author. His book, "Capital Kill," is excellent, and available from . We discuss rogue prosecutors and abuse of prosecutorial jurisdiction. Fascinating 46.13
7 22 12 America Armed & Free    An adventure with retired LtC DavidGrossman, author of "On Killing, and "On Combat." Dave's new series, now on DVD, islearn it!   51.27 of great radio.
7 22 12 Liberty Watch  John Wade II with a book on the wisdom of Reagan as applied to the 21st Century. Some classic Reagan Clips thrown in. Good discussion, good calls.  49.20
7 22 12 America Armed & Free  Former Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler, back to comment on candidates immigration policy and why it does not protect America. We take turns upstaging each other, to the benefit of the audience. 50.22. Lively and funny.
7 15 12 Liberty Watch  I read from an article by Attorney Jonathan Emrod, with commentary, and 3 excellent callers, about why Obama's economy is horrible for the poor. Caller Greg highlights. Goo radio, on the fly. 48.22
7 15 12 America Armed & Free  Rob Robideaux is the author of "Tactical Bible Stories," which uses biblical situations to make points about tactical preparations and actions in self-defense. Fascinating, made even more so in that Rob was calling from Nepal, where he lives. In addition to his topic, he gave great info on living in a largely disarmed society there  51.37.  Good radio!
7 8 12 Liberty Watch  A reading and discussion of part of the "Affirdable Helath Care Act" Supreme Court Decision. 48 min.
7 8 12 America Armed & Free  Dr. Paul Williamson is a polymath, with degrees in several fields. He has studied the issues of future energy, and presents some viable alternative plans for it. Good discussion. 49.37.
7 1 12 Liberty Watch  Barry Farber is a legendary talk show host. His book is "Coctails With Molotov," based on a real life meeting they had in Russia. FASCINATING hour of radio.  48.36
7 1 12 America Armed & Free   Virgil Westdale is an American of Japanese descent who served in WWII with the 442nd, The "Neisi." He was a commercial pilot, until the Air Corps yanked his ticket because of his heritage, and made him an infantryman. After the war he became an engineer with 25 patents. Later in life, he went to work for TSA as a screener, and retired last year at 91!  49.23
6 24 12 Liberty Watch  Dr. Dixie Swanson wrote "The Accidental Senator," and today we discussed her sequel, "The Accidental President," about a woman who through a set of unusual circumstances, becomes President. Funny, touching, and with much historical detail. Unfortunately, Dr. Swanson favors some curtailments of freedom as an answer to "campaign reform," but it is a spirited and honest debate. Some good calls  We'll have her back when the sequal comes out. 48.26
6 24 12 America Armed & Free   Absolutely inspiring interview with Lt. Gen Robin Rand, CO of the 12th Airforce at Davis Monthan AFB. Find out "why he serves," his most memorable mission as an F-16 pilot (he still flies it) and the weight of responsibility of 3 stars. Phenominal radio.  54.52
6 17 12 Liberty Watch  Martin Sief is a former editor of UPI, and has written several best selling books. His most recent is "That Used To Be Us," about why Thomas Friedman is wrong about the "flat world." What a shame that a man so brilliant could not take the time to be civil to a caller who bothered to read his book.None the less a fascinating guest. 45.37
6 17 12 America Armed & Free  Todd Rathner is the chief lobbyist for Knife Rights, and a board member of NRA. He talks about the lawsuit against New York City for their ridiculous interpretation of a "gravity knife,"  and about custom knives. Excellent 51.29.Some humor.
6 10 12 America Armed & Free  Ace Abbott is a former Air Force F-4 driver, and former non-scheduled airline pilot and "freight dog." His book, "Rogue Aviator," is a recounting of his flight career from Air Force pilot to retirement from commercial flying. Funny, informative, and in some places sobering, a wonderful 51.26 of radio.

6 10 12 Lberty Watch
   Jim Babka of joins for a spirited hour of things you can do to make your government accountable and shrink its hemheroidal  tendencies.  We discuss the "Read The Bills Act," and the "One Subject At A Time Act."47.37 

6 3 12 Liberty Watch  In response to a point by a caller from the previous week, Charles on the jury system from 2 interesting articles. The caller asserted that a person who votes his conscience rather than the facts, should not be on the jury. I refute that with the history  of the jury system and the John Peter Zenger Case from 1735. 47 min 33 seconds.
6 3 12 America Armed & Free  Historian Bill Sloan, on his excellent and well researched book, "Undefeated," about the fight for Bataan and the Death March. Very good history stuff for those interested in the campaign, including history's last significant mounted cavalry charge. 50.37
5 27 12 Liberty Watch  Arthur Kerschen is a scientist in biotech, and a believer in the free market. His website is He wants to erect a large monument to the principles of the free market, in granite. Fascinating  48.55 discussion.
5 27 12 America Armed & Free  Billy Almon was a US Navy SEAL for 23 years. He was in combat many times, under fire. Humor is a coping mechanism much in need by such warriors, so he wrote a book about it, "When The Bullet Hits Your Funny Bone." Great 48.55 min of radio.
5 20 12 Liberty Watch  Tom Reed is the former Secretary of The Airforce, and former Director of the National Reconaisance Office. His book is "The Teran Triangle," a plausible combination of fact and fiction about a nuclear bomb threat by Iran within the U.S. Fascinating 50.09 min, some great callers.
5 20 12 America Armed & Free  Tom Reed is the former Secretary of The Airforce, and former Director of the National Reconaisance Office. His book is "The Teran Triangle," a plausible combination of fact and fiction about a nuclear bomb threat by Iran within the U.S. Fascinating 50.09 min, some great callers.
5 13 12 Liberty Watch  Robert Rapier is an engineer in the energy consulting business, and his book, "Power Plays," is a non-partisan, factual look at the energy situation in the United States. Informative and factual. 47 min.
   49.28 David Oliphant is a formner NY Yankees farm team member, and a very successful man in the publishing business. He talks about growing up with a concept of honor. Great hour 40 min, 8 min
 Today's guest is Marty Hayes, of the Armed Citizens Action Defense Network. Excellent hour about the aftermath of a shooting. Some good questions about the economy, as well.   50.51
4 22 12 Liberty Watch  Brian Sussman is a meteorologist and talk show host on KSFO San Francisco. He is the author of the best selling "Climategate," from 2010, and now this year's "Eco-Tyranny." Scintilating 49.48 on the use of weather and fears thereof, to destroy free enterprise, starting with its roots in Hegel, Marx, and Engels. Fascinating.
4 22 12 Liberty Watch  Brian Sussman is a meteorologist and talk show host on KSFO San Francisco. He is the author of the best selling "Climategate," from 2010, and now this year's "Eco-Tyranny." Scintilating 49.48 on the use of weather and fears thereof, to destroy free enterprise, starting with its roots in Hegel, Marx, and Engels. Fascinating.
4 15 12 Liberty Watch  Gary Kreep is head of the US Justice Foundation, a conservative alternate to the ACLU. He talks about police using unconstitutional methods of tracking of people's cell phones. Second half is with Mark Spear, about changing law on the deffinintion of an intersection, and red light cameras.
4 15 12 America Armed & Free  Col. Doug Macgregor, USA(Ret.) is a PhD, and has written 4 books. His latest, "Warrior's Rage," is about his leadership in the tank battle at 73 Easting in Iraq in 1991. Fascinating hour, great calls.   50.24
4 8 12 America Armed & Free  Norman Fulkerson has written a book called "American Knight," about the life of Marine Col. John W. Ripley. I played  some of Ripley's favorite music in the breaks, and a couple of clips of Ripley himself, describing his destruction of the bridge at Dong Ha in 1972, which delayed an entire column of armor fromreaching South Viet Nam. Excellent radio, 49.18
4 8 12 Liberty Watch  Aaron Zelman was the founder of Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Here, in a recording from several years ago, Rabbi Doovid Bendory explains how a lot of Jewish people have become anti-freedom on guns, and how some have changed.   48.22
4 1 12 Combined Liberty Watch/Armed & Free  Complete recording of 3rd day of oral arguments in the Wednesday Supreme Court Hearings, with brief commentary. 1 Hr, 40 min. Spellbinding & some humor from the justices, and some genuine dumbness from a couple of them.
3 25 12 Liberty Watch  Michael Coffman, PhD, was back on about his excellent new booik, 12 years in the making, "Plundered, How Progressive Ideology is Destroying America." Brilliant, well footnoted work, and a very informative hour and a half, compressed to 70 min. Available from .
3 25 12 America Armed & Free  I explain details about the recent Florida Shooting of the young black teen by Mr. Zimmerman, and explain what Arizona law would have had to say about it. 23.19
3 18 12 Liberty Watch  Short first segment today with Sebnator Frank Antenori on traffic enforcement cameras. He wants to put their use to a vote of the public, and the powers that be do not want that to happen. Stay tuned for an epic battle. 24 min.
3 18 12 America Armed & Free  Extra long show about airguns with Shotgun News Airgun Editor Tom Gaylord about the Dragon Claw .50 caliber airgun, and all things pnumatic. Entertaining and informative 111 minutes. Includes some shots into the bucket on air, and a resultant sand cloud. {: - )
3 11 12 Liberty Watch  Recently there has been a trend in Tucson for people to get outrageous water bills when their normal usage is very modest. These bills are sometimes for hundreds or thousands, when the normal bill is $70 or $80. I talked about ways of combatting agencies which will not back down. A departure from the normal program, with a 1 hour (49 min) monologue and no callers. Pretty good radio.
3 11 12 America Armed & Free  Barrett Tillman has written 40 books on military history, mostly about combat in the Pacific. His new book is "Enterprise," about the CV6 flat top which was the "fightingest ship in WWII." Fascinating, good callers. 52 min.
3 4 12 Liberty Watch  Dr. Jerome Corsi is a Harvard PhD in economics and the author of over 12 books. His new one is an e-book, called "Alinsky, The Evil Genius Behind Obama." An informative, well documentd espose on the underpinnings of the Obamunist In Chief, plus a little bit of firery disagreement.  49.26
3 4 12 America Armed & Free  L. Neil Smith discusses his new book, "Down With Power. We delve into the dichotomy between libertarian utopianism and freedomist possibility (my jaded view.) Interesting, good calls, and some spirited debate.   51.54
2 26 12 Liberty Watch  Professor Richard Epstein is a law professor at NYU, and has written a number of books, and a brilliant pamphlet about why progressivism fails. 10,000 watt answers. 49 min, 21 sec. Excellent radio.
2 26 12 America Armed & Free  The recently signed into law National Defense Authorization Act, contains a provision allowing the President to order the arrest of anyone deemed to be an "enemy combatant, or one who has assisted an enemy combatant," to be detained without warrant or trial by the military, indefinitely. A number of organizations are opposing it. The 10th Amendment center hosted a conference call for reporters - here it is. 51 min, 47 sec.
2 19 12 Liberty Watch  Tomorrow is President's Day. In honor of that, I read George Washington's 1796 farewell address, with some good listener calls at the end. Man, that guy could write! 52 min, very good info.
2 19 12 America Armed & Free  Mike Barham is an Afganistan War Vet, and the Marketing Manager at Galco International, Arizona's premiere holster maker. Interesting hour with him and Tom Woodrow, as we report on holsters we have tested, and some great stuff in the catalog,plus some excellent callers. 52 min, some good humor.
2 12 12 Libeerty Watch  First half is me, with an essay I penned on entrepreneurial effort. Fairly passionate. Second half is Dana Dore about an upcoming national muzzle loading event. 48 min.
2 5 12 Liberty Watch  Today I commented on invasions of privacy and person by TSA, and a pernicious proposed boycott by an anti-freedom group against Starbucks because they refuse to diminish your freedom on the tolls of force.
2 5 12 America Armed & Free  Neal "Doc" Justin is a PhD in cultural anthropology, a former university professor, television host, state legislator, and former owner of Justin'sWater World. Fascinating discussion of his book, "America First," about restoring our country to greatness. 51.25
1 29 12 Liberty Watch   Discussion of recent Supreme Court decision on GPS tracking and the need for a warrant for same. 47.05

1 29 12 America Armed & Free    Seth Copsey is a former deputy under secretary of the Navy. Interesting discussion of the ways of dealing with Iran, and the rising threat from China. 51.10

1 22 12 Liberty Watch  Doyal Shamley is a consultant to Apache County, Az., and a tireless fighter for property rights and access to private lands across public roads. An interestign tale of restricting the Fedgov in their tear against rights. 49.22.. What good radio should be.
1 22 12 America Armed & Free  Paul M. Barrett is a true journalist, who works for Bloomberg Business. His book, "Glock, The Rise Of America's Gun," chronicles the marketing history of Gaston Glock, and his creation. Very revealing. 50.50. Great radio.
1 15 12 Liberty Watch  Fantastic book, "Climate Gate" by weatherman Brian Sussman of San Francisco. Bright, funny guy. 50.50
1 15 12 America Armed & Free  Music of the gun, largely by Steve Lee. Some great songs - enjoy! 50 min.

1 8 12 America Armed & Free  Retired Lt. Col Dave Grossman is the author of "On Killing," "On Combat," and the brand new "Bullet Proof Mind" DVD series, available at . He is aklso a co-owner of Detonics, a well respected manufacturer of 1911 style .45's. Most of the 52 min on "sheepdogging," and some on a new patent on a modular 1911. . Sizzling radio.
1 8 12 Liberty Watch  The Southeastern Legal Foundation is taking on the EPA in a lawsuit for exceeding their authoirty in writing regulationms not delegated to them by Congress, and not following the scientific guidelines by which their agency is coverned, in terms of carbon emissions to fight so-called "climate change." Shannon Goesling is their CEO and chief legal counsel, a sharp, principled attorney. 50 min, great, informative radio.
1 1 12 Liberty Watch  Sen Sylvia Allen is the President Pro Temp of the Az Senate. She has a bill to activate our state guard force, and fund it to help our overworked and out manned sheriffs and border patrol. Second half is with Jerry Mercante about open hand and edged weapon combat realistic training for civilians. 48.50, both excellent radio.
1 1 12 America Armed & Free  Roger Score, an Air force Vetran, owns Tucson Alarm, and has fior 30 years. The city of Tucson insists he needs a license that he already has from the state. The rub: they want him to give up his customers personal information, without even a warrant. Excellent radio, good callers  50.24
12 25 11 Liberty Watch  Dr. S. Rob Sobhani, PH.D., has a book "Press 2 For English." He is the son of immigrants, with a great love of America, He has a lot of good ideas on fixing the immigration system. I disagreed on a few, with counter points. Spirited. 49.40
12 25 11 America Armed & Free  I spent the entire 49.39 on reading and commenting on the state constitutions and their RKBA provisions and their preamble provisions of faith. Also commented on what needs to change in Az Gun laws.

12 18 11 Liberty Watch  Rare 90 min interview with reporter and former judge Catherine Crier, about her new book, "Patriot Acts." Sparks fly pretty well in this hour an sixteen minute file. She got both barrels of Liberty Watch, and gave back same.

12 18 11 America Armed & Free  Shahid Buttar is an attorney with the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, about the National Defense Authorization Act, which may authorize military detentions without trial, of U.S. Citizens. 24 min.
12 11 11 Liberty Watch  Patrick "Fitz" Conrad, is a former naval aviator (S3 Vikings) and submarine hunter. He is now an ER Doc and author. His book is "When In Doubt, Chose Freedom." It is a compilation of essays on politics, history, and life. Well done. 47 min, excellent.
12 11 11 America Armed & Free  NRA Master Instructor and former Marana SWAT Officer Chester Manning, for an interesting discussion  of Arizona's revised gun laws.   52.19, interesting and fun.
12 4 11 Liberty Watch  John Fitzen and Rocket Bombshell join me about knives and Glocks, and customes on both. Also visited by JR Spencer of Lone Wolf, from the SAR Show live in Phoenix.   46.06
12 4 America Armed & Free  Second hour from SAR Show ibn Phoenix, live. Kate Kruger, Lee Love about specialty target frames. 48.07
11 27 11 Liberty Watch  Return visit of INS Senior Special Agent (Ret.) Michael Cutler, about proposed federal legislation that would prohibit states from  enforcing immigration law. As always, he presents himself with whit and candor.  49.18, excellent radio.
11 20 11 Liberty Watch  Special treat, Jack Abramoff, about his book, Capitol Punishment," available from . A guy that had an excellent upbringing, a magnificent education, and then learned to play the system so well that it spit him out. Here him repent and offer suggestions for reform. Excellent 48 min.
11 20 11 America Armed & Free  Dr. Michael T. Gamble was a post doctoral fellow at MIT, and a nuclear and chemical engineer at Lawrence Livermore Labs in Ca. His new book, "Zeroscape," is about using technology to combat nuclear weapons, but this interview is about green energy. The guy is lively, gets it, and has good ideas. 52 min. Excellent radio.
11 13 11 Liberty Watch  Nick Dranias is an attorney with the Goldwater Institute, talking about using the power of the states to nullify Obamacare through state compacts. Fascinating 48 min, some humor.

11 13 11 America Armed & Free  J. Neil Schluman is an author, director, and composer, with 12 books to his credit, among them, "Stopping Power." His new movie, available free on You Tube, is "Lady Magdelane's." Funny, informative 52.5 min.

11 6 11 Liberty Watch  Rich Trzupec is a chemist with several books to his name. His most recent is "Regulators Gone Wild," about the EPA. Fascinating  47.40

11 6 11 America Armed & Free  Earl Benson was a WW II ball turret gunner and POW in Germany. His tale is heroic and harrowing, told by his widow, Vicky Elaine Benson. The book is "Out of The Ball Turret and Into Hell." 51 min, spellbinding.
10 30 11 Liberty Watch  A Wisconsin judge has declared that a person does not have the right to consume the products of a cow that he owns. Although it is a circuit state judge and not a federal court, there are some federal cases like this one, pending. Something to watch out for. Good callers, 48 min.
10 30 11 America Armed & Free  Former pro football player Alan Young has 2 MBA's from Vanderbuilt in business, and is the CEO of, a firm which provides products to harden your doors agains break ins. Interesting 51 min.
10 23 11 Liberty  Watch First half is me, on 529 million of taxpayer money loaned to Fiskar to make cars IN FINLAND. Send half is Professor Michael Kent Curtis, about the First Amendment and the "Occupy..." movement.

10 23 11 America Armed & Free
  Rabbi Dovid Bendory, rabinic director of JPFO, Jews For he Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Why are Jews frequently so anti-freedom on guns? Great hour!  54.41

10 16 11 Liberty Watch
  Charles on "rescue stories" & what to carry on your person for preparedness. 48.03

10 16 11 America Armed & Free  Mike Emery of Perfection Auto Works on how to maintain you car so that it does not break down on the road. 52.32, some good callers and some humor.

10 9 11 Liberty Watch  Dr. Bonner Cohen, PhD, is with the National Center for Public Policy Research. He details why it is important for the EPA to loosen its strangle hold on the American Economy. 49.38, great radio!
10 9 11 America Armed & Free  Pete Friedrichs is an engineer for a high tech firm, an author of 2 (soon to be 3) books, and an inveterate tinkerer. For a project, he built several crystal radio sets, and wrote a book about it. He also wrote one about amplifiers. Also a fascinating website. 49 min of excellent radio. Pete, a history buff, will be on twice a year on various technical topics.
10 2 11 Liberty Watch  Gabby Mercer is a legal immigrant from Mexico, now running for Congress in CD 7. We talk about the wrong headedness of "La Rasa." 2nd half is on the morality of killing Anwar Ai-Awlaki. 46.48

10 2 11 America Armed & Free  H. Lee Barnes is a Green Beret Vetran of Viet Nam. His memoir is poignant and informative. Some good callers. 49.37.
9 18 11 Liberty Watch  Rod Adams if the CEO of Adams Atomic Engines. Even the name sounds cool, doesn't it. Kinda "Mr. Fusion-ish" no? Rod tells why nuclear is better than solar. If you're green, this may turn you a little greener! {: - ) 51 min.
9 25 11 America Armed & Free  From the 2010 Gun Rights Policy Conference, Alan Gura, and Don Kilmer on the legal progression of the cases that are flowing from the Heller and McDonald decisions of 2008 and 2010, respectively. Great legal info, from the attorneys trying the cases. 51.04
9 18 11 America Armed & Free  Attorney Jonathan Emrod, on why the recent Supreme Court Victory on commercail free speech, bodes well for the body politic.52 min
9 11 11 Liberty Watch  Attorney Eric S. Petersen has edited many of the letters of Thomas Jefferson down into topic essays. Brilliant presentation of his ideas into short, digestable segments. Great radio, and some funny comments by yours truely. 49.5 min.
9 11 11 America Armed & Free  David Nance is the head of Sabre Tech, the people who make some of the most effective self defense sprays. He has self defense tips for less-lethal products, and a number of other good insights, plus some wisecracks from me. 51.45
9 4 11 Liberty Watch  Dr. Tamzin Rossenwasser is past president of AAPS, a physician group which is an alsternative to the socailist AMA, and asks the question, "do we have a right to decent government? VERY good 49.26.
9 4 11 America Armed & Free  We are approaching the 10th anniversary of the Sept 11 attacks. Do you have a 3 day supply of what you need to live, along with defense tools,in a bag you can grab and go? Former Marine aviator Eb Wilkinson and I  discuss "what's in your bug out bag," and "what's in your pocket?"  51.21. Great radio with good caller suggestions and questions.
8 28 11 Liberty Watch  Marc Victor ( ) is a freedomist and defender of rights. Fascinating 42 min of what to do at a traffic, sobriety, and general checkpoint, plus co-host Eb Wilkinson with some good questions about the statement on Marc's business card. Last is some god stuff on defensive display.
8 28 11 America Armed & Free  Charly Gullett is an Army Vetran, a gunsmith, former FFL firearms dealer, web publisher, and author. His new book, Beirut, Arizona - Operation Fast And Furious - The Gunwalker Scandal, connecting Mexican Drugs, Gun Control, and Islamic Terrorism. Well foot noted and end noted and based on information from the Wiki Leaks documents, Gullett's book traces a clear line between all the items in his title. 51 min of fascinating radio.
8 21 11 Liberty Watch  Former Congressman George Nethercutt, on his book, "In Tune With America - Our History In Song." It uses popular music of the time, starting with the Rev War, to explain history. Many clips of interesting music in this one. Also, saved at a higher resolution than most files here.48.42
8 21 11 America Armed & Free  Dr. Adam Winkler is a UCLA law professor and accomplished criminal defense attorney. His book, "Gunfight: The Battle Over The Right To Bear Arms In America," reads like a thriller, not a history. Fascinating   50.37 discussion of gun control, RKBA orgs, and the history of gun rights and gun control in the U.S. Excellent radio.
8 15 11 Liberty Watch Nick Dranias from Goldwater Institute on the recent 11th Curcuit decision striking down the individual mandate in Obama Care, and the Bond vs. United States Decision, granting standing to individuals to raise the 10th Amendment as an issue at trial. 49.11. Very interseting legal radio.
8 15 11 America Armed & Free William Ericson, designer and owner of This is a truely innovative product - small, concealable, and carryable. Unique holsters for a small, straight blade knife. Verrry Interestink... 48.44
8 7 11 Liberty Watch  Brad O'Leary and Jerome Corsi wrote a book on the statistical basis of defeating the Obamunis In Chief in 2012. Mr. O'Leary was unable to be interviewed, so I went over significant aspects of his book. 49.30.
8 7 11 America Armed & Free  First half is with recurring guest and gun writer Alan Korwin, talking about the real causes of violence in cities like Baltimore. Second hald is with me, talking about the "Kosher Gun Laws," and the last segment about the repercussions of operation "Fast And Furious."
7 31 11 Liberty Watch  L. Neil Smith is the Author of Pallas, The Probability Broach, and 20 some other sci-fi books. A fascinating 50 min on why what the Obamunist in Chief is doing in ceeding space to Russia and China, is treasonous.
7 31 11 America Armed & Free  Chris Knox runs The Firearms Coalition with his brother Jeff, continuing the great work of his father, Neil. A fiery 50 min on operation Fast and Furious," and a few other interesting tidbits.
7 24 11 Liberty Watch  Dr. Edgar Browning is a PhD in economics from Princeton who teaches at Texas A & M. He explains the 3 methods of dealing with budgets, and why each is desirable or not. Second half is with Dr. Byron Schlomac, a PhD economist from Texas A & M about the practical ramifications of the current crisis. Excellent radio! 48 min 40 sec.
7 24 11 America Armed & Free  How do we deal with Somali Pirates? Can private forces augment navies? LCDR Claude Berube on his several articles about security in the maritime commons. Great radio! 53.27
7 17 11 Liberty Watch  Dr. Robert J. Lifton's book is, Witness to An Extreme Century. He is a lecturer at Harvard in Pschiatry, and new every important person in that profession since the 50's. An interesting look at how the left views war, patriotism, and the right. 40.07 min.
7 17 11 America Armed & Free  Katherine Kent owns The Solar Store in Tucson, and has a new way to pay for your solar equipment - lease it! Also setting up your house for temporary power in a storm.
7 10 11 Liberty Watch  Mike Mulney is the CEO of VIPOrbit, and is heavily involved in social media . Interesting hour. 49.04
 10 11 America Armed & Free  Bob Hamer is a retired FBI Agent and former MArine. He is an author, with his latest, "Targets Dopwn," about undercover operations. Interesting hour. 48.20 min.
7 3 11 Liberty Watch  Dr. Jane Orient joins in about recent lack of fealty for the Hippocratic Oath, and the effects of Obamacare. Good radio. 45.33
7 3 11 America Armed & Free  Phil Ward is a Viet Nam Vetran and a former special forces instructor, and author of "Those Who Dare," about Brit WWII Special Forces. The Sequel is coming out Nov 11, "Dead Eagles." Good conv about how to express appreciation for our vetrans. 50 min.
6 23 11 Liberty Watch  Phyllis Schlafly is the lioness of the conservative movement. She and I disagree and engage on the value of a constitutional amendments convention. 23 min.
6 23 11 America Armed & Free  Chris Bird is an interesting fellow. Originally from England, he was an officer in the Army there. He then moved to Canada, and is now a US Citizen, having worked as a crime reporter in Canada and in Texas. His 6th edition of the Concealed Handgun Manual is now out, over 500 pages of great stuff. Rare hour and a half interview, compressd to 73 min.
6 19 11 America Armed & Free  My analysis on BATFE's "Operation Fast & Furious," which has turned into "Project Gunwalker," supplying guns used in Mexico to murder, including one U.S. Agent, and probably another.  51.57
6 19 11 Liberty Watch  Eric Felton   has a book called, "Loyalty, The Vexing Virtue." Good Father's Day topic! In in depth study of loyalty from ancient to modern. Interesting radio. 49.56
6 12 11 America Armed & Free  50 min on the UN Small Arms Treaty, the recent SWAT raid here that killed a Marine Vetran of Iraq, and gun rights activism orgs.
6 12 11 Liberty Watch  Peter Suciu is a freelance journalist with a book about the roots of fascism as it relates to the current administration, "America's Road To Fascism.: 50 min, good radio.
6 5 11 Liberty Watch  Larry Sweikart is a professor of history in Ohio. His book, "What Would The Founders Think." is a good comparison of where we were to where we are, in freedom. 39 min.
6 5 11 America Armed & Free  Jr. Jerome Corsi returns for an in depth look at his book, "Where's The Birth Certificate?" Brilliant, in depth investigation of the factors behind the evidence as to why we do not trust the current occupant of the White House, and why we probably don't even know his real name. 51.02.
5 29 11 Liberty Watch  Dr. Lance Hurley appears as Patrick Henry, about how founding fathers viewed tyrrany versus today, and the Christian heritage of our founding. 49 min, excellent radio.
5 29 11 America Armed & Free  Rock Peters wants us to go after the Obamunist In Chief for his birth certificate and other frauds. I try, vainly, to focus on what will work, rather than spending energy on what will not. 52 minute argument.
5 22 11 Liberty Watch  Curtis Greco is the founder of the "Imperfect Messinger Foundation." He is dedicated to the idea that even if the person delivering truth is not perfect, the message of liberty, is. Excellent 22 min segment.
5 22 11 AmericaArmed & Free  Carl Blackwell, Lon Schmidt, John Neeb, and Joel Greenberg are all subvets. 3 of them are vetrans of the USS Seafox, in Tucson for a reunion. Listen to the real stuff of the cold war in submarines. 53.5 min.
5 15 11 Liberty Watch  First segment talking about Obamacare, 2nd w/Mark Spear about dishonesty of traffic enforcement cameras. 47.02
5 15 11 America Armed & Free  Guy Smith is the editor of "Gun Facts," a factual website with accurate info about firearms issues. "Shhoting the Bull" is his new book on how to recognize a lie about the firearms issue.  Good hour, 52 min. 
Musket demonstration, 8/9/10, Fort McHenry, beneath the Star Spangled Banner.
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6 19 11 Liberty Watch
Eric Felton   has a book called, "Loyalty, The Vexing Virtue." Good Father's Day topic! In in depth study of loyalty from ancient to modern. Interesting radio. 49.56
6 12 11 Liberty Watch
Peter Suciu is a freelance journalist with a book about the roots of fascism as it relates to the current administration, "America's Road To Fascism.: 50 min, good radio.
6 5 11 Liberty Watch
Larry Sweikart is a professor of history in Ohio. His book, "What Would The Founders Think." is a good comparison of where we were to where we are, in freedom. 39 min.   
5 29 11 Liberty Watch
Dr. Lance Hurley appears as Patrick Henry, about how founding fathers viewed tyrrany versus today, and the Christian heritage of our founding. 49 min, excellent radio.   
5 22 11 Liberty Watch
Curtis Greco is the founder of the "Imperfect Messinger Foundation." He is dedicated to the idea that even if the person delivering truth is not perfect, the message of liberty, is. Excellent 22 min segment.
5 15 11 Liberty Watch
First segment talking about Obamacare, 2nd w/Mark Spear about dishonesty of traffic enforcement cameras. 47.02
5 8 11 Liberty Watch
A collection of prosecutorial overreach, malfeasance, and just plain vicious prosecution. Your government at work. 48 min.
5 1 11 Liberty Watch
Nick Dranias of the Goldwater Institute addresses the fight they are in at the Supreme Court about the so-called "clean elections system" in Arizona. 
4 24 11 Liberty Watch  Nahid Sewell is from Tehran, now a successful American entrepeneur. Her novel, "The Ruby Tearcatcher," is about overcoming fundamentalism on both sides of the ocean. 49 min.
4 24 11 America Armed & Free  Nelson Miller was a Navy SEAL for 20 years, and still works in military parachute training. He also owns the Trident Bar & Grille on Speedway in Tucson. His perspective on getting shot at, training, and oter things, is fascinating. 51 min.
4 17 11 Liberty Watch  Peter Christ (rymes with "wrist") is co-founder of "Law Enforcement Against Prohibition," a group in favor of drug legalization. 50 min of rational argument and good callers.
4 17 11 America Armed & Free  Jeff Edwards is a retired Navy Chief sonar tech, and now has his second book out, "7th Angel." It is a gripping thriller, and he talks about ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare), understanding your enemy, and the political differences between the warrior and other classes. 51 min. Fascinating.
4 10 11 Liberty Watch  Mark Gumbiner has produced 35 documentaries on ship wrecks. We talk of Titanic, Fitz, Eastland, and several others  49 min.
4 10 11 America Armed & Free  James Clary is a world renown maritime artist. He has also interviewed survivors of the Titanic. He was the historian on the mission that discovered the wreck in 1983, and his art of the sinking is stunning. Fascinating 51 min.
4 3 11 Liberty Watch  George Minkoff is an rare books expert and works to preserve original collections. His novel reveals much truth about the Jamestown colony and Capt. John Smith. Interesting 49 min.
4 3 11 America Armed & Free  Tom Rompel is a Tucson businessman and gun shop owner. His and my coments about the Tucson shooting and what van be done about incidents like it.51 min.
3 27 11 Liberty Watch  Can Article 5 of the Constitution be used to call and amendments convention by the states to reign in the Fedgov, without a runaway convention? Nick Dranias of Goldwater puts on a powerful case. First half, 48 min.
3 27 11 America Armed & Free  First half is the conclusion of the Goldwater Institute Presentation about an Article 5 Amendment Convention. 2nd half is some "music of the gun, incl "The Guardian." 52 min.
3 20 11 Liberty Watch  Do we have an energy crisis? Should we listen to environmental activists who tell us CO2 is a pollutant? Dr. Pavlopoulos was a physicist for 37 years for the Navy, and an activist for federal jobs reform. Fascinating 48 min.
3 13 11 Liberty Watch  Casey Townsend is the director of the Tucson Aquaponics Project, a closed cirsuit system to grow fish and vegtables enough to feed society. You heard it here first. 46.47 & fascinating. Meet a man with no ego in the way of a big dream.
3 13 11 America Armed & Free  Chuck Wullenjohn is a 27 year Coast Guard Vetran and the public information officver for the Yuma Proving Grounds. Interesting 52 min of how we test weapons systems and vehicles in the desert for the military and civilians.
3 6 11 Liberty Watch  Dr. Rachael Ehrenfeld is a PHD in criminology from Tel Aviv and an expert in tracing money trails from crime to terrorism. Fascinating 45 min.

 6 11 America Armed & Free  George Clary is the historian iof the U.S. Forest Service, and has written a new book called"George Washington's First War." Interesting 44.16. Hint: He COULD tell a lie.

2 27 11 America Armed & Free  Mike Huhn is owner of Desert Divers, and we talk about wreck diving in Truk and other locations. 50.26
3 20 11 America Armed & Free  Mike Francis of Last Man Standing Tactics joins Charles about effective training for realtors, children, & others in practical, hand to hand, self defense.  Entertaining & informative 51.41.
2 27 11 Liberty Watch  1st. Lt Michael Behenna has been wrongfully convicted of murder in Iraq, and is servig 15 years in Leavenworth for it. His mother, a federal prosecutor, speaks of the exclusion of exculpatory evidence by the prosecution. Last seg about a fund raiser for Lt. Behenna. 48 min.
2 20 11 Liberty Watch  Calvin Helin is a Native American Tribesman, and  entrepreneur, attorney, and thinker. His book, "The Economic Dependency Trap," is a primer on how to rise from poverty, and how most societies got that way. Fascinating 48 min.  

2 20 11 America Armed & Free  Laurence Gaughan is the founder of, a 501 c 3, which says that "revolution is in the Constitution." Discover the meaning of that, plus some in depth theories of how to get things done in government. 48.5 min.
2 13 11 Liberty Watch  Chester Manning is an 18 year law enforcement vetran, having served in small departments and for Pima and Greenlee Counties. He is running against the current sheriff of Pima County. Good info.. 48 min.
2 13 11 America Armed & Free  Tim Ralston is former Air Force Special Forces, and has an innovative company with survival tools, equipment, and food, Also a fantastic new still that pulls water out of the desert air! 49 min, good info.
2 6 11 Liberty Watch  First half is with Diane Cohon of Goldwater Institute about their suit against the current admin on helath care. Their clients are several legislators and 1 citizen. Second half is with Professor John Eastman, Dean of Chapman University Law School, on the philosophical underpinnings of Judge Vinson's ruling in Fl., plus some info on birthright citizenship. 45.55.
2 6 11 America Armed & Free 1  2nd Amendment Foundation's Alan Gottlieb with an update on the Obamunist's plans on gun control, and fighting the nomination of the new ATF Director. 28 min.
2 6 11 America Armed & Free 2  My lecture on preparedness in a water emergency. 20.28 min.
1 30 11 Liberty Watch  Joe Zamudio was present at the site of the January 8 shooting of 18 people, and helped restrain the perpetrator. His story is moving and motovational. 46 min.
1 30 11 America Armed & Free  Matthew Shozda is a retired Lt. Colonel in Air Force Special Forces and Rescue. He was a firearms instructor for them, and now is one privately. . He is also in charge of a group "Veterans For Vetrans." Excellent 51.13 min.
1 23 11 Liberty Watch  Marc Victor has been an attorney for 17 years, with a libertarian view on things. Also a Marine Vetran of the first Gulf War, he knows what end of the tube the round comes out of. Listen to a spirited discussion of how to handle a traffic stop. Reach him at  46 nin.
1 23 11 America Armed & Free 1  Ken Rineer is a 20 year Air Force Vetran, President of Gun Owners Of Arizona, and an activist for freedom. His 1995 challenge of guns in city park regulation led to an eventual legislative victory. Now City of Tucson refuses to bring local ordinance into compliance with state law. 26 min, good callers.
1 23 11 America Armed & Free 2  David Codrea is a col;umnist for & Guns Magazine, and has discovered from whistleblowers that BATFE may have allowed guns to go over the border to Mexico to pad statistics of "gun running." Good expose. 23 min.
1 16 11 America Armed & Free  John David Lewis is a professor of history and economics, and has a brilliant book, "Nothing Less Than Victory," a comparison of how nations fought wars from antiquity to WWII. Fascinating and thoughtful, 50 min.
1 16 11 Liberty Watch  Retired Senior Special Agent Michael Cutler of INS, returns on why a chief law enforcement official ought not to poison a case with opinion before facts are in evidence. Some humor, fast paced, 48 min.
1 9 11 Liberty Watch  So much controversy over reading the Constitution before Congress, but how long has it been sine you did? I read the entire Constitution, plus the first 13 amendments. 47 min.
1 9 11 America Armed & Free  Former NEST Team Leader and author of "Pirates And Terrorists," Lee Boyland, returns to discuss the Iranian and N. Korean nuclear threats, and his new book. Fascinating 50 min. Boyland is the author The Rings of Allah, Behold, an Ashen Horse and, America Reborn.
1 2 11 Liberty Watch  Matthew Zacharias wll attend classes at U of A so that he becomes an officer in the Marine Corps. The apartment complex at which he lives wants him to remove the American Flag he displays on his balcony. Listen to this perspective Marine's first fight. 48.46. Inspiring.
1 2 11 America Armed & Free  Erin Simpson is a Tucson attorney, and a firearms instructor. She brings an enthusiastic woman's perspective to firearms instruction, and to the radio. 51 min, fun.
12 26 10 Liberty Watch  Dr. Aura Imbarus is a professor of liturature and a high school teacher, who left Romania to come to America with her husband. Her book is "Out Of The Transylvania Night." Some profound thought on freedom, 47 min.
12 26 10 America Armed & Free  Chris Klinburger is one of the foremost hunting authorities in the world, having operated a hunting, and fur trading company for many years. His book, "Game Masters Of The World," is a treasure trove of hunting and hunting politics, and good hunting stories and pictures. 50 min.
12 19 10 Liberty Watch  Dr. John McElroy is a professor Emeritus at U of A, a world traveler, and host of "America's Fabric," on KVOI. He and I discuss a constitutional convention to amend it. He is pro and I am anit. Fascinating 48 min. 
12 19 10 America Armed & Free  Alan Korwin is the author of over 20 books, including the Gun Laws of Arizona. His new one is, "You've Just Shot, Your Gun's Hot, The Perp's Not, Now What?" GOOD discussion of what to do if involved in a shooting incident. Some humor and disagreement. 50 min.
12 12 10 Liberty Watch  Curtis Greco is an entrepeneur, accountant, and a consultant to many large, successful corporations. He also helped unravel the S & L mess in the 80's. His "Imperfect Messenger Foundation," shows was to lead us back to the founding principles. One of the best interviews I have ever had 45 min.

12 5 10 Liberty Watch Homer Hickam is the author of 10  books, one of which, "The Rocket Boys," was made into the movie "October Skies." His new, "The Dinosaur Hunter," is fiction, based in realistic circumstances of T Rex discovery in Montana. 46 min, good, funny.

12 12 10 America Armed & Free  Return guest Steve Alten, about his book, "Grim Reaper, End of Days." It is a very well written and researched book. While Alten makes some claims about 9/11 and bio weapons production that are not supported by evidence, the fact remains that his premise about using weaponized Bubonic Plague against NYC is a stark concept and a realistic scenario.  48.14. Good radio.
12 5 10 America Armed & Free  Coleen Rowley is the former Special Agent of the FBI who testified to the 911 Commission about the stoppage of information which led to the failure to discover the plot in time. Good radio, 41 min.
11 28 10 Liberty Watch  David Eisenhower is the grandson of Dwight D. His book is a memoir of thier time together from 1961-69. It is warm, toughing, funny, and informative. This is a 51 minute romp through their experiences. Good radio.
11 28 10 America Armed & Free  Derrick and Cheryl Martin run "Accuracy Speaks," a business that builds and repairs competition grade AR's and 1911's. Derrick is also a vetran of 30 years in the U.S. Military, first as a Marine, and then as a National Guardsman. He served in Iraq, as well. Great technical stuff about guns and marksmanship. 50 min.
11 21 10 America Armed & Free  Tommy Crier is a very principled attorney in Louisiana, and fought the IRS to a complete victory in 2007. Hear his epic tale. 48 min.
11 21 10 Liberty Watch  Marc Morano has been an investigative assistant to Senator James Inhoffe of Iowa, and Rush Limbaugh. In this 50 min file, recorded at the August Freedom Action Conference in Valley Forge, Pa., he decimates the hoax perpetrated by global warmacists.
11 7 10 Liberty Watch  Natalie Taylor is a history professor at Skidmore, and has written a book about the life of Henry Adams, the grandson of John Quincy. Fascinating, 48 min.
11 7 10 America Armed & Free  At the end of the Viet Nam war, USS Kirk was sent back to the shores of Viet Nam to rescue the refugees of the regime. There turned out to be 32,000 of them! Some 17 helocopters landed on the single copter deck! Capt Paul Kirk was the skipper, and Jan Herman a military historian. Amazing. 50 min.
11 14 10 Liberty Watch  Marilyn Jenett is a prosperity teacher, at . She does a wonderful hour on how to take advantage of the laws of prosperity for both money and health. 48 min.
11 14 10 America Armed & Free  Mark Gumbinger runs , and has over 35 videos on shipwrecks. In this hour we discuss the still unsolved misteries of the 1975 trajedy. Very good, 51 min.
10 31 10 America Armed & Free  Paul Jacobs is against prop 109, "The Right To Hunt & Fish," on the Arizona ballot for inclusion in the Constitution. He says it removes "voter choice." I say it protects rights. Listen to what happens when a guest tries to fillibuster, and then doesn't answer the question. {: - ) Last segment on Az. Ballot props. Kinda firey. 51.27
10 31 10 Liberty Watch  John Schaeffer has a group called "Sons of Liberty," with some great, patriotic heavy metal music. 47 min.
10 24 10 Liberty Watch  Russel Pearce is a state senator in Arizona, former chief deputy of the Maricopa Sheriff's Department, and former director of the motor vehicle department. He is the author of SB 1070. The city of Phoenix has ordered advertising for gun safety classes on bus benches taken down. Russell chimes in on that. 48.07, excellent.
10 24 10 America Armed & Free  Larry Dever is Sheriff of Cochise County, and is being sued by the Obamunist Admin about SB 1070. He has a legal fund, and is not taking this lying down. 2nd hald is with Carl Deithrich of Terafuggia, a company making a rodable airplane. Both segments excellent. 52 min.

10 17 10 America Armed and Free  Dr. Ed Gogek is an addiction medicine psychiatrist, and dead set of Prop 203 for medical marijuana. Something rare happens in this interview - the guest convinces the host to change his point of view. 47 min, some lively callers.

10 17 10 Liberty Watch  Mark Lerner, of is a tireless crusader for legitimate government and rational means of I.D., as opposed to the "Real I.D. Act." An interesting hour on how to do I.D. that works.

10 10 10 Liberty Watch  Jack Vincent is an American success story. His manual was Ben Franklin's, "The Way To Wealth." Jack rewrote it in modern language, and presents it as a success manual. Good 47 min.

10 10 10 America Armed & Free  Fascinating, funny 50 min with the indefatigable form INS senior special agent Michael Cutler, on the drug war, Operation Viper, our very broken immigration system, and the leakage of money out of our country from currency exchanges in Queens. This is what talk radio was meant to be.

10 3 10 Liberty Watch  Charlene Westgate, of, tries valiantly to defent the "Fair Tax" proposal. Good people, well intentioned, but wrong direction. Interesting 47 min. Very nice lady.

From Charlene:
---------- Original Message ----------
From: AZFT State Director
To: ""
Subject: Sunday's Liberty Watch  Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2010 17:54:08 -0700

Hello Charles,

Thank you for having me on your show on Sunday. I believe that it provided great exposure for the FairTax. I also appreciate your kind reference to me as a "very nice lady."

I must call you on several things, though. You mentioned that you would not engage in diatribes, but at times you became audibly upset and appeared to be having difficulty having a measured discussion.

And for the most part, your questions were not about the FairTax but about other issues, as if you were grasping at straws to find something negative. Example, the balanced budget amendment. Asking about this in relation to the FairTax is like asking a library patron if they want fries with their book. You seemed unwilling to engage me about the most efficient way to collect taxes, as I explained patiently several times that the FairTax is not about how much tax to collect but how to collect the tax. Although one effects the other, they are separate issues addressed in separate bills.

As a Libertarian, I fight valiantly for many of the ideas you espoused and should we be successful in passing a balanced budget amendment or ending withholding before the FairTax passes, the revenue neutral rate will be reduced. And if we fail to end the control of the current administration and the Neo-Cons who have distorted the principles of liberty, sadly the rate may have to be increased.
But I still firmly believe that taxing consumption is closer to the principles of our Founders and will be more productive to our economy.

I believe it was clear to your listeners that you did not come into the discussion with an open mind. Your final caller said as much. Your listeners are smart and will understand that a 22.56% increase in take-home pay (15% tax bracket + 7.56% SS/Medicare contributions) added to a 22% decrease in costs and the end of the IRS will be something worth getting behind!


Charlene Westgate
Volunteer State Director
Arizonans for the Fair Tax

Charlene -

     I was going to use the music, "Ain't No Right Way, To Do the wrong thing," but refrained. That's called "moderation."

     I am certainly objective - I look at the CONTEXT of a thaing as well as the CONTENT of it. The reason the Fair Tax is a bad idea, is exactly because you are going after the wrong thing! I addressed the things that a reasonable tax reform package SHOULD consider. Because of the fact that the Fair Tax does not address those things, I am against it. Bringing them up is certainly fair game.

    How can a person be open-minded, AFTER they have done the research? I read the book. How can one NOT come to a decision as to whether or not a thing is good, after he has the presented facts???

    You guys are arranging deck chairs on the Titanic, and you are not happy that I ctiticise the cruise line for ordering the captain to set a speed record, rather than engage in a substantitive discussion of the chair arrangement?

    I engaged in ZERO diatribes. I gave my opinion, and did so succinctly. At no point did I go on for more than 60 seconds making a point. That ain't a diatribe, it's a succinct point. As to being upset, you mistake passion for disquietude.

   I grasped at no straws. I strangled the straw men, imposed by the Fair Tax. It is a well intentioned, dumb idea. I painted it as exactly such. You had EVERY CHANCE to complete your sentences, make your points, and present your case. If you did not make your case, it is because your case is not strong, not because of my format or conduct.

    I DID engage with you about the most efficient way to collect taxes. Do you recall that I suggested that you have the states do it, just as in your proposal??? Why not listen to the sound file again?

    As to asking the librarian analagy, you present the incorrect argument. It is as if the librarian asked you if you want a CD to go with that to complete the picture of issues not covered by the Fair Tax plan.

    I'll tell you what - you or anyone else you want can come back on for a whole hour, and make the case you think didn't get made last time. You can have Boortz or Linder on in your place if you like. I don't care who the guest is - the result will likely be the same. But I am willing to shut up and let you make your point, not interrupt, and be edifying of you as a person for having the courage of your convictions, as I did on the air several times.

I'm publishing this conversation on my website as well. It is instructive as to the metes and bounds of the debate. Please consider having someone else, such as Boortz, come back on and try to make the argument in favor of the Fair Tax. I think that the debate is good, and you are right that it is good for your side to air its points.

Charles Heller

10 3 10 America Armed & Free  Todd Rathner is a board member of the NRA, and the chief lobbyist for NYC is doing some despicable things to the rights of its citizens, calling the legal knives they carry, illegal and arresting them for it. Also covers the Az Constitutional Right To Hunt And Fish on this November's ballot. 50 min, good.

9 26 10 Liberty Watch  Dr. Thomas E. Woods explains, via his new book, "Nullification," how the states can form a bullwark against the tyranny of the Fed Gov. Excellent. Recorded at the 8/10 Freedom Action Conference at Valley Forge, Pa. 49.24
9 26 10 America Armed & Free  In a perfect bookend to the Thomas Woods speech that preceeds it, former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack details how the county sheriff can be used to nullify wrongful federal laws, through his experience in legal victory agains the Brady Bill in 1997. 50 min, inspiring, especially the part about Rosa Parks.

9 19 10 Liberty Watch  Hunter Lewis is the founder and  chief executive of Cambridge Associates LLC, an investment advisor to research universities and colleges. He has written 6 books, anong them his most recent 2 discussed here, "Are The Rich Necessary," and, "Where Keynes Went Wrong. First two thirds of a rare 90 minute interview,  47 min., 11 sec.

 19 10 America Armed & Free  2nd half of Hunter Lewis interview, and the last 2 segments with station engineer and pirate reenactor Harry Alexander, about pirate weapons, matey! 50.11, and fun.

9 5 10 Liberrty Watch  Brian Sussman is a well known talk show host on KSFO, and has written an informative, well documented book called "Climategate," explaining why global warming is a hoax. As a meterologist, he should know.  47.33 min, excellent.

9 5 10 America Armed & Free  Dan Thorpe make exquisite custom leather holsters, at . Great 47.29 min with sound effects and good calls.

8 29 10 Liberty Watch  Dr. Jerome Corsi has discovered that the fedgov is seeking to have involuntary contribution to Gov't bond funds through IRA's. 48 min, including a great call from "Madonna."
8 29 10 America Armed & Free  Holt Bodinson has been a gun writer for 40 years, most recently for Guns Magazine,and Gun Digest. We spend an hour (47 min) discussing surlus military rifles and cartriges. GOOD questions from audience.
8 22 10 Liberty Watch Thomas A. Lewis has a book, "Brace For Impact," in which he claims the planet is ruined, due largely to chemical pollution and big corporations. He says the only way if to save ourselves by growing our own food. He is an interesting man, and held a civil discusssion.    48.55
8 15 10 Liberty Watch  Pollster Frank Luntz, recorded a few weeks ago at a Goldwater Institute Function at Dove Mountain. Frank predicts big victory in Nov. 50.06, very good, funny.
8 15 10 America Armed & Free  First segment is with Baltimore Ship Museum Curator Chris Rowsom, about an upcoming maritime history conference. Last 3 segments are "Hollywood Music of The Gun." Peter Gunn, StarTrek, the words to "Bonanza," performed by Lorne Greene, and Tex Ritter with the Words to "Gunsmoke." Excellent departure from the usual "Armed & Free." 51.23, in higher res than most files here because of the music.
8 8 10 Liberty Watch  Guest host Emil Franzi does a great job of interviewing's Brenda Elliot about her book, "Manchurian President." 48.08
8 8 10 America Armed & Free  Emil Franzi guest hosts AAF this week about antique military rifles. 51.07
8 1 10 Liberty Watch  Harry Sweeney has an interesting book on Islam, and the way it's scriptures are interpreted and Sharia law is spread throughout the world. 49 min.
8 1 10 America Armed & Free  Katherine Kent is the owner of The Solar Store. She has some great ideas about making your electric meter go backwards. 49.07.

7 25 10 Liberty Watch  Discussion of who is a hero. Interesting discussion with callers and a fun argument about who was the worst president, Lincoln or Johnson. 46.5 min.

7 25 10 America Armed & Free  Major Phil Ward is a decorated combat vetran of Viet Nam and an Airborne Ranger Instructor. His book, "Those Who Dare," is fact based fiction about the formation of the British Raiding Forces." Very good 48 minutes.

7 18 10 Liberty Watch  Richard Marrin is an attorney in New York, and author of "The Retaking of America," a novel of historical fiction. Lively 48 min.

7 18 10 America Armed & Free  Marjory Wildcraft  a DVD on how to grow your own food, produce, & Livestock. Co-hosted with Gordon Groves, lots of info & fun. 48 min.

7 4 10 Liberty Watch  Tim Baldwin is a Florida attorney, son of Chuck Baldwin (who ran for President on the Constitution Party Ticket in '08) and a former prosecutor. His book is, "Freedom, For A Change," and contains many of the biblical underpinnings of our Constitution. Fascinating 47 min.

7 4 10 America Armed & Free Richard White is the author of "A Measureless Peril," about the Atlantic War against U-boats. It is mixed in with the tale of the service of his father on a destroyer escort. Fascinating 47 min.

7 11 10 Liberty Watch  Corey Washington is a 5th grade teacher in Alabama, has a masters in education, and does not like Arizona Senate bill1070, which just passed. civil, rational discussion.49 min.

7 11 10 America Armed & Free  Jeff Prather formed and runs "Warrior Schools." Very informative and somewhat funny hour. 52 min.

6 27 10 Liberty Watch  Tom Rand is the author of an interesting book on alternative energy, "Kick The Fossil Fuel Habit -10 Clean Technologies To Save Our World." Although Tom clings stubbornly to the disproven notion that man has cused global warming, and also to the myth that we are anywhere CLOSE to running out of oil, he has some very well illustrated ideas about the energy of the future. Altough his urgency to switch to "clean" energy is completely misguided, his ideas about that energy are valid and worth considering. 48 min, good callers, lively debate. Rand is intelluctually honest, and answers the questions.

6 27 10 America Armed & Free  Helan Glass was a WAV in the Navy in WW II, working on aircraft engines. She is also an accomplished poet. Hear her recite some of her work from memory. Joined also by Clarissa Geborkoff of "Operation Homefront," which helps servicemen E6 & below with the essentials of life and family. Great 49 minutes!

6 20 10 Liberty Watch  Judge James Gray sat on the bench in Southern California for years, and is agains the drug was. Great insights and some cood callers. 41.6 Min.

6 20 10 America Armed & Free  Lt. Col Mike Franzack, is everything you would want a Marine to be. Tough, sensetive, and downright funny at time. Fantastic account of his year fighting from the seat of a Hawker Harrier, 49 min. Franzak holds the Distinguished Flying Cross.

6 13 10 Liberty watch  Bryce Reichardt is a realtor and has been in the construction field since 1975. He talk about properity you can generate with real estate in this market. 45 Min.

6 13 10 America Armed & Free  First half, excellent article by Troy Senik about Barry Sotero's attitude on seapower, and 2nd half with Peter Tapia of Defensive Arms & Ammo about guns and things. 50.0 min.

6 6 10 Liberty Watch  Return of Aaron Brudenell, this time about the DPS Crime Lab, and fascinating aspects of forensic science. 45 min first half of rare 2 hr. interview. Excellent radio.

6 6 10 America Armed & Free  2nd half of Aaron Brudenell interview, incl a couple of live shots into the sand bucke with various guns. 48 min.

5 23 10 Liberty Watch  Troy Sloan is a former Navy SEAL, and now works in fire protection. First segment bout his service, last three about how to prevent and fight fires. 46.28, very engaging. Several good callers.

5 23 10 America Armed & Free  Richard Whittle is a true journalist - gives facts without his opinions. His first book is "The Dream Machine," about the history of the V 22 Osprey, and the men who fly them. Very well researched and interesting. 48 min.

5 16 19 Liberty Watch  Tom Jenney is head of Arizonans For Prosperity, a Georgetown University graduate, and an advocate for the taxpayer. He explaind why Prop 100, is a BAD idea. 45 min.

5 9 10 Liberty Watch  First half is with William Cobb, about the FCC goofing up the internet with "net neutrality." Second half rather firey with retired INS Senior Special Agent Mike Cutler. Very good radio. 46 min.

5 9 10 America Armed & Free  Dr. Stephen Wenger is a retired pharmicist, and a very experienced firearms instructor. We discuss various aspect of firearms training, and why you should get it. His book is "Defensive Use of Firearms." 47 min.

5 2 10 Liberty Watch  There is a huge furor going on in Arizona over Senate Bill 070, but few people have READ it, so I read it on air with few comments, and a couple of good listener questions.

5 2 10 America Armed & Free  Ed Henne is a realtor with a great idea on how to safely store weapons and valuables in a home. We discuss his new "Concealit," picture frame, 52 minutes.

4 25 10 Liberty Watch  First half is with Tom Jenney of Americans For Prosperity," against pending Prop 100, the temporary sales tax 18% increase. Second half with Mark Lerner against some of the provisions in SB 1070. 44.48, good radio, informative.

4 25 10 America Armed & Free  52 min of Charles in rare form on the new constitutional carry law. I explain some of the laws of self defense and answer questions.

4 18 10 Liberty Watch  Dr. Stefan Halper, on his book, "The China Consensus," which asserts that Cina's model of authoritarian capitalism is gaining sway in the third world of our democratic model.   46.51 excellent.

4 18 10 America Armed & Free  Very lively 50.16 with Norman Polmar, preeminent U.S. expert on naval and aviation warefare, and author of 40 books. Bookend interview to the first hour about the military aspects of China's developing power. Entertaining, with some humor.

4 11 10 "Liberty Watch  Lloyd Marcus is a successful singer and entertainer. He has been headlining the Tea Party Circuit with his song about the  people protesting peacefully. A black conservative, he outlines current black resentment against success, and decries the entitlement mentality.46.13, excellent.

4 11 10 America Armed & Free  David Grundy is the CEO of Mono Vault, a company that makes storage vaults for things, especially guns. They have many accessories, such as dessicants and rust preventative bags. 51.05

4 4 10 Liberty Watch  Steve Goreham has written a brilliant book called, "Climatism," and explains scientifically in shirt sleeve English, why man is not the cause of global warming, how the cycles of rising and falling temperatures work, and the effects of the sun and water vapor have on climate. Very well researched and documented from multiple sources. This is a must read for all sides of the debate.

3 28 10 Liberty Watch  Ben Makski is an attorney in Wisconsin who wants to amend the constitution to over come the recent Supreme Court "Citizens United" decision, to limit the free speech of people who have aggragated themselves into corporations. Nick Dranias of The Goldwater Institutes refutes him. Fascinating 59 minutes of radio.
3 28 10 America Armed & Free  22 min segment on filing out the censs, and the current CCW reform legislation going through the Arizona Senate. Good info on it.
3 21 10 Liberty Watch  Leighton Steward is a retired energy executive and a geologist. He explains scientifically, why global warming is NOT caused by CO2. Literate 48.06, with some GREAT callers.
3 21 10 America Armed & Free  Interesting role reversal, as high school junior Travis Lipke, who's dream is to become a Navy Special Forces Warrior, interviews Charles about gun control. Some excellent calls. Very informative and inspiring, 50.08

3 14 10 Liberty Watch  Writer Alan Korwin returns with a special report about attending the hearing at the Supreme Court in the McDonald v. Chicago. Fascinating, first person reporting as history is made.   46.35

3 14 10 America Armed & Free  Gordon Groves was an 82nd Airborne drill instructor, and marksman. Now he is a luthier and a craftsman. Today we discussed what three guns you would have if you had no others. Spirited, lively, and many good callers. 49.12.

3 8 10 Liberty Watch  Col. Edward Maxwell is deputy commander of the 162nd Tactical Fighter Wing in Tucson. He gave great info on bringing the F-35 Fighter to Arizona. 47 min. Great info, some humor.

3 8 10 America Armed & Free  Barrett Tillman has written his 10th book, "Whirlwind, The Air War Against Japan, 1942-45." Very well written, torical facts, but also interesting stories of people. Some humor, great infotainment. 49 min.

2 28 10 Liberty Watch  Chuck Coppes has a fantastic book, "America's Financial Day of Reckoning." In it he details the history of fractional reserve banking, our federal reserve system (which is neither fereral, nor a reserve) and a clarion call for reform to an honest money system. Fantastic radio, 47 min
2 28 10 America Armed & Free  Dave Kopp is President and co-founder of the Arizona Citizens Defense League, a 501 c (4) civil rights lobbying group. Their requested bill, SB 1102 would make a CCW permit optional for concealed carry in Az, and stiffen the penalty for those carrying concealed while comitting a felony. Good 49 min on your rights!
2 21 10 America Armed & Free  Tony Ryan is a retired Denver Police Lt. with 36 uears on the job. He realized that the drug war is terribly counter productive, and has joined forces with other cops, judges, and prosecutors to legalize drugs so that the problem can be handled efficiently. Great 47 minutes.

2 21 10 America Armed & Free  Rare departure from the gun topic, Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin has posted the entire state budget, with checkbook register and all, at . Some folks in government are not amused at his tranparency in this act. FUN 51 min & 49 sec.

2 14 10 Liberty Watch  Discussion and expose on the motives of Worthy endeavour or danger to the republic? Contributions from Emil Franzi and Dr. John McElroy. 47 Min, and very lively!

2 14 10 America Armed & Free  Starts with news of several bills in the Az Legislature. Last 3 segments with Charles Cromwell (yes, relaed to THAT Cromwell) on bowhunting and a unique target/teaching system for bow and arrow built into a 26 foot trailer. Lighthearted and interesting, 53 min.

2 7 10 Liberty Watch  Dr. John McElroy is a professor Emeritus at The University of Arizona, and Dr. Lou Fanning is a professor emeritus at The University of New York. This is part 1 of a fascinating discussion about the work of Saul Alinsky. Spirited talk, great callers. Compressed to only 37 minutes.

2 7 10 America armed & Free  Part 2 of the Dr. John McElroy / Dr. Lou Fanning interview on Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals," with a segment in it including reading from Hillary Rodham's embargoed master's thesis with an interview with Saul Alinsky. Compressed to 40 min.

1 31 10 Liberty Watch   Charlie Gullett has written a fascinationg little book about how to use Saul Alinsky's tactics in "Rules For Radicals," against radicals. Excellent radio, 45.55 min.
1 31 10 America Armed & Free  Bill Sloan is a Pulizer nominated author who writes military history. His book, "Darkest Summer," is about the first three months of the Korean war, and documents how we nearly lost, and the deplorable state of our military just 5 years after WWII. 52 min.

1 24 10 Liberty Watch   Paul Diangelo has been working tirelessly for 9 years on the "American Dream Homeowners Act," whereby people can borrow against teir Social Security account for down payment money for a house. This would be financed through bonds, NOT diminishing Social Security. Fascinating concept, 46.50.

1 24 10 America Armed & Free  Steve Lee from Austrailia has a HUGE hit on You Tube, "I Like Guns." to see it. Steve is a musician who sings about his passion, and explains what happened to the Austrailian gun owner 12 years ago. Includes playing of 2 of his songs and 2 live gunshots in studio into the bucket. Great radio. 51.13

1 17 10 Liberty Watch  Dr. Jennifer Burns is a history professor at U of Virginia, She took 8 years writing an exhaustive biography of Ayn Rand, which is fascinating. 46.27

1 17 10 America Armed & Free  Davip Kopel is a famous, winning attorney in the Supreme Court on several gun cases, most notably the 009 Heller vs. D.C. case. His new book is "Aiming For Liberty," about protecting the future of our rights. Excellent 48.12 min.

1 10 10 Liberty Watch Passionate MD Dr. Lee Vliet about the evils of the current health care proposals and what can be done to defeat them.  Very good and timely info. 48 min., 43 sec.

1 10 10 America Armed & Free  Dr. John Wipfler is an ER MD, a former soldier, and a SWAT medical officer with his sheriff's department. His new book, with Dr. Timothy Wheeler, a surgeon, detals many things about preparedness, and gunshot would first aid. Fascinating. 52 min.

1 3 10 Liberty Watch  Bud J. Hallberg is a former board member of the CFTC, the government agency that regulates commodities traders. He is also a college professor and former Wall Street trader. His book is, "Return to First Principles." 43 min, lively.

1 3 10 America Armed & Free  Suzana Gratia Hupp, former Texas Legislator and survivor of the Luby's massacre in Kileen Texas, 1991, in which her parents were murdered. Courageous fighter for the civil rights of self defense and its tools. Good treatise on how to act to keep your rights. Must listening, 49.31

12 27 09 Liberty Watch  One of the more lit up guests this year, Kimberly Alyn is a motovational speaker and author, her latest, "It's Not Brain Surgery," about success habits and personal responsibility. Kim has the "Uptime" video on Youtube. 49 min 12 seconds of good info and motovation.

12 27 09 America Armed & Free  Keith Morrison runs a company called, and markets a unique holster called the "cellpal." It is a concealment option that requires no special clothing or alteration of lifestyle, while carrying even a full frame gun. Last 15 min is about an "incident" where I gun I was shooting, blew up. 41 min.

12 13 09 Liberty Watch  Cathy Travis of Washington D.C. is a retired congressional staffer who has written a childrens' book explaining the Constitution at a 5th grade level. Interesting 3 segment interview. Last seg with Tanner Bell of Arizona Policy Institute, a legal activist org that plans to sue Tucson and Pima County into submission to the Constitution. 47.5 min.

12 13 09 America Armed & Free Harry Alexander has a lifetime hobby of working on and firing historical and modern cannon. 50.5 minutes of the history of cannon, historical uses, reenactments, and the firing of a black powder revolver into the sand bucket live. Very Fun!

12 6 09 Liberty Watch  Jay Nordinger is the editor of National Review. Recorded live at Goldwater this summer, what to expect from the Obamunists. 50 min.

12 6 09 America Armed & Free  Nancy Heart was a woman who acted as a spy for the good guys during the Rev War. Second half about the real life basis of the bad guy Brit in The Patriot, Good radio drama. 50 min.


11 29 09 Liberty Watch  Dr. William P. Ruger & Dr. Jason Sorens, have compiled a comparitive index of freedom in the 50 states, comparing economic, personal, and firearms freedom among other factors to rank the states from one to fifty in "fredomic" order, using the Ruger-Sorens Indes of freedom. 49 min of great radio.

11 29 09 America Armed & Free  First segment is Charles commenting on several reported self defense shootings. Second segment is with Alan Korwin on the amicus brief that the Arizona Citizens Defense League has in the Supreme Court on the McDonald vs. Chicago Case. 50 min, good radio. Korwin is fun and substantive.

11 22 09 Liberty Watch  Dom Golio is a CPA with an MBA in taxation. His book, "Bankrupting Joe Taxpayer," is an eye opener on what can be done to bring government under fiscal control. 47.22 min.

11 22 09 America Armed & Free  A discussion with service members in the audience on what can be done to allow all troops who are of age to go armed on military posts in order to protect themselves. 47.18

11 15 09 Liberty Watch  Ira Stoll has written a well researched and readable biography of Sam Adams. 47.5 min of good radio, with co-host Mike Emery who did excellent homework on the book.

11 15 09 America Armed & Free  One of the best interviews I have ever had, Sid Finkel, about his book, "Sevek, The Boy Who Would Not Die, about his survival of the Polish Ghetto and Buchenwald Concentration Camp. VERY powerful  49.17 min.

11 8 09 Liberty Watch  Gary Aldrich is a retired 26 year FBI vetran, and author of "Unlimited Access," a 1 million selling book about the Clinton Admin. He is the founder of the Patrick Henry Center For Individual Freedom, which assists whistle blowers. He wants to use the RICO laws againstt AACORN. Lively discussion, good calls. 48.33

11 8 09 America Armed & Free  Fascinating hour with a very little known segment of the Navy at Normandy, the Rocket Boatmen, 36' boats equipped with rockets and .50's that went in first on D-Day and beyond. With Bill Palmer Jr., son of a vetran, and also Nick Zuras, vetran of the conflict, now 90. Electrifying 50.33

11 1 09 Liberty Watch  Brenda Gleason is an adjunct professor at George Mason University, and the CEO of M2 Health Care Consulting. Fascinating hour on the proposed health care legislation with good callers. 50 min

11 1 09 America Armed & Free  First segment with John Adrian, of Bedlocker, a unique concept in space saver gun safes for under the bed. Next, a segment on health care, and last half hr with Alan Gura, the lead attorney on the upcoming McDonald case to incorporate the Second Amendment upon the states.  51.13

10 25 09 Liberty Watch  Paul Batura is a Colorado journalist who works with Focus on The Family. His bio of Paul Harvey, "Good Day," is well researched. Fascinating 48 min on a great American, covering his early years, innovation, and word creation. Opening 5 minutes contains an interview with former Arkansas Govenor Mike Huckabee, who wrote the forward to the book.

10 25 09 America Armed & Free  EXCELLENT 43 minutes with Major Brian Miller on flying and fighting the A-10 Warthog, from a senior pilot and instructor. Live fights in Afganistan, how th plane works, and a detail of firing the gun (30mm GAU-8 cannon) that you have to hear.

10 18 09 Liberty Watch  Paul Aron is the managaing editor for Colonial Williamsburg publications. His book, "We Hold These Truths," uncovers the background of some of our foundational sayings. 41 min, some humor.

10 18 09 America Armed & Free  Antionette Galatti-Huels is the President of Gallatti International,  and has some GREAT gun hauling gear for you. CEO Pete Philippe and I interview her. Good stuff, 52 min.

10 11 09 Liberty Watch  Peter Brimelow is a former editor at National Review and also former senior editor at Forbes. He explains why the hate crimes legislation currently wending its way through Congress is very bad, and why it could auger to the benefit of th eloyal opposition. 47 min.

10 11 09 America Armed & Free  General Anthony J.Tata is a recently retired Army brigadier general, now the CFO of the Washington, D.C. schools. His new book, Rougue Threat," is reality based fiction in the ongoing saga of his character Matt Garrett and his brother Zachary. 52 nin, excellent.

9 27 09 Liberty Watch  Recorded live last week at the Goldwater Institute, Professor Robert Natleson, Dr. William P. Ruger, and state reps Antenori and Gowan in a panel discussion (with brilliant questions from audience) on "50 States of Freedom." 54.18. Very Good
9 27 08 America Armed & Free  Most know of Paul Revere, but few know of his female counterpart, Cybil Luddington. Excellent 54 minute radio drama, with also a part about Nathan Hale.
9 20 09 Liberty Watch
Daniel Horne is a former CFO of a Mesa Arizona defense contractor. In 2007 he was involved in a DUI accident, but instead of being charged with DUI, he was charged with aggravated assault, a class 3 felony in Az. Forced to take a plea bargain or face many years in jail, he chose jail. Excellent 49 min.
9 13 09 Liberty Watch  Last week, the Obamunist in Chief gave an address to a joint session of Congress. In it he gave several obvious falsehoods, as objectively countered by the text of HR 3200. I reprise most of his speech with my interruptions, refuting his points. Interesting radio, 47 min.
9 13 09 America Armed & Free  Helias Doundoulakis was trained by the OSS and operated on Crete, sending messages to HQ in Cairo right under the nose of the Nazis. His book, "I Was Trained To Be A Spy," is a good account of it. Here him in his own words. 48 min.

9 6 09 Liberty Watch  Dr. Zane Pollard is a well respected Atlanta opthalmic surgeon. His article, "Obamacare & Me," is on the guest page of this site. He explains why the current healthcare plans in Congress would result in a damage to patient care. Excellent. 48.33

9 6 09 America Armed & Free 1  James Sherk is a Hillsdale College graduate and a fellow at the Heritage Foundation. His article, on why the stimulus package has failed, is on the guest page of this site. Excellent half hour on economics. 27.02

9 6 09 America Armed & Free 2  A 20 minute read I did on several self defese shootings, mostly by elderly people against much younger attackers.

8 30 09 Liberty Watch  Steve Milloy is the founder of, an author, and activist for freedom. His book, "Green Hell," describes how the "environmental" movement wants to rreuce the human population, and the freedom of those it does not eliminate. Excelent interview, some good humor, 45.50

8 30 09 America Armed & Free  Skip Coryell is a publisher (White Feather Press) and a firearms instructor. He helped found MRGO, Michigan Responsible Gun Owners. He has started a movement to do a national march on Washington D.C. for gun rights, April 19, 2010. In studio with me was his local Arizona coordinator, Terri Proud. Good radio, including a live .40 cal round into the sand bucket to end the show. 48.47 min.

8 23 09 Liberty Watch  Alan Korwin is a very successful author, publisher, and media critic. . He comments on the national media's black out on the fact that the nice well dressed man with a black rifle at the recent Phoenix Obama speech, was black. Good radio, 48 min.

8 23 09 America Armed & Free 1  Sid Bush is a retired Navy Chief with 27 years service as a sonarman on 12 submarines. He is working to preserve the USS Clamagore, on which he served for 2 years, and is now at Patriots Park in South Carolina in poor repair. 40 min, good radio.

8 23 09 America Armed & Free 2  11.45 minute segment on Frommer's Travel Website, which posted a negative opinion of Arizona due to it's gun laws allowing people to come to political rallies while armed. I read his post and my respons, a measured and polite refutation of his editorial, with some comments about how to convince some to the freedom side.

8 16 09 Liberty Watch  Fred Kelley Grant has been an attorney for many years, and has had success in slicing the federal leviathan down to size with the letter of 43 USC Section 1712, the doctrine of "incorporation." We shall see how it affects freedom. 50 minutes.

8 16 09 America Armed & Free  Panel of attorneys talking about what the best direction would be in the wake of the Heller decision from 2007. Featuring Dave Kopel, Dave Hardy, and Chuck Michel. 52 min 38 sec.

8 9 09 Liberty Watch  Brian O'Dea's book is called "High," and is an odyssey of his 20 years as a drug dealer, his sobriety, going straight, and incarceration. Funny and touching, 48.5 min.

8 9 09 America Armed & Free 1  Mat Staver is the founder of the Liberty Council , an attorney, law professor, and doctor of divinity. He speaks out against the White House plan to create a nation of snitches out of Americans. 26 min, very good.

8 9 09 America Armed & Free 2  In this segment, I tell you how to have a great day at the range. Full of sagacious advice, 21 min.

8 2 09 Liberty Watch 1  In this segment, Mark, Kim, and Rachel Sankey visited the Congressman, Raul Grijalva. He was neither receptive nor civil. Their 12 year old said, "he did not act like any adult I have ever met." Listen for yourself. 21 min, 48 sec.

8 2 09 Liberty Watch 2  House Bill 2749 will regulate small farmers completely out of business, and make all food greatly more expensive. Insane regulations such as destroying crops just because a crow landed on it are included. 23 min.

8 2 09 America Armed & Free  General Curtis Lemay is largely forgotten by history, although his contribution to America was huge. Warren Kozak's "Lemay, The Life And Wars Of General Curtis Lemay," recounts his exploits with a deeply researched book. 52 min, good radio.

7 26 09 Liberty Watch 1  Nationally syndicated host Roger Hedgecock, in a rare Sunday appearance, joined me about the disastrous plans for the FCC to institute "behavioral rules" upon talk radio hosts. MUST LISTEN RADIO, 23 Min., 43 Sec.

7 26 09 Liberty Watch 2  A listener sent me a detailed look at the current healthcare bill being marked up in the house, HR 3200. I read it, with comments. FRIGHTENING 24 min.

7 26 09 America Armed & Free  Neal Knox was a maverick and a great fighter for our rights to the tools of self defense and sport. His son Chis is the editor of a book of his articles, and chronicles the history of the self defense civil rights movement, in, "Neal Knox - The Gun Rights War." 50 min.

7 19 09 Liberty Watch  Dr. Steven Knope is an amazing guy - Dr. of internal medicine, former professional french horn player, and former chief of Carondelet's ICU. He explains why a national health care system will bankrupt the country and ruin private care as we know it. 49 min.

7 19 09 America Armed & Free  Dr. William R. Forstchen has written a fascinating book (fiction) called "One Second After," about the effect of an electro-magnetic pulse attack agains the United States. In it, a small town in North Carolina is depicted and what happens to a whole nation of people dependent for their lives on technology, is described in detail. Riviting 49 min

7 12 09 Liberty Watch  Mark Ogram is a patent attorney and a systems engineer, holding more than 5 patents of his own on security software for financial institutions and PDA's. We talk about how to maintain security & Privacy. 47 min.

7 12 09 America Armed & Free  Lt. Col Dean Ladd fought for 32 months in the Pacific from Tarawa to Tinnian, with "stop overs" at Guadalcanal and Saipan. He was badly wounded at Tarawa, and only the actions of several heroic Marines saved him. Now a retired engineer, his book, with Steven Weingartner, is "Faithful  Warriors." 52 min, very powerful.

7 5 09 Liberty Watch  Dr. Bob Basso is the fellow who did the You Tube videos as Thomas Paine, "The Second American revolution." He is pretty fired up about "taking our country back." Hear him, and some of his disciples in Osborne Kansas, in living color, 48.5 min.

7 5 09 America Armed & Free  Retired Air Force Col. Bob Pardo, of "Pardo's Push." When a fellow aviator's F4 was struck by flak in the fuel tanks, Col Pardo ordered him to shut down the engines and lower his tail hook. Pardo then pushed the 30,000 pound plane with his windshield, 88 miles from North Viet Nam to Laos, where both were rescued. Fascinating 40.37

6 28 09 Liberty Watch  Jeff Benedict is the author of "Little Pink House," the story behind Suzette Kelo, the main character in "Kelo vs. City of New London, Ct." Touching and poignant. Recorded April 15 2009 at Goldwater Institute.

6 28 09 America Armed & Free  Charles on several bills that amount to a threat to freedom going through Congress, and a little music of the gun. Contains both "The Guardian," (by Charles Heller) and "Praise The Lord, and Pass The Ammunition."Good current info. 49.24

6 21 09 Liberty Watch  First half is With Dr.Tom Patterson, Chairman of the Goldwater Institute, , about the loss of choice if we get national health care. Second half is with Tom Mortson, retired automotive engineer and entrepreneur. Mortson was a partner in a company that made parts for the Corvettee and mini-vans. What to do about the auto industry. Both sections excellent, 50 min.

6 21 09 America Armed & Free  Pat Stevenson is an interesting man - Navy Viet Nam Vet, then went to college, and went back into the military in Army Special Forces, and worked greatly in South America, After 9 years in the private sector, he owns the newest gunshop in Tucson, Gunsite Pass, and teaches firearms classes with his son Alex, recently back from a tour with the 101st Airborne. 50 min, excellent.

6 14 09 Liberty Watch  Dr. Michael Coffman is a graduate of NAU in forest science, and has studied the global warming issue since the 90's. His DVD, "Global Warming, Emerging Science," is aimed at the scholastic market, and gives hard, documented evidence why the computer models on man caused global warming are based on a flawed premise. 49.5 min. EXCELLENT.

6 14 09 America Armed & Free  First half is with Tom Gaylord, airgun editor with Shotgun News. Fun, fascinating segment about new airguns on the market. Second half is with Robert Gordon of the Heritage Foundation on the DISASTEROUS effect on the economy if the Waxman-Markey Bill passes in Congress and is signed into law. MUST LISTEN RADIO. 48 min.

6 7 09 Liberty Watch  Nick Dranias of the Goldwater Institute is a rare breed - a pricipled attorney on the side of freedom. His concept of changing the charters of local government to reflect the founding principles of the country is fascinating. 48 min 8 sec, Excellent.

6 7 09 America Armed & Free  First half with Natt Stevens of , about his very good "Quick Strips," ammo holders in .17 to .45-70 caliber, & excellent holsters. Second half with Jay Trinckes about a very evil plot in the Senate (SB 773) to give the president total control over the internet. 52 min.


5 31 09 Liberty Watch  First half, Joe Wojcik is a lecturer and business consultant who speakes against bullying. He and I disagree a little on techniques. In it I tell the story of a famous bully at Stone School, and how one kid, "handled it." Interesting discussion. Second half, John Mankins is retired from NASA, and has a concept on getting power to earth from space. As Spock would say, "fascinating." 48 min.

5 31 09 America armed & Free Dr. Benson Bobrick is a detailed researcher and an excellent author. His book is "Master of War," about Union General George C. Thomas, and brings to light many previously untold facts about the fued between General Grant and Thomas, and why Thomas is not better known. Great 51 min if you enjoy the history of the War of Northern Aggression.

5 24 09 Liberty Watch  Scott Silverman is the founder of "Second Chance," a San Diego based non-profit that teaches people how to come back from addiction and prison and have a successful life. He is the Author of "Tell Me No. I Dare You." 47 min.

5 24 09 America Armed & Free  Eric Shelton is the creator of the Handgun Podcast, and an active duty National Guards,an and Air Force vetran. He talks about the differences between the 1911 .45 and the Glock platform in terms of carry & defensive use. 51 minutes, some humor and good advice.

5 17 09 Liberty Watch  David A. Ridenour is vice president of The National Center for Public Policy Research. He explains why ethanol is a bad idea for fueling cars, why nuclear is a great energy source, and why we should not infringe liberty to do any of them. 47 min.

5 17 09 America Armed & Free  Frist half is with Dave Workman, senior editor og Gun Week, about a danger to liberty, S 843 to kill gun shows. The second half is with Kathy McDonald of the National Water & Conservation Alliance, about another danger to freedom, S. 787, which will rewrite the Clean Water Act so as to make any watershed AT ALL, regulatable by the federal government. 51 min. Both halves have some humor.

5 10 09 Liberty Watch  R.J. Smith is a Senior Fellow for Environmental Policy at the National Center for Public Policy
Research. 47 min on how to use private regulation rathe than government regulation.

5 10 09 America Armed & Free  Tom Gunn wrote an interesting book on how he went from an aide to the Chairman of McDonnell Douglas, to the presidnecy of that company over 25 years, along the way selling 250 billion in goods to various governments. 52 min, excellent.

5 3 09 Liberty Watch  Joe Rollings is a self made man, working in his own business as an artisan making useful things to sell to clients. Hear how you can take control of your own destiny. 47 min.

5 3 09 America Armed & Free  Clint & Heidi Smith, owners & operators of Thunder Ranch training academy, explain why, if you look like food, you will be eaten, and other misteries of self defense and the tools thereof.  49.15 & excellent. There people are what is right with America.

4 26 09 Liberty Watch  Frank Borzellieri is a former NYC Distr. 24 school board member, and warrior for objective truth. "Lynched," is his story of how he tried to fight the evils of multiculturalism, and the political influence of the radical homosexual lobby. 46.5 min, interesting, some humor.
4 26 09 America Armed & Free  Brad Miner is the former editor of National Review, and a magnificently well reasoned and spoken individual. His book "The Compleat Gentleman," traces the history of chivalry, and its modern applications, with some very good stories and history. Very bracing, 49 min. 

4 19 09 Liberty Watch  Half hour with John Sigler, President of the NRA, about the upcoming annual meeting in Phoenix this May. 26 min, enlightening, about that, black rifles, and naval service.

4 19 09 Liberty Watch   Harvard PhD, Dr. Thomas P. M. Barnett is one of the preeminent forward thinkers in the U.S. on matters of defense strategy and planning, and he has a new book on it called, "Great Powers, America and the World After Bush." Fascinating 52 min.

4 19 09 America Armed & Free  Lt. Dennis Tueller, StLKPD, (Ret.) is a world renown police and civilian firearms instructor. He is most famous for his article "How Close Is Too Close," republished at . Fascinating 42 minutes.  

4 12 09 Liberty Watch  State Representative Frank Antenori gives a detailed account of how the City of Tucson deceived the legislature on obtaining tax increment financing, and then broke their word on an agreement on how the remaining money would be spent. Very enlightening look at Arizona politics. 48 min, with 7 minute chime in by former Tucson City Councilman Fred Ronstadt.

4 12 09 America Armed & Free  Bob Collings is founder of the Collings Foundation, an org that maintains and flies historic aircraft. They go around the country and offer flights to the public. Fascinating insight into the mind of someone who does this. Second half is withJohn Armor, an attorney for the ACRU, the conservative antidote to the ACLU, on how the Obamunists might sneak in parts of the "Fairness Doctrine." 48 min.

4 5 09 Liberty Watch General Anthony Tata is an active duty General in the United States Army. He has written a book called "Sudden Threat," about a resurgent Japan in the Philippines. Although fiction, it has the benefit of his 28 years of military experience and multiple degrees starting at West Point. Fascinating interview. 46 min.

4 5 09 America Armed & Free  Edmund Giambastiani is a retired Navy 4 star admiral, and former Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. His career included being CO if the Navy's one of a kind research sub, the NR-1. The first quarter of the interview is with General Tata from the first hour, who used to work for Admiral Giambastiani. Fascinating radio, about the culture of honor, running the military, and how the principles apply to private industry. Listen to this and you will know why this man has 4 stars. 48 min.

3 29 09 Liberty Watch  Tom Mullen is a business consultant, musician, and Libertarian. His book, "Return To Common Sense," is a good explanation of the libertarian philosophy. Tom and I mix it up, and there are some good exchanges in it, inclusing my dissertation on how the small atlars should shrug. 49 min.

3 29 09 America Armed & Free  Scott Baron is an Army vetran and co-author of ""Navy Cross," and "Silver Star," both about people awarded the nation's second and third highest honors. Fast moving, humerous, and informativee, 49 min.

3 22 09 Liberty Watch  Dr Edgar K. "Butch" Browning is a brilliant Texas A & M economist, and author of "Stealing From Each Other." He he explains the challenges to our economy as it stands, and rather humerously bats down some of my witty premises. 42 min.

3 22 09 America Armed & Free  George Marrett was a fighter pilot, flew "Sandy" rescue missions in Viet Nam, and was an Air Force and then Hughes Aircraft test pilot.He has 4 books to his credit, the most recent of which, "Contrails Over The Mojave," is a fascinating look at the charachter and quality of the men who made test piloting roar. 52 min, fascinating.

3 15 09 Liberty Watch  Professor Richard Epstein is the James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law, the Faculty Director for Curriculum, and the Director, Law and Economics Program at the University of Chicago Law School. He is also an Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute. Some brilliant points about constitutional adherence. 49.40 minutes.

3 15 09 America Armed & Free  Today I report on a serious situation that will effect ammunition price and availability -  the Pentagon has ordered that all surplus once fired empy brass, be crushed and sold for scrap, rather than sold to the civilian reloading market. This will make ammo more scarce and more expensive. Very evil. 51 min.

3 8 09 Liberty Watch  Kurt Neubauer is the CEO of Planet Resources Recovery, a Texas based firm with a process for non-toxically getting petroleum out of the ground and remediating toxic stuff from the environment, cheaply. An interesting 47 min on oil and such.

3 1 09 Liberty Watch  Charles on Government as servant, not master, with an article on the trial of William Penn in England, and a report on backing down the Pima County Sheriff's Dept on shooting in the national forest. 22.52.

3 1 09 America Armed & Free  Matthew Stein is an MIT educated engineer and a California builder. His excellent book, "When Technology Fails," is a how to manual for everything you need for self sufficiency. Fascinating and funny 73.5 minutes.

2 22 09 Liberty Watch  Thomas DiLorenzo is the author of Two books and many articles about the Tyrant Lincoln, whom he calls, "Dishonest Abe." 47 min.
2 22 09 America Armed & Free  Retired Navy Commander Kenny Wayne Fields is the author of, "The Rescue of Streetcar 304," about his 39 hours of avoiding capture in Laos after shootdown on 31 May, 1968. Published by Naval Institute Press, it is the story of many heros and patriots engaged in an historic rescue. 52 min.
2 15 09 Liberty Watch  Taken from a 2007 article with commentary, this is called "Gun Terms For Editors," and former Green Beret Frank Antenori comments briefly on it. 22.34, good.
2 15 09 America Armed & Free  Dick Couch is a retired Navy SEAL Captain and forer CIA paramilitary officer who has written 12 books and now teaches at the Naval Academy. His fantastic book, "The Sheriff of Ramadi," is about the battle of Ramadi and the participation of the SEALs in it. Co-hosted brilliantly by forer Green Beret and State Representative Frank Atenori. Rare 90 min interview, compressed to 73.
2 8 09 Liberty Watch  Dr. Kathleen Albrecht is a Harvard PhD, and an expert in privacy issues. She is the co-author of "Spychips," about RFID devices, and is now with a web service called Ixquick, which offers anonymous web surfing. 26.49. Informative and funny.
2 8 09 America Armed & Free  Special 1 hour + show with Gannon McHale, author of "Stealth Boat," about his time on USS Sturgeon, SSN 637, as ship's yeoman. He was also one of the helmsmen. Funny annecdotes and important historical stories. Very good, 74 minutes, with co-host Subvet CDR Joel Greenberg, USN(Ret.).
2 1 09 Liberty Watch  Stephan Faris wrote a book called, "Forecast," about the effects of global warming. Good hour of back and forth on the mindset of non-inquisitive reporting. Exchange at the end reveals why some folks just don't comprehend context, though he is intellectually honest. 50 min.
2 1 09 America Armed & Free  Kevin Baker is the webmaster of , and a philosopher . Fascinating hour about why old men must be dangerous, and a call from England from a listener on the internet. 52 min.

1 24 09 America Armed & Free  First half is with Howard Nemerov, medical researcher, who has a new approach to maintain the right to keep and bear arms. Second half is my take on how to stock your gun cabinet for the coming times. 48 min.

1 24 09 Liberty Watch  Thomas Craughwell is the author of 12 books, including "Stealing Lincoln's Body." His most recent is "Failures of The Presidents," a look at some of the most significant government screw ups in history. Craughwell is a good historian and I played off of him well. 50 min, fast and entertaining.

1 18 09 Liberty Watch  Steve Fainaru is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for his military reporting on Iraq for the Washinton Post. This book, "Big Boy Rules," is about private contract armed guards in Iraq, whom he insists are mercenaries. Spirited debate and good info, where he learns about letters of marque and reprisal. {: - ) 48 min.

1 18 09 America Armed & Free  H. W. Crocker III is an accomplished author ("Lee's Principles of Leadership") who's new book is the Regnery published "Politically Incorrect Guide To The Civil War." Fascinating facts most people did not know about the war for Southern Independence. 49 min, some good zingers about Lincoln.

1 11 09 Liberty Watch  First half is with Shawn Dow of , an organization which is dedicated to exposing the theivery and unconstitutionality of speed and red light cameras. Second half is also interesting with Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, an attorney with an Israeli public interest law firm which is suing banks that provide terror funding.I gott in a couple good wisecracks both segments. 49.30 min.

1 11 09 America Armed & Free  Alan Gura was the lead attorney on the D.C. Gun Case, and is also on several other actions, including the one in Chicago, filed immediately after the Heller Decision. Second half is with Tom Paluda, a Farmers Agent on how to properly insure your guns against loss. 51 min 20 sec.

1 4 09 Liberty Watch  Robert Spencer is the author of 8 books on Jihad and the webmaster of Fascinating 48 minutes on the stealth takeover of Sharia Law in the U.S. via non-violent means. Some humor, very lively.

1 4 09 America Armed & Free  Frank Romano is an attorney who practices in France, and author of "Storm Over Morocco," his tale of 45 days of captivity in a Moslem Mosque as a monk trainee. Since then he has become a peace activist. 48 min and a wonderful contrast to the previous hour.

12 28 08 Liberty Watch  Ron Springer is a philospher who has adopted a moral code for all humanity, called "Moral Armor." Interesting discussion, 48.5 minutes, most revealing in the last 5 minutes.
12 21 08 Liberty Watch  First half is Arizona Detective Mike Anderson, about his venture, "," which for a nominal fee, will get your identity protected and give you lots of free resources on ways to keep it protected. Second half with Jim Babka of, against the auto bail out. 52 min, worth it, and lightly humerous.
12 28 08 America Armed & Free
Mark Marchiafava is a Louisiana open carry activist who keeps trying to tell the cops there that there is no law against open carry, Recently he won a big judgement against them for that...Second half is my commentary on a beautiful 21 year old medical student in Wisconsin, murdered for lack of a gun.
12 21 08 America Armed & Free  Mike Cutler is a retired INS agent with 29 years on the job, all of it in NYC, some working with DEA, some with FBI, and some in concert with NYPD. He writes for the counter terrorism blog, 12 28 08 America Armed & Free

12 14 08 Liberty Watch  How bad is the current economic crisis and what is needed to fix it. Addison Wiggins did a book and a Documentary called, "I.O.U.S.A. One Nation Under Stress, In Debt." Very well done with interviews of Alan Greenspan, Alice Rivlin, and Paul Volker, among others. 47.20 very good.

12 14 08 America Armed & Free  Tom Gaylord returns about Christmas selection of airguns. Funny and informative, 50 min.

12 7 08  Liberty Watch  Guest host Emil Franzi from Inside Track, Saturdays, on KVOI, does a masterful job with Dr. Claire Berlinski, a spritely, brilliant, vivacious PhD with a new book on why Margaret Thatcher's politics are needed now more than ever, "There Is No Alternative," available from . Claire is fun to listen to, and Emil even informs her of a few new things. 46.14, worth every second.

12 7 08 America Armed & Free  Dr. John McElroy, professor emeritus of the U of A, and Ed McDonald guest host America Armed & Free on the history of the right to keep and bear arms. 52.5 minutes, including a tribute to the men of the USS Arizona.

11 30 08 Liberty Watch  Drake Larson is an organic farmer, with a math degree from UCLA, and has a bone to pick with people who use statistics to reinforce lies, persuant to power. His book is "The Cults of Relativity." 48 min.
11 30 08 America Armed & Free  Dr. Kathleen Puckett, PhD in psychology and former Air Force OSI agent and 23 year FBI Agent, comes back about her second book, "Homeland Insecurity," about how we are not made more safe by the changes in law enforcement structure since 9/11/01. Brilliant and funny, 52.31.
11 23 08 America Armed & Free  Dr. Margo Thorning is with, and and economist. She discusses the facts and figures of what could happen under the proposed energy plans of the presedent-elect. 24 min. Alan Gottleib is the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, and the Chairman of the Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms. He lays out what we face with Eric Holder as AG. 28 min.
11 23 08 Liberty Watch  Bob Prosen is a successful business executive, and author of "Kiss Theory Goodbye." He talks eloquently about why we should NOT bail out the car manufacturers. 22 minutes. Second half with Selwyn Duke, on the real fears people have about the "civilian security force" that Obama has proposed. 26 min.

11 16 08 Liberty Watch  First half is with Tom Jenney of Americans For Prosperity. 10 point plan to solve state economic woes. Fast moving and detailed. Second half with Howard Melamed who has an interesting book on prosperity, "The Science of Opportunity."  Light hearted interview with motovating qualities. 48 min 28 sec.

11 16 08 America Armed & Free  Dr. Howard S. Smith has his biomedical engineering degree from MIT, and is the designer of the supermarket scanning system you see in use today. His interesting book, "I Robot," is an update on the Asimov classic, with a twist. 51.28. Very informative, a couple of good wise cracks from yours truely..

11 9 08 Liberty Watch  David Pratt is a professor emeritus at Queens University in Canada. He has for years collected the quotes of Nobel Prize laueates. Fascinating diversion from the usual Liberty Watch. Lite and informative. David has a nice English accent. 48 min.

11 9 08 America Armed & Free  Patrick O'Donnell is a military Historian and researcher. He spent 7 years researching a true story of heroism in the last year of the War in Italy, at the place where it joins Austria, the Brenner Pass. Fascinating story of the OSS operating 350 miles behind enemy lines, in uniform. 53 minutes.


10 26 09 Liberty Watch  George C. Thomas III is a professor of law at Rutgers in New Jersey and a clear thinker. He documents how the courts have done a lousy job of making sure the innocent don't get convicted, and what to do about it. His book is, "The Supreme Court on Trial." Very good, 48.58.
10 28 08 America Armed & Free  Mark Lerner is a co-founder of the "Stop Real I.D. Coalition. They are about to facilitate an important press conference in D.C. about the Real I.D. Act. In a RARE show of unity, both ACLU and ACLJ are cooperating agains the act. 51.53
10 19 08 Liberty Watch  Nick Dranias holds the Clarence J. and Katherine P. Duncan Chair for Constitutional Government and is Director of the Joseph and Dorothy Donnelly Moller Center for Constitutional Government at the Goldwater Institute. He promotes Dr. Darcy Olsen's idea of installing "charters of liberty" into the city charters of municipalities. A bill of rights for every city! 48 min.
10 19 08 America Armed & Free  Tom Williams is a columnist for Scripts Newspapers in Florida, and a Merchant Marine captain and wreck diver. His book is "Lost and Found," about wreck diving and treasure hunting, wrapped in an interesting novel. I got in a few stories about wrecks I have been on. 52 min, interesting departure from normal AAF topics.
10 12 08 Liberty Watch  Colonel Timothy J. Geraghty was CO of the Marine unit that lost 241 brave men and women in Beruit on 25 Oct 1983. He talks about brave fighters, and terrorists, and how the former can win over the latter. Inspiring 47.22 min.
10 12 08 America Armed & Free  Eric Shelton is a podcaster and Tucson native. After 6 years in the Air Force, he is now a National Guardsman. His podcast is about handguns, and here he interviews me on my own show about guns and activism. Informative 52 minutes
10 5 08 Liberty Watch  Bill Bamber is a former executive of Bear Stearns, and his book, "Bear Trap" is a cogent and compelling telling of the tale of its demise. 48 min.
10 5 08 America Armed & Free  John Lott is a professor of economics at U of Maryland, and author of "Freedomnonics." He comments on the most recent 2008 "emergency" legislation to "bail out" the economy. 2nd half of show is commentary by Goldwater Institute Dr. of economics Byron Schlomac, on the same "crisis." Compelling, and last half funny. 51 min.
9 28 08 Liberty Watch  Allen Quist is a professor at Mankato State and a former 3 term legislator. His excellent lecture if  "The 12 Pillars of Freedom." 49 min, ending with the Declaration of Independence in 16 voices over the music from "The Patriot."
9 28 08 America Armed & Free  Judge Kenneth Star is a former Solicitor General of the U.S., now a law professor at Pepperdine. Interesting commentary on the Heller case, but what is breathtaking is the lack of fealty that professors Massarro and Marsh, and especially Judge Brach have, for the Constitution. 53 min.
9 21 08 America Armed & Free  Julia Keller is a Pulitzer Prize winning features reporter for the Chicago Tribune, a PhD in English from Ohio State. Her new book, "Dr. Gatling's Terrible Marvel," is a wonderful history of the 19th century, as well as a character revealing look at the inventor of the Gatling gun. Bright, fun, and witty, 52 min.
9 21 08 Liberty Watch  Lamont Calucci is a professor of international relations and national security at Ripon College. He has served in the Department of State, and his primary area of expertise is United States national security and United States foreign policy. His book is , "Crusading Realism- The Bush Doctrine and American Core Values after 9/11 " Very good, inellectually honest. 48 min.
9 14 08 Liberty Watch  Dr. Richard Ebeling is an economist with the American Foundation For Economic research. Russia's power is resurgent, but does it have the economy to back it up? Fascinating 52 minutes.
9 14 08 America Armed & Free  Kurt Neubauer is CEO of a company that produces "Petroluxus," a natural chemical that released petroleum from whatever it is bound to so it can be recovered. He says that we could increase U.S. oil production 20% in 30 days with it. The second portion is with Joe Scott, who has a product for detecting all speed traps and red light cameras in the U.S. 48 min.

9 7 08 Liberty Watch  Mark Stone is an interesting combination of IT security professional and writer. His book, "Behind The Screen: Hacking Hollywood," is a good way to say things that he could not reveal in a non-fiction piece. 46 minutes.

9 7 08 America Armed & Free  General Jimmy L. Cash retired as a 1 star from the Air force after 36 years of service. He flew every major fighter type, including F-4 combat in Viet Nam. Interview includes a spellbinding description of an in flight explosion of the onboard cannon, as well as his political outlook about Iran. Riveting 49 minutes!

8 31 08 Liberty Watch
Marco Marsan is a business consultant, allegedly for large corporations. When quizzed about his ideas, he could not give cogent, intellectually honetst answers. He did not have the courage of his convictions to keep his word to stay for the
agreed upon time. 50 min. Here's What Marco sent me, after air, you decide:



You are a frustrated "little" guy aren't you?

When you are ready for the Big Leagues, call me. I've worked with more corporations than you've complained to. Reading your bio, it seems you've dropped out of more things than I've entered in life.

I regret that I spent 50 minutes on your myopic show (guns and glory? (oh yea and God), you read my whole book, I own your time forever!!

I found you to be a poor little guy who's trying to figure things out (with the whole "guns as compensation thing") when you are ready to grow up, I'll be there for you!


Marco Marsan
Marco Polo Explorers International
7 Beech Crest Ln.
Cincinnati, OH

513-321-3569 f

8 31 08 America Armed & Free Dan Durda is an astronomer and researcher. His idea is to push asteroids that may be on a collision path with earth, using low powered equipment to change their orbit. Hear him tell of high altitude research in a NASA F-18 b. Fascinating 48 min.

8 24 08 Liberty Watch  Dr David Feiedman is a fascinating man, with a PhD in Chemistry, a degeree in economics, and a professor of law. His book, "Future Imperfect looks at the effect of technology on the future of freedom. Fascinating hour, good callers. 47.39.

8 24 08 America Armed & Free Lee Boyland is a former nuclear ordinance disposal tech in the army. His two books, "The Rings of Allah," and "Behold an Ashen Horse, "about nuclear terrorism, are excellent. Today's discussion is about the recent Russian adventure in the Georgian Republic. Excellent hour. 51.41.

8 17 08 Liberty Watch  Mark Green has a book called "Privilege & Power, Reconsidering the Zionist Narrative in American Life." It is a collection of essays that he edited, none of which are very objective. Spirited 50 minutes.

8 17 08 Amreica Armed & Free  Al Melvin had a career as a merchant sailor with an unlimited tonnage captain's license, and 30 years in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He ended his 30 years with the navy as squadron commander at Diego Garcia.Fascinating discussion about sea lift capacity, the history of transportation, and career opportunities. 52.16.

8 10 08 Liberty Watch  Unusual 90 minute interview (compressed to 73 min) of Dr. Edgar K. Browning, professor of economics at Texas A & M. He has a brilliant book called "Stealing From Each Other," about why the welfare state is a disincentive to work and profit. Wonderful radio, the way it should be. Jon Lundberg insists you listen.

8 10 08 America Armed & Free  Mat Higbe is an accomplished attorney with a specialty in the restoration of gun rights. If a person has had a felony or a misdemeanor DV, his firm, which operates in 7 states, Ca, Az, Mn, Nv, Ut, Fl, Tx, Wa. , can help people get their rights to keep and bear arms restored. 24.20.

8 3 08 Liberty Watch 1  Justin Wilson is with an organization called The Center For Union Facts. . Unions are trying to end secret ballot elections and cause people to have to "opt out" of joining a union. 22 min.

8 3 08 Liberty Watch 2   Pima County Supervisor District 4 Ray Carroll and I mix it up over a proposed min in the Santa Rita Mountains. 25 min of good give and take with a true public servant.

8 3 08 America Armed & Free 1  Anise Jenkins is the president of, MBA graduate of Howard University in D.C., and an activist for D.C. statehood. She strongly opposes the Heller Decision on guns. Like many advocates of democracy, she does not reason from cause to effect about voting on the rights of others, however is intellectually honest. Lively and fun discussion on democracy, 28.11.

8 3 08 America Armed & Free 2  Plaintiff in the D.C gun case Dick Heller and his attorney Dane Von Breichenruchardt about the upshot of the decision and how they're continuing the fight to get D.C. to obey the Supreme's decision. Very solid and entertaining 22.5 min.  

7 27 08 Liberty Watch  Newt Gingrich addresses the Goldwater Institute about his idea to "drill here, drill now, pay less. 47 minutes, with audience questions.

7 27 08 America Armed & Free  Listen to 2/3 of the actual arguments in the D.C. vs. Heller Gun Case. 54 minutes of Walter Dellinger and Alan Gura's arguments, with some truely brilliant and truely statist questions from the justices.

7 20 08 Liberty Watch  Dr. Edward J. Lopez is a professor of law and economics at San Jose State University. His article is "Kelo & Its Discontents." Spirited 46 minutes on property rights.

7 20 08 America Armed & Free  Tom Gaylord is the airgun editor of Shotgun News, and a wealth of information about airguns. A fascinating 51 minutes about the history of airguns and their modern use.

7 13 08 Liberty Watch  Al Sonja L. Schmidt is a rarity - a screenwriter in Hollywood who is conservative. Her book, "Deb & Selby's Real Deal on Global Warming," is aimed at children. It tells them some of the facts on the issue in a calming and anti-alarmist way. Some humor, 48.51. Al Sonja is lively and informative.

7 13 08 America Armed & Free 1
Leon Cooper led the Higgins Boats on the assault on Tarawa. He went back with a film crew to document the trash on Red Beach and the lack of fealty for human remains. Great patriotic 24 minutes, some humor.

7 13 08 America Armed & Free 2  John Errett is a retired business executive from a private international security firm, UNITEL. His book, The Owl & The Hawk," is a treatise on how to use private companies for terrorism solutions. Heats up a little when I disagree with him; good, intelligent answers. Also does something no other guest has - quote one of my previous interviews to me. 24 min, excellent.

7 6 08 Liberty Watch  Howard Nemerov is a medical researcher who used to be a gun control advocate. He applied medical research criteria to gun research and came up with "400 Years Of gun Control, Why Isn't It Working?" Great 52 minutes of radio. Ends with a supressed shot fired into sand bucket in studio. {: - )

7 6 08 America Armed & Free  William Desy is a private detective, a California Certified fraud specialist, and also a Ca. CCW instructor. Neat hour on concealed carry stuff and getting multi state permits, along with several .40 cal shots fired supressed into a sand bucket in the studio. 51 minutes.

6 29 08 Liberty Watch  The first segment is with Jay Lakin from about the U.S. prohibition on online poker, and the next 3 segments are with Daniel E. Williams about his fascinating new book, "The Naked Truth About Drugs." Great intellectual honesty about our loss in the "war on drugs." Some Humor. 47 min, 56 sec. Very good.

6 29 08 America Armed & Free  Alan Korwin is the author of 12 books on various topics from state "Gunowners Guides" to "The 92 Supreme Court gun Cases," and soon the new update of that to include the new Heller case, discussed at length today. Opens with a dramatic reading of the holding in the decision over "Fanfare For The Common Man." 52 minutes of great radio.

6 22 08 Liberty Watch  Dave Rosenak has a book called "Running Amok." It contains ideas to fix problems that he admits in the introduction he has not researched. Listen to what happens when you do not draw a direct line from cause to effect. 48 minutes of lively discussion.

6 22 08 America Armed & Free 1  Julia Gorin is a commedian and author. Her excellent 2004 article "The Anti-gun Male," is the topic of today's interview, as well as the current victim disarmament in Kosovo and her book about "Clintonisms." 26 Minutes.
6 22 08 America Armed & Free 2  Dr. Bertha K. Madras is the Deputy Director of the Office of National Drug Policy, ONDCP. Listen to a government bureaucrat duck questions and then get mad when her phillibuster gets shortened. Trumpeting a new 5.8 million dollar misuse of stollen taxper funds to do drug testing, she ran into a wall on Liberty Watch. 25 minutes and instructive as to why government does not work.

6 15 08 Liberty Watch Jerry Cross is the production director for KVOI and a comedic genius. Here he presents, "what the newsman would say if he could comment." 47.18 of unusual comedy for Liberty Watch.

6 15 08 America Armed & Free  Libertarian science-fiction writer L. Neil Smith returns for a talk about his essay, "My Little Pony," his new books, and why he believes Michael Bloomberg is a serial killer. 51.50.

6 8 08 Liberty Watch  Dan Gainor is the Vice President of the Business and Media Institute, a non-profit watch dog group affiliated with The Media research Center. Dan reports on a study done on how media treats the global warming issue, and we talk about their article, "Fire and Ice. 43 minutes, excellent, some humor.

6 8 08 America Armed & Free 1  Charles' comentary on a good article on what to do when calling 911 and holding someone at gunpoint. 26.43.

6 8 08 America Armed & Free 2  Dr. David T. Hardy is the author of several 2nd Amendment books, and the video documentary, "In Search Of The 2nd Amendment." Excellent comentary on current BATFE abuse, and follow  up on same at Waco. 24.46 .

6 1 08 Liberty Watch Guy R. McPherson is a professor at the U of A and believes we are headed for a US banking and societal collapse. He and I trade salvos for the whole 2 hr format (compressed to 80 minutes or soin this and part 2.) Steve Alten is also on with Dr. Mcpherson. This segment 45 minutes.

6 1 08 America Armed & Free Second dose of Dr. Guy McPherson. 51 minutes. He asserted on air that there is a an article on the website of the US treasury that predicts a 30% bank failure rate in 2008 for the U.S. If anyone can find and send me that article, I'll give them a free oil change and a $20 gift certificate at Kent's Tools. This includes Dr. McPherson! Steve Alten is also on with Dr. Mcpherson.

5 25 08 Amer Arm'd & Free
Alex Kershaw is the author of several books, among them "The Few" about WW II American volunteer aviators in the Battle of Britain. This one is about the unique experience of USS Tang, which had a circular run torpedo hit and sink it in October 1944. This is the story of the 9 who survived. Fascinating 50.47 minutes.

5 25 08 Liberty Watch
Tom Jenney is the President of the Arizona Chapter
of Americans for Prosperity, and Jim Nintzel is a
writer for the Tucson Weekly. Jenney's group wants
politicians to sign a no tax increase pledge. Nintzel
thinks that's stupid. Here them elucidate why. 47
min 48 sec, good and spirited, very civil, kind of
funny. Good wisecrack about bureaucracy.

5 18 08 Liberty Watch
Bill Maurer is the executive director of the Institute
For Justice Washington State Branch. They are
involved in several litigations for freedom, two in
particular discussed here. The first is a St. Louis
case of eminent domain abuse, where the victim
has posted murals against the city, which is
prosecuting him for them. The second is the
fight against the Arizona "Clean" elections
system.48.28 min, informative and funny.

5 18 08 Amer Arm'd & Free
Ken Sewell is a former nuclear sub sailor
from USS Parche, and author of "All Hands
Down." about the sinking of the USS Scorpion,
which he claims was don eby the Russians
from an MI-8 "Hormone" anti-submarine
helecopter. Fascinating hour for those into
submarines. 52 min.

5 11 08 Liberty Watch 1 Bonnie Sesolak is the development director
of the National Motorists Association which is a drivers' rights org.
She tells about the perverse effects of red light cameras, corruption
in the system, and how to fight tickets issued by it. 23.22 min and

5 11 08 Liberty Watch 2 Marc Goldstone is a Bullhead City business
man who is tired of Arizona real estate taxes jumping up uncontroll-
ably, and has a ballot initiative going to limit them to 2% per year
plus inflation. . 23 min and excellent!

5 4 08 Liberty Watch  Robert A. Levy is a profile in legal courage,
deciding after a successful business career to become a lawyer
at age 50 and work on issues of freedom. Senior fellow at Cato
Institute, his book is "The Dirty Dozen," about the 12 worst
Supreme Court Cases. Fascinating and a little funny. 44

5 11 08 Amer Arm'd & Free Mitch Yockelson is a professor
of history at the Naval Academy and a document theft
researcher at the national archives. While not out hunting
stollen docs, he's writing, this time about the American
soldiers under British comand in WWIin France and
Belgium, and the lessons learned from it in "Borrowed
Soldiers." 50.0, interesting and some humor.

5 4 08 Amer Arm'd & Free Dr. Paul Boor is a research biologist
and  M.D. who does autopsys. His interestingbook is "The
Blood Notes Of Paul Mallow." Good interview on potential
threats of engineered viruses and pathogens. 44 min.

4 27 08 Liberty Watch 1  Christopher C. Horner is Semior Fellow at the Competitive
Enterprise Institute, with some hot info on the LACK of scientific consensus on
global warming. Articulate and funny, 24.5 minutes.

4 27 08 Liberty Watch 2  Dale Netherton hads an excellent essay on the
evils of gun control, which can be found on the guests page of this site.
23 min of reason & humor.

4 20 07 Liberty Watch 1  Phil Kerpen is with "Americans For Prosperity," a 501 (c)3
that promotes freedom. They are against the so-called "net neutrality" bill in Congress
as it would regulate the internet as to who could use what speed and bandwidth,
thereby making a disincentive to investment. 26 minutes.

4 20 08 Liberty Watch 2  Andrea Batista Schlesinger is with the "Drum Major
Institute," inspired by the accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. They are
concerned that social policy does not well enough address the needs of the
middle class. Fun 23 minute polite argument, in which she was intellectually

4 20 08 America Armed & Free Steve Alten is the author of the New York times
best selling "The Shell Game," which asserts that the September 11th attacks
were a set up, or a government inspired plot to get us into Iraq and Afganistan.
Although I think his conclusions are flawed, he none the less is meticulous in
his research, and reasoned in his approach. 52 minutes of fascinating radio.

4 13 08 Liberty Watch Major John Plaster is an Army vetran of Viet Nam service,
who was responsible for the preservation of much of the Army's sniper training
and the retention of its culture. His brilliant book is, "The History of Sniping And
Sharpshooting," and is filled with wonderful background stories and accurate
drawings of the men and equipment from colonial days to the present. Fantastic,
first of 2 segments, 49 minutes.

4 13 08 Amer Arm'd & Free Part 2 of the Major john Plaster interview on "The History
of Sniping And Sharpshooting." 52 minutes this segment, and fantastic.

4 6 08 Liberty Watch  Jeffrey Scheuer has written a book about why "democracies"
need good journalism. It is an interesting, in depth look at the topic. Very good back
and forth between him, the callers, and I. Pinned him a couple of times. 46 minutes.

4 6 08 Amer Arm'd & Free  Michael "Moose" Moore is a vetran of 20+ years of Air
Force service in F4's & F15's, is now both a commercial pilot and a Homeland
Security Department certified anti-terrorism expert, with some deffinite ideas
about how to stop mass casualty shootings at schools. 52.22 minutes and
very good.   

3 30 08 Liberty Watch  David E. Young is the Author of, "The Founders View of
The Right To Arms." It is a brilliant, exhaustive work on the origins of the right to
keep and bear arms phrases and attitudes in the state constitutions that led to
the federal 2nd amendment. Rare 80 minute interview, the first 46.22 is here.

3 30 08 Amer Arm'd & Free Part 2 of the David E. Young Interview.

3 23 08 Liberty Watch Brian Schneier is a security expert with unique ways of
seening how security fails, so as to design it not to. Excellent 46 minutes of
serious security ideas.

3 23 08 Amer Arm's & Free  Steve McCurdy is a former Air force missileer and has
a story to tell about a real life incident to describe a real incident !n !(&$ that brought
us within a minute of a nuclear retalation on the Soviets. 52 minutes and excellent.
One of the more open people I"ve had of for a time.

3 16 08 Liberty Watch  Kimberly Spinks Burlson is the author of a book called
"Prepare To Be A Millionaire," with the stories and lead sources from 43 millionaires
in 7 catagories of business. If you are looking for an entrepeneurial idea, look there,
also in 22 minutes.

3 16 08 Amer Arm'd & Free  Dr. Jerome Corsi is the author of many books, among
them "Atomic Iran," and "Unfit for Command." This time he speaks for an hour and
16 minutes on "The Late Great USA," his book about the North American Union."
Excellent interview. I was a little more jovial than usual as an offset to his very
serious topic.

3 13 08 ACLU On RFID Chips  Today, 3 13 08, the ACLU put on an excellent
explanation of why RFID chips can be used to the detriment of your privacy by
government and industry, with informative presentations by Dr. Catherine Alberecht
of the book "Spychips," and Jim Harper of the Cato Institute. One hour, 45 minutes.

3 9 08 Amer Arm'd & Free  First half hour with Capt Pete Hegseth of vets for about their bus tour across America to honor the service of Iraq and
Afganistan Vets. Second half hour with David Bellavia, author of "House To House,"
a combat memoir of the Battle of Faluja. Fantastic 52 minutes.

3 9 08 Liberty Watch  Zach Taylor is a retired Border Patrol supervisor and chairman
of , The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers. There are
two bills before Congress right now, HR-3287, The Tumacacori Highland Wilderness
Act of 2007, and HR-2593, The Borderlands Conservation and Security Act of 2007,
that combined would wreck Border Patrol's ability to control the border and build the
fence. The second half hour is with Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol. He has
evidence that Homeland security chief Michael Chertoff is lying about the amount of
fence built in Az.

3 2 08 Liberty Watch 1  Todd Davis is the CEO of Life Lock, the fellow who advertises
his Social Security number at the front of his commercials. He is on a national tour to
promote good legislation from Congress on identity theft. Good segment, 23 minutes,
some humor.

3 2 08 Liberty Watch 2  George Landrith is the president of the Frontiers of Freedom
Foundation, a 501 c 3 that opposes unreasonable regulation from the FDA. Great 24
minutes, some humor.

3 2 08 Amer Arm'd & Free  Leon Cooper is a WWII vet who led the Higgins Boats on
the invasion of Tarawa, and 5 other invasions. He returns to America Armed & Free
after just coming back from a trip back to Tarawa. This intelligent man has much to
say. 50 minutes.

2 17 08 Liberty Watch  Tom DeWeese of American Policy Center on The "Law Of
The Sea Treaty," and the North American Union. Lots of info and funny. Third
segment with Guy Smith of "" about the brief in the Heller case.
Last segment explains good gun bills in the Az. Legislature. 47 min, diverse
and entertaining.

2 17 08 Amer Arm'd & Free  Chris Bird has been a British Army police officer,
an Australian armored car guard, a newspaper reporter, and now a Texas
concealed handgun instructor. The 5th edition of the "Concealed Handgun
Manual," is now out. Great 53 minutes on tactics, gun laws, and humor.

2 10 08 Liberty Watch  First hour of 2 with Michael LeMeiux, author of
Unalienable Rights," a fantastic book that every thinking American should
own. It describes what we were supposed to be along side what we have
become. 47 minutes.

2 10 08 Amer Arm'd & Free  2nd hour with Michael LeMeiux, part on his
excellent book. "Unalienable Rights," and part on his service in Afganistan.

2 3 08 Liberty Watch  Bob Roberts is head of a group called "People For
The Elimination of Endangered Species."  They believe that killing off
endangered species will save money and promote freedom. 42 minutes
of brilliant satire.

2 3 08 Amer Arm'd & Free  Former Army sargeant Stephen Hughes has
an expansive book of information out on Iran's weapons capabilities, called,
"Tehran's Wars Of Terror." Very detailed and well foot noted. 52 minutes,
excellent, some humor

1 27 08 Liberty Watch  Dr. Stephen Baskerville who is a professor of
government at Patrick Henry College has a LOT to say about the
"industry" of divorce and the state power grab that goes along with it.
Excellent 45.34 minutes.

1 27 08 America Arm'd & Free  Jack Coughlin is the author of his
biography, "Shooter," and a good work of fiction, "Kill Zone." Both
are very good. Excellent 51.43 minutes on what it is to be a Marine
Scout/Sniper, especially in Iraq.

1 20 08 Liberty Watch  Is the "REAL ID Act" really a good idea? Does
Michael Chertoff really tell the truth about border security? Retired INS
Agent Michael Cutler returns on these and other hot issues. Great
callers. 46 minutes, good situational humor.

1 20 08 Amer Arm'd & Free  Ever Wanted to own a fine quality peice
of historical military art, but could not afford it?
owner Ward Lowing's new concept can bring digital quality renderings
for as little as $50. USS New Jersey firing her guns. Battle of Bastagone,
51.5 minutes, interesting.

1 13 08 Liberty Watch  Pat Buchanan is world renown for his original
conservatism. His book is "Day of Reckoning." 45 minutes.

1 13 08 America Arm'd & Free  Frank Antonari is a retired Sgt.1st Class
in Army Special Forces, and fought an historic battle at Debeca Iraq in
2002. His book is "Roughneck 91."  Excellent 50 minutes. 

1 6 08 Liberty Watch  Dr. John Harmon McElroy is a professor emeritus
at the University of Arizona, and the author of "Divided We Stand," his
third book. Fascinating 47.5 minute discussion about the culture war,
the advance and fall of communism, and many other things.

1 6 08 America Arm'd & Free  Emil Schoonejans is a remarkable fellow.
He served in a fleet diesel submarine USS Burrfish, SS 312, for 6 war
patrols. After the service he became a mechanic for TWA, and rose
through their ranks to eventually pilot 747's. He recently returned to the
Pacific to pay tribute to the 3.505 still on eternal patrol. Riveting 51
minutes. Co-hosted by Dr. John McElroy, also a Navy vetran of the 
Korean War era.

12 30 07 Liberty Watch   Aaione Ali grew up part in Somalia, part in
Saudi Arabia. She was to have been part of an arranged marriage to
a Canadian, but on a stop over in Holland, she requested assaylum.
Staying on, she attended university, and eventually was elected to
Parliment there. In 2005 shw wrote "Infidel," a best seller about why
Islam is a threat. First half features Steve Forbes as the warm up
speaker. 48 minutes and excellent!
12 30 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Part 2 of the 2007 Goldwater Freedom
Award event, featuring Darcy Olsen's interview with Aaione Ali. 53
12 23 07 Liberty Watch 2  Jim Babka is president of,
and is working to defeat the "Protect America Act, which authorizes
warrantless spying on Americans. He instead suggests the original
"FISA Act," which he says should suffice. Lively 24 minutes about
that, The Enumerated Powers Act, and the Read The Bills Act.
12 23 07 Liberty Watch 1  Bethan Lilja is president of "Americans
For Terror Watch List Reform." Somehow or other, her name is on
the list, and although government officials claim that there is a
process to get those wrongly on it, off it, the process is secret.
They want to change that. Good, lively, funny 23 minutes.
12 23 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 1  Good 39 minute segment explaining
the Arizona Gun Laws, concentrating on vehicle carry. Some good
12 23 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 2  Jared Lapidus is an NYU Film
Graduate, and editor of an 8 minute documentary called, "The Libel
Tourist." It is about a Saudi Billionaire trying to sue andAmerican
author to stop the publishing of her book describing terror funding
sources. Great 12 minutes on how some people can try to foul

12 16 07 Liberty Watch  Jason Wright is President of the Virginia
based Institute For Liberty, and author of the 2005 best seller
"Christmas Jars." The idea being that private giving is what helps -
government "giving" is dwarfed by it. "Christmas Jars" is a heart
warming story. 23 min.

12 16 07 LW/Arm'd & Free  David Kluge has written the "The People's
Guide To The United States Constitution." Dave had to beg off, but
we did a whole hour and a quarter on the Constitution. Good radio. 

12 16 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Last segment (12 minutes) of today's
show on what AzCDL is doing to get back our rights in the Az.

12 9 07 Liberty Watch Mr. Pat has travelled widely and operated
businesses in the Middle East, coming into frequent with the Islamic
world. He has an interesting new book, "The Foundation For Peace.
45 minutes.

12 9 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Lee Boyland is a former Army nuclear
ordinance tech, and also a designer of nuclear weapons in the
civilian world. He has written two fascinating books, "The Rings
of Allah," and "Behold An Ashen Horse," both works of realistic
fiction about successful acts of nuclear terror against the United
States. Everyone interested in this topic should read them.
Fascinating 51 minutes.

12 2 07 Liberty Watch  Randall O'Toole is a senior fellow at the
Cato Institute and author of several books. This is a rare (for me)
full 60 minutes with him on, "The Best-Laid Plans - How
Goverment Planning Hurts You..." Excellent. The man spent
years studying various injurious effects of government planning.

12 2 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Howard Levinson is the CEO of U.S.
Telematics, and has a new gadget that lets you keep both hands
on the wheel while getting your text messages through your car
speaker. 24 minutes, funny & informative.

11 25 07 Liberty Watch  Dr. Margo Thorning is an economist with
a PhD from University of Georgia, and is senior vice president and
chief economist with the American Council for Capital Formation
and director of research for its public policy think tank. This is an
informative 47 minutes on the economy vs. "green" environmental

11 25 07 America Armed & Free 1  Matt Janes owns Second
Amendment Sports. Good info on bowhunting and fishing, as
well as shooting sports. 12 Minutes.

11 25 07 America Armed & Free 2  Lt. Cdr. (select) Claude Berube,
author "A Call To The Sea," is back with an essay on the possible
use of private naval contractors to fight pirates, drug smugglers,
and terrorists. Fascinating 37 minutes.

11 18 07 Liberty Watch  Dr. Geoffrey R. Stone is the former dean
of University of Chicago Law School, back about his book,"Top
Secret, When Government Keep Us In The Dark." Excellent 47
minutes, a few spirited disagreements, and a couple wonderful
taunts about gun ownership.

11 18 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 2  Dr. Jerome Corsi is a repeat guest.
Co-author of "Unfit For Command," and "Atomic Iran," he talked
today about a huge oil find off of Brazil, and waht it means to the
abiotic theory of oil production. 21.14, excellent.

11 18 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 1  Natalia Ippolito is a former TSA
screener, with a book out called, "I Might As Well Be Naked,"
How to survive airport screening with your clothes on. 27 minutes.

11 11 07 Liberty Watch  Tom Farnquist is one of the founders
and executive director of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum,
in Whitefish Point Michigan. He has made 6 dives to the Edmund
Fitzgerald, and numerous others to othe "shipwreck coast" of
Lake Superior and surrounds. Mostly about the Fitz, but also
some other wreck related topics, fascinating 48 minutes. Last
segment is with composer Geoffrey Peterson of Pennsylvania,
composer of a symphony about the wreck of the Fitz.

11 11 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Leon Cooper led the Higgins
Boats in the U.S. attack on Tarawa in 1943, and 5 following
invasions. He has written, "The War In The Pacific," and also
"90 Day Wonder." Fantastic 42 minutes with a man who was
there, with his perspective on the mistakes we made in the
island hopping campaign and also some environmental
commentary on present day Tarawa. Wow!

11 4 07 Liberty Watch  Homer Hickam returned for the 5th
time on Liberty Watch about his new book, "The Far Reaches."
Very spirited and informative 35 minutes about the invasion of
Tarawa, the nature of sacrifice, and doing the right thing. The
last 12 minutes of the 47 in this segment are a comentary
from me on success in today's economy vis a vis Thomas
Friedman's, "The World Is Flat."

11 4 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Col Jeff Bearor, USMC, (Ret.) 
Served 30 years, 6 months in the Marine Corps. He held
many important jobs in the Corps. He speaks of its 232
year history and his experiences. 51 minutes and excellent.

10 28 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  John Lott is a professor of
economics and researcher. Many of his published works
are the basis of solid pro-rights arguments and court briefs.
Here is fresh audio from the Gun Rights Policy Conference
only a week ago about some slight of hand by the anti-
freedom bigots. 27 Min.

10 28 07 Liberty Watch Sir Jonathon Porritt is the author of
"Capitalism As If The World Depended on It." It for the most
part talks (very eruditely) about how we can make Capitalism
work more socialistic while still calling it Capitalism. Sir
Jonathon missed his interview today, but I read the book
so we (the audience and I) discussed it without him. Good
48 minutes.

10 28 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Jerry Patterson is a Marine
Vetran of Viet Nam (backseater in F4's), a former Texas
Legislator, and Land Commissioner there. He recently
stirred up a controversy with a land sale, in part because
he did not want to see firearms banned there. Jerry demon-
strates his knowledge of his job and also the world situation
on history and politics. Excellent 27 minutes.

10 21 07 Liberty Watch 2  Clint Bolick is the director of the
Scharf-Norton Center For Constitutional Litigation at the Gold-
water Institute. Today we talked about the egregious violation
of rights by the Maricopa attorney's office directed at the arrest
of the owners of the Phoenix New aTimes for revealing a grand
jury summons for ALL the records of people who browsed their
site since 1994 in relation to an investigation of a threat against
Sheriff Joe Arpio. 26 Min.

10 21 07 Liberty Watch 1  Howard Linette is an attorney, police
firearms instructor, and journalist who is an astute observer of
politics, living in Jerusalem. He explains why the upcoming
summit between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli
Government does not portend good things. 22 minutes, very

10 21 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 1  Daryl Metcalf is ther Pa Dist 12
representative who has formed an organization called State
Legislators For Legal Immigration. They are networking with
other state legislators to do the job the federal government
won't do - enforce the immigration laws. Excellent 22 minutes.

10 21 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 2  Troy Sheffler is a Masters Degree
student at Hamline University in St. Paul, or was, until he suggested
in an e-mail to university administrators that people with CCW permits
be allowed their guns on campus. He was suspended, and the
university now insists he undergo psychological counseling before
he be re-admitted to class. 12 minutes.

10 21 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 3  Scott Lewis is the spokesman for
"Students For Campus Concealed Carry," and Elizabeth Morales it
the University of Texas co-ordinator for same. Both want students
with CCW permits to be allowed their guns on campus, to go along
with Troy Sheffler above. 12 minutes.

10 14 07 Liberty Watch  Dr. Bill Bickell is a professor at the University
of Arizona in critical thinking, and he applies same to global warming
and the human causation or lack thereof. Good 46 minutes!

10 14 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Rob Hyatt is the Vice-President of Kittles
Lock & Safe in Tucson. There is a "Travellers Scam" hitting town, whereby
nomads buy up blocks of phone numbers, advertise in the Yellow Pages
with no legitimate or licensed business, and then charge outrageous
prices or worse. 48 Minutes.

10 7 07 Liberty Watch   The world renown Mark Steyn, recorded at the
Goldwater Institute's function in September, 2007, about his book,
"America Alone." Fantastic 47 minures, 22 seconds.

10 7 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Today I was away from the microphone and
did a "music of the gun" segment." Some interesting old and newer music
related to firearms. 48 minutes, and at a higher resolution than other sound
files here so as to better enjoy the music.

9 23 07 Lberty Watch  Joann Heller is from Chicago, and has been a cardiac tech now for approaching 10 years, with 24 years in the medical service industry. She fields calls and comments on an article in the NY Times on the Bush administration's cutback of funds to do chemotherapy for illegal aliens. 48.17 and excellent

9 23 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Bob Levy is lead counsel on the Parker vs, D.C Case, and has paid for the whole thing out of pocket, so as not to have the case contaminated by other interests. Fascinating half hour on the now Heller vs D.C. case. Second segment is with Dave Kopp, President of Arizona Citizens Defense League, on new things to straighten out Az this year

9 16 07 Liberty Watch  Dr. Byron Scnlomach is director of the new Goldwater Institute Center for Economic Prosperity. This is a 45.5 minute discussion of his article, "Freedom's Tangible Benefits," and the Cato Institute's world index of economic freedom on which it's based. Funny and informative. Very good comment about the "Wright Brothers Index" of opportunity.

9 16 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Tony Walker is an author and firearms instructor, originally from England, now in Arizona. His new book is "How To Survive A Gunfight. 52 minutes of two instructors covering tactics, with some humor and many insights. His previous book was called "Snides," and was excellent, as well.

9 9 07 Liberty Watch  Jay Lakin is CEO of . Congress has made it illegal to transfer money in betting on poker, while keeping it perfectly legal to walk into a casino and do same. Jay talks of 4 bills in the House of reprehensitives that may change this status. 50 minutes.

9 9 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  John Roberts is the director or the Wounded Warrior Project .org, and he talks about the things they do to help and support those vetrans with brain injuries, burns, and lost limbs. 50 min, compelling segment. With Sean Oates.

9 2 07 Liberty Watch  Dr. Geoffry Stone is a University of Chicago Con Law professor, and a former clerk for Justice Powell of the Supremem Court. He is the author of "Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime," and this interview was about an article he wrote, caled "What It Means To Be A Liberal." He is candid and answers questions honestly. Excellent 48 minutes.

9 2 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 1  Brian LaMaster is president and chief instructor at Innovative Tactical Concepts, LLC . He had an excellent article on reaction time to a criminal attack, and this is a good 24 minutes on that topic.

9 2 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 2  Bruce Abele is the son of Mannert Abele, skipper of the USS Grunion, lost off of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, on June 30 1942. After 65 years of searching, this persistent man finally located and filmed the wreck of his father's boat. Excellent 26 minutes.

8 26 07 Liberty Watch  Michael Coffman is a PhD in forest science, and has been studying the global warming issue for 20 years. His new documentary is "Global Warming or Global Governance." Excellent, spirited, and somewhat funny 47 minutes.

8 26 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  First half was with Jeff Knox of the Firearms Coalition, author of the "Hard Corps Report." They are encouraging a national "excercise your rights day" in counter protest to some nonsense from the anti-freedom bigots. Second half was very informative also with Dave Workman, senior editor of Gun Week, about a plan the Pa. gooberment had about shutting down all firearm sales for 4 days for an "upgrade" to the background check system. 51 minutes.

8 19 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  50 minutes of detailed information on what to do to survive both short and long term failures of societal structures. Providing food, power, first aid, and many other points of survival, with Mat Stein of "When Technology Fails," and Gordon Groves.

8 19 07 Liberty Watch  First segment covers what to put in your bug out bag, with Gordon Groves, former Army 82nd Airborne Soldier and drill instructor. Second half with Mat Stein of "When Technology Fails," a detailed book on survival. 50 minutes, excellent and funny.

8 12 07 Lbrty Wtch 1  Marcia Hoffman is a staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They just won a FOIA lawsuit against the FBI on the release of documents about misuse of national security letters authorized by the PATRIOT Act. Alberto Gonzales just got cuaght red-handed telling Congress the opposite of what the documents reveal. 24 minutes.

8 12 07 Lbrty Wtch 2  Return visit for Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of "The Late Great U.S.A.," now on the best seller list, much to the chagrin of the Bush Administration. 24 minutes of concise information on the North American Union and the sell out of U.S. soverignty.

8 12 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Ward Wilson has been studying the use of nuclear weapons for 25 years,  andhas been published in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Dissent and International Security. His article, "The Winning Weapon?," suggests that the Russian entrance into WW II against Japan is what got them to surrender, not th A Bombs. Interesting 48 minutes, some humor, 1 good call from a missile maker in Tucson.

8 5 07 Liberty Watch  Bernadette T. Vadurro is a motivational business speaker, and advocate for democracy, which is not the type of government we have. Her book, "America's Conscience," while heavily laden with factual errors, is none the less thought inspiring, and the woman is gifted in the intelligence department, as a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Santa Fe College in business admin. Spirited 48 minutes, intellectually honest answers, and good callers.

8 5 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Dr. James S. Robbins is a repeat guest, author of "Last In Their Class, Custer and The Goats of West Point," and president of the security studies institute at Washington Trinity University. Interesting hour on the use of atomic weaponry at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Good calls. 52 minutes.

7 29 07 Liberty Watch  Eric Abrams is the principal of Push Ridge Christian Academy, a middle and high school which causes each student to have to draw a maop of the world and have to name every country, to pass. Fascinating 49 min.
7 29 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Congressman Duncan Hunter is running for president, but we talked about military preparedness and illegal immigration. 28 minuntes and excellent.
7 29 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 2  I just got back from the Freedom 21 conference in Dalas, and it was excellent. This is my report on both the North American Union, and also a little bit of activism with the Arizona Citizens Defense League. 24 min.
7 22 07 Liberty Watch  Clint Bollick is an attorney with the Scarff-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation at the Goldwater Institute, with a new project to use the State Constitution to beat government into submission to law. Novel concept, government obeying law. Excellent, 50.11. Sound quality is a little off, as this was recorded with a condenser mic on a laptop.
7 22 07 Amer arm'd & Free  Reprise of last hour with Dr. David Hardy on his documentary on the origins of the Second Amendment. Good questions from callers, and the last 7 minutes is my song, "The Guardian," and the 5th verse of the national anthem I wrote. 49 minutes
7 15 07 Liberty Watch  Cliff Kincaid is the spokesman for Accuracy In Media, the group formed by Reid Irvine, and now run by his son. The major media is simply not reporting on many of the details and background of the North American Union, an effort by some associated groups and globalists to form an EU like group consisting of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.47 minutes and good.
7 15 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Todd Rathner is a director of the NRA and owner of the T. Jeffrey Safari Company. Fascinating hour on hunting in Africa, politics there, and a little on the upcoming "NICS Improvement" bill. 46.5 min, lively.
7 8 07 America Armed & Free  Richard Lowry is a submarine (SSBN 631) vetran and an accomplished author. In 2006, his, "Marines In the Garden Of Eden," was published, about the battle of An-Nassiria. Now he tells of the truth NOT being told by media about the surge. Co-host Nelson Warnell provides additional depth. 48 min, very good.

7 8 07 Liberty Watch  Nelson Warnell recently retired from local NPR affiliate KUAT. What he has to say is revealing as to the slant of news there. Excellent 47.5 minutes. What a voice, and a mind to go with it.

7 1 07 John Diamond  The next American Revolution. Diamond claims that there have been 5, inclusing the packing of the Supreme Court, the legalizing of abortion, and the removal of God from schools. Sharp hour of calls and debate. 47 min 26 sec.

7 1 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Emily Blount is a world ranked competition skeet shooter, on her way to the olympics. She makes magic with a Perazzi 12 guage, and is an intelligent and enthusiastic electrical engineering student at the U of A. What a delightful and informative 49 minutes, some humor.

6 24 07 Lbrty Wtch  Larry Blasko is a retired and award winning AP reporter with a book called "Opening The Borders." We don't agree on solutions, but it is an interesting 48 minutes of lively debate, with some humor.

6 24 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Richard Mack is the former sheriff of Graham County, Az. His principled fight in the Supreme Court against the Brady Bill, which he won, cost him his job and home, but not his honor. A fond remembrance of the fight. 27 good minutes.

6 24 Amer Arm'd & Free 2  Kris Kobach is a professor of constitutional and immigration law in Kansas City, and the former counsel to Attorney General Ashcroft. He is dead set against the current immigration bill. Hear why in 19 minutes.

6 17 07 Lbrty Wtch  Michael Cutler is a retired INS Special Agent with 29 years on the job. He is also affiliated with He has a lot to say about the current legislation on the table in the Senate. First half, 49 minutes.

6 17 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Second half of interview with retired INS agend Michael Cutler, with an interesting perspective on immigration from the liberla side, and not what you would think from a liberal. Very engaging and lively 50 minutes, with my commentary on the end for souring the milk of illegal immigration.

6 10 07 Lbrty Wtch  G. Bruce Hedlund is an active 767 captain with a major airline, and a retired Air Force major, flying C-141's. His book, "It's Not Just You," is about political correctnes and how to overcome it. 47 minutes, and some very good back and forth.

6 10 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 1  This week I responded to the Arizona Daily Star's ridiculous editorial against a firearms storage bill that I helped write. 26 minutes of pretty good, firy stuff.

6 10 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 2  Steve Tuttle is vice president of communications and one of the founders of Taser International. Hear how Taser is decreasing the number of uses of lethal force. Some good back and forth with caller John: "Rocks are not lethal force.. and how did David slay Goliath?" 26 minutes.

6 3 07 Lbrty Watch 1  Darlene Fitzgerald is a former US Army Captain in Military Police, and a former U.S. Customs Agent. She discovered massive corruption in her department, and was persecuted for blowing the whistle. One of her former co-workers, is not being held without bond on "kidnapping" charges (recovery of a child from Mexico as a private investigator) by a government informant who is a convicted felon. Carman is a former Secret Service Agent and Customs Agent, and a decent guy. 23 minutes

6 3 07 Lbrty Wtch 2  Andy S. is with Accuracy In Media, and has a masters in communication. He wrote an excellent comentarty on the current immigration bill before the senate. Lively 21.5 minutes on profile in cowardice in leadership.

6 3 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 1  Tom Dunegel is the owner and engineer of Console Vault, a manufacturer of very well made vehicle safes mostly for SUV's and pickups, that install on the factory bolts. 24.5 minutes of good stuff for the security minded.

6 3 07 Amer Arm'd & Free 2  Rachel Parsons of NRA/ILA on Mayor Blumberg's assault on legitimate gun ownership. 23.5 minutes.

5 27 07 Lbrty Wtch 1  This Tuesday I got an unbelievable press release from the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, supporting the current amnesty bill in the Senate. Their press secretary said that "if we deported the illegals, we'd have a 5% shortage of labor, which would not be good for business." Well how about the 23 people a day killed in the U.S. by illegal alien activity??? Is THAT good for business? 15 minute portion on why the bill is a bad idea, and getting out of associations who support it. Strong stuff.

5 27 07 Lbrty Watch 2  Ben Anderson is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and trigger puller with 2 purple hearts from Viet Nam. He has been involved in border and security issues and legislation for a long time. He gives his predictions on the current S 2611 in the Senate, and I toss mine in too. Good 46 minutes, some good callers.

5 27 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Charl Van Wyk is the corageous South African minister who shot back at 4 terrorists in the St. James massacre in which 11 were killed and 53 wounded. Listen to the spiritual underpinnings of a man who went against 4 automatic assault rifles with a snub nosed .38, interrupting the carnage and shortening it. Great 48 minutes!

5 20 07 Lbrty Wtch 1  Tom Deweese wrote a beautiful essay on the metastasis of communism into what is now called comm-ism. He traces its history through the end of the cold war to today. I read it with commentary. Excellent peice by him. 22 minutes 47 seconds.

5 20 07 Lbrty Wtch 2  William Gheen is president of Americans For Legal Immigration. He makes some good points about stopping the current abomination cooking in Congress vis a vis amnesty for the 12 - 20 million illegal aliens in the country. 23 minutes.

5 20 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Major Phillip McIntire has just retired from 26 years in the Army. He spent the last tour of duty in Iraq, and is in the process of writing a book about it. He talks about what we are doing right and wrong there, and the out of touch nature of the command structure. 51 minutes of good radio.  Lots of good calls.

5 13 07 Lbrty Wtch Seg 1  Fred Gedrich is a retired State Department security analyst and former soldier at Fort Dix. Interesting observations from a professional on what we can learn from the efforts of the "Fort Dix 6." 23.5 minutes.

5 13 07 Lbrty Wtch Seg 2  Al Garza is the national director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. He tells us about the value of the unclimbable fence they are erecting on the Hodges Ranch. 11 min, 11 sec.

5 13 07 Lbrty Wtch Seg 3  Howard Fisher, of "Capitol Media Services," engaged in some inaccurate and at best, biased journalism. A crtique, welll deserved. 11.5 minutes.

5 13 07 Amer Arm'd & Free  Bill Rourke is a retired Army officer and an instructor to the military in counter-insurgency. He has a fascinating outlook on what we are doing both wrong and right in Iraq and elsewhere, and it's not what you would thing from a former intel guy! 47 Minutes, lively, and some funny.

5 6 07 Liberty Watch 1  Dave Kopp is President of Arizona Citizens Defense League, a civil rights organization trying to make it tougher on criminals with guns and easier on good guys with same. Mass media is performing a snow job on SB 1629. Hear their mendacity. 10 minutes, and a good education.

5 6 07 Liberty Watch 2  Brian Firth is a former RAF officer, living in the U.S. since 1963, and a former aeronautical engineer. His book, "A Firm League of Friendship, is a deep philosophical work on getting us back to lawful governence. 36 minutes and fascinating.

5 6 07 Amer Armed & Free
Massad Ayoob is a world renown police use of force and civilian firearms and martial arts instructor. This is a fascinating 50 minutes on how to defeat a mass murderer such as the Virginia Tech killer.

4 29 07 Liberty Watch  Stephen Hiatt is a journalist who is open about his left lean, and in that is refreshing. He has edited a book comprised of a number of essays by former "economic hit men," called "A Game As Old As Empire." It entails how first world nations use smart salesmen to hook the third world on debt they cannot repay in order to gain control of vital resources in those countries. 48 minutes and interesting.
4 29 07 Liberty Watch  Michael Coumatos if a former Viet Nam era helicopter pilot, Navy test pilot, ship captain, and task force Commodore. His last billet in the Navy was commander of the Navy's war gaming center, protecting the U.S. against future threats. His new book is "Space Wars," about the idea that our satellites could be attacked to devastating effect. Very good, 50.5 min.
4 22 07 America Armed & Free  Chris Bird is a former British soldier and now a U.S. Citizen and Texas Conceales Handgun instructor. He is the aouthor of "The Concealed Handgun Manual," and "Thank God I Had A Gun." We discuss strategies for fighting a mass murderer as per the Virginia Tech killer. Good 39 minutes of armed & unarmed combat techniques.
4 22 07 Liberty Watch Erik Rush wants to annex Mexico as a means of controlling immigration. Several problems with that, as I point out in this 48 minutes.

4 15 07 Liberty Watch  Dr. Walter Brasch is a journalist and professor, and author of 17 books, among them "Sex And The Single Beer Can," and "America's Unpatriotic Acts," the topic of today's interview. An honest liberal he expresses his concerns forthrightly and with passion, and does really understnad freedom. Excellent, 49 minutes.

4 15 07 Amer Arm'd & Free Captain Joseph McGettigan is a 1980 Annapolis graduate, and the Comanding Officer of the Naval Weapons Lab, Dahlgren, Va. They are working, among 1500 projects, on an electronically launched "rail gun" that acheives 5 times the velocity of a cannon with no gunpowder or explosive. Fascinating radio, great American! 49 minutes, don't miss it.

4 8 0 7 Amer Armed & Free  Jim Supica is the president of, and a member of NRA's board of directors and on the collector committee. He is also co-author of the Standard Catalog of Smight & Wesso, 3rd Edition. He is very knowledgable and interesting on the topics of collecting and values. 50 minutes of fast paced gun questions. .

4 8 07 Liberty Watch  Dr. David I Wood is a retired plastic surgeon hailing from Long Beach. He has written a brilliant treatise on how to preserve liberty from the path of creeping socialism. 46 minutes and lively. A little humor.

4 1 07 Liberty Watch  Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever is a PhD in political science with the "Center For Women's Policy Studies" in Washington D.C. She has written a number of scholarly works for them, among them a recent treatise on extreme poverty in the U.S. Takes most of an hour to get to her philisophies, but very revealing. 47 minutes. Stimulating and intelligent guest.

4 1 07 Amer Armed & Free  Gordon Groves is a former 82nd Airborne Army Vet and drill instructor, and Anthony Kohler is a former Army armorer. All three of us tested a Springfield Armory "Lightweight Operator." Interesting show from 3 diferent perspectives, and some good callers. 49 minutes.

3 25 07 Liberty Watch Jerry Rassamni is a fromer Lebanese Moslem warrior who came to America, gave up jihad, converted to Christianity, and wrote a book about it, called "From Jihad To Jesus." Fascinating guy, now living the American dream. 50 min.

3 25 07 Amer Armed & Free  Dr. Carolyn Porco is the imaging manager of the Cassini Satellite Imaging Project. She has her PhD from Cal Tech in planetary sciences, and manages a project that is really "out there." Not worried about science fiction, she lives real science every day. Good views on where NASA went wrong and how to fix it. 50 min.Some fun with the break music.

3 18 07 Liberty Watch  Larry Blasko is a retired AP correspondent and editor from New Jersey. His book is called "Opening The Borders," and is about ways we can let people who have come to America illegally, "out of the shadows," and work here legally. He has intellectually honest answers to my questions, and will be back. 49 minutes of spirited debate with no rancor.
3 18 07 America Armed & Free 1 Matt & Dana Janes own Second Amenment Sports, right where Jensen's used to be in Tucson, 5146 E. Pima. They are establishing an outdor superstore, and his attitude about the Second Amendment is very refreshing. 14 minutes and good to hear a retailer who gets it!
3 18 07 America Armed & Free 2 Captain Russ Piggot is the CO of the Viper West Demonstration F-16 Team for the Air Force. Fascinating, motovated guy. Told of the first night of the air war over Baghdad when he thought the image of the moon was a mushroom cloud in his night vision goggles. 13 minutes and a good flight!

3 11 07 Liberty Watch  Dr. James Robbins is a contributor to National Review Online. He wrote an excellent article about the recent deal with North Korea over nuclear developement, which is posted at . Interesting 50 minutes about American relations with Asia, and beyond.

3 11 07 America Armed & Free  Retired law Professor Dr. Donald B. Kates, a participant in an amicus brief to the D.C. Court which just overturned the 1976 gun ban there. Inciteful hour on the way decisions are made and people acheive standing as an aggrieved party before the court. 51 minutes and a must for 2nd Amendment afficianados.

3 18 07 America Armed & Free 3 Commander Paul Spear is the CO of USS Tucson, and in the Navy now for 20 years. He talks about the missions of the Tucson, the Esprit de Corps, and the rigors of command. He also gives me the order to flood and fire torpedos! 24 minutes. If you like submarine subjects, listen!

3 4 07 Liberty Watch  Michael Cutler is a retired INS Agent with 30 years service, and a spokesman for . Present at the 9/11 attack in New York, the ashes of some of his friends settled on his house in Brooklyn. He has a lot of harsh things to say about those who want to give the "keys to the kingdom" to immigrants without vetting. Very lively 46 minutes.

3 4 07 America Armed & Free  Aaron Brudenell is a forensic scientist with the Tucson Police Department Crime Lab. He is erudite and complete in his answers. Find out if they really do have any "CSI Moments." 50 minutes and excellent. Aaron is one of the better guests I have ever had on the show.

2 25 07 Liberty Watch Dr. Jerome Corsi is the co-author of both "Unfit For Command," and "Black Gold Stranglehold," as well as "Atomic Iran." He spends 47 minutes talking about the situation of the two border patrol agents sent to prison for enforcing the law. He also speaks to the evidence that the North Amerian Union is something about which to be concerned. Lively and somewhat funny.

2 25 07 America Armed & Free  Bil Dermody is the Publicity manager for Springfield Armory in Geneseo Illinois. A fascinating 49 minutes of good info about their products and some good gun humor.

2 18 07 Liberty Watch Part 1 Dr.  William R. Tonso, retired Evansville Indiana sociology professor, joins in about "Unspeak," the technique of using soundbite to frame a debate so as to preclude rational discussion and go straight to an emotional conclusion. 27.22 minutes.

2 18 07 Liberty Watch Part 2 Tim Lee from the "Center For Individual Freedom," attempts to make a case why free speech is good, and the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform law is bad, but the PATRIOT Act is good. 22 minutes of a man who contradicts himself enthusiastically. Good combat.

2 18 07 America Armed & Free David Axe is a writer for, Popular Science, The Washington Times, and several other publications, and has a new book, "Army 101," about college ROTC. David is back from his 7th imbedment in Iraq, and has a great perspective on the military and the equipment in it. 47.48 minutes. Some good calls, many questions. Perks up well the last 3/4.

2 11 07 Liberty Watch Gary Heller (no relation to me) is a former federal probation and parole officer who also spent 25 years in the National Guard as a helicopter pilot. His experience at viewing corruption in the federal judiciary and parole system is instructive to his book, "White Holler Crime." 46 minutes

2 11 07 America Armed & Free 2 Ron Gould is a state senator from Havasu City, and Neil Berro is the President of the Coalition For Secure Driver's Licenses. Berro wants to see a federal take over of state drivers license requirements, which is an unfunded mandate. Gould wants to protect privacy. Listen to what happens to when I try to get an intellectually honest answer out of Berro. 23 minutes, good give and take.

2 11 07 America Armed & Free 1 John Wentling is Vice-President of the Arizona Citizen's Defense league and gave a synopsis of the good and bad bills before the legislature this session. 26 minutes and informative.

2 4 07 Liberty Watch Robert Vaughan is a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer who flew helicopters in Viet Nam, then wrote 250 novels in the last 39 years. His latest is "The Masada Scroll," fiction about the discovery of a new gospel contemporary with the crucifixion. Interesting juxtaposition with the issues of today. 48.14

2 4 07 America Armed & Free Walid Shoebat is a former Palestinian terrorist. He converted to Christianity some time after moving to the U.S., has renounced his ways, and taken up trying to warn people of the mindset of radical Islam. His third book is, "Why We Want To Kill You," 338 pages of instruction manual on how not to get attacked, and why they do. Fascinating, intelligent man, one of the best 5 interviews I have ever had. Don't miss it. 50.27

1 28 07 Liberty Watch David Hardy On Documentary, "In Search Of The 2nd Amendment"
Dr. David T. Hardy is an attorney from Arizona who has been before the Supreme Court with "Prince & Mack v. U.S., the case that struck down most of the Brady law. His new documentary presents the facts about the origins of the Second Amendment. First 47 minutes of a 94 minute interview, utterly fascinating.

1 21 07 Liberty Watch Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy In Media, on the Fairrrrnesssss Doctrine. Some liberal groups, due to not being able to make it in the marketplace of ides, want the federal goobermint to enfore "equal time" against conservative opinion. Pretty good segment about free speech.I was fairly funny and strident.  39.22

1 21 07 Liberty Watch / Anerica Armed & Free Judge Robert Dierker is a sitting St. Louis area jurist who has written a book, The Tyranny Of Tolleramce," dealing with political correctness, and the false ecomony of "tollerance." So-called "tollerance," he says, is a tool of the left to force its opinion on all of us. Fascinating 34.32

1 21 07 America Armed & Free Chet Deubel is a custom knifemaker extraordinaire. 39.24 of his experience of making knives custom to order, both straight blade and folders.

1 14 07 Liberty Watch  Jim Babka of Downsize on Bad Bills Upcoming From Congress
Jim is well spoken and an advocate of freedom from neither the left nor the right. Congress wants to set "ethics" rules that will make it very difficult for orgs like to communicate their constituants wishes to their own Congressmen. 23.11 & good.

1 14 07 Liberty Watch  
Charles commenting on the ACLU lawsuit against Hazelton, Pa.'s law against renting to illegal aliens. 23.49

1 14 07 America Armed & Free  Clayton Cramer
is an inventor, author of 6 books, historian, and software engineer. He is responsible for the debunking of Michael Bellisides "Arming Amnerica." Today he shoots lots of holes in Dr. Saul Cornell's "A Well Regulated Militia." Fascinating stuff for those interested in the historical underpinnings of the Second Amendment. 49.48

1 7 07 Liberty Watch   Devvy Kidd
is a wonderful activist for issues of freedom & soverignty. We disagree on the war in Iraq, and this was an hour of healthy debate about same. I prepared a number of questions for her, and got to exactly none of them. See what happens when you throw the plan out the window and do live radio. 46 minutes.

1 7 07 America Armed & Free  Mike Stollenwerk
is the co-founder of, a retired soldier, and aspiring attorney. This is a wonderful hour of lively commentary from him and me about carrying openly, and complying with your right to carry. 48.18, with some humor.

12 31 06 Liberty Watch Charles with commentary on "A Nation Of Cowards"
In 1993 Jeffrey Snyder penned the essay, "A Nation of Cowards." I read the first half of it and commented thereon. Good reading, and good lead in to the following 90 minute interview that follows it with Chris Bird. The essay posits the idea that Americans are responsible for crime by not fighting it themselves.

12 31 06 America Armed & Free Chris Bird on "Thank God I Had A Gun"
Excellent, informative, and funny hour and a quarter from this former British soldier, newspaperman, and Texas concealed weapons instructor. His book chronicles 14 uses of deadly force by civilians in defense of self and others. Two were from Arizona. Chris' English accent makes him all the more interesting to listen to.

12 24 06 Liberty Watch General George Washington, live from the field of battle
Dr. Lance Hurley is a former Marine Captain and also a successful business man. For the last 15 years it has been his passion to dress the part of Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and recently, George Washington, and bring life to their spirit. He does so with verve in this 50 minute, 47 second interview.

12 24 06 America Armed & Free Chief Warrant Officer 5 Paul Holton on "Saving Babylon"
CWO5 Holton started a charity while serving as an interogator in Iraq, called, "Operation Give," which distributes toys and school supplies to children. When he discovered corruption in the Iraqi police at the highest level, the Army almost silenced him and charged him with rules violation for soliciting toys. Then a fellow by the name of Bush started talking about his efforts in country, and the rest is history. 50 minutes, 42 seconds of great radio.

12 19 06 Liberty Watch Lindsay Williams on "No Energy Crisis"
Lindsay Williams is an accomplished businessman, commercial pilot, former Alaskan FBO operator, and Baptist Minister. He spent 2 1/2 years as a spiritual counselor to the men working the rigs on the Alaska Pipeline, and as a spiritual advisor to the boards of directors of the oil companies there. He was granted full executive acces to everything, and according to him, he has met the people who control the world. 58 minutes, and hard to gget him to answer a question.

12 19 06 America Armed & Free Dr. Bob McMillan
is the co-founder of "Space Watch," the U of A telescope project that searches the heavens for objects that may collide with earth, or "virtual impacters." Very revealing look at how the public and private sector cooperate and synchronize to warn us of any impending disasters. 37 minutes and fascinating.

12 10 06 Liberty Watch Charles Heller on Bill of Rights Day 215
Today I read the text of the Bill of Rights and commented on the erosion of same, and what you can do personally to maintain the rights guaranteed in them. 45 minutes and has been requested many times already. Enjoy.

12 10 06 America Armed & Free Dr. Ben Bova
Dr. Bova is both a scientist and science fiction writer, with over 100 books to his credit. His new one, "The Green Trap," is a murder mystery involving a scientist who develops a practical way to strip hydrogen out of water. Interesting, 49 minutes.

12 3 06 Liberty Watch Tom DeWeese "UN A Dead Loss"
Tom DeWeese is the president and founder of the American Policy Center, a conservative think tank. Tom was recently invited to debate whether the UN is a "Dead  Loss." at Cambridge University. He lost the debate, but won many converts to his ideas of the free market. Many were stunned that he did not believe in re-distribution of wealth. Excellent, 47 minutes.

12 3 06 America Armed & Free Ian Toll "Six Frigates"
The history not only of the original 6 ships of the U.S. Navy, but of the personalities behind them, including their fascinating quirks, and the begining of political parties in America. Excellent. 50 minutes.

11 19 06 Liberty Watch Charles on Federal Law Creep
Taken from a 2005 article by the editor of the Libertarian News, I explain how federal law is supplanting local control to usurp our liberty, with interspersed commentary. 47.40 and good radio.

11 19 06 America Armed & Free CFH Fed Law Creep & Jack Daily on Appleseed Rifle Training Program
First segment I finished my thoughts on things that can be done to restrain government abuse. Second half was with Jack Daily of the Revolutionary War Vetrans Association about their "Appleseed Shoots" program of 2 day camps to teach people riflery. 50.53.

10 29 06 Liberty Watch G. Edward Griffen "Freedom Force"
G. Edward Griffen is one of the true guiding lights of the freedom movement. Author of "The Creature From Jeckyl Island," many other great books adn videos, his "Freedom Force" DVD is excellent on how to get back to liberty. 50 minutes, and some of the best radio I've done.

10 29 06 America Armed & Free Richard Mack "Frozen Out of The Debate"
Former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack was told by KPHO Phoenix that both Jon Kyl and Jim Pederson would refuse to debate if he, the Libertarian Candidate, showed up. His FEC complaint caused the station to do a seperate interview with him, but that certainly doesn't settle it. 50 minutes

10 22 06 Liberty Watch Tim Kephart "Graffitti Tracker
Tim Kephart is the founder and president of Graffitti Tacker Inc., a company that does extensive data mining on taggers and gang members, sharing that info with police and private property owners to help get taggers arrested and damage repaired. Good, spirited interview, funny, 47.37

10 22 06 America Armed & Free Juli Warner of "Leatherman"
Juli is the spunky marathon running publicity director of Leatherman Tool Group. What's new in thier line plus some success stories of users. Informative and fun, 50 minutes.

10 15 06 Liberty Watch    Darlene Fitzgerald "Bordergate
Darlene Fitzgerald was a captain in the US Army in military police, then worked in Customs for 11 years. The corruption and mistreatment of whistle blowers is documented in her book, "Bordergate." She explains why we hav NO "homeland security." 48.05 and excellent.

10 15 05 America Armed & Free  Guy Smith "Gun Facts 4.1"
Mild mannered Guy Smith is a Silicon Valley marketing guy by day, and by night a crusader for truth as it applies to the tools of self defense. The tireless crusader now has out "Gun Facts 4.1," a guide to busting myths about the tools of freedom. 50.53, entertaining and informative.

10 8 06 Liberty Watch
Francis Moore Lappe, author of "Diet For A Small Planet," and "Democracy's Edge," comes back for a third time to try to explain why democracy is a good thing. Naturally, it is the collision at the corner of collectivism and reason. This time I gave her control of the first half and took over the second half, by agreement. She proves my point very well by her own stated example about 3/4 through, and listen to her squirm on choice as to defensive weaponry. 48.41 and everything you want from radio.

10 8 06 America Armed & Free Lisa Whaley "Prisoners of Technology

Lisa Whaley is a 22 year IBM vetran, a business coach, and a motovational speaker. She has just written "Prisoners Of Technology," about how to unplug from the matrix. Cool and funny. 50.33.

10 1 06 Liberty Watch
John Daly is a world renown TV host on HGTV's "House Detective." His new book, "Truth - Navagating a Meda - Bias World," shows how to get news in a comprehensive way. Interesting debate in the last segment about "gate-keeper bias," and what happens when he is confronted with facts in evidence. 50 minutes.

10 1 06 America Armed & Free  Admiral Stewart Franklin Platt
was drafted into the Navy an ordinary seaman, and left 35 years later as a 2 star, not having attended a service acedemy. At the time, he was only the 7th such officer to do so. He has purchased more Trident Submarines than any man alive, and much of Ronald Reagan's 600 ship Navy to boot. His new book is "Letters From The Front Lines," by soldiers and marines in their own hand about their experiences in Iraq and Afganistan. Some good audience questions on quiet propulsion and operational security. 50 Minutes.

9 24 06 Liberty Watch
Michael Chapman is with "Ed Watch" of Minnesota, and he talks at the "Freedom 21" summit about how education is being used to implement the UN's "Agena 21,"  through "Goals 2000," and "No Child Left Behind." 49.49 and very good.

9 24 06 America Armed & Free Sandra Froman
is President of the NRA. Here, in a 2005 address to the Gun rights Policy Conference, she talks about judges who will simply apply, rather than change, the law. and how to get them appointed and confirmed. The last segment contains the excellent song, "Riding With Private Malone."

9 17 06 Liberty Watch Dr. Karen Effrem
is a Minnesota M.D. Who specializes in educational research, with a view towards keeping the state from declaring well kids "ill," and drugging them, and other horrors. A member of "Ed Watch," she is knowledgable and warm. 47.38 and well worth it.

9 17 06 America Armed & Free  William Petro
is a retired nuclear engineer and salesman for the nuclear industry. Interesting discussion of modern nuc power applications together with his new novel, "Joe Cynic," about two stereotypical people, one from the left and one from the right, and how they get together. 51 minutes.

9 10 06 Liberty Watch Richard Hodges "New Border Cameras"

Richard Hodges is a 3rd generation rancher from Bisbe. His Great Grandfather homesteaded the ranch he now owns. Illegal traffic has caused him much grief and expense, and his ranch is now to be the new test bed for a revolutionary camera system, installed by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. Even FBI and DEA have asked him for the website to it. Good radio, 47 minutes.

9 10 06 America Armed & Free Tuskegee Airmen Col Lee Archer
Retired Air Force Colonel Lee Archer was among the second batch of Tuskegee Airmen, America's first black ace, and flew over the beaches of Normandy and Anzio. The battle he fought against racial prejudice was concomitant with that against the Nazis. Fascinating interview, destined for the permanent archive. 45 minutes.

9 3 06 Dr. Liberty Watch Gregg Evensen
Gregg Evensen has his PhD from London University in Criminal Justice, and is a former Secret Service Agent and Kansas State Trooper. He is passionately involved with the movement to return America to its constitutional roots, speaking here about his "Heartland America" conference, and about the militarization of law enforcement
  51 minutes.

9 3 06 America Armed & Free Mike Maddeloni
Maddeloni is a former Secret Service agent and also an owner of a company with an emphasis on corporate security. His book is "Not On The Level," about government service and the private sector, available at  47 minutes, good exchange of ideas. 47 minutes.

8 27 06 Liberty Watch
Dan Sheehy wrote a very readable history and how to manual on stopping illegal immigration. Good 52 minutes, funny, and inciteful. Some good calls. In depth look at Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol, and the California people working to right the situation.

8 27 06 Aamerica Armed & Free Flavio Kaufman on Mig Flug
Flavio Kaufman and his partner Phillip Schlaar run a company that lets you go to Russia and rent seat time in a front line Russian fighter - mig 29, 31, or L 39 trainer. In the L 39's you can do air to air combat manoevering against another plane, with electronic equipment to show when you have "zakvat," target lock. Funny and fascinating, 23 minutes, 27 seconds.

8 27 06 Liberty Watch Adam Small on Internet Poker Regulation
Adam Small runs a company called "" Congress is set to regulate online poker out of business, while protecting state lotteries, horse racing, and off track betting. 12 minutes, 49 seconds of lambasting the bad acts of tyrant government, and some good end commentary about tantric sex with pachyderms while worshiping plastic fruit.

8 27 06 America Armed & Free Dale Miles of the Sportsmen's Aliance
There is a ballot initiave in Michigan to end dove hunting, and the Detroit Zoo is doing a fund raiser for it
with public money. A good 14 minutes on what government should not do, including a call from a real Dove.

8 20 06 Liberty Watch Martin Fridson
has a fascinating book, "Unwarranted Intrusions." In it, he details the end consequences of government interventions due to "market failures." good show, good callers, 48 minutes.

8 20 06 America Armed & Free Charles on air security
Today I played an 8 minute clip from ABC's 20/20, about federal malfeasance in rules for US air marshalls and added my commentary about FFDO's and September 11th. 25 minutes and worth it.

8 13 06 Liberty Watch James Hilton on "Question Authority"
This is Hilton's 8th book, and well done, as to why are freedom is being eroded via lack of choice in medical care, among other things. Co-hosted by Joann Heller (a senior echo tech) this is a lively hour. Plenty of calls, 50 minutes, 52 seconds. This guest will be back.

8 13 06 America Armed & Free
Jeff Edwards is a retired Navy chief petty officer and author of Torpedo, a novel about a modern combination of terrorism and state misbehavior. Sounds just like today, no? Now he has a new idea to honor the service of deployed military members by sending them books and having the service members write notes in them and pass them to other soldiers, sailors, airmen, and
marines. 36 minutes, 36 seconds.

8 13 06 America Armed & Free Charles on Minute Man Report
I gave a report on what the Minute Man Civil Defense Corps is doing, having worked a shift in comms Friday night. They now have a search and rescue component that moves to find injured and exhaused crossers and render first aid. The National Gueard is also right on the border with some operations. 12 minutes, 19 seconds.

8 6 06 Liberty Watch Thomas Baumgardner
has written an interesting new book called "Impeach Em," highlighting what in part is wrong with the American System today. Thomas is fixated on some concepts that are not supported in law, but he is very passionate and patriotic. We mix it up a little in this interesting 49 minute interview.

8 6 06 America Armed & Free Charles on the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima
Today is the 61st aniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Some have tried to alter history about the event. Today I read from a book about the devastation there and the comparison to other damage done in WWII. This frames the event in the historical context of 1945 as it properly should be. Some very good calls. 49 minutes 8 seconds.

7 30 06 Liberty Watch Wendy Wilcox
is the psudonym for a well known internet de-scammer, specializing in fleecing scam artists out of their time and sometimes their money. Wilcox has consulted with NBC Dateline and other organizations, helping in sting operations of these goof balls. Informative and a little funny. 25 Minutes.

7 30 06 Liberty Watch Jim Babka
was the 2000 campaign manager for the late Harry Browne, and is the president of Seems Congress has devised a system to make it harder to communicate with Congress through organizations like his. A good, entertaining, and informative 24 minutes.

7 23 06 Liberty Watch Dr Art Laffer
was the financial archetect of the Reagan administration, famous for his "Laffer Curve" drawn on a napkin for Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld in 1980 at a Washington D.C. Restaurant. Laffer provides some very upbeat commentary on today's economy. I provided a little commentary on his at the end. Very informative 48 minutes.

7 16 06 Liberty Watch Chris Garin
wrote an interesting history of the cruise ship industry, and a good guide on how not to get raped or robbed on the high seas, and how to report it if you do.  23.32, got good calls.

7 16 06 Liberty Watch Tim Sandefur
is a staff attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation, and has written an excellent policy paper for the Goldwater Institute on "regulatory takings" by government of people's land. Worse than eminent domain, this leaves the owner in posession of title to worthless land. Very good, 23 minutes.

7 16 06 America Armed & Free Carl Deitrich
is about to get his PhD from MIT, and along the way he has designed a rocket engine and a unique airplane that folds up and can be driven as a car, in the new sport pilot catagory from the FAA. This is 49 minutes of sheer radio delight, and funny.

7 9  06 Liberty Watch Stacey O'Connell
is the Arizona director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp, and a Marine vetran of Desert Storm. MCDC has a new rescue service they are rolling out. Here how these "vigilantees" are actually out saving lives, while the ACLU protests! 23.41.

7 9 06 Liberty Watch
Good discussion of the new rules for "roadless forests" being requested by Governor Napalitano of the U.S. Forest Service, with two good calers. 23 minutes, 25 seconds.

7 9 06 America Armed & Free Jed Babbin
is a former deputy assistant secretary of defense in the 1st Bush Admin, and a writer for National Review Online. His new book is, "Showdown, Why China Wants War With The U.S." Very good and lively interview, 51 minutes.

7 2 06 Liberty Watch Dr. Neil Baldwin
is a professor of history and an author. For the fourth of July weekend I talked to him about his new book, "An American Revelation." Thought provoking, and a fun way to get an academic to be down to earth. 35 Minutes.

7 2 06 America Armed & Free Charles on "A Good Man In A Storm"
This is an essay I wrote this year, called "Who Is The Good Man In A Storm?" I presented my own work, with commentary, and some good passion. The laast segment contains the refcording I did three years ago of the Declaration Of Independence in 16 voices, over the music from "The Patriot." 43 minutes, 45 seconds, and well done radio.

6 18 06 Liberty Watch Logan Darrow Clements
is an L.A. area activist who has had enough of eminent domain since the Kelo vs.City of New London decision by the supremes. Last year he went after Justice Souter's property via eminent domain, and missed. This year, he's going to use New Hampshire law to try to put an airport there. Fun! 22.26

6 26 04 America Armed & Free Capt. Whitey Mack
was the skipper of USS Lapon, a nuclear fast attack submarine. He tells many stories from arguing with Admiral Rickover, to tracking a Soviet "Yankee" Class boomer for 47 days. Compelling radio, 61 minutes.

6 18  06 Liberty Watch Tom DeWeese
is president and founder of the American Policy Institute, and a staunch defender of freedom. He has discovered that the subject of "critical thinking" is being used in schools to indoctrinate rather than teach students how to, well, think critically. More political correctness run amuck. Interresting, 46 minutes.

6 18 06 America Armed & Free Joe Scott
is the President of Photo Blocker, Inc. There has been a rash of government/private sector fraud when it comes to red light cameras, not the least of which involves shortening the yellow lights to increase red light violation revenues, including to the contractor who installs the cameras. Crisp, fast, 47 minutes.

6 11 06 America Armed & Free Alan Gottleib
is the founder of the 2nd Amendment Foundation, and president of the Citizen's Committe For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms. The New Orleans police chief said on a radio interview that in the event of a disaster, they would seize private firearms again, even though they are under court order not to. Gottleib's group filed a complaint with the attorney general. 24 minutes and lively.

6 11 06 Liberty Watch Richard Ackerman
is a distinguished attorney, with a young client and a great first amendment case. California Jarupa School District probibited a counter protester from expressing himself off school grounds, and suspended him for giving out fliers, whaile supporting the pro-illegal immigration ralies at the same time. Can you spell discrimination??? Very good, 24 Minutes.

6 11 06 Liberty Watch Sandra Miller
is an anti-illegal immigration activist, who just visited her congressmen and senators offices. Sh got a genuine taste of government being master, not servant. 23.40, and find out who the bad actors are.

6 4 06 Liberty Watch Tom Jenney
is the Vice Chairman of the Arizona taxpayers Federation. There is a tax revolt brewing on 2 fronts in Arizona - a constitutional limitation of the growth of government, and a roll back of property taxes al a Prop 13 in California. Tom is good and intellectually honest. 46 minutes.

6 4 04 America Armed & Free Richard S. Lowry
is a submarine vetran and a military historian. His book, "Marines In The Garden Of Eden," is an accurate account of the honor, glory, and sacrifice of Marines and Army at the battle of An Nasiriah on the way to Bagdhad in 2003. 48 minutes. This one done on remote, so I am on a phone line as well as the guest.

5 28 06 America Armed & Free
Michael Payne, Viet Nam era Air Force vet and PTSD survivior talks about spiritual methods of overcoming the disease. From the depths of depression to helping others. 45 minutes, with a segment at the end by Charles about Roger Young, and Ted Heller.

5 21 06 Liberty Watch
Karin Bergener is an attorney and poultry famer, and activist with the Liberty Ark Coalition. The FDA wants to chip all cattle and poultry in the U.S. and require people to report their travels any time they move off site. 22 minutes and interesting, a little funny.

5 21 06 America Armed & Free
Bob Wright is the national training director of the Minute Man Civil Defense Corp and the New Mexico State Director. He has some good ideas for getting illegals to deport themselves, without a mass round up. 22 minutes and good. Listen to him talk about spine transplants to congressmen.

5 21 06 Tommy Cox on Music of The Submarine Service
Tommy Cox was in on the operation to tap Russian cables as a language specialist in nuclear submarines. Starting on one diesel, and moving onto nuclear attack boats from there, he tell of his days a crytpologic tech in the Navy. He was right there on some very daring missions, and he also is a talented musician and song compser with 4 albums to his credit about them. An hour (well 43 minutes and45 seconds really) of great sea stories and supurb music.

5 14 06 Liberty Watch
Ron Maxwell is the author and director of "Gods & Generals," and "Gettysburg." He has a good take on illegal immigration. 25 minutes and good.

5 14 06 Liberty Watch
May 16 will be a ballot initiative in Pima County. There is some pretty stupid stuff on it. I really let loose on the stupidity in this 25 minute segment. Vintage Charles.

5 14 06 America Armed & Free
David Fairbank White wrote a brilliant history of the batttle against U-boats. The book is "Bitter Oceam," Available at Amazon. 2 excellent callers, an actual recording f a German electrically powered torpedo, and a great narative by the author. This one will go in the long term archive when finished here.

5 7 06 Liberty Watch
Bethan Brome Lilja & Jonathan Lilja found out that someone with the same name as her is on the terrorism watch list, and gets slowed down at airports. But this can also effect identity theft, credit ratings, and many other things in life. They also found that there is NO process in place to get OFF the list. their website is her:
Americans for Terror Watchlist Reform . 24 minutes and good.

5 7 06 Liberty Watch
Charles opines on how to force government to remember it is the servant , not the master, in peacable ways. 24 minutes. Good challenge from listener Gregg.

5 7 06 America Armed & Free
 Stephen Mansfield wrote the recent "gift" sized book, American Heroes; Stories of Faith, Courage and Sacrifice From the Front Lines." Embedded as a journalist in Iraq in 2005, he shares stories of faith and courage, including the first medal of honor recipient since Somalia. He is articulate and forthcoming in his answers. 51 minutes.

4 30 06 Liberty Watch
Paul Woodruff is a philosophy professor at University of Texas, Austin. His book, "First Democracy," compares the original democracy in Greece to the modern ideals of democratic countries, and advocates for more democracy here. He is intellectually honest and a Viet Nam veteran. Surprising openness and candor. 47 minutes and enlightening. 

4 30 06 America Armed & Free
Charles on the new application of SB 1145.
Recently Governor Napalitano signed into law a restoration of the burden of proof in self defense to the state. Since 1997 it had been with the user of force in self defense, resulting in a "guilty until proven innocent" situation. It also clarifies where you can use force, not just in your home. 43.5 minutes, very good.

4 23 06 Liberty Watch
Dr. Charles Murray, author of "Losing Ground," and "The Bell Curve,"  has a new one called "in Our Hands, A Plan To Replace The Welfare State." Taken from a libertarian perspective, he gives up on the notion that we will end transfer payments, and looks at a practical way to put responsibility for society back on the individual. The man has a great voice and an honest answer. 44 minutes and worth it.

4 23 06 America Armed & Free
Todd Rathner joined in about his guiding business, T. Jeffrey Safai Company, about hunting in Africa. Interesting and informative. 24 minutes. A couple of funny wisecracks.

4 23 06 America Armed & Free
Matt Bracken is the author of "Enemies Foreign & Domestic," and the soon to be released "Domestic Enemies." He recently attended a rally in Chicano Park in San Diego, where he observed people advocating a communist dictatorship in the United States, with pictures. 23 minutes and riveting. Some good calls.

4 16 06 Liberty Watch
Randall O'Toole is an economist with the Thoreau Institute and president of the American Dream Foundation. So-called "smart growth" is most damaging to the poor, and does not acheive its stated goals. How to protect the environment without big government. Good discussion, 46 minutes.

4 16 06 America Armed & Free
Jake Hanes for South Dakota Amendment E, which will empanel grand juries to review cases of judicial corruption and look at stripping judicial immunity from judges who misbehave. 45 minutes and interesting.

4 16 06 America Armed & Free - Stuart Stark of Collins Foundation
There is only 1 B-24 Liberator bomber still flying in the world, and you can have a ride in it, or a B-17, or a B-25. 12 minutes on how you can experience history.

4 2 06 Liberty Watch
Debbie Ferns is the author of "Babes With Bullets," about women in the shooting sports, and Jerry Miculek is the world champion speed revolver shooter. Good stuff, 47 Minutes, live from the Pima Pistol Club with the match going on in the background.

4 2 06 America Armed & Free Pima Pistol Remote part 2
Interviews with 17 year old competitive shooter Greg Stutz and a Miss Canfield, formerly of CNN and now a gun writer. 48 minutes and diverse.

3 26 06 Liberty Watch
Last month Francis Moore Lappe came on to assert that the reason for poverty in the United States was large corporations control over Congress. Mrs. Namura explains in detail how you can cure your own poverty in a positive way, without the help of government. 27 minutes and fun.

3 26 06 America Armed & Free       General Buford, Gettysburg. PA, 1895
William B. Styple spent two years going through the hand written files of  James E. Kelly, famous portrait artist and sculptor of many Generals of the War Between The States. This is a fascinating hour of stories about the personalities behind history, many never before revealed. Great radio.

3 19 06 America Armed & Free - Tony Walker, Author of "Snides
Tony Walker is a former British Soldier, now an American Citizen and firearms instructor in Scottsdale, Az. His new book, "Snides," takes place in London on the '70's with an antique militaria dealer who has that rarest of items, a firearms license, and his new girlfriend who has same. 48 minutes and entertaining! 

3 12 06 Liberty Watch
Clay Conrad is an attorney in Houston who specializes in jury issues. He is the author of "Jury Nullification, The Evolution of A Doctrine." Today he comments on an Idaho case, where a retired school teacher, Carol Asher, was indicted for saying to a fellow juror that she, "answered to a higher court than the judge." 46 minutes.

3 12 06 America Armed & Free
California surgeon Dr. Tim Wheeler comments on a new Virginia law that tells physicians they cannot use their position as a doctor to enforce a political point of view against guns if they have no training in that area. This is called a "boundry violation."
24 minutes.

3 12 06 America Armed & Free - Charles on an Accidental LE Shooting in Class
C Cobb  County, Ga. sheriff's deputy of 23 years experience used live ammo in class against department policy, and shot a 23 year old female cadet to death by accident. Grand jury declined to indict him. Listen to Charles get would up about this one, from the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. 23 minutes, good callers.

3 5 06 Liberty Watch David Grossack
David Grossack is an attorney in Boston with 25 years experience fighting legal corruption. He specializes in showing people how to go to court and win as their own attorney. Fascinating freedom fighter, with a protest going before the capitol in April. 40 minutes.

3 5 06 America Armed & Free
Scott Bach is an attorney in New Jersey and an NYPD Auxiliary Lieutenant. He is spearheading a 3 Million $ lawsuit against the NY/NJ Port Authority for the violation of the civil rights of a Utah man who was lawfully passing through via airline with an unloaded and locked in a case gun, per federal law. Good stuff, 24 minutes.

2 19 06 Liberty Watch
Francis Moore Lappe in a return appearance to try to justify why democracy is a good idea. She gleefully admits that the way to do it is to destroy the influence of money on society. Liberty Watch is didicated to bringing you a showcase of what people have to offer to "fix" society, that instead destroy freedom. 52 minutes and very instructive.

2 12 06 Liberty Watch
L. Neil Smith is the author of 25 science fiction books, and a feral libertarian. (Permanently out of season, as they shoot back.) Among them are "Pallas," and "The Probability Broach." His topic today is based on his essay, "Lincoln, the American Lenin." He explains why the Tyrant Lincoln was a statist, racist, and our worst president. 38 minutes of the history you thought you knew.

2 12 06 America Armed & Free
Hans Marerro is a retired Gunnery Sargeant and was second in command of all Marine Corps hand to hand combat training. He describes why honor is such an essential component of service, in ways that left me speechless. Also reveals who is the best in special forces, and it's not who you think. 42 minutes, and a must listen.

1 29 06 Liberty Watch
Jacob Hornberger is President and founder of the Future Freedon Foundation, a libertarian think tank. He believes that illegal imigration is not as big a problem as socialism, and that Iraq was an "innocent country." I tangled with him politely for 52 minutes. Good radio. Enjoy

1 29 06 America Armed & Free
Dr. Jerome Corsi is co-author of "Atomic Iran," and "Unfir For Command." His new book, "Black Gold Stranglehold," explains why oil is not a fossil fuel and why we are not running out of it. 52 Minutes and funny.

1 22 06 Liberty Watch Jack O'Neil
Jack O'Neil is a retired electrical engineer who worked electronic security at the White House, and specialized in every evesdropping system the government used. His interesting novel, "Echelon," made good topic material for the modern climate of government snooping. 52 minutes.

1 22 06 America Armed & Free - Mark Spear on A Bad Proposed Ordinance
Pima County wants to make it very hard for you to work on your car in your own driveway. This legislation is coming to a commisar near you. Property rights are the building block to freedom. This destroys block. 12 minutes.

1-22-06 America Armed & Free
John Wentling is the Vice-President of the new Arizona Citizens' Defense League, and they have several bills before the Arizona legislature that will improve people's ability to defend themselves, and a little about a couple bad bills to be killed. 30 minutes.

1 15 06 America Armed & Free
Dr. Allan Loosigian is a retired history professor in Munich Germany (American) who has a fascinating story of WWI and the causes of both it and the Soviet Revolution, wound into a fascinating piece of fiction. He gives intellectually honest answers. 52 minutes and interesting!

1 15 06 Liberty Watch
Ben Barr is a constitutional advisor and fellow at the well respected Goldwater Institute in Phoenix. He explains what is happening at universities like NAU, which won an award for the greatest damage to First Amendment protected speech. Informative, 52 minutes.

1 8 06 America Armed & Free Richard Miniter
Miniter's book, "Disinformation, The 22 Media Myths That Undermine The War On Terror," is a well done treatise knocking down things that are not true, based on solid, documented evidence. Richard does not seem to place as high a value on freedom as security. He is also a tad "nose high," so it became a spirited interview. 49 minutes.

1 1 06 Liberty Watch
Former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack
Do law enforcement officers lie as part of their job? Good, spirited hour, with a former fed "Paul" calling in to stir the pot. (Ooh, can you say "pot" anymore without getting busted?) Richard also has a great new book out called "The Naked Spy," and there is no nudity in it. Good show. 57 Minutes.

12 25 05 America Armed & Free
Chuck Mishoulam, owner of Alert Protective Services in Chicago, and Gregg Bergquist, owner of Crescent Security in Tucson, hold an interesting and spirited discussion of the problems of the big city versus the country when it comes to protecting lives and property. 52 minutes and interesting.

12-18-05  Liberty Watch
"Ask Mr. President," with the audience taking the part of the president. We had President Charles, President Mike, President Robert, President Tom, and several others, answering the question, "if your country was in mortal danger, would you violate your oath of office to protect it?" 41.5 minutes of good radio.

12-18-05 America Armed & Free
Dr. Alan Clark has written an interesting book about Aaron Burr, our 3rd Vice-President of the United States. In it he claims, through deciphering coded letters, that he was the most virulent spy ever against the U.S. 46 minutes.

12-11-05 America Armed & Free
James Borchert is an interesting guy - former SAS trooper in the British Army, and contract soldier to Iran. He wrote a novel of historical fiction about the rise of the Assasins in the 12th century, called, "Talon." 30 minutes and fascinating.

12-11-05 Liberty Watch
Aaron Zelman, founder of "Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership," about Bill of Rights day and how to re-establish a "Bill of Rights Culture." 29 minutes and excellent.

12-4-05 America Armed & Free
Kenneth Sewell is a Navy vetran of USS PARCHE and has written a fascinating account of why the Soviet K-129 sank on 3/7/68. She was attempting the launch of a 1 megaton nuke at Pearl Harbor. The evidence is conclusive, and this is the first time it has been in print. 46 riveting minutes.

12-4-05 Liberty Watch
Logan Darrow Clements has decided, in the wake of the Supreme Court's Kelo Vs. City of New London Decision, that we should apply their reasoning to the property of the justices who decided it. The "Lost Liberty Hotel" is the result. 46 minutes of poetic justice.

11-27-05  Liberty Watch
Richard Toful wrote an interesting book, "Sounding The Trumpet," about the JFK inagural speech. Find out who wrote it, and what part Kennedy played in its edits and message. 46 minutes. The first segment audio is scratchy from the guest's phone.

11-20-05  Liberty Watch
Francis Moore Lappe's new book, "Democracy's Edge," is an interesting dichotomy of "democratizing power down," and socializing results. Listen to her back away in circles trying not to answer a few specific questions. Truely a person guided by feelings more than objective reality, but a wonderful human being none the less. A spirited 47 minutes.

10-23-05 America Armed & Free
Dr. David race bannon spent 20 years with Interpol, a loose knit organization of police agencies operating in 160 countries. The "Archangel" program dedicated itself to the elimination of those involved in the international child sex slavery trade, especially those who had evaded the laws of various countries. Do not have a meal before you listen. 46 Minutes, and the most powerful interview I have done.

10-16-05  Liberty Watch
Jaimie Salazar left a successful corporate career to join the French Fereign Leigon. Hear his exploits from his book, "Leigon Of The Lost." 26 minutes.

10-9-05  Liberty Watch
Today I did a solo commentary on how do do peacable activism without being crushed or crushing others, and on jury nullification. 43 minutes of pure Charles, for you Charlesophiles and Hellerophones.

10-9-05 America Armed & Free
Lt. Claude Berube & Capt. John Rodgaard, both serving Navy officers, and co-authors of "A Call To The Sea," a biography of the longest serving U.S. Naval officer, and the Captain of USS Constitution, 44, during its most famous naval battle. Great segment, 50 minutes.

9-25-05 America Armed & Free
Special live remote broadcast from the 20th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Los Angeles, 2nd hour of same with Paul Hubel and Dave Workman.
     Hubel has a fascinating story about a rescue hero in New Orlaeans, a 20 year old 10th grade drop out who used the only school bus to make it out of NO to rescue 80 people, some out of chest deep water.
   Then Dave Workman, journalist of the year award winner by the 2nd Amendment Foundation this year, on the restraining order just won by 2AF & NRA against the City Of New Orleans to stop gun confiscations. 46 minutes.

9-18-05 Liberty Watch
Devvy Kidd is an activist and writer for and She has written extensively on the tax honesty movement and why none of the money you pay to Uncle Same goes to fund government operations. We talked about Joe Bannister's incredible victory against IRS, and why it may not be the floodgate of success we hope it will. 46 minutes and lots of good info.
9-18-05 America Armed & Free
Spencer Frazer is the CEO and founder of SOG Specialty Knives & Tools. We talk about a number of sharp tools and needful gadgets to cut and fix anything on the spot. Thi is a man who answers the question and has a sense of humor doing it. How do you properly sharpen a knife? Tune in and find out. 46:30.

9-11-05  Liberty Watch
Sam Ryan is a senior fellow at the Lexington Institute with a specialty in all things postal. At least until I asked him which union represents the workers, and a caller asks him about an interesting conflict of interest. Listen to Sam make some good points about privatization. 21 Minutes.

9-11-05 Liberty Watch
Bob Greenslade is a Sierra columnist. He is against the proposed constitutional amendment to ban burning of the U.S. Flag. A lively discussion ensues about how to do that which stimulates some passionate callers. 21 Minutes and spritely.

9-11-05 America Armed & Free
Doc Dowidat is a former Air Force Special Forces survival instructor. He and I go over the basics of what you need in a "bug out bag" to sustain yourself or your family in a natural or man made disaster. We covered survival foods, water, shelter, and lights, as well as tools and blades. Goes with visuals elesewhere on the site. 42 minutes and informative.

9-4-05  Liberty Watch
John Rennie is editor in chief of Scientific American Magazine, and a very good interview. He talks about a 2001 article in the magazine called "Drowning New Orleans," in which the results of Katrina were predicted a long time ago. He also talks about philosophical bias in writing, and is especially candid in doing so. 51 minutes.

9-4-05 America Armed & Free
Dr. Michael Coffman works in the private sector in the lumber industry. His study of global warming is both revealing and intellectually honest. 25 minutes.
9-4-05 America Armed & Free
Dr. Roy Spencer is a reseacher for the Univewrsity of Alabama who has done much research for NASAA on global Warming. Experience some heavy lifiting as this progressses.

8-28-05 America Armed & Free
Retired Navy Chief Jeff Edwards has a column for , and has written an excellent book called "Torpedo," in which he brilliantly intersperses the effect the torpedo has had on history with an excellent piece of fiction. The story is based on the German Government selling 4 of the newest class of submarines to a violence-prone Mideast country. 48 minutes and very good.

8-21-05  Liberty Watch
Peirce O'Donnell is a well renoun trial attorney who won the "Coming To America," case for Art Buchwald. He has written a brilliant analysis of the Nazi sabatour case of 1942 and compared it to the legal ramifications of the way we handle the war on terror. 51 minutes, and good radio.

8-21-05 America Armed & Free
Alan Gottleib is the founder of the 2nd Amendment Foundation. They have an annual gun rights policy conference in LA Sept 23 - 25 this year, which is free to the public. John Lott, Sandy Froman, and Wayne LaPierre will be there. Find out about this exciting event. 2nd half hour about BATFE abuse in Va.

8-14-05  Liberty Watch
Johnathan Greenberg has written a brilliant update to 1984 called "America, 2014." It should give everyone pause who thinks, "It can't happen here." Although seriously deluded on the facts of the war against terrorism and the causal links between Iraq and major terrorist groups, Johnathan writes a concise good reading book on the excesses of power. 47 minutes and worth it.

8-14-05 America Armed & Free
Jim Supica of in a return performance. He is on the board of the NRA and on the collector's committee. He owns one of Teddy Roosevelt's pistols that is on loan to the national firearms museum. Learn about the allure of collecting and the methods of complaince with strict federal laws on some weapons. 29 minutes and thrilling if you like guns.

8-7-05  Liberty Watch
Les Rosen is a specialist in employment law, and has written a book on it, "The Safe Hiring Manual." A fast paced interview in which he reveals way to make sure you don't hire a terrorist, and why gaps in employment history are important. Some very good callers. 57 minutes.

8-7-05 America Armed & Free
Dr. Edwin Hudgins is the executive director of the Objectivist Center, and a fellow at the Cato Institute. A good, Lively half hour on what might happen if we left space to the private sector.

8-7-05 America Armed & Free
Dr. David Kreiger is chairman of a group called He has both a PHD and a law degree, so you would think he could reason that nuclear weapons were a good idea in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nope. Listen to him get politely pinned. 28 minutes.

7-31-05 America Armed & Free
Hugh Hewitt was scheduled to be on about his book "Blog." He did not make it. Having recently read it, we discussed it without him and a lively hour it was. Also a little bit about eminent domain. Couple of good calls. I have no idea why he did not show, but after 2 e-mails to him, a call to his publicist, and a message on his voice mail, and a call to his phone screener,  all with no response, I reason that he is not sanguine about his promise to appear on Liberty Watch. 46 minutes.

7-31-05 Liberty Watch
Paul Walter is a columnist with .  He wrote a good article about bag searches on the NYC train system not being good for fighting terrorism, but great for desensetizing people to abuses of liberty. Then Chris Simcox about recent Minuteman Project operations and life saving in the Avra Valley Area NE of Tucson. 48 minutes.

7-24-05 America Armed & Free
Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria is co-founder of "Canadian Arrow," a company building rockets for private sub-orbital travel into space and eventually orbital and beyond. Listen to the future happening right now from a guy not afraid to dream big. 51 minutes.

7-24-05  Liberty Watch
David Kopel is a brilliant attorney with a specialty on the 2nd amendment, writing about the new McCarthyism of making felons out of poeple placed on the no-fly list. The second half of the hour is with Goldwater Institute senior fellow attorney Mark Brnovich about the recent supreme court Kelo vs New London case. Both halves excellent. 49 minutes.

7-17-05 Liberty Watch
Kevin Martin is executive director of "Peace Action," a compilation of several like minded anti-war groups. He starts out as intellecutally honest with some good points, and kinda loses it towards the end. Good debate and sparring. Deffinitely lively radio.

7-17-05 America Armed & Free
Richard Marcinko is the author of 17 books as of this wrtiting, including hios autobiography, "Rogue Warrior." He is the founding commander of SEAL Team 6, and has a lot to say about terrorism. He holds back nothing but the profanity. 53 minutes.

7-10-05 Liberty Watch
Rev Ted Pike came on to talk about the challenges to free speech via hate crimes law. Behind the scenes on much of this legislation is the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai Brith. Good information, and then we slid into a pretty good argument about the roots of terror and sympathy for anti-Israeli causes. Some well meaning people truely have tunnel vision. Fun.

7-3-05 Liberty Watch
On this day before our 229th birthday, who better to interview than one of our founding fathers, Ben Franklin. Ralph Archbold as Dr. Franklin. Delightful. 57 minutes.

6-26-05 Liberty Watch
Former ambassador Joeseph Wilson wrote an interesting memoir of his 25 years of government service, including being in charge of the embassy in Baghdad during the first Gulf war. His wife, Valerie Plame, as the one outed as a CIA covert operative in retaliation for his editorial against the current Gulf War. 40 minutes.

6-26-05 America Armed & Free
Robert Vaughan is a prolific author with 250 titles to his credit. His latest, "Brandywine's War, Back In Country," is funny and offers a good context for today's "war" in Iraq. He is on target and has some poignant commentary on the way we treated returning Viet Nam Vets versus the way we treat today's vets. 36 minutes and worth it.

6-19-05 America Armed & Free
George Smart is an MBA business coach with a passion. He wrote a book called "The Knight's Templar Chronology." Delves into their formation and what happened to them, al a DiVinci Code. Did Jesus have a family? What role did women play in the crusades? A couple good wisecracks and sound effects, esp music out of the breaks. 43.5 minutes.

6-19-05  Liberty Watch
Stacy Schiff is a Pulitzer Prize winning author who wrote a fantasic biography of Ben Franklin during his time in France. Humorous and warm, it tells of a time when we really did not know if we would have a country, and how he talked the French into the money and armaments to form one. 45 minutes and worth it.

6-12-05 Liberty Watch
Bruce Barton is an Arizona based columnist on immigration issues. The totalization agreement between Mexico and the U.S. Social Security system will allow Mexican residents to be elligible for U.S. Social Security. The Free Trade Of The Americas Act will deplete our soverignty greatly. Hot hour. Good calls.

6-12-05 America Armed & Free
Louis Stannard is a retired Pan Am pilot.  He used the backdrop of the era of the flying boats and a heck of a mystery story to chronicle the attrocities of the Japenes during World War II. Exciting true life info on the planes and people who flew them.

6-5-05  Liberty Watch
John Longnecker, one of the first LA paramedics of the 70's has some brilliant observations on why liberals are as they are and want to remake the world in their image. Inciteful, if not enciting.

5-05 America Armed & Free
Howard Linett is an attorney living in Jersulam. He is also a member of the Israeli Police Civil Guard and a sniper for them and a counter-sniper instructor as well. His new book, "Living With Terrorism," is a must for anyone concerned with preparedness for such events. Listen to what goes through the mind of a man with a terrorist in his reticle... 42 riveting  minutes.

5-29-05 Liberty Watch
Rod Adams, a serving commander in the U.S. Navy and CEO of Adams Atomic Engines, points out some great ideas about the use of closed cycle atomic engines that are practical at almost the size of a truck engine. Fascinating subject from a nuclear engineer (not scientist, he wants you to know.) A rare guy who got in Rickover's nuclear program on an English Degree. 45 minutes, with some good callers.

5-15-05 Liberty Watch
Tim Schmidt of US Concelaed Carry joined co-host/associate producer Mike Fascetta and myself on this delightful romp through the vagaries of laws and juristictions on lawful concealed carry around the 50 states. Informative and light, 50 minutes.

2-27-05 Liberty Watch
Dr Santo Aurelio, with a very good book on grammar and the origins of a lot of words and phrases in the English language. A spritied and entertaining segment. 40 minutes

2-20-05 Liberty Watch
Danny Goodman has written his 40th book, "Spam Wars, The Last Best Chance To Defeat Scammers, Hackers, And Spammers. It is written so the novice user will understand it, and for a computer geek, he has a sense of humor. Good radio, and if you use a computer, this segment is for you. 50 minutes.

2-13-05 Liberty Watch

A & E Cold Case Files and American Justice host Bill Kurtis on his book, "The Death Penalty On Trial." Good reparte, lively hour, and a good number of calls. I met Bill when I worked for the Chicago tribune in his channel 2 CBS days there. He was gracious then as he is now. 57 minutes, unedited.

2-6-05 Liberty Watch
There is a bad bill that has raised its ugly head again in the legislature, "Unlawful Assembly Of Vehicles." No, it's not about putting cars together, but about people freely gathering. Billed as an "anti-cruising" bill, it is nothing short of an attack on the first amendment. Mark Spear talks about a bill we must kill again in the legislature.

2-6-06 Liberty Watch
Dr. Thomas E. Woods Jr. has written a witty and informative book, "The Politically Incorrect guide To American History." Was the Civil War fought over slavery? Was the internment of Americans of Japanese descent during WWII constitutional? Were the founding fathers really enamoured of slavery? Find out. 39 minutes.

1-23-05 Liberty Watch
Kevin Ring, a Washingon, D.C. Attorney, wrote a marvelous book called, "Scalia Dissents," about the wit and wisdom of Justice Antonin Scalia. Ring gives a wonderful insight into the man's jurisprudence, and gets a slight civics lesson from me towards the end of the hour. Good radio. 44.5 minutes.

1-16-05 Liberty Watch
Chester Soling is a Tucson transplant from Mass who has a lawsuit pending against several Arizona elected officials, based on denying them the ability to accept campaign contributions from outside their district. Although you have to admire his activism, Chester can't justify limiting freedom. Listen to him try, 50 minutes.

1-16-05 America Armed & Free
James D. Taylor is the author of "Signal Case," a novel about the Chinese aquisition of a radar that can defeat our stealth aircraft. Fascinating hour about radar and the Chineese threat. 51.5 min.

12-12-04 America Armed & Free
12/15 was the anniversary of the Bill Of Rights. Who better to ask about it than Patrick Henry Himself? Lance Hurley, a retired Marine, has made a living out of keeping the Patrick Henry character alive. more info at A delightful 46 minutes.

12-26-04 Liberty Watch
Dr. Geoffrey Stone is the former dean of the law school at University of Chicago. His brilliant Book, "Perilous Times," is a history of the restriction of free speech in wartime from the Sedition Act of 1798 to the war on terrorism. The guy knows his stuff and gave great answers. 50 minutes, and worth it.

12-26-04 America Armed &Free
Paul Loeb is a writer, having writen "Soul Of A Citizen," and most recently, "The Imposible Will Take A While." What's impossible is for him to justify collectivest ideals, but he twists on the hook for a while trying. Entertaining. 46 min.

12-5-04 Liberty Watch
Frosty Wooldrige is a Colorado writer and lecturer who has ridden his bicycle all the way around the world. His new article about illegal immigration, "Swallowing a Scorpion From Mexico," was the topic of this interview. He is sharp and incisive. Deals with new occurances of diseases in the U.S., among other maladies and how to stop them. 20 minutes.

12-5-04 America Armed &Free.
Jim Gilchrist is a retired CPA in California. Looking at the illegal situation, he decided to do something, and formed the "Minuteman Project," a number of volunteers who will peacefully act as a blocking force across a main Arizona ingress route throughout the month of April. Perfect companion to the interview above. 21 minutes.

12-5-04 America Armed & Free
Guy Smith is an internet business expert in San Francisco who focuses much energy on the truth about firearms, causing him to publish the latest "Gunfacts 4.0." He also has a "foursquare plan" to regain our rights to the tools of defense and freedom. Good segment, 21 minutes.

America Armed & Free
 Former Team 1 Navy SEAL Steve Robinson of, who wrote the book  on uncovering SEAL imposters, those who claim service in this elite branch and are only "posers." They steal the honor of those who did. Powerful and direct. Was Jessie Ventura one of them? Find out.26 minutes.

11-28-04 America Armed & Free
Jack Levin of the book, "Why We Hate." While not a deep philosophical book, and a little light on factual backup, Levin was intellectually honest and fourthright. What can be done to reduce hatred? 21 min.

11-28-04 Liberty Watch
 Adam Gamble wrote a book called, "A Public Betrayed," an inside look at Japenese media attrocities  and their warnigs to the west. How government and media combine forces rather than having media act as a check on government power. He was witty and open. 42 minutes.

11-21-04 America Armed &Free.
 Thomas Parrish has written the definitive history of the submarine. Not just the nuts and bolts of how thay are made, but the people and personalities that made them and made them develop. A human as well as technical story, one of the better interviews I have ever done. A little funny in some places. 42.5 Minutes.

11-21-04 Liberty Watch
Preparedness expert and ham operator Dan Donnely on what to have in your "go bag," and more importantly, why. Learn the secrets of the all important ballistic inflatable bear and other saftey gear. Humorous look at a serious subject. Turn potential trajedy into inconvenience. 21.5 minutes.

11-14-04 Liberty Watch 
Dr. Larry Garza is an expert on the Middle East and Islam. listen to his opinions about and Arafatless future, plus a caller who truely does not get the difference between judgement and  belief, and how I answer him. 27 minutes.

11-14-04 America Armed & Free
 David Colley is an author of several military books and a reporter for the Baltimore Sun. His book, "Safely Rest," chronicles the repatriation of the remains of over 233,000 war dead from WWII, and 
 focuses on the six year struggle of a Southern Baptist Minister, Dr. Jesse Franks, to identify the remains of his son Red, lost in the 1943 raid over Ploesti as a bombardier in a B-24.

10-31-04 America Armed & Free
 General Patrick Henry Brady (then Major) flew his Huey rescue helicopter on 6 missions on one day in 1968 to rescue a total of 51 badly wounded soldiers. He flew into fog shrouded valleys under heavy fire 5 of the 6 times, using the rotorwash to clear the fog before him by flying sideways. The last trip was into a minefield to rescue a stuck squad. 3 of  the choppers he used that day were destroyed by enemy fire, so he just kept going back for another one. He got the Congressional Medal of Honor for that. Hear what he says about  keeping faith with your fellow soldiers.

9-19-04   Liberty Watch 
Phoenix Talk Show Host Steve Kates and Alan Korwin, author of  Gun  Laws of Arizona, discuss the October 2, 2005 banquet celebrating the 10th  anniversary of Arizona's CCW law.

 9/12/04    America Armed and Free 
Daria Hobbs, President of the Mounted Shooters  Association explained the history and activities of the organization and invited to participate in a future show.

 9-5-04 America Armed & Free
Don Dubnaw, a CBS producer and advisor to museums discussed commercial satellite imagery.  Proposed legislation would restrict public access to unclassified document information collected by private companies.

 9-5-04   Liberty Watch 
James Markels from America's Future Foundation discusses the Blakely vs Washington Supreme Court decision which brings into question the entire Federal sentencing system. 

 9-5-04 America Armed And Free 
 Dr. Steven LaTulippe discusses his article, "The Constitutional Daydream."  His premise:  A  
 Constitution is worthwhile only if it codifies the ideals and beliefs already dominant in the society. Larry
 Simoneaux recalls an earlier time when boys were taught the proper use and care of  firearms.  His
 vehicle?  His very popular story, "Three Boys, Three Guns, and One Sheriff."

9/05/04 Liberty Watch 
Richard Marbury, author of "The Early Warning Report" believes the federal government and some media, as a result of their traumatic experiences during the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, want to further restrict personal freedom in exchange for perceived security.  He explains his concerns in his article, "The Most Serious Warning Ever."

8-29-04 Liberty Watch 
John O'Neill, one of the Swift Boat Veterans, and co-author of the best selling book Unfit for Command discusses his experiences since writing the book about Presidential candidate John Kerry.

8-29-04 America Armed and Free 
From the Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio, J.R.Martinez, seriously wounded in Iraq, inspired everyone with his enthusiastic, positive attitude. Despite his own injuries, he heads up Salute America's Heroes, a program to assist all seriously injured military personnel returning from war.

8-29-04  America Armed and Free 
Dr. Gary Mauser has done extensive research into the politics of gun control.  He compares the relationship of gun ownership and crime rates in other countries. His two books are  Political Marketing and  Manipulating Public Opinion.

8-22-04 America Armed & Free
Shay Van Vylman of Tactical Response Institute invited the listeners to come to the Tactical Rifle Course Oct 4-5, 2004. 

8-22-04 America Armed & Free
Mark Umile, author of Bush Unplugged, provided lively discussion with Charles who disagreed with most of his opinions.

8-22-04 Liberty Watch 
Charles Goyette, Phoenix Talk Show Host, offered his opinions about the decentralization of the media, discussed his recent firing from Clear Channel Radio, and discussed the politics of the building of the Arizona Cardinals stadium.                     

8-22-04 America Armed and Free 
Chris Simcox, owner of the Tombstone Tumbleweed, and President of Americans for Immigration Control, discussed the organizations who are helping illegal aliens to cross the border. 

8-22-04  America Armed & Free
Rabbi Rubin Mermelstein, author of Mermelstein's Guide to Metallic Cartridge Evolution, broadened the conversation to include the Biblical underpinnings of self defense.

8-8-04  Liberty Watch 
James Bovard, author of Lost Rights and other books discusses his  latest, The Bush Betrayal. 

8-8-04 America Armed and Free 
GE Investigations owner, George Eleftheriou, gave the audience insight into his work and the kinds of cases he investigates.

8-1-04 Liberty Watch 
Gene Healy of the Cato Institute discusses explains his article, "Like All Those New Laws?"  His thesis?  What was a triviality is now a crime. Fourth Amendment cases were highlighted.

8-1-04 America Armed & Free
Nathan Sproul's topic was the Clean Elections Law.  His initiative, No Taxpayers Money for Politicians would prohibit it.              

7-25-04 Liberty Watch
Victor Mergard explained his argument with the City of Tucson over the increase in garbage collection fees.

 7-25-04America Armed and Free 
The 9/11 Commission Report and the Tucson Connection to Terrorism was the subject of discussion with Karl de la Guerra and Sam Fidler, owners of The Palladium Group.

 7-25-04 Liberty Watch 
Prof. John McGinnis's topic was the Guantanamo prisoners.  The Supreme Court has ruled that they can make a challenge to their detention. Another guest,  Jim Lardner, was concerned about the disparity of wealth in the US.  Ignoring the large middle class, he said the rich and the poor no longer have "shared experiences."

 7-25-04 America Armed and Free 
Leatherman Tools was the subject with Mark Baker, the Marketing  Director of the company. Several interesting stories of lifesaving uses of  the tool, plus a surprising number of  callers telling about owing multiple units of the tool.

7-18-04 Liberty Watch 
Mark Brunovich, Director of the Center for Constitutional Government at the Goldwater Institute explained Eminent Domain and how the definition of "public use" has been eroded.

 7-18-04 Liberty Watch
Dr. Elaine Cassel of the ACLU promoted her book, The War on Civil  Liberties.

7-11-04 America Armed and Free 
John Carman, a self-described Whistleblower who is a former Customs agent, San Diego police officer, and Secret Service agent, stated that internal politics and other problems in Customs need to be solved before we can wage war on drugs, smuggling, and terror.

 7-11-04 Liberty Watch  
Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center, explained how The Delphi Techinique is being employed in business meetings, PTAs and even Congressional Hearings to achieve a pre-determined outcome. The second guest was Robert Tyler an attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund. He is representing a student who was told he could not wear to school a T-shirt with the message that homosexuality is a sin and against the Bible.

 7-11-04 America Armed and Free 
Caitlin Kelly, author of Blown Away explains the great divide that exists between the gun rights advocates and the anti-gun groups. She makes the case for rational discussion.

 7-4-04 Liberty Watch 
President Thomas Jefferson visited Liberty Watch to tell us about himself, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

 7-4-04 America Armed and Free 
Capt. Charles Stewart's naval career spanned 63 years,  including commander of the USS Constitution.  Claude Berube has written his biography titled A Call To The Sea. The second guest was the current commander of "Old Ironsides", Captain Lewin C.Wright.

 6-27-04 Liberty Watch 
Harold Howe and Mark Malone discuss satellite technology. Howe is the author of Satellite Imagery for the Masses.  Mark Malone has createda program for hunters to find geese. Use of satellites in the Iraq war also explained.

 6-27-04 America Armed and Free 
Prof. Richard Skidmore of Pierce College in Los Angeles says the courts have usurped the powers of the Congress. He also also discussed the 9th Circuit and 5th Circuit Courts of Appeals regarding Second Amendment decisions.

 Ron Maxwell, Producer of "Gods and Generals" and "Gettysburg" has produced a New CD "America Will Always Stand." Modern twist on music of the Civil War.

6-20-04 Liberty Watch 
Jack Cashill's book Ron Brown's Body: How One Man's Death Saved the Clinton Presidency and Hillary's Future. Second guest was Larry Pappas, President of Secured Borders USA, based in Las Vegas. Their group has over 1 million notarized signatures on petitions requesting strict enforcement of immigration laws.

America Armed and Free 
Charles and missile engineer Neil Bender discussed with Dale Brown his new techno-thriller Plan Of Attack. 

6-13-04  Liberty Watch 
Mark Victor promoted The Freedom Summit held Oct.9-10, 2004. Dr. John Rutledge, Chairman of Rutledge Capital, talked about his work on Reagan's  economic policy, his multi-disciplinary approach to economics, and the effects of illegal immigration on our economy.

6-6-04 Liberty Watch 
John Gibson of Fox News discussed his book Hating America. Charles gave a tribute to Ronald Reagan who died this week.

 6-6-04 American Armed and Free 
Bay Buchanan. She discussed the new political action committee she has formed with Tom Tancredo, Team America. John Farnam of Defense Training International discussed the Assault Weapons Ban, choosing the correct weapon, and the TSA and their roadblocks to arming pilots.

5-30-04 Liberty Watch 
Dr. Steven Hayward discussed his new book The Real Jimmy Carter.

5-30-04 America Armed & Free
Zenon Lucosius reminisced about his crew capturing the German sub U505

5-23-04 America Armed and Free
Anna Marie Smith promoted her organization Soldiers' Angels.Tom Ross discussed his book Privileges of War and described his rescue of the Montanards tribesmen from the North Vietnamese.

5-23-04  Liberty Watch  
This  program was a replay of a speech by Randy Barnett given in April, 2004.  Title of the speech: "Restoring the Lost Constitution."

5-16-04 Liberty Watch 
Dr. Otis L. Graham has written Unguarded Gates.  The Brookings Institution says that immigration is the Number Two policy failure since WWII.

5-16-04 America Armed and Free 
Wayne Pickles reminisced about his crew capturing the German sub U505. Greg of Century Security explained the layered system as the most effective security.

5-9-04 Liberty Watch  
Wayne Boettcher has formed American  Says he is taking the liberals protest methods and adopting those for Conservative causes. 

5-9-04 America Armed and Free 
Bernie Oliver of Brassroots promoted his organization.

5-2-04   Liberty Watch 
Mary Peterson discusses her book, Selling out Americans: The Truth About Immigration in America.

10 6 19 America Armed & Free - Gun Websites Pete Philippe, activist and digital media specialist on things we can do to maintain Second Amendment freedom on an individual basis. Very spirited. 47.04.


Liberty Watch
Libertatian Party Chairman adn attorney David Euchner joined me about the ballot propositions for the upcoming bond election. Lively and a little funny.




America Armed and Free
Mark Spear on the line from a protest in Phoenix to stop a horrible bill from going through the legislature that would allow Az police to tow any car involved in an "unauthorized assembly." Then for the rest of the hour, Todd Rathner, NRA Board member and spokesman for the Mule Deer Foun- dation, on what's new at NRA, and why the restaurant association doesn't want to allow folks the means to protect themselves in a restaurant.




Liberty Watch
Recently the East Valley Tribune (formerly The Mesa Tribune) printed an article by a 17 year old high school student as to whether or not guns are often used in self defense. Not a bad topic, indeed, but what was his research source? You guessed it, the newspaper. No problem there, except that the papers rarely print stories about firearm self defense. Conclusion? "Guns are rarely used in self defense."

Only problem there is that objective studies carried out by both government and private sources show that firearms are used in self defense in the U.S. over 1.5 million times a year. When pointed out to the Trib, they refuse retraction. Alan Korwin joined in about this journalistic malfeasance.

The second half of this hour was with Paul Armentano of N.O.R.M.L., about the failure of the D.A.R.E. program.




America Armed & Free
This show starts with a brief piece on tic born diseases like Lyme Disease, then moves on to Rowan Scarborough of the Washington Times on his new book, "Rumsfeld's War." Good solid hour. Scarborough reveals some previous secrets in our effort to hunt down and kill those who would kill us.




Liberty Watch
Today I presented my essay, 50 Points of Freedom, in which I state the essential components of freedom. A couple good calls in it as well.




America Armed & Free
First 15 minutes was with Chris Lanigan of Cleenbore SACS, a new gadget for cleaning gun barrels based on a CO2 powered device. I demonstrated it on the air.

The last 45 minutes was with California physical therapist and author on Howard Nemerov, who had an article called, "Can Gun Control And Homeland Security Co-Exist." Interesting hour.




Liberty Watch
Speech made 3-21-04 in Ventura California by G. Edward Griffin, author of "The Creature From Jeckyl Island." The title of his talk is "Freedom Force," and it is concentrated on solutions to end collectivism that you can do individually.




America Armed and Free
Second hour of speech above.




Liberty Watch
Dr. Elwood (where's Jake) "Sandy Sanders is a adjunct professor of law with the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Richmond, and has taught Terrorism Law.

Today's topic was the way that police agencies are training their officers to work around the "Miranda Warning" in getting statements out of suspects. Informative and a little humorous.




America Armed & Free
Lee Bates joined the Navy in 1939. He was stationed on the USS Langley, which had been the nation's first aircraft carrier. By the time Lee was posted toher, she was an aircraft tender. Hear the story of how it was bombed and sank under him in 1942, plus the two other ships that were shot out from under him in his 30 plus year navy career.




Liberty Watch
Immigration attorney Debbie Schell has a new book out called "Immigration Q & A." It is informative and she was open about the things that she did not know. I asked some faily tough questions about President Bush's de facto amnesty proposal which he claims is not an amnesty proposal. There will be more immigration related interviews in the near future.




America Armed & Free
A departure from the norm, this hour wtarted with a report on the new Iraqi Constitution, which, as the article I read points out, has all the human rights but one: the tools of self defense. Does that have United Nations written all over it or what?

There follows a 40 minute segment with Guy Sagi about his fantastic little guide, "Fishing Arizona." Find out, what's more importan, fishing or sex? We ended out with areport on Austrailian sword control by associate producer Mike Fascetta. All in all, a very balanced and varied hour.




Liberty Watch
Return guest Homer Hickam, author of "Rocket Boys," which became "October Skies," on the movie screen. His most recent book is a well written novel called, "The Keeper's Son," about the WW II events regarding fighting off U Boats off the North Carolina coast. We also had a nice chat about manned space flight and the collision between the two rovers on Mars.




America Armed & Free
Today the full hour with Col Olliver North, who was informative and forthright. The topic was his book, "War Stories," about his coverage of the recent undeclared war in Iraq, but we got into topics like Rex 84 B for those of you out there who like to speculate in conspiracies.




Liberty Watch
Dr. Tom Coburn is a family medicine physician in Oklahoma who got tired of the way things are done in Washington, D.C. and decided to do something about it. He ran for Congress in 1994 and won as a Republican in an 80% Democratic didstrict. As part of the "Republican Revolution," he promised to serve only 3 terms. In a stunning departure from the norm in D.C., he kept his word.

"Breach Of Trust" is his book about that experience, and details how politicians are frequently more concerned with re-election that upholding their oaths of office. He had a sense of humor, and a realistic perspective.




America Armed & Free
It was a treat to have on Jerry Miculek, the world's fastest revolver shooter. With more world competitive victories than I have room to list Jerry Shoots for Smith & Wesson and has his own training facility with his wife Kay in Louisiana. He was authentic and informative.

The second segment of this show was with Ken Kaufman of Pakem Firearms & Merrcantile here in Tucson. He talked about the upcoming rodeo events and the sport of cowboy action shooting. Dana got into the act with some good questions and rifle handling in the studio.




America Armed & Free
A new feature appeared on the program today, called "Gun Facts," provided by associate producer Mike Fascetta. Interesting and sometime humerous facts about firearms and their use and history.

Some good questions from the audience on the right to keep and bear arms, how to carry in a vehicle, some info on arming the pilots, and the main feature: news organizations stopping their correspondents from having on their person a means of self defense.


Charles on Bert Lee
I was interviewed on another show about the incident in the park. The opening few minutes contains my explanation of the incident. A few callers, a couple of them hostile.




Michelle Malkin -
Her tremendous book, "Invasion, How America Still Welcomes Terrorists To Its Door," is a must read. She is also a live wire and fun to listen to. See her website by all means.




Masad Ayoob -
The premier law enforcement and use of force trainer in the country, Ayoob is the author of, "In The Gravest Extreme," "The Truth About Self Protection," "Stressfire,"and hundreds of articles in magazines and videos. If you have any concern for selfdefense at all, this is a must listen to.




Joyce Malcolm -
Joyce Malcolm This self described "academic egghead" is one of the sharpest tools in the shed. She documents the horrible rise in crime in England since citizen
disarmament, and manages not to come off sounding like an academic in the process.
She is principled, reasoned, and witty. I was also on my game that day and rather



Liberty Watch text archive - contact Charles Heller via email to request audio files






America Armed & Free - This show covered 2 topics. First, was a threatening e-mail that the Transportation Security Administration sent to its armed pilots that they could be fined and removed from the program for "security violations" if they talked to Congress or the press about the failures of the program. When this was exposed by reporter Jeff Johnson, TSA backed down, The first 15 minutes of this hour was with Jeff about the armed pilots.

The last three quarters of the show is with Matt Bracken, author of "Enemies Foreign And Domestic." It is a well done book about a government generated conspiracy in the form of manufactured "terrorism" events to orchestrate a removal of most of the rights of the U.S. Citizens, most specifically having to do with the right to keep and bear arms.

Matt is a former Navy S.E.A.L., charter boat captain, ship builder, and many other things. He led S.E.A.L.s in combat operations in Beirut and Grenada. Since leaving the service he has built a 48 foot steel hull sailboat from scratch, among many other things. He speaks well, too.




Liberty Watch - Arizona law currently requires all who vote or receive state benefits to be citizens of the U.S. Should each and every resident have to prove their citizenship in order to vote? That's what the PAN2004 initiative would do, and House Majority Whip Randy Graf joined us to talk about it. Informative and humorous hour.




Liberty Watch - Today's show is a departure from usual form, although not from format. Last week, 1/20, was President Bush's State Of The Union Address. I take selected clips and compare them to the way our country was intended to function. In some cases quite critical, and in some quite praiseworthy in my comments. A couple really take him to task. A good hour, where I am more brutally frank than diplomatic.




America Armed And Free - A good, informative hour with professor Michael Keane, recently back from embedded reporting with the 101st Airborn in Mosul. He is the author of 5 books printed by the Naval Institute Press, (always a good eye for informative stuff) and is working on a book on guerrilla warfare. Incitefule and informative, with a little humor. Say, is Hammas, Hizbola, El Aksa, and Jihad a law firm?




Liberty Watch - Dr. Gary Lowenthal has been a law professor for 25 years, teaching at ASU. At the suggestion of some of the faculty at his department, he took a sabbatical leave froim there and worked for a year as a prosecutor in the Maricopa County Prosecutors Office. He tried a number of misdemeanor and 1 major felony case.

What he found in that office, as indicative of the rest of the country, was a gross miscarriage of justice. His book, "Down And Dirty Justice," chronicles that injustice.

There is some good humor in this one, as well as good legal stuff.




America Armed & Free - Col. Walter Boyne is a forner director of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and has written 39 books on military history, and over 400 articles in military and aviation magazines. His most recent work, "Operation Iraqi Freedom, What Went Right - What Went Wrong," is the topic of this interview. It starts with his description of his handling of the Wright Flyer during restoration. A good hour of information with a "stellar" guest. (Boyne wrote the best selling "Wild Blue" in 1986.)




Liberty Watch - Vin Suprenewicz. Vin is the editorial page editor of the Las Vegas rewier & Journal. He talks about the history of freedom, some abuses of authority, and what we can do about it from a practical standpoint.




America Armed & Free - 2003 Gun Rights Policy Conference hosted a panel on the topic, "has the court back door been slammed on the anti-gunners?" Featured are Gary Mahalic, Vice President for communications, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Charles H. Cunningham, Director for Federal Affairs of the NRA, and Michael Marks, Executive Director, .50 cal Institute.

The last 10 minutes of this file is Captian Robert Davie, a commercial airline pilot and a serving police officer. He explains the dynamics of an attack inside an airliner cockpit and why a firearm is the only reasonable answer as a last resort.




Liberty Watch - Boston T. Party. Boston has written 7 books, among them "Boston's Gun Bible," "You And The Police," and the most recent, "Molon Labe." He is articulate and poignant. He speaks of how little a focused effort could take over a state such as Wyoming and turn it into a libertarian success. And he is planning to do it.




Liberty Watch Bill Scannell - Bill is a former Army Intelligence Officer and a journalist who writes for The Economist, among others. He cost Delta Airlines 60 million in bad publicity in their stock prices when he discovered their participation in a program called CAPS II to profile, rate and color code U.S.passengers as to whether or not they posed a security risk and therefore could not fly.

He discovered the Jet Blue had given over to Homeland Security 5 million passenger travel records and forced them to quit after public pressure. See what one man can do for freedom.




America Armed & Free - Keith Cummings is a former technology manager for the Hubble Space Telescope, and now works in technology in the financial world. His book, "Opening Bell," posits what might happen if a long term and widespread conspiracy got control of the economic system in the U.S. with a mind to control it. Then, as they say, the plot thickens, as the lead conspirator turns out not to be what he said he was, but a dictator. Provacative show.


Liberty Watch - Does freedom of sppech include cellular phones? Brian Ingui joined us to explain the results of the new FCC rules on taking your phone number with you when you switch cell phone providers.




America Armed & Free - Would society be better off if everyone were armed? columnist and Doctor of Music Brad Edmonds thinks so. Interesting 45 minutes, then a discussion with state majority Whip Randy Graf on whether people should have to show proof of citizenship to vote and get a driver's license.




Liberty Watch - Jerry Young has been a political operative, newspaper reporter, and a congressional aide. His book, "Personal Political Power," is a primer on how to get things done. Jerry also shows that nice guys can be tough, too.




Liberty Watch - Marc Stevens has had a lot of experience dodging the legal system, and only for pretended, not actual harms. His book, "Adventures In Legal Land," chronicals those struggles and practical ways toavoid the jurisdiction of those who would control your life. Fun, funny, and poignant.




America Armed And Free- One of my best shows ever with Allen Korwin, author of many books, among them "The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide." Most recent is hs "Supreme Court Gun Cases." A lively hour with a good question from a caller, "what's wrong with gun registration?" That started it...




America Armed And Free Today I had on Dr. Gary Weir, a researcher from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, in the service of the U.S. Navy as an historian.

His book, "Rising Tide," shows the history of the Soviet Missile threat to us during the Cold War. This he does by printing interviews he did in Russia with the skippers of the boats that had live warheads pointed at us.




Liberty Watch Today I covered three abuses of government. First the situatiuon with Wally Klump, a rancher who is being usurped out of his lands systematically by government theft, and is in federal lock up care of Judge Roll for contempt of court.

Next, the situation with the Pilgrim Family out of Alaska, who is being kept from supplying their 15 children for the winter by US Forest Service's closure of a road. The airlift continues.

Last, Nathan Heatwole tried to tell TSA that they were not secure. When they wouldn't listen, he tested their security by carrying box cutters onto airliners and hiding them there. After e-mailing them the locations, they STILL took a month to find the items. Now the US attorney wants to prosecute him for a felony. So much for public service.




America Armed & Free - Kevin Jamison is a Missouri attorney specializing in firearms rights issues. As a fighter for freedom, he has been in the battle since 1966. He tracks the fight for legal CCW in his home state, and to quote the Grateful Dead, "what a long, strange trip it's been."

The second half hour had a good argument on air between the producer Dana and myself on the socioeconomic effects of poverty on crime. Translation: how a liberal "FEELS" about the fairness of calling truth by its real name.






Liberty Watch - On live remote from the Freedom Summit this week with Vin Suprynewicz, editorial page editor of the Las Vegas Review and Journal. Vin is a hard hitting story teller with two great books out, "Send in The Waco Killers," and "The Ballad Of Carl Drega."

Vin lays out abuses in government as only a sane an rational man can about the insanities and excesses of government.




America Armed & Free - Still on live remote from the Freedom Summit in Phoenix, I went out of format to stay with the topics of the Freedom Summit. The first half of the hour was with Peymon Montedeheh, the founder of the "Freedom Law School." An interesting guy, he came to the U.S. in '77 from Iran, became a citizen, and then really started to find out how our system works. He now teaches others how to represent themselves when the system leans on those who don't deserve it. He's had some good victories.

Then the second half hour was a true joy, with Vernie Kugland, the Fed Ex Pilot who just kicked the IRS in a very personal area, beating them in criminal court by showing why she was not required to file taxes. She is nothing but love, but I sure wouldn't want to end up in a principled battle with this woman of resolve.

This is a woman as comfortable left seating a DC-10 around the world as staring at the cold beast of governmental excess and taking command of both. Bully!




Liberty Watch - On live remote from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Houston, Texas, I had on Dr. Tim Wheeler of Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership, Allan Korwin about his fantastic new "92 Supreme Court Gun Cases," and Dave Workman, Senior editor of Gun Week Magazine.




America Armed & Free - Continuation of Liberty Watch, still live from the Gun Rights Policy Conference. This hour featured author of the Concealed Handgun Manual, Chris Bird. A crime reporter, vetran, and fairly recent immigrantfrom England, he is a true joy too listen to. Also in this hour, Scott Hatrip, attorney from Kansas and activist in gun rights issues there.




Liberty Watch - There are at least 12 suits in the Supreme Court against the "Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Law." Cleta Mitchell is one of the attorneys involved in the suits against the Federal Election Commission.

She is passionate about freedom and outlines why the law is not constitutional. If you want to know why government fears free speech, this is a good hour.




America Armed & Free - Jack Reynolds is a Texas attorney who got tired of misinformation on the Second Amendment and went looking for information on the logical legal arguments pro and con. When he did not find what he wanted, he researched and wrote it!

He takes the novel approach of looking at evidence as would a judge if all sides were brought to him in legal briefs. Good stuff.




Liberty Watch - Country Rock music legend Charlie Daniels graced the phone with his presence. "Cowboy Logic," common sense, and a guaranteed way to nail Bin Laden. Can it get any better than this? I played 2cuts from his new album, and argued with him a little about freedom. Fun, Fun Fun.




America Armed & Free - Angel Shemaya runs the largest web site in the country in the self defense firearms self defense freedom movement, . It is rumored that he has personally caused more ulcers to the anti- rights bigots than anyone else on the net. is financially back the Silviera vs/ Lockyear case which is heading towards the Supreme Court. This may once and for all give us the landmark ruling that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right. It could also knock our rights down to government privileges. Dangerous times.

Angel and I talk about several cases of infringement, the sunset of the so called "assault weapons" ban, and the restoration of the full meaning of the Second Amendment.




Liberty Watch - Libertarian Presidential Candidate from '96 and'00 and financial advisor Harry Browne joined us for a delightful hour. Largely about investing, there is a good dose of common sense in what he says about "lifetime investing." We also talked about homosexual mariage, and there is a neat story in there about how my wife and I licensed the county in which we were married to have authority to issue a license.




America Armed & Free - Leroy Thonpson has written 30 books on V.I.P. protection, counter insurgency, and within the last two years, "Hostage Rescue," a manual. We talk about a wide variety of topics of interest to Liberty Watchers, even touch on things such as Ruby Ridge and Waco from a sniper's perspective.

Leroy was in U.S. Ari Force Special Forces, and trains teams and groups all over the world. A good story about carying his pistol in England, too.




Liberty Watch - How do you protect your computer from unlawful government and privat snooping? Tim And Tyler of Tech Trends Radio join in as to how tro accomplish this "Mission Impossible."




Liberty Watch - Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll joined us about the Aspen Fire on Mt. Lemmon. A rarity - an honest politician.




America Armed and Free - The first half hour was with Richard Dyke, President of Bushmaster Firearms, about S. 659, the recless lawsuit protection act. Richard I came to find out is a formet Treasury Agent himself, and rescuer of Bushmaster more than 20 years ago.

2nd half hour was with Alan Gottleib, Chairman of the 2nd Amendment Foundation, about the upcoming Gun Richt Spolicy Conference.




Liberty Watch - This week was a real treat, as I had Dennis Weaver of of "Gunsmoke," "McCloud," and "Duel" fame, among many other stage and screen performances. Dennis is involved in an interesting project sponsored by his "Foundation For Ecolonomics."

He suggests that the intertests of the environment and the economy can be held in concert with each other. His acrtions are indeed in concert with his words, as he drives a hybrid fuel vehicle and lives in a house made of recycled materials.

He talked a little of Gunsmoke, Hollywood, and a lot about common sense policies on alt fuels. I also surprised him with the theme to Gunsmoke sung with words to it by Tex Ritter. He had not known of its existance until I used it as bumper music coming out of the second break. Fun on air "aha."




America Armed & Free - Well this week was fun, with Col Wayne Anthony Ross who is on the firearm collector committee of the NRA, on collecting, raising kids around guns (he started his out with toys at 2 -3 and taught 'em safe before they even got to BB's), to how to effectively pull out an eyebrow ring (fishhook in his lexicon) with a Leatherman Tool.

At the half hour we switched to Don Turner, who runs the Ben Avery Range in Phoenix, on teh "Good Gun Foundation," an organization based on service to others to positively affect the perception of gun owners.




Liberty Watch - Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a syndicated columnist and former Wall Stree Journal editor. He is a former assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and helped craft legislation in the Reagan Administration that led to the economic recovery. His book , The Tyrany Of Good Intentions," is a must read for all those who care at all about liberty. Great hour!




America Armed and Free - Somehow, information that is NOT public got put into the public sector when BATF let out information to the Brady gun banning organization. The info named the 10 "worst" dealers in the country, and our own "West Of The Pecos" gunshop is #9 on the list.

David Dodson of West Of The Pecos joined in to clarify that that statistic includes all guns used in crimes, INCLUDING the crime of having been stolen from his shop 10 years ago, and those used in self protection, suicides, and those that were stolen subsequent to his sale of them to legitimae buyers. Informative hour.




Liberty Watch - Terry Bressi was motoring down state route 86 when he encountered a multi-agency joint task force road block. When he questioned their probale cause, they hauled him out of the car and placed him face down on the pavement for 3 hours.

A fascinating story of resistance to tyrany.




Liberty Watch - This spirited interview with Dr. Richard Ferrier, c President of the Declaration Foundation and a Californis history professor at St. Thomas Aquinas College, covered much ground.

Do people today recognize the principles of the Declaration? Was the Civil War fought over slavery? Is multi culturalism tearing at the fabric of today's society? Does the want for freedom overpower the want for power? Was Linclon a tyrant of hero?




America Armed and Free - Sierra Times Columnist Bob Greenslade and I tee of with an explanation of the meaning of the 2nd Amend through the eyes of the preamble to the Bill of Rights.

Many people are not even aware of the preamble to the Bill Of Rights. We mosey on to a discussion of the recent Supreme Court Texas sodomy case decision, and talk of activist things to do to maintain freedom




America Armed and Free - World renown researcher and author John Lott joins me for the whole hour on his new book, "The Bias Against Guns, Why Everything You've Always Heard About Guns Is not True."

This guy is a one man Panzer Division through the lines of the anti self defense bigots main defense. He cuts them to ribbons, and he's not even into guns. (Twords end of interview he mentions that he never even owned them until after his statistical research.)




Liberty Watch - Dr. Pauline Maier is a professor of 18th century history at M.I.T. Her book, "American Scripture, The Making Of The Declaration Of Independence," is a classic on the document and the times around it.

A fascinating woman, we tangled a little on Lincoln, the right to succeede, and the application of all rights under the 14th amendment. Good hour.




America Armed and Free - Firearms instructor and police officer Brian Kowalski and I talk about the defensive use of the shotgun, training, and security and the home.




Liberty Watch - This week we took a slight departure from usual topics to discuss how not to get taken advantage of by a mechanic, and what to do in terms of preparedness and safety with your car.




America Armed and Free - Douglas Compton was so good and we had such good phone response that we held himover for a 2nd hour.




Liberty Watch - Douglas Compton of TDS Computers and I talked about how you can beging with the modern tool of liberty, the computer. A good how to basics program on getting started.




America Armed and Free - Instructor Stephen P. Wenger and I discuss methods of firearm training, gun safety, and the response to threat.




Liberty Watch - National Center For Public Policy Research's David Almasi and I go around about their amazing booklet, "Shattered Dreams, 100 cases of government abuse." Why Black Americans are so conservative but vote so liberal are among the topics. So is Tucson's being on the list for comitting actions to get on that list.




Liberty Watch - J. Peyton Knight is the legislative director of the American Policy Center, a grass roots think tank. "Heritage Areas" are a code word for the federal seizure of local zoning through the method of dangling money in front of local jurisdictions. An interesting hour of another BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again) legislation to look out for.




America Armed And Free - Guy Smith is the author of "Gun Facts 3.2," a treasure trove of anti freedom smashing myths. He systematically takes on the lies of the anti freedom bigots and slashes each one with objective fact. Has a sense of humor, too.




America Armed and Free - Stephen Coonts has written 11 books, the first of which being "Flight Of The Intruder." Most recent is a collection of World War II fiction called "Victory." I've read it and it is excellent.

We spend the hour talking about the precision of carrier aviation, what happens when the wrong part of the plane hits the carrier, and bravery under fire. If you've ever wondered how those guys get those fast moving jets onto pitching decks, this is a good hour for you.

I commented to him that the nickname of the landing sigmal officer, "paddles," looked like the original guys may have used ping pong paddles standing on the rear deck of the carrier to guide pilots in. Guess what? They did!

It just so happened that I knew one of the guys he flew with off the USS Enterprise. That fellow was a big part of the fictional character "Virgil," his bombardier/navigator.




Liberty Watch - Christian Law Association is a group that defends Christians whose faith or practice is under legal attack by government or business. A interesting hour, especially when he tried to assert that the government's attempt to lock you up for voluntary conduct between consenting adults is not a taking. I stuufed the 4th amendment down his throat pretty hard on that one.

Generally a good group of folks if somewhat narrow in focus. At least he was honest about it.




Liberty Watch - DeLon Thompson is a local Tucson country musician with some great songs that I use for my breaks. He also has some great social commentary in his music, which is available at . His song, "What Condition Our Country Is In," is posted as part of this hour, and is worth a listen.




America Armed and Free - Ron Maxwell's labor of love is producing quality movies, which he has done since 1971. Most notebly, he directed "Gettysberg," and recently, "Gods And Generals."

Mawell's perspective about Hollywood is refreshing, being welded to truth rather than political correctness. The highlight of the interview, in my opinion, is where he realizes that as director, he commands an army of 5000 men armed with real muskets and rifles, and is only a short distance from Washington.....




Liberty Watch - Irwin Schiff has had his run ins with the federal government over tax issues, but this time it's a free speech issue. The Justice Department has obtained a court order to stop him for PUBLISHING a book. That's right, the government has banned a book!

Irwin figures when he overcomes the injunction, it'll REALLY sell! A fun hour with a sincere constitutionalist.




Liberty Watch - A lively hour about the upcoming support your troops rally in Reid Park next Saturday, with Music Director Dan Starr, Brass Roots 2nd V.P. Mike Fascetta, and Col Ross Hieb, USMC (Ret.) Also a 5 minute interview with country sing and patriot Lee Greenwood. Lively and funny.




America Armed and Free - Mike McNulty is the producer of "Waco, Rules of Engagement" and "F.L.I.R. Project." Both fairly conclusive evidence of the federal murders of 80 people at a chuch at Waco in 1993.

A compelling interview if you're looking for truth in the matter. Of course if you'r not, why would you listen to Liberty Watch?




Liberty Watch - Ken Evans has the courage to tangle with the beast. He has spent so much time and effort researching the tax code that he is suing IRS to get his money back based on their own rules. Listen to this humble man's explanation on how he is flaying them legally, including their admission on tape that the filing of taxes is VOLUNTARY.




America Armed and Free - This week I went out of format for an important issue - the fraud of the IRS in the way it enforces tax law as if it applied to everyone outside the business of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

This week, Mike Bodine, a non-filer for 7 years and spokesman for We The People, the organization started by Bob Schukz, explained why there is NO obligation for most of us to file taxes. A lively discussion, capped by the fact that they are putting on seminars all around the country on how to get out of the withholding scheme. Interesting thing is, the seminars are free, and they're not selling anything. (You can buy the tapes of their tax experts if you want, but they exist only on donations.)

During the interview, the topic of Irwin Schiff came up. He is currently under a gag order by the US District Court in Las Vegas not to publish or talk about his book, "The Federal Mafia." I suppose the US attorney is just obeying Bush's line item veto of the First Amendment. Even the ACLU is in on this one with Schiff. He will be on 4/27.




Liberty Watch - Special Agent Joe Banister of the IRS Criminal investigation left a successful career in a big 5 accounting firm (KPMG) to pursue a law enforcement career with IRS. While driving down the freeway in San Francisco, he haerd radio talk show host Jeff Metcalf interviewing Devvy Kidd about the legality of the income tax.

Banister did a thourough, 2 year investigation of the points presented by Kidd on his own time. He found that her claims had merit, and that indeed there was no obligation for most people not involved in the business of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms to pay income tax.

The plot thickens, as when he presented a 90 page report of his findings to his superiors at IRS, they stripped him of his gun and badge and gave him the paperwork to "resign." The guy is down to earth and sincere, and a good representative of the tax honesty movement. This one will be evergreened in this archive.




America Armed and Free - Attorney David T. Hardy is one of the lead lawyers on the Davidian case. As we approach the 10 anniversary of the murders of 76 people in their church at Waco, Texas, David's book, "This Is Not An Assault," chronicals the assault. It also documents the trail of lies in the attempted cover up of the truth in the investigations.

The book contains transcritps of the phone conversations between Koresh and the ATF and FBI tha show he was not the cop killer he was made out to be. Interesting hour with good, well informed callers.




Liberty Watch - Fred Rustman retired after 24 years with the CIA's Directorate of Operations. He was a case officer and senior manager for them, retiring with the equivalent rank of Major General. (Two star.) His tour included a stint as an instructor at "The Farm," the agency's famous training center for officers.

His book, CIA Inc, is a manual on how not to get your company spied on. Since his retirement in 1990 he has specialized in "business intelligence." He does investigations of deep background for companies and investors all over the world.

We cover both the government side and the business side of intelligence. When the CIA decides to whack somebody, how high do they have to go for permission? The answer may surprise you. Are case officers barbarians, or the jewel of the empire? One of the better interviews I have ever done.




America Armed & Free - (Formerly Liberty Watch @ The Firing Line) Jim Supica is one of the most knowledgeable men in the country on antique and collectable arms. He's owner of and Old Town Station Firearms in Lenexa Kansas. He sits on the board of the NRA, and is a contributing editor to the Blue Book of Gun Values and also Shotgun News "Ask The Gun Guy."

We cruise through several callers with valuation questions and model identifications, plus some fun with fiream humor. He talked about how to buy and sell guns over the internet and clear the legal hurdles of shipping them.




America Armed & Free - Shooting Times classic arms editor Mike Venturino and I talk about shooting old West Buffalo Rifles (his new book) smokewagons, and famous shootin incidents, plus the modern sports of black powder cartridge competition and cowboy action shooting.




Liberty Watch - Is the Commerce Clause of the Constitution being use to pry us from our liberty? Sierra Times writer Bob Greenslade and I go after that question in a technically very deep discussion.




Liberty Watch - Dave Champion is chairman of, a Constitution based website. Dave is a paralegal and explains how his clinets have successfully pulled out of the tax withholding scam with no negative consequeces.

Who is a taxpayer? The actual definition from the tax code will shock you.




Liberty Watch - Stan Weisleader wrote a book about The Tuskegee Airmen, the all black fighter squadrons in World War II. Interesting facts and informative dialog about this unit that never lost a bomber it was escorting to enemy fighters.




America Armed And Free - On this day after the loss of th Shuttle Columbia, I went out of format for a second hour in talking to world famous astronomer David Levy about his knowledge of astronomy from space, and his friendship with crew member Dr. Laurel Clark and her son.




Liberty Watch - On this the day after the loss of Shuttle Columbia, I changed the topic to the shuttle. Homer Hickam, author of "October Skies," "Torpedo Junction," "The Coalwood Way," "We Are Not Afraid," and several others. Hickam, a retired NASA scientist and astronaut trainer, was intimately familiar with Columbia as he trained most of the astronauts who flew on her.

The original "rocket boy," shares his insights on space flight, training, preparedness, and facing danger. Funny, touching, and inciteful, Hickam is a national treasure.




America Armed And Free - Darlene Fitzgerald was a captain in the U.S. Army for 10 years. From there she was recruited into private sector security, then the Treasury Department recruited her as an agent. She was cross trained as a Customs Agent, DEA Agent, AND a Secret Service Agent. The corruption she uncovered in drug enforcement and subsequent whistle blowing cost her her job and her family. Stunning.




America Armed And Free - Gary Gorski is the gutsy lawyer who sued California Attorney General Bill LOckyear for violating the constitutional rights of all Californians with the enforcement of the Roberti Roos Assault Weapons Law.

This guy is taking a frontal approach so bold that even the NRA is left behind wondering what happened and trying to be a brake on the action rather than a clutch to engage the gears of freedom. Bully!




(1st hour) Saturday, 12/14, we did a special live remote from St. Phillips Plaza on a beautiful Autum Day. Interviews with the artists on the album "I Will Live Free, "The celebration of Bill Of Rights Day", and a very special veteran of World War II, Russ Hamacheck, who fought with JFK in the Pacific on PT Boats, and commanded Squadron 39.

Hear Russ' description of being one of history's few PT skippers to get a Jap submarine mad enough at him to spend a torpedo on his 80' boat. It missed, but by going under, not in front or behind. Hear his reaction to the shot, and a reading of the encounter from Capt. Bulkley's excellent book, "At Close Quarters."




(2nd hour) Bill of Rights Day live remote features Public Access Cable Mogul Dan Harrigan, explaining some of the pitfalls of that system. Dan is also the voice of the Bill of Rights reader on the CD, "I Will Live Free," put out by JPFO.




(3rd hour) Saturday, 12/14, we did a special live remote from St. Phillips Plaza on a beautiful Autum Day. Interviews with the artists on the album "I Will Live Free, "The celebration of Bill Of Rights Day", and a very special veteran of World War II, Russ Hamacheck, who fought with JFK in the Pacific on PT Boats, and commanded Squadron 39.

Hear Russ' description of being one of history's few PT skippers to get a Jap submarine mad enough at him to spend a torpedo on his 80' boat. It missed, but by going under, not in front or behind. Hear his reaction to the shot, and a reading of the encounter from Capt. Bulkley's excellent book, "At Close Quarters."




Jon Roland is President of The Constitution Society, and has authored hundreds of articles on such subjects. Lively discussion on what can be done (concrete methods) on how to maintain a free country and push back the frontiers of tyrany.

His tone is a tad flat, but his ideas are animating and envigorating. Enjoy this constitutional scholar as I did.




Clayton Cramer is a historian with several books to his credit, the seminal work of which is: "For Defense Of Themselves and The State..." Which is a complete history of the 2nd Amendment and relevant court cases. For the student of the right to keep and bear arms this is a must have.

Clayton shres his analysis of the recent 9th circuit court decision and a blow by blow description of some of its technical and historical errors. You don't see many historians who write law review articles, but this one does. He's also the guy who in large part debunked Michael Bellisliles fraudulent "Arming America."




Bob Costello (1st hour) - is president of Social Security He wants to make it legal to invest and control a small part of our social security taxes so that the system becomes fully funded instead of the Ponzi Scheme we have now.

I hit him with some foundational questions about the morality of forced altruism that stopped him in his tracks. (Nicely.) Also some good info about the Federal Reserve for which he used to work, and the Acton Institute, of which he is a board member.




Wes Bramhall (2nd hour) - is President of Arizonans For Immigration Control, and a retired Tucson Electric Power manager. Chris Simcox has made national news by forming a militia to patrol the border and embarass the government into doing its job. A lively hour ensued, with a couple good callers.




James Lee Witt (1st hour) -This personable former head fo FEMA, answers questions on
whether or not his erstwhile organization has federal detention camps in store for us, and how to manage a crisis.




Mike Hardiman (2nd hour) - Michael Hardiman - This Washington D.C. insider and lobbyist
talks about the dangers of the "son of CARA" bill and others. Also a revelation from me that the new homeland security bill that arms pilots, only arms some of them. The freight hauling pilots are exempted from the bill.




Michael Kent Curtis - This Duke University Professor's second book, "Free Speech, America's Darling Privilege," is a brilliant treatise on the history of free speech, from
the perspective of the Sedition act of 1798 and the anti-slavery suppression of speech.
Think the arguement over speaking one's mind is new? Think again...




Gary Mihalic is the Vice-President of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, talking about the truth about "ballistic fingerprinting." Can it really exist? What happened when the rifle that supposedly shot Martin Luther King was tested? What happens to the accuracy of such a system is tested with unknown samples?




Chris Bird - Liberty Watch At The Firing Line this week featured Chris Bird, author of "The Concealed Weapon Manual." Chris is from England via Canada, and has been an army trooper, a cowboy, a crime reporter, and a concealed weapons instructor.

His book is a serious detailed explanation of what a CCW carrier needs to know to be both safe and legal, and he has a sense of humor to back it up.




Dan Starr is a brilliant piano teacher, composer, and music producer, with a passion for the Bill Of Rights. His new album, "I Will Live Free," is sponsored by JPFO, and is available from We play 3 cuts from the CD, including the one that was written by Charles Heller, "The Guardian."

Dan is funny and on point. This hour on the foundational aspects of the Bill Of Rights ties those foundations to the day to day excercise of those freedoms.

Visit Dan Starr's website.




Ben Anderson (1st hour) - Ben Anderson author of the bi-weekly "Anderson Report" is a retired Army Colonel. He worked in the Middle East and has learned a lot of the cultures there, as well as having taught at West Point. He is a font of knowledge and should be listened to.




Ben Anderson (2nd hour) - Ben was so good I broke format and gave him a second hour.




Neal Horsley - This interesting fellow wants to end abortion in the US by photographing
women attending abortion clinics and putting their faces on the intrernet. His emotion
exceeds his logic, but listen to the reasoning I used with him and form your own conclusions.




L Neil Smith - This popular science fiction wrighter is the author of "The Probability
Broach," "Pallas," "Forge Of The Elders," and many others. Brilliant, topical, and 100%
freedom oriented, if you love liberty, listen to him, go to his site,
and buy his books.




Ken Blanchard & Neal Knox - Ken Blanchard the author of, "Black Man With A Gun," has a unique perspective of ethnicity versus self protection. A former Marine, law enforcement officer, and security expert, he has much to say about going armed. First half hour from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix this year.

Neal Knox is the former First VP of the NRA, and the candidate that Charlton Heston beat for president. Neal is fascinating in his knowledge of guns, reloading, and politics. He's a refreshing fundamentalist when it comes to rights. Too bad there aren't more like him out front at NRA. 2nd half hour.




Glenn Spencer (1st hour) - President of the American Border Patrol, this guy wants illegal
immigration stopped, and wants to organize private border watchers to do it. Some have
accused him of racism. Listen for yourself and see.




Glenn Spencer (2nd hour) - Such an important topic I again went out of format and gave Spencer 2 hours of air.




Andrew Gause - His book, "The Secret World Of Money," is a short, powerful explanation
of our money system and the dishonesty thereof.




Jim Supica- Jim's "Arm Chair Gun" is one of the largest antique firearms dealers in the midwest (Lenexa, Ks.) His encyclopedic knowledge of firearms is matched only
by his love of the romantic lure and lore of them. If you like guns, you'll love this




Interview with Roger Deavers from Petra (People for ethical treatment of rocks) concerning rocks rights. Do rocks have rights? Should they? Tune in and find out. This guy had a brilliant idea for a show and I went with it. I wasn't sorry, and it set a record to that date for most phone calls on an hour segment of Liberty Watch. Subtle.




Jack Foote - The border is among our hottest topics. Foote runs Ranch Rescue, a groups that helps ranchers protect and repair their property. Wild eyed vigilantes or helpers with guns and Leathermans? You decide.




Steve May - representative May lost his bid for re-election to the "clean elections"
system. Is it really clean? Hear about his lawsuit against it.




Jane Hulen - The marketing director of the world's premiere firearms training academy talks about the finer points of self defense from a woman's point of view. Includes heckler Mike.




Charles Crehore - Inmate Charles Crehore tells the litany of lies told by the DEA in his case.




Barry Hess




Joe Foss and Tom Whetten




Buttler Shaffer


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10 7 12 Liberty Watch  First half is Dr. John Eastman, Dean Emeritus of Chapman University Law School, on the most recent Obama/Romney Debate. Secon half is with Bobby Livingston of R & R Auctions in New Hampshire about the auction of Bonnie & Clyde's guns. 49 min, good radio.
10 7 12 America Armed & Free  First half with /Arizona State Senatior Frank Antenori about freedom and what legislatures can do to preserve it, and second half with Az State Senator Nancy Barto, on trying to infuse a spine into Governor Brewer on resisting the health care exchanges in Obamacare. Good radio,  49.47

3 15 20 Liberty Watch - Bill Forstchen returns about prepping in light of the current "crisis" of the Corona Virus. Co-hosted with Eb Wilkinson, good radio.45.55

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