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After 30 years, Campbell continues to advance "Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last"

Since Mike Campbell’s Dec. 30, 2012 appearance on “America Armed & Free,” the retired Navy journalist and Air Force public affairs officer hasn’t ceased working to advance his vision of the fate of famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan, her navigator, following their July 2, 1937 disappearance during their world flight leg between Lae, New Guinea and Howland Island.
Campbell’s book, Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, initially published in June 2012, was updated, re-written and released in a second and improved edition in March 2016.  Since then it has risen to the No. 1 position on Amazon among all 1,500-plus Earhart books, as well in the Kindle edition, comprising about 340 titles. 

On his blog,, Campbell’s total now stands at 147 posts – extensively researched articles, features and analysis of many aspects of the Earhart disappearance and those who were involved in important and revealing ways, that will leave the unbiased reader with no doubt that the lost fliers met their wretched ends on Saipan at the hands of the prewar Japanese, likely within a year of their disappearance. 

The witnesses include dozens of local Saipanese who saw the fliers there, Marshallese who saw or knew of their crash landing at Mili Atoll, and over two dozen former American GIs who saw Earhart’s Electra on Saipan following its discovery in a hanger there early in the June 1944 invasion. Those who have sworn to this truth included Adm. Chester A. Nimitz, commander in chief of all Pacific Navy forces during the war; Gen. Graves Earskin, second in command of the V Amphibious Force during Saipan assault; and Gen. Alexander A. Vandegrift, 18th commandant of the Marine Corps.

In a recent email, I asked Campbell why he seems so obsessed with the so-called Earhart mystery, and he responded with a brief summary of what he called the most “salient points” about the Earhart matter. He begins with 30-year media phenomenon of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) and its near 100 percent monopoly of all mainstream news about Amelia Earhart:

           Not a single artifact in countless trips over 30 years that's been dug up from the Nikumaroro garbage dumps has been forensically linked
       to Amelia Earhart or Fred Noonan, despite the constant drum beat of our corrupt media establishment telling us to buy this snake oil -- and         many of the ignorant and gullible have indeed bought it, much to their chagrin once they realized the Nikumaroro bill of goods is rotten at
       its core.

             In fact there are actually no real "theories" in the Earhart disappearance, as the word is defined. We have the truth -- supported by
       several dozens of witnesses and documents -- that Amelia Earhart crash-landed in the Marshalls, was taken to Saipan by the Japanese, and
       died there, as did Noonan, at some unknown date before the American invasion in June 1944. And we have lies, like Nikumaroro, that have
       been glorified and raised to the status of "theories" by an establishment desperate to protect the checkered legacy of our president at the time
      of Earhart's death, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

            As I constantly stress in my book, Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, and on my blog,, the truth in the Earhart
       case has been a sacred cow in Washington since the earliest days of the search for Amelia. The time is long overdue for the truth to be
       recognized and accepted, and for the parasites who have made their livings by peddling lies about Amelia's sad fate to go away and find
       more honest ways to earn livings.

            Likewise, there is no real Earhart "mystery." Some in the U.S. government are well aware of what happened to the fliers, and the
       physical evidence that would reveal the truth lies in in the deepest recesses of our national security apparatus, known to a scant few
       custodians of this precious evidence. I explain all this in my book and in my blog, and won't go on at length here."

Campbell was involved for a year, behind the scenes, with the History Channel’s presentation of July 9, 2017, “Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence,” and was the first to weigh in on July 5 when NBC News began the media blitz with its nationwide promotion of a photo that would prove to be as phony as a three-dollar bill. His article, “July 9 Earhart special to feature bogus photo claims,” was the first of several that brought clarity to viewers who were thoroughly confused by History Channel program’s assertions.

Currently, Campbell is involved with the new initiative to build a memorial to Amelia Earhart at the Saipan International Airport, and is the sole U.S. representative on the Saipan committee.  The opposition to the memorial is so great that its success is questionable, he says, and he’s asking everyone who cares to donate, as no public funds will be provided, and only private money will be used. 
To learn more about the Saipan Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument Initiative, please see Campbell’s April 2 story, “Marie Castro: Iron link to Saipan’s forgotten history.” 

To contribute to the planned Amelia Earhart Memorial on Saipan, please make your tax-deductible check payable to: Amelia Earhart Memorial Monument, Inc., and send to AEMMI, c/o Marie S. Castro, P.O. Box 500213, Saipan MP 96950. The monument’s success is 100 percent dependent on private donations, and everyone who gives will receive a letter of appreciation from the Earhart Memorial Committee. Thank you.

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